A Long Overdue Update

To those who don’t know me or forgot, I’m Draven. Several years ago, I had a vision. At the time I frequented a game forum called the Aetherlight Forums and, despite the fun and friendships I experienced there, I wanted more. I saw a forum (much like the Aetherlight) that consisted of a broad community of Christians with diverse interests, a forum that could be many things at once and operate as an umbrella website for a wide variety of people, themes, and communities.

Due to several factors at the time, the Aetherlight forums were going through a bit of an identity crisis and I sought to help. In 2018, I started Christward forums with the vision of two message-boarding websites working in tandem with each other in a symbiotic relationship. On Christward would fall all things that did not fit within the identity and scope that Aetherlight invoked. That was the vision and this has been the result.

As titled, this is a long overdue update but also what I believe to be a deserved explanation. I hope to explain at least some of my personal long inactivity and severe lack of engagement on the forums. I feel I at least owe that to you:

In February 2020, I developed a severe anxiety disorder which was finally diagnosed after a handful of trips to the emergency room. I was prescribed medication that I just recently came off of a couple of months ago. In late 2020, several mental and emotional issues came to light and I experienced severe confusion and what I can only describe as spiritual darkness. I became involved in some spiritually adverse things that would not be beneficial for me to discuss further. Despite it all, God, in his mercy and longsuffering, had compassion and led me back to Him. He has performed works and cured wounds that I could not begin to describe. For that I am forever thankful.

For the past several years, my parents ran a ministry in Florida. The very nature of the ministry was highly demanding and physically involved so I practically grew up in the midst of it. Last year the ministry was forced to move to Mississippi due to property concerns and, a few months ago, was forced to shut down leaving quite a lot of baggage and many unanswered questions.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, my dad (@Bibleman1611) was diagnosed with cancer. He had been struggling with a tumor located in his throat for the past two years but just recently did he learn that it was cancerous and far advanced. I mention this because @Bibleman1611 was active on the forums for a time and he cared a great deal about Christward. He helped fund the very beginnings of it and cared about the community. This serves as a facet of the update but it is also a request that you pray for him if you are so inclined.

My parents are in Tijuana right now at a cancer treatment facility and I am in Washington State. Despite the circumstances, life has fallen into more of a routine than it has in the past four years and I am trying to take advantage of it. My visit here is a demonstration of that.

I don’t know the future of Christward or of my activity on the forums. Visions are hard to come by right now and there are many I have failed to keep alive. I have tried to sort through them all to see if any of them still have even a flicker of life left but I always end up in the same limbo between hope and reality when it comes to Christward.

I don’t know who will see this or who is still around but thank you for reading. Thank you so much for your contributions to this little forum and I will always fail to understand why you stuck around this long.