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Oh hey there! Didn’t see you there… I was just here drinking my tea, and reading this marvelous book. What book is it? Oh, I can’t tell you… because, it’s not actually a book. It’s just a prop.
Runs out of movie-set

Alright guys, Rachel Blackruin here! I hope you are all having a fantastic day… or night. I guess.
Anyway, I wanted to create a role-play on the Christward forums, to share my love of writing, and to receive some helpful critic from fellow writers.
On the Aetherlight Forums (Where I come from… LOL), there is a new-ish rule that we can’t create non-Aetherlight role-plays, so I was excited to hear that we could write about other things on these forums…
Hopefully I didn’t hype this up too much… I don’t want to disappoint anyone.
(Btw, I will be writing a new little tid-bit of a story each week, so these won’t be super long, or from the same “realm”)


Fear overwhelmed my body as the worldwide danger alarms blared in my ears. I jumped out of my bed and peered out the window before running out of my room. It was late at night, and everyone had been sleeping… at least, before the deafening sirens went off.
This was the second time this month that we had to leave the planet for an unexpected meteor. The first time, a few days ago, nothing happened. The meteor had flown past our planet, and hadn’t harmed anyone. And now I had a suspicion this alarm was also a “test”.
Although I had a slight suspicion that this was another false alarm, the feeling of true panic and fear was real.

I ran out my bedroom door and into the cold and chaotic night. Thousands of airships flew over the city, and into the infinite space. I stared at all the ships, then directed my gaze towards the sky. That’s when I saw a giant ball of fire, becoming more and more terrifying every second. It was surging towards our planet, and would soon hit the surface, killing anyone who hadn’t left.
I ran through the house and onto our personal landing pad where our airship was sitting, silent. I ran into it and started the engines. Just then my sister, brother and mom hurried into the aircraft. I knew that there wasn’t much time before we would all be toast, but I didn’t want to leave without my dad. He was still inside. My mom looked at me with a sad and knowing look in her eyes. She ran down the ramp and onto the landing pad. I watched her scurry into the house to look for dad.
My little sister and brother were standing right by my pilot’s chair, where I always sat with dad. They both looked worried for our parents. I was about to run out myself and get my mom and dad when the ramp closed and locked. I assumed both my parents were inside and took off into the night sky.
But I was wrong. My mother walked into the cockpit, crying.
“MOM! Where’s dad?!” I screamed.
I could see my mother felt guilty, and decided to comfort her instead of yell, even though that’s what I felt like doing.
“Maybe he did get out, before any of us, and he’s in a different ship… safe…”
“I’m sorry…” My mom said, hugging me and my siblings.


Wow!!! That’s so… ACIRL (almost crying in real life)


I got a sudden burst of inspiration to do something space/ futuristic. :space_invader:
I’m glad you liked it!

Does anyone have suggestions/prompts for the next little story ‘nugget’?


Okay, I just got on Aetherlight Forums, and Christward for the first time in a while, so I decided I would add another little story nugget to this topic!

The towering cliff seemed to be growing as I descended farther away from the ledge I had jumped off of. Sharp and jagged rocks were close to my legs and feet and threatened to cut my bare skin. As I fell, I attempted to control my body, but at the speed that I was falling, it was nearly impossible. My arms flailed in the air wildly, and my legs kicked at the forceful, yet unmoving air.

That was when I hit the water. I didn’t know when I would be engulfed by the salty ocean and struggled to hold my breath when I finally sank into the cold sea. I kicked my legs as hard as I could and reached the surface of raging waters. Powerful waves lashed at my face, stinging my eyes and seeping into the many cuts on my legs and arms. I took a deep breath and went underwater once more. I tried to stay underwater for as long as I could so my pursuers wouldn’t see me.

After almost a minute underwater I had to take another breath. Just as my head emerged from below the water, a fiery arrow flew past me and into the water. I scowled when I saw my adversaries slowly descending the cliff with their weapons ready. I noticed several archers on the edge of the cliff, aiming their weapons downwards at my unprotected head.

I started to swim away from my attackers, horizontal to the cliff wall. I couldn’t go in the opposite direction of them since there wasn’t land in sight for miles. I wouldn’t be able to swim for more than a few minutes before my limbs were too weak.

Every few feet I would go underwater briefly to confuse my pursuers as to where I was in the water so they couldn’t shoot me with arrows. But still, I could hear men sloshing in the water behind me, trying to catch up. I was a fast swimmer, but these soldiers had long, and strong legs to kick with.

I finally reached a small beach, with an easy climb to the top of the cliff. I stood up on the sand, nearly falling back to the ground. My legs were sore, as well as my arms. My heavy armor was pulling me down. Even though I was in tremendous pain, I had to continue onward, or else I would end up dead.

I ran to the cliff wall and set my foot on a sturdy root sticking out of the rock. I climbed as quickly as I dared, and made much progress. More than halfway up the cliff, I heard the shouts of men below me. I looked down and saw soaking wet soldiers aiming their spears at me. I knew I was an easy target against the wall and tried to hurry up the cliff, but my wet, bare feet made the rock slippery, and my hands were callused and the numerous cuts on my palms stung from the salty water.

Just when I thought I would make it to the top of the cliff, where I could run to safety, a surging pain grew over my leg. I looked down and saw blood. I looked back up to keep from gagging at the sight. I had been hit. Then I noticed a tall figure above me, bow and arrow ready to fire again.

Sudden memories flashed in my mind. My vision was blurred as helpless tears fell. I looked up at the archer, who was awaiting an order from below to kill. My arms were weak, as I hung precariously on the cliff. My legs swayed below me.

“It’s not too late to surrender. King Lysanthir and Queen Enntorith would be glad to see you again, and perhaps give you a second chance.” The archer yelled. “You were a strong fighter, and we need you to win the battle, without your skills we’ll all be killed.”

“You’ll manage,” I said calmly. The archer stared into my eyes and tightened his jaw. His emotion was unclear, but I could tell he didn’t have any sympathy for me, a traitor.

Then I let go.

When I had fallen moments before, the world moved quickly. I had known I would hit the water, and most likely survive. But now, everything seemed to be in slow motion. Happy, and painful memories clouded my mind and pushed even more tears from my eyes.

I kept my focus on the archer, who had just shot his arrow at my body. Just before I hit the ground the arrow hit my stomach. I cried out in pain as I hit the ground. I coughed and gasped uselessly as I laid on the sand, staring at the massive cliff, which seemed to be slipping away into darkness. I heard the footsteps of soldiers running up to me.


Then everything went black.

I’ve added more onto this, but I didn’t want to end up with a huuuuuuuuuuge post, so I decided to just post this little scene. What do you think?

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Oh hey! Thanks! Sorry I didn’t see this earlier! (I haven’t been on Christward for awhile :fearful:)
Anyways, I’d be happy to post more!
I have written another section to that last piece, but I’ve also written up some new ones. What would you like to see first?

  • Addition to “Traitor” story nugget.
  • New one!
  • Add more to the very first story you started!

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Okay, looks like I’ll add on to the ‘Space’ one. I’ll get started on that! :partying_face:


Okay, so I know this was super unnecessary, but I re-wrote the whole shebang, so just forget about the first post :joy:
I tried to make things more meaningful and detailed so… yeah! Let me know what you think!


Deafening sirens blared in my ears. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. The view outside was unsettling, to say the least. Thousands of citizens were scrambling to get to their ships before it was too late. Children were crying, and fearful screams filled the air, drowning out the automated messages that were on constant repeat.
I stepped away from the window, running to grab my backpack, which was already packed for situations like this. Inside was a stun gun, medical supplies, food, and an emergency radio, but that was only if our ship’s communication went down.
Suddenly my door swung open. My younger brother stood in the doorway, holding his survival pack in one hand, and in the other, he had a firm grip on my sister’s arm. They both looked terrified. Seeing my siblings like this was one of the worst sights I had ever seen.
“Get to the ship! I’m right behind you! Make sure mom gets there too!” I yelled over the sirens outside. My brother turned around and ran down the hallway, my sister struggling to keep up with him. I scanned the room, then ran out into the chaos.
Actually being outside in the confusion was much worse than viewing it from inside my room. I scanned the mass of fearful citizens, spotting a familiar face. “DAD!” I yelled. But the cries and screams drowned out my voice. I didn’t know what to do. I had to get Dad, but I couldn’t risk leaving my mom and siblings alone. None of them had a clue about how to fly an airship.
I opened my backpack, pulling out the emergency radio. Just as I was going to turn it on I hesitated. “No. This is an emergency!” I said to myself. I dialed into my Dad’s communication number. “Dad! We’re all in the ship! Come now! Before it’s too late!” I said into the radio. I watched my dad pull out his communicator and listen. He nodded, then started making his way towards our ship. Even amidst the chaos, I smiled. We would make it out alive, we would be fine… our family would be together. I turned around and hurried to our ship, which was already warming up. “At least Mom knows how to start the engine…” I said to myself, smirking.
“Mom! Dad’s coming now, we’ll be fine!” I said to her once I was in the cockpit, where she was sitting. It was obvious she was scared out of her mind, but hearing Dad would be with us seemed to comfort her.
She looked up at me, smiling through tears. “We’re going to be together, and we’ll be safe.”
I looked back at the ramp at the back of the ship. There was still no sign of Dad. “If he doesn’t get in here soon the planet’s system will automatically lock the ship and send us into space,” I said, walking towards the ramp. I looked out into the crowd. I couldn’t see Dad anywhere.
My radio was still in my pocket, so I pulled it out. “Dad, where are you? The planet system will send the ship off in a few minutes, so you better hurry!” I waited for a response, but none came. “Dad?” I said again. Suddenly I could hear footsteps and voices through the radio.
“Elora, I got pushed down in the crowd, I think I broke something,” he grunted, obviously in pain, “I don’t think… I can… make it to the ship,”
“No! I’ll come to get you!” I yelled into the radio, “Where are you?” I asked, running out of the ship.
“Elora, don’t-”
“Don’t try to change my mind!” I was a few feet away from the ramp of the ship when a ripple of clicks started to rush through over the whole planet. “NO!” I screamed. The ships were closing, and in a few seconds, we would be flying away.
“Elora, stay with your mother, and siblings,” my dad whispered into the communicator. I threw the radio on the ground. The static ceased abruptly.
Tears flooded down my cheeks. What was going on? Why were we evacuating? Why was this happening!?
I ran into the ship, the ramp pulling up and locking behind me. I ran into the cockpit, where my mother was waiting expectantly for Dad. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything…
Before I even sat down the ship started to take off. I looked out into the night sky.
“Where is he?” My mom asked. I didn’t answer, she already knew he didn’t make it. I bit my lip, trying not to cry anymore.
“What was the emergency?” My brother asked, sitting down next to me.
“I don’t know. I wish I hadn’t broken my radio,” I said, regretting how my emotions had taken over my common sense.
“I can use mine,” my brother said, reaching into his emergency pack.
“Don’t,” I put a hand on his hand, “We’ll find out what happened soon enough, once we get to the safe planet.” I said, looking ahead into the starry sky. “Although I’m not sure we want to know.”

Chapter Two.

“What was the last thing he said?” My mom asked quietly. It was the third time she had asked me to tell her exactly what happened before we had taken off. I had described every detail each time, still avoiding eye contact with my mom. I didn’t like seeing her cry, and especially not now that dad is gone.
“‘Elora, stay with your siblings, and mother. Keep them safe’. Then I threw the radio on the ground and-” I bit my lip, tears spilling out of my eyes.
“You don’t have to say anymore Elora,” My mom stood up, helping me up, “I’m going back to the bunks to check on Victor and Anntori,” she said walking out of the cockpit and into an area where several bunkbeds were concealed behind black curtains.
Every family on Ruvon owned an airship, and at least one family member had to know how to fly it. My dad was one of the greatest pilots on Ruvon and was often hired to go explore the galaxy for new life forms on other planets.
My dad had taught me how to control the ship, and what do to in emergencies. With his teaching, I was almost as good of a pilot as him, although I wasn’t allowed to go to other planets on my own.
Thinking about him made more tears rush down my cheek, and onto my shirt. The ship was still in autopilot and headed towards a planet very close to Ruvon. It had shelters for these emergency evacuations, and all the airships had the coordinates to the planet in their system.
No one but the leaders of Ruvon knew the name of the planet so that if any of us were captured by hostiles, they wouldn’t be able to scan our brains for the name of our destination. Even the airships were programmed to shut down if enemies were detected inside.
I stepped into the large storage and sleeping space, where Victor, Anntori, and my mom were all sitting together. I walked past them and opened my backpack. The stun gun, medical supplies, and food were all still in the bag. I scolded myself again for breaking my radio. Suddenly I noticed something unfamiliar. I reached down into the pack and pulled out a small white cube with ridges all around it. On one side was a red button. I assumed it was some sort of explosive that my dad had secretly packed, and quickly shoved it back into the bag.
I turned around and looked at my family. All of their eyes were red from crying, and shirts wet with tears. “Well, the ship navigation says it’s going to be a while before we arrive at the safe planet. What will we do?” I asked, looking back and forth between my siblings and mom.
Victor was the first to say something. “You could teach me how to fly! I mean, how to pilot the airship,” he smiled. I gave him a quick smile back.
“Sure. It would be best if at least half of us knew how to pilot… in case something else happens,” I said looking down. It felt as though my heart was being stabbed. “Come on,” I said, standing up and walking into the cockpit.
Instead of sitting in my usual seat next to dad’s, I sat in his, and let Victor sit in my seat. Over the next few hours, I showed him what every button, lever, and knob was used for. I taught Victor everything dad had told me. And surprisingly, it helped me get my mind off of what had happened on Ruvon.
“I wish I could actually fly the ship, instead of just look at all the buttons,” Victor said, once I finished telling him how the navigational system worked. “Maybe when we get to the safe planet I can fly over the ground for a while before landing?!”
“No. We have to get to the shelters on the safe planet as soon as possible,” I said firmly. “Once we’re able to go back to Ruvon when everything’s better, you can fly. But not now, not yet,” Suddenly a deep concern bloomed in my stomach. “What if there is no Ruvon to go home to? Can we ever be happy without Dad?” I looked away from Victor. “I’ve got to stop crying. I couldn’t have done anything about what happened back home. I have to take control and be the new leader of the family!” I told myself.
Suddenly Victor screamed. I looked out of the window and gasped.
“What is that! And, and-” Victor began
“We’re doomed,” I moaned.


Woahhh, I love it! The first segment makes a lot more sense now and is a lot more clear, emotional, and impactful than the previous version of this segment. Great job!

Just one thing though! I think you meant heart instead of hard?

Other than that, great job!


Oops, yeah… just fixed it!


I’m sorry I haven’t posted more onto this Sci-fi story! I’m kind of getting writer’s block, and I don’t know what to add on, so I’m going to ask you guys to help me come up with some ideas!
I’d like to see what sort of problem Elora and her family encounters, so please tell me your ideas!