~After~. .

The earth is a messy place, especially now. A hundred years ago, people were just dreaming of the apocalypse, like dealing with mindless beasts that want to kill you would be fun . Well, it’s not. You want my opinion? It stinks. :unamused: Speaking of mindless beasts, we’ve got those too, and they’re called. . . the Mindless. Real original, I know. Apparently the government got a bunch of super smart science dudes to make a biochemical virus thing that turned people into mindless shells. Really rude of them, I know.

I guess they were tired of us messing up the earth, so they started the ‘ Revaluation ’. Creating the Mindless was supposed to be the first step in ‘reevaluating the earth’. Personally, I think they were evaluating human life, but hey, I’m just a dumb weapons specialist, what do I know?

Anyhow, the Mindless are tearing everything up and burning cities and whatnot. They look totally normal, which is really creepy because they can’t talk, and it’s hard to tell if they’re monster or man. Unless you seriously wound them and they don’t die. That’s a pretty good indacator, I guess. Oh, and I forgot to add, they want me dead.

Why? Eh heh, listen up, because this is where it gets weird (and really annoying). So, I guess not all the science guys are evil, and one of them put the antidote to the stuff into a popular drink brand. How do I know this? :smirk: Iiiii found his journal. But just when life seems like it might look up again, something has to come along and bonk you on the head. Basically, he didn’t say what drink he put it in. :expressionless: But hey, I guess I drank it, at least! :partying_face:

To sum the whole mess up, there’s a few people who still have brains, (I’m one of them, even if my brother would insist otherwise) and we’re just tryin’ to stay alive. Future looks real bright, I know. Some of us are hiding, but there’s others who want to ‘fight the good fight’ or whatever. Which am I? Ehhh, neither. I’m just in it for the ride, and I’ve only met a few fighters. They call themselves ‘The Guardians’. They’re trying to cure everyone, or something.

But enough about everyone else, let’s get back to my favorite topic; me! :grin: I’m a weapons specalist. -finger guns- When the Mindless dudes invaded my house (seriously, they didn’t even knock!), I ran away, like the brave chick I am. So now I’m stuck on this freezing cold mountain, trying to figure out what the heck I’m gonna do next.

Moral of the story. . . Actually, this story doesn’t have one, because this is real life, not some fun bedtime tale. A word of advice, tho, think before you make a bad decision, because you never know what’ll come After . . .


“Come on, you broken piece of cheese!” Quest mumbles, holding her phone above her head, trying to get service. “Just work for once!” She her arm begins to throb, so she brings it back down, staring at the simple message that she’s trying to send.

I’m still alive and sane. Anyone else out there? In hindsight, she wonders if the ‘sane’ part is strictly accurate. As she ponders this, her eyes scan the phone. Her gut feels as though it has been turned to led when the phone reads no service. Again.

She huffs, and, putting one foot in front of the other, determined to get back to her cave before dark.

Is it just me, or did this mountainside get like. . . twenty times bigger? Because, I don’t remember it taking this long to get here. . . Dread begins to swell in her chest, threatening to choke her.

Don’t be such a baby. You’re not afraid of the dark.

No, just of what’s in it.

Fair enough.

She grits her teeth as she realizes that she’s been talking to herself. . . again.

Not much farther now. . .

A dusky rose now paints the sky. It should be beautiful, but the shadows which it casts waver and dance, seeming to reach out for her. The woods on either side of the rocky mountain path look as though they’re moving. Quest can’t help but peer into them, eyes constantly roving for some sign that the movement isn’t just shadows. Then, she chokes. It isn’t just shadow. It’s human forms.

Tramping towards her are several of the Mindless, their vacant eyes locked on hers, and their bodies seeming to jerk with every movement.

Her breath quickens, but she shoots them a glare before she can stop herself. Then her legs remember how to leg, and she’s suddenly flying over the ground, running for all she’s worth, which won’t be much if she gets her brains turned to mush.

In the distance, she catches sight of her camp, where her .22 glock handgun is.

So that’s what you forgot to bring!

Sheket, brain, you’re not helping.

She can hear the mindless, not far behind her, and wonders how she didn’t notice them sooner. Like, way sooner. Faintly, she hears a dinging sound, which for some reason, she recognizes.

Skidding into her camp and falling to her knees, she scrambles for the gun. The mindless draw closer. Panic surges in her chest. Her fingers close around the gun. She’s safe. Whirling around and firing off several shots, she dispatches the emotionless beings. Huffing a sigh of relief, she falls back against the wall of her cave, chest heaving.

The quiet chirping of crickets and the constant sound of the water in a nearby waterfall bring her back to reality slowly. Finally, after what seems like hours, she manages to calm herself. The fire pit at the mouth of the cave seems to call to her, and she realizes that in the time that she’s been settling her nerves, it’d grown dark and cold. Very cold.

A few minutes later, she’s got the fire built, and is sitting on a stump nearby it, warming her hands. She allows her mind to trail back over the events of the evening. There’s something nagging at her, and she can’t figure it out.

“Ah ha!” She shouts, then feels a pang of loneliness as she realizes. . . there’s no one to celebrate with her. Ah, well. She remembered, at least. The ding that she’d heard had been her phone.

Whipping it out, she swallows hard, realizing that she’s got a message.

I’m alive. Who is this?

My name is Chasm Quest, and I’m on a mountain. I just shot three Mindless. Who are you? she replies, then glares at the forest, silently demanding that it allows the message to go through.


I hate snakes. I think as I bring my heel down hard on the head of the writhing demon in the sand. I grit my teeth, studying the two tiny holes created by that monster’s fangs. Pulling a piece of black para-cord out of my pack, I bind it around my bicep, cutting off the circulation. I pull my knife, making small cuts over the bite in order to open it up. I take a deep breath as I watch the blood run down my arm and drip onto the dry, cracked ground. I had had to do this more times than I wish to count. It’s what I got for being a desert dweller. I clench and unclench my fist, pushing the contaminated blood out of my arm, hoping to get most of the venom out, before it was mercilessly pumped throughout the rest of my body. I don’t really hate snakes, but I have come to believe that rattlesnakes bite for the fun of it.
I pull a small piece of fabric from my pack and bind it around the wound, pulling it tight with my teeth. I push up my aviators and scan the horizon for any signs of the Mindless. Seeing none, I slip my rifle back into its sheath and mount the sleek Honda Shadow that had been my one companion in my trek. It had been my Dad’s… before he tried to kill me with a hoe. I swallow hard at the thought of what had happened to my family.
I start the bike, the roar and vibration of its powerful engine soothing my mind. I rev the motor and start out, the flat country stretching out before me. I pull my earbuds and phone out of my pocket. I had been able to rig up a makeshift charger, charging it using the battery in my bike. As long as the alternator didn’t give out, everything would be fine. I select my favorite playlist and relax as I cruise down the road, miles of dry pavement disappearing beneath my wheels as I lost myself in the music.

Last night put the heavy one me,
Woke up and I’m feeling lonely,
This world got a way of showing me.
Some days it’ll lift you up,
Some days it’ll call your bluff,
Man, most of my days I ain’t got enough.

I nod to the rhythm, throwing a half-hearted salute as I pass a few Mindless who stumble after me but soon got lost in a cloud of dust.

I just need, I just need you.
In my darkest day,
When I’m losing faith,
When it ain’t gonna change.
Yeah, I just need you.

A sputter from the bike jolts me out of my thoughts. I frown at the fuel gauge, I am running on fumes. I glance up ahead, spotting a small gas station, and pull in. I circle it once before pulling up next to a pump. I climb off keeping my eyes peeled for mindless. They usually weren’t the quietest when they came after you, but sometimes they could sneak up on you. A scuffling sound comes from my right. I whirl, 45 in hand as I spot a mindless in the door of the dingy building. He stumbles out, his hollow eyes glassy as he moves forward. My finger tightens on the trigger as he gets closer. I am just about to shoot when he suddenly falls. I watch as he hits the ground with a thud and lays still. I watch him for a moment. “Well, that was odd.” I murmur, sheathing my pistol. I take a step closer, seeing for the first time the small hole in the back of his head. He had been shot. “Who took care of you?” I murmur again absentmindedly. When you’ve been alone as much as I have you develop a habit of talking to yourself.
“I did.” A voice replies. I jerk my head up to see a squat little man holding a pistol and looking quite pleased with himself. I stand up carefully, keeping my hands in the clear. “Copperhead, eh?” I ask. Of course, it had to be snakes.
His proud grin disappears as he studies me carefully. “Yes…” He replies reluctantly. “How do you know about that?”
I smirk. “Don’t you recognize me?”
He squints his eyes and looks at me hard before shaking his head. “Nope.”
I shrug. “I’m the Raven.”
"His eyes widen, his gun hand shaking like a tree in a hurricane. “You!”
“Me.” I nod. You see the Copperheads are one of the clans that had formed of the survivors. These clans were often as crazy and dangerous as the Mindless, arguably more so. They had developed their own set of morals and principles, holding to the belief that they could rule the new world. This belief led them to eliminate everything and everyone not a part of their little clan. I had also become a real pain in the neck to them the past couple of months. They knew and hated me.
The man’s face contorted as he snarled. “We’ve been looking for you!”
I grin. “Well, you found me, probably the worst mistake you ever made.” I dodge to the left, my gloved hand closing around the handle of my tonfa. I whip it upwards, knocking his arm upwards, the gun flying from his hands. I slam the stick into his stomach and complete two more strikes in a matter of seconds, the last one sending him sprawling in the sand. I catch the descending gun and slip the tonfa back into my boot, leveling the pistol at the groaning man. He raises his head, odd confidence in his eyes. “You going to shoot me?” He pants.
I snort, “that would be a waste of a bullet.” Lashing out with my boot, I strike him in the chin, snapping his neck.
I turn the newly acquired gun, a semi-auto Ruger, over in my hands. I eject the clip astonished. That son of a goat was empty! I toss both pieces at his still figure with a growl. Grabbing his small satchel, I turn back towards my bike and that much-needed fuel. After starting the pumping, I dump the contents of the satchel out on the ground. Finding nothing more than a container of wasabi peas, a small bag of jerky, a broken compass, and a few matches, I shove the peas and matches into my military grade backpack and pull a piece of jerky out of the bag. I take a couple of bites and chew gratefully. I sigh, this wasn’t even beef, it was turkey! I shove the bag into my pack and once again mount my bike.
I jump as loud ding echoes through my earbuds. Rolling to a stop, I pull my phone. I didn’t even realize I could get service, not to mention who could be texting me. I pull off my aviators to read the message. I’m still alive and sane. Anyone else out there?
My heart leaps at the only friendly (keyword) human contact I had had in months. My fingers hurridly type, thankful there were none of those dreaded autocorrects. I’m alive. Who is this?
I wait, my heart pounding, for a response. Finally, it came. My name is Chasm Quest, and I’m on a mountain. I just shot three Mindless. Who are you? I grin at the warm feeling that flooded through me. My name is Ethan Archer and I am currently in some kind of desert place. Not really kept track of what state this is. Send me your coordinates and I will come to your location. My grin fades as a thought flashes through my mind. I didn’t know if this was a guy or a girl or a clan trying to lure me into a trap. My jaw tenses as my thumbs begin to type once again. If you are who you say you are and you are a friend then when I see you I will hug you and offer you some fake jerky. If you are a clan trying to trap me, be forewarned, I will shoot you. See you soon.
I put down my phone and pulled my rifle. I peer through the scope at the horizon. I smile as I see the faint outlines of a city as well as the dark towering image of a mountain. I slip my rifle back into its sheath and my aviators back onto my face. I rev my motor, turning the shiny black bike towards the mountains and a spark of hope.


Quest reads the response, fingers tapping on the phone for a moment. Finally, she begins her reply:

Im on Mount Shasta, which is in Siskyou County, CA.

Before sending the message, she adds two bits of important information.

Service is sketchy at best, and I hate hugs.



Kodiak whines softly, his nose in his paws.

“I know, boy. . .” I reach up to rub his soft little ears, glancing up from my phone to make sure he didn’t spot any Mindless. The gently swelling hills scattered with brush and trees appears to be clear. No, no enemies. . . He was just lonely again.

“We’re tough, Kodi, we can do this. . .” I tell him, silently begging my phone to connect to the internet. For weeks I’d been checking it every night for anyone posting, for any signs of life. I had to be quick, though, I couldn’t afford another trip into town to charge it. Scrolling… scrolling. A message! Oh, thank you, God! That’s another thing I missed since the Mindless started stumbling around. . . church.

I see the post reading I’m still alive and sane. Anyone else out there? Oh, joy! And there was someone else replying! Chasm Quest and Ethan Archer. . . survivors. Friends. Pulse echoing in my throat, I quickly type a reply.

I’m here too! My name is Glory Daee and I like hugs. Send

Kodiak whines again, this time in excitement.

@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Corvyd


I stare down at the message and then up at the mountain before me. Someone was up there, someone who hated hugs. I start to put down the phone when it dings again. I pick it up as a new message flashes onto my screen. I’m here too! My name is Glory Daee and I like hugs.
I grin, another survivor! My fingers quickly type out a message as I hit send. Hi Gloria, this is Ethan! Meet us on the mountain! I snort at the last statement. Awesome, maybe you can teach Chasm. The real question is do you like fake jerky? I climb off of the Honda, guiding it to the side of a building on the edge of the city. I hesitate, knowing it would never get up that mountain, but also not wanting to leave it. I finally duck tape a note stating that should anyone even touch this bike, I will look for them, I will find them, and I will kill them.
Grabbing my pack and slinging it over my shoulder, I start up the mountain, putting in one earbud and letting the other hang free. Whoever this Chasm person was… I already didn’t like her.

@Gworg @Corvyd


Whoever this ‘Archer’ person is. . . Chasm already doesn’t like him.

“Stupid mindless beasts, stupid mindless people.” She grumbles, heading down the mountain. “He’ll probably be eaten by a bear on his way up.” Finally, she reaches the bottom of the mountain, sitting in a tree near the path. He’ll probably smell funny.

Finally, the light-haired lad comes into view. Pushing a strange pang of. . . loneliness? Loneliness, out of her chest, she observes him carefully. He seems to be mumbling something to himself. . .

Her phone buzzes. The service bubble she’s in allowed several messages to come through.

No jerky, and no hugs. She types out. Hey, Daee. Also, Archer, do you happen to smell funny?


Awesome, maybe you can teach Chasm. The real question is do you like fake jerky?

“A survivor, Kodi! A real live one!” I shove the phone in my dog’s face, then hug him, trying to remember to keep my voice down… the Mindless might be anywhere.

Kodiak leaps to his paws, curly tail wagging. I stuff my bedroll back in my pack, strap on my katana, and rest the bat on my shoulder.

No, I like real jerky. But I’ll eat just about any food right now.

Kodiak dashes on ahead as I take a quick glance around before stuffing the phone in my pocket. Grass rustles underfoot as I head for the gigantic mountain up ahead. So far I had stuck to the plains… more open space to escape in. The mountain was my last resort.

Pushing my glasses a little further up my nose, I ‘guesstimate’ where they’d be. It should be fairly straightforward. . . Kodiak could find them if I didn’t first.

The night is cold, dry air with a faint sickly smell coats the land as I jog across the countryside with Kodi by my side. A shape comes into focus, and I slow, grip tightening on my bat. No, it’s not any of the Mindless. . . or the survivors. It’s a motorcycle!

“Whoa. . . this is a sweet ride,” I mutter to myself as Kodi sniffs the wheels. My hand brushes dust off a note duct taped to the seat. Taking out my penlight, I trail it over the words If anyone touches this bike
I will look for you
I will find you
I will kill you

Point taken. . . hold on, wait a minute! This could belong to Ethan Archer!

“Kodi, sniff it. . . well, sniff more than you already are.” Kodiak obediently puts his paws on the seat of the motorcycle and sniffs over everything from the note to the handlebars. "Ya got a scent, boy?’’ Kodi yips, leaping down to his feet and rarin’ to go. “Search!”

And that’s how I followed my dog on a four hour trek up to the mountain. Now, I usually try and get us to take moderate breaks on a hike over terrain like this, BUT I COULDN’T STOP NOW! NOT WHEN THERE WAS FRIENDS UP AHEAD!!! AND I WAS GONNA—

Kodiak growls low, and I realize those lilting, dark shapes coming towards us through the early morning fog are, in fact, mindless. Literally Mindless. You can tell from a distance from either a) the dog b) the smell c) you just do. It’s strange how close I’ve come to mistaking them for normal people.

“Attack, Kodiak!” I command, tossing aside my bat and taking out the katana. It’d be easier to wield in these woods. Kodiak snarls and leaps for the neck of the first Mindless, and I take the second. The worst part about all this is that these zombies used to be human, but now. . .

I yank my blade out and go for the third mindless, which is trying to attack my dog with a big fat stick!!

“Don’t you dare touch him,” I say before dispatching it. Kodiak cocks his head at me and whines, pushing his head into my hand. “It’s okay, boy. . . We’re safe now. You still got that trail? Go search.”

Kodi runs off to find the trail, and I wipe my katana on some leaves and put it back in my sheath. Picking up my bat, it occurs to me once again that the trail possibly didn’t belong to Ethan, and that instead of meeting him and Chasm Quest I would get myself killed instead. Oh well. . . I’ve never gotten myself out of a sticky situation, I could do this.

Another message buzzes in my pocket as I run after Kodi. Wiping my hands on some moss, I take out my phone.

Hey, Daee. Also, Archer, do you happen to smell funny?

Me: I’m pretty sure we all smell funny at this point, Chasm.

Then I hear Kodiak making sounds like he’s either killing something, or being killed! Heart rate goes waaaaaay up as I nearly drop my phone and run up the mountain. More Mindless?? No, that was a human shout. . . Uh oh–

“Kodi, DOWN!” I burst through the treeline and see Kodiak snapping at a boy and a girl, both with weapons drawn at MY AKITA!!

“Don’t hurt him! He’s sweeter than some people I could mention and-- Wait, you must be Quest and Archer! Hi it’s me, Glory!” I rush towards the surprised teenagers and grab them both in a huge group hug. As it turns out, they do smell a little funny. Like sweat and dirt and blood.

Kodiak sits back, hackles still raised he studies our new friends suspiciously.


I look up spotting a dark-haired girl sitting calmly by the road, typing on her phone. My gait slows way down as I suddenly feel a strange sense of… loneliness? Yeah, sure I’ll go with that.
I approach her, thinking that maybe she wasn’t so bad. Suddenly my phone dings and I look down. Also, Archer, do you happen to smell funny? I grit my teeth, why that little…
I quickly thumb out my reply. Yeah about like your upper lip. Btw, loving the hair cut. Did you do it yourself or did your dog do it for you?
She looks down at her phone, then around, spotting the dog. She jumps to her feet, “That’s not my dog!” The dog growls and advances as we both pull our weapons, me, grabbing my tonfa. It wasn’t worth wasting a bullet when I could take him hand to hand. Suddenly a girl bursts from the woods, calling the dog off. Before I can even register that she is here, she grabs us both in a smelly sweaty hug. I gag and pull away, I really did smell funny…

@Gworg @Corvyd


"Okay, seriously?!" Chasm glares at the two of them, then the dog. “What’s up with the touching?”

Be nice, or you’ll never have friends and you’ll die alone and no one will care and–

“Sorry, nevermind.”

Way to be normal.

“Um. . .” She rubs her left wrist. “I’m. . . Chasm. Wanna come back. . . to. . . caaamp?” She says, to no one in particular.


“Yes! Oh, and this is Kodiak.” I put my hand down and rub Kodi on the head. “What’s your camp like?”


“Ah. . . small. Maybe we should leave this one here.” She squints at Archer. “You know, so it doesn’t get overcrowded.”


I glare at Chasm but then shrug. “Sure, I’ll stay… if you have a death wish. The Mindless aren’t picky about who they kill. They will go after two girls as well as one guy. There is strength in numbers.” I shoulder my rifle and start down the mountain. “Oh, by the way, the Copperheads will be around, good luck with that,” I call over my shoulder. I turn a bend, the edge of the city in sight. My gait slows as a feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. I frown, if they didn’t want me around then I wouldn’t be around. But still… I look back at the way the girls had gone, they weren’t exactly helpless. I sigh, oh well.
A few minutes later I sit on a rocky outcropping across from the cave where the girls are. I finish loading my rifle and peer through the scope at the landscape. This was ridiculous, I didn’t have to be here. I could be down in the city looking for something to help my snake bite which was getting unusually bad. But something keeps me sitting here, munching on fake jerky.

@Gworg @Corvyd


I sat down on the rooftop of my Gas Station, I had been watching the past conversation, should I come? Say anything? But then I’d have to leave the Mindless. Live everything I know and everything that cares for me; because of my small wanting to go see other people. What have people ever done to me? Just hit me down and left me. While the Mindless have always been their for me. But maybe some people were different.

No! They’re all the same!

I grunt and see their destination, should I? No I stared off at the mountain, “Let’s just please this wanting once in for all,” I paused, “Then if it’s not fufilled, we can come back.” I quickly slipped down from the roof and stocked my bag. Half of me was debating whether to go and not. Currently going was the side that was winning.

I swang my sniper rifle on my back and shoved my knives in my sack. “If I meet anyone who wants to harm the Mindless we should terminate them right?” I asked to myself.

It depends

“WHAT do you mean it depends!” I shouted at myself, stomping. Silence. “Pft! Just ignore me, that’s fine.” I shrugged angrily as I grabbed my keys and astronomy book. “We’re gonna go, I’m going insane with you in my head. Being alone is really getting to me. I’m talking to you like your a person!”

I halted in the entrance of the doorway, sighing I erupted out of the Gas Station door, glancing at my bunk with some snacks. Still looking back I sat down in my motorcycle and gazed at the Gas Station, “See you later,” I sighed, turning on the gas and driving towards the destination.

@Corvyd @Gworg @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor


“Anyhow, erm, Daee. . . yeah, this is where I live.” Quest looks at it, a little embarrassed at the state of things. Her backpack is in the corner, bubbling over with the few clothes she has, the firepit is surrounded by ashes, her blanket is crumpled in a corner, and there’s a dude on one of her rocks. Wait, a dude? Oh, that dude.

She huffs and cups her hands over her mouth, shouting, “Hey, Archer, congrats, you passed the test!” There was a test? “You can come into camp now.” Quest, you sound like a limp lasagna noodle.

Grinding her teeth, she makes a promise to herself to try and be nicer, and sound a little less ridiculous. Like that’ll work. . .


I raise an eyebrow. This girl was better than I thought. "You can come into camp now.” She shouted up to me. I smirk. “No thanks, your highness,” I shouted back. “I’m fine right where I am.” I picked up my bag of jerky and tossed it over the edge. I watched in satisfaction as it landed right at the cave’s entrance. “Enjoy!” I said, picking up my rifle again. I lifted it, scanning the landscape. I freeze as something catches my eye, a jeep filled with very dark and grim looking men. They wore military grade armor and dark sunglasses that reminded me of Matrix. What was even more disturbing was the machine guns that were strapped to their backs.
I sling my rifle and pack onto my back and quickly climb down. I navigate up the narrow path to the cave where Chasm stands, arms folded. “I thought you were good?”
I wave away the comment and point in the direction of the coming men. “Agents are coming!”

@Gworg @Corvyd


“Vatch. . .” A strange sense of panic washes over Chasm. Don’t freak out, you’ve got nothing to lose, now. Don’t show weakness, don’t show fear. Don’t let the others see what a baby you are. “Ah. . . We need to get out of here. W-why don’t you guys. . . ah. . . go somewhere else?” Great, now you sound like a trembling scaredy-cat.

Anxiety hits her like a bucket of cold water, and her senses seem to come alive. The wind in the trees seems to grow louder, and the sun in the sky seems hotter. Everything is close, too close. The world is closing in on me and I can’t stop it. She fights to keep her breathing steady. “D-do either of you have a plan?”


“Anyhow, erm, Daee. . . yeah, this is where I live.” Chasm looks around, her cheeks slightly pink.

I glance around the camp, one hand on Kodiak’s head.

"Hey, why don’t you like Ethan?’’ I ask, looking back at her face.

She squints off into the distance, huffs, then cups her hands over her mouth. “Hey Archer!” she shouts. “Congrats, you passed the test!” I glance around for Archer. . . oh, there he is. I wave.

“You can come into camp now.” Chasm Quest says reluctantly.

Ethan’s smirk is visible even from the cliff. “No thanks, your highness,” he calls down. “I’m fine right where I am.” A bag of jerky sails over the edge and lands at the cave entrance. Kodi sniffs it suspiciously. “Enjoy!”

“Hey look, jerky!” I say, trying to boost Chasm’s spirits. “We should really stop shouting, though. It’ll give off our location and the acoustics in these woods are phenomenal.”

“Oh. . . you’re probably right.” Chasm sits down on a rock as I bite into the very fake jerky.

Kodiak goes up to Quest, licking her hands and trying to be friends. She gently runs a hand over his head.

“You know, we should probably go find Ethan. . . We need to stick together at a time like this. . . whatever this time is.

“If he wants to come, he can,” Chasm replies blankly.

“Oh, he is coming!” I say, looking at Archer running up the narrow path. Chasm stands up, her arms folding automatically.

"I thought you were good?’’

“Agents are coming!” The look in his eyes are urgent, and I know to be cautious even though I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Quest’s eyes widen, and she starts panicking. "Vatch. . . Ah. . . we need to get out of here. W-why don’t you guys. . . ah. . . go somewhere else? D-do either of you have a plan?’’

“It’s okay, Quest.” I say gently. “And no, I don’t have a plan.” Agents. I choke on my jerky and start coughing like a crazed road runner.


What the?

I glared down at some sort of agents coming to this campsite. Yeah, I had been creepily watching them in a tree. The Agents were wearing some military stuff and I wondered what they wanted. Probably coming to capture these other people. If they were capturing them I should probably help defend them.

Sounds like a perfect time for our appearance.

“I’m not sure…” I began, whispering under my breathe. “I don’t want to seem against them. Anyways. If these people are with the mindless, should I really want to fight them?”

Fight them

“Alright,” I paused looking down at my feet. “IF you’re absolutely positive.”

I slid down in the bushes. “Just need to find the right moment.”

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Daee breaks into a wild coughing spasm as I turn towards the mouth of the cave. I close my eyes as my breathing hitches. My heart pounds and I lean over a little. I begin to sink back into the darkness No, I had gotten past this! I lean against the cave wall forcing myself to control my breathing. I had overcome these attacks through a lot of self-meditation and two years with a crazy guy who claimed to be a Martial Arts teacher. He had taught me self control… as well as how to kick the stuffing out of someone.
I open my eyes as my heart rate slows. I compose myself and slip several bullets into my rifle. “Okay here is the plan. We all get into the best positions possible to use our individual skills and we blow these agents away. Good? Good,” I say without waiting for an answer. I run outside, leaving the two girls to set up however they like, grabbing a coil of rope that happened to be laying inside the cave. I sling the rope, my pack and my rifle onto my back and shimmy up a sturdy looking tree. Moving out on a branch, I set about tying myself in a prone position with my feet against the tree and my body stretched out on the limb. I make a nice harness and pull my rifle up, cocking it. I peer through the scope, spotting the agents making their way up the hillside. I grin, it was so easy! Of course, once I fired it would be game on. I glance around and shrugged, I sure hope the girls were ready. I level my rifle at one of the tougher looking agents. I take a breath and hold it as my finger squeezes the trigger. A shot rings out… but not mine. The agent drops like a sack of flower, a bullet in his chest. The forest erupts with gunfire as I look behind me. Someone else was here! Suddenly I spot her, a girl in a tree just a couple of yards away. Another survivor!

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