About the Role-Play category

Hello, and welcome to the Role-Play topic!

Role-play is an activity in which people come together and write stories, building off of what other people write. It’s quite fun, and a fantastic way to make friends with fellow writers. If you’re not a writer yet, don’t worry; even J.R.R. Tolkien had to start somewhere!

Here’s how to start:

  1. Pick a story that you’d like to join
  2. Read the whole thing (this way you know what’s going on, and what other characters are like.
  3. Create a character that fits into the story
  4. Write your first post so that it fits with the rest of the story
  5. Post it! :smiley:

It’s as simple that!

Remember, when you write, these guidelines must be adhered to at all times:

Although this is probably a given, I want to make it extra clear that there is to be no cussing of any kind.

This is definitely NOT ALLOWED! No magic at all. Powers that your character may acquire can not be attained from any sort of magical means.

Please, no! Just keep everything above board. Good friends are fine. Most of us are still kids, after all, we don’t need to worry about that yet.

Over Powered Characters
Please keep your characters at least defeatable. (Ya here that, Thanos? You are not allowed!) Try to keep your powers at a minimal and maybe add a couple of weaknesses.
It’s just that when there is a bunch of all powerful heroes and villains running around, it takes the fun out of everything.

Blood And Gore
Everyone likes action (at least I do) and it is really difficult to explore the galaxy or beat super villains without gun fire, explosions, and sequences of combat. Just please keep your descriptions down to a minimal. Do not describe blood or any other wounds. This keeps everything light and family friendly.

As always, remember to have fun and keep the story going! Good luck, and keep looking Christward!