An Average Day: Or, was it? (Free for all Role PLay)

Karcey rolled over in bed reaching desperately for her alarmclock. “Ugh. Is it Monday already? I hoped that it wasn’t.” she got up and got ready for school. Her siblings delayed her by replacing her mouthwash with pureed spinach. When she finally got to school her friends were there to welcome her. “Hey guys! What’s up?”


We’ve all read about parallel universes.
They sound so cool,
So mysterious,
So—paranormal. And we are so bored with life here that we wish we could live in one.
It would be fun…right?

It started when the sky turned crimson.
I almost had a heart attack because it was night and suddenly my room was blood red.
I awoke then next day mistaking it as a dream. As did my friends. As did many others.
But then we noticed changes. Paranormal changes. And the most frightening thing was: the same time the sky turned crimson, every scientist on the planet vanished.
Someone wanted us lost in confusion without someone to decode the problem.
Could someone be brave enough to find the missing humans…and discover the cause of the crimson sky and odd happenings?
To free us from this…parallel universe?

Welcome to this new Role Play! I am collaborating with @PennyRose on this and I hope you will join.
It is about a our world and a villain named Reptilian has altered it. He somehow combined his world with our present day world. His world is more advanced than ours and strange technology starts appearing in ours. It’s up to your character along with everyone else’s to find his lair that is somewhere on Earth and end the parallelness.

You can make your character. I’ll post a startup RP piece soon and then you can jump in!

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“Kitty! Kitty wake up wake up!”

I opened my eyes to an excited face of a little boy. My 7 year old brother, Timmy. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed.

“Good grief Timmy what time is it, 2:00 a.m? What got you so excited as to wake me u-”

I didn’t finish what I was going to say because at that moment I realized that everything in my usually light gray and blue room was blood red.

I glanced out the window, no stars, no moon, just red.

“Uh, Timmy? What’s going on outside?” I pushed the fear that was rising up and tried to remain calm. If Timmy thought this was exciting but then saw that I was afraid, he would be afraid too.

“I have no idea but when I woke up 'cause I had to pee I saw that everything was red! It’s so cool!”

I’m not sure about that…

“Well, maybe we should go wake up and show Mom, I think she would want to see this.”

“Oh Mom’s already awake she’s in the Living Room.”

“Oh, well let’s go talk to her.” I took my brother’s hand even though I knew he didn’t like it and dragged him to the Living Room. We came in just as Mom was hurriedly wiping her eyes and stuffing a handkerchief into her pocket.

I let go of Timmy’s hand and ran over to her. “Mom, are you ok?” I completely forgot about how everything was red and focused on why my mom was crying.

“I-I’m fine. But there’s something I need to tell you.” Her voice was shaky and fear welled up inside of me again. I sat down beside her and pulled Timmy into my lap.

“What is it, Mom?” Timmy asked, wriggling over to sit on her lap and putting his arms around her neck in a hug.

I said nothing as Mom took a deep breath and said, “You’re father isn’t coming home.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, “Did he have to stay overnight in the Lab?”

My Dad was a scientist, one who’d invented a few things we had around our house. Sometimes when he was working on something big, or making a discovery he just couldn’t leave he had to stay overnight. But this time I felt something different when Mom said my dad wasn’t coming home, I felt as though one of my greatest fears had come true.

“No, it’s not like that. He…your father…is gone.” My mom stumbled over the words, and fresh tears appeared on her face.

My stomach twisted and tears sprang to my eyes. “You mean…he’s…he’s…d-d-dead?” My hands started shaking and I stared at the other end of the room, not believing this could be happening.

My mom nodded slightly and burst into sobs. I got up and walked to my room, taking no notice of the red atmosphere, until I got in my bed. I stared at the red sky outside my window hoping with all my might that this was a dream.

The next day I woke up normally. I got out of bed, got a quick shower, got myself some breakfast, and waited for the bus. I barely remembered the events of last night, until my mom came in with tear marks on her face and quietly handed me my lunch bag.

Oh no, no no no!

New fear mixed with grief churned inside me. I pushed back the tears as the school bus stopped in front of my house. I ran down my driveway and hopped inside the open door, rushing past everyone and sitting in the back seat where nobody was.

I cried quietly into my backpack and took great care that nobody saw me. Suddenly I felt someone sit beside me and hug me sideways.

“Hey Kitty Cat, what’s wrong?” A gentle, familiar voice whispered. I looked up and tried to smile at my friend.

“Hey Karcey, I’m just having a rough day.” I looked back down and wiped the tears away.

“It must be a very rough day to have me find you like this.” Karcey smiled and dug in her backpack until she pulled out a pack of gum. “Want some?” She offered.

I smiled and took the piece of gum gratefully.

“M-my Dad…he…he died.”



I gasp, “Kitty! I’m so sorry!” I give her a hug, “Is there anything I can do for you?” @LilaKitty


“Just…just don’t let anyone else see me cry, please? They would never let me live it down.”

The we jerked to a stop at that moment and students started shuffling out of the bus. I kept my head down and stayed close to Karcey, trying to wipe away any signs of tears or grief I had on my face.

I look back up at Karcey and, in an effort to change the topic of conversation, I say the second thing that was on my mind.

“Hey did you happen to wake up last night and see everything blood red?”



I slam my fist against the bus. “Why do you ask?” I growled. I kept my dog ears tucked under my hat. I see Kitty turn pale, “I’m sorry Kitty. I. I didn’t mean to scare you.” @LilaKitty


My pupils grew wide like a frightened cat and I stepped back, reaching up and pulling down my hood instinctively.

“O-oh, n-neverm-mind I was j-just a-asking…” I stammered, and rushed out of the bus, wondering what in the world had just happened.

I glanced around the crowd and spied my Asian friend (who was more like an older sister to me), Dearbhail. I pushed through the crowd of students toward her and latched onto her arm. She looked down and smiled,

“Well hello my little Kitty, what’s wrong?”

I had gotten over the shock of how she knew everything and just plunged right in. “Karcey’s acting weird! When I asked her if she something weird last night she growled at me! I know she’s a dog like person but…I just wasn’t really expecting her to react like that…”

@PennyRose @Millennium


I run crying, “Why did I do that!” I cried out


This made no sense. And that does not happen very much. My mother had always said I could work anything out. My father said I could solve any problem. But I was stuck.
This is scientifically inaccurate! I struggled to comprehend the sight before me.
Red. Crimson. Blood red. The sky. The whole sky. I kept blinking, wondering if I should wake my parents or not.
It was still dark out, which didn’t make much sense either since it was a red dark.
I couldn’t admit to defeat. I would call Jress, my uncle. He worked as a part time astronomer/scientist.
I pulled my bathrobe around me tighter as I left my telescope on the apartment roof, threw my black hair over my shoulder, and attempted to hurry down the stairs without my slippers falling off to my cellphone that sat beside my bed on a small table.
Fumbling with the iPhone and plopping onto my bed, I waited for an answer.
The red lighting streamed in my solid glass wall, facing west, that looked over the street, 33 floors away, and waited more.
“Come on Uncle Jress!” I whispered. The atmosphere around me was so quiet that when the answering machine kicked in, I jumped.
“Nǐ hǎo, Nǐ hǎo! It’s Jress. If you have something to say, leave message. Zàijiàn!”
“Maybe he turned off his phone?” I suggested, curled up on my teal bedcover and fell slowly asleep.

Beep Beep Beep
“I’m up!” I yelled sleepy and slapped at the devise as it tried to slide off my stomach in an escape attempt so it’s alarm could continue to wake me up.
I sat up clumsily and brushed the sleep out of my eyes while pushing my tangled black hair over my shoulder.
As I walked into the kitchen, braiding my hair, I saw Mother fumbling in a cabinet for a Chinese breakfast food.
“Zǎoshang hǎo (Good morning), Mother.” I muttered.
“Zǎoshang hǎo, Flasher.”
“Please don’t call me that!” I moaned. That was a nickname reserved for my America friends. “Say, I had the strangest dream last night…” I trailed off and gulped down my breakfast.
“Huítóu jiàn! (See you later!)” I snatched up my backpack and dashed out the door.

I settled into my usual seat on the bus and waited for my young American friend to arrive. Though she was much younger than me, I had still made friends with her and since her classes were in the same building as mine, we rode the bus together.
I saw her dash in the bus a moment later and look frantically around before plopping next to me and grabbing my arm.
“Well hello my little Kitty, what’s wrong?” I asked, seeing the worry on her face.
She looked a little stunned for a moment before gushing out her story.
“Karcey’s acting weird! When I asked her if she something weird last night she growled at me! I know she’s a dog like person but…I just wasn’t really expecting her to react like that…”
“Ō qīn’ài de! I mean, oh dear! Where is she now?” I looked around and then pointed at fleeing back of Karcey.

@LilaKitty @PennyRose


I felt a pang of hurt as I saw Karcey pushing through the crowd.

Oh man I bet she feels awful!

“I think we should go talk to her…” without waiting for Dearbhail to reply I stood up and pushed my way out of the bus, running straight toward Karcey.

“Cocoa! Wait!” I called when I was in hearing distance. She turns around, tears in her eyes, and wait for me to catch up.

“Cocoa oh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad!!! Please forgive me.” I hung my head and squeezed Karcey around the waist, pushing down the tears that threatened to come up.

First my dad dies, then I hurt my best friend without even trying! This is a very bad day for me…

@Millennium @PennyRose


I watched as Kitty dashed off after her friend. I stayed in my seat and watched her chase Karcey down. They exchanged a few words and then slowly walked back to the bus. I caught Kitty’s arm as she walked by.
“What’s the mater with you today?” I whispered. “You’ve just look depressed. Was it the red, sky? Did it scare you?”
I surprised myself. I thought it had just been a dream, but now I was talking about it as if it was reality. But maybe it hadn’t been a dream.
I was about to find out.



I took a step back in surprise, Dearbhail had seen the red last night too!

“Well, that’s part of it…” I murmured, then I grabbed Dearbhail’s hand and dragged her out of the bus, pulling away from the crowd going toward school.

“It’s just, last night, when the sky and everything was all red, I found out that my dad died.”



Kitty dragged me out of the flow of bodies heading for the school doors and looked me in the eye.
“It’s just, last night, when the sky and everything was all red, I found out that my dad died.”
My heart leapt and my eyes grew wide before I shook myself and took a deep breath.
“Ó, wǒ de tiān a! I mean, oh my goodness! That is terrible! But are you sure he’s dead? I called my uncle last night and he didn’t answer. Maybe it’s a scientist thing that’s going on,” I looked at the doubt on Kitty’s face and reassessed.
“I believe,” I lowered my voice, put an arm around her shoulder, and started guiding Kitty towards the door. “That this has something to do with the hóngsè, er, red sky.” We entered the school.
“Maybe.” Kitty nodded slightly.



I heard @Millennium and @LilaKitty talking, “I saw it too.” I said hoping that someone knew what was going on


I turned to Karcey, “Did it…freak you out or something? Is that why you growled when I asked you about it?”



“Yeah, it did scare me and… My brother is gone.” I look down.


I stood quietly to the side. “My Shūshu, er, Uncle, Jress has disappeared. Hasn’t everyone who was gone missing or presumed dead scientists? Think girls, that must mean something.” The school bell rang. “We should probably get to class, I might try texting you when I’m not in Math class.”
The girls groaned.
“Why in the world to you like Math so much?” Kitty moaned.
I shrugged with a smirked and headed toward the building.


So many losses…and they’re all scientists…something strange is going on…

I frowned as I thought this and hiked up my backpack, going the opposite direction Flasher went (The Middle school was across the street from the High school, but both school’s share buses).

My mind wasn’t really on the lesson that day, too many strange things were going on today, and I wanted to know the reason why they were happening.

I walked out of my history class not paying attention to anything or anyone around me. I walked into the cafeteria, blindly got my food, and sat down at a table far away from the others. I had friends at this school, but I didn’t want to talk to any of them right now.

I slowly chewed my food, taking as long as I could, and waited for Flasher to text me.


The lunch bell rung and I was the first person in the cafeteria. Quickly shoving the closest looking food to Chinese, I darted for a table but was beat by a friend.
“Hey Flasher!” She chirped.
“Hi Gabrielle.” I muttered and munched on a roll.
“How are you?” She asked as I pulled out my phone.
“I’m okay.” I said, distracted. My iPhone’s lock screen was flickering. Thats odd. Apple phones never glitch.
“You sure are quiet today!” Gabrielle commented.
“Can you please leave me alone? I have something important to do!” I don’t yell at my friends. But Gabrielle was just an annoying person.
“Fine,” she huffed. “I’ll sit over there.” She walked away.
Opening my phone with a sigh of relief, I saw my apps seemed to be updating. That makes no sense! Not all my apps can update at once!
Suddenly a notification popped up. Artificial Intelligence Installed. Now installing voice. What accent would you like?
“What the heck?” I murmured and tried to open my Messages.
What accent?
“Chinese! Shut up and let me talk to Kitty!” I yelled. The Messages app opened. I shivered. This is odd.
I sent a text through to Kitty. “I’m here. My phone is doing the oddest things.”
Then I got a reply, “Mine too.”


“My phone asked me what kind of voice I want my phone to have!” I texted, “This is too weird!”

“My phone did that too.” Flasher texted. My eyes narrowed and my frown deepened.

“Maybe it’s a new installment for Apple phones?” I texted back, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. “I’m gonna go to the front yard of my school, think you can do the same and maybe bring Karcey along? We need to see what weird new installments we have on our phones.”