So I realize that some of us really want to get better at drawing, including me, so here’s where we can help each other out! NOW WE ALL CAN GET BETTER TOGETHER!!! pumps fist

I learned something about complimentary colors, here’s a Color wheel.Unknown-3

Green to Red (Christmas colors):

They often have a nice look together. See how nice they look in Christmas:

Purple-blue to Orange-yellow:

I really like these two put together. Like in this picture I drew. The eyes are orange, and the hair is purple-blue. (Click it to see it more clearly)

If you look for larger color wheels you can find a more variety of colors. I just wanted you to get a bigger gist.

I hope this topic comes in handy.


Hey, Toren, very nice topic! Unfortunately, I believe this type of thing can fit in the Art… and More Art Topic. Thank you for always adding to this community!