Babylon Invaders (Bio Topic)

FACTIONS (this a faction RP, but it’s open - you can bend the rules a bit)

1. The Christians (aka the “Heroes”)

Your main goal is to go around town blowing things up and destroying things in whatever ways that you can possibly think of. Without killing people. Because killing people is bad. Also, to rescue the Jewish people from being inside the city to avoid them getting killed too. This may involve convincing them to escape. You also may need to use sneaky tricks to get past the Guards, and you should avoid getting taken in by the despicable pleasures the City of Babylon has to offer. Also, you really need to invade Prince Hafu’s place and defeat his robot guards and pet dragon (shouldn’t be too hard…).

The Christians technically have no powers, but they have extremely advanced technology (this is the future), so I hear that elemental weaponry is a thing. At the very least, ice, water, electric, and fire weapons should be good. Also, you know, any other weapons we have in real-life, but remember, we are about destroying things, not people.

You can have basically anything as long as you have a suitable technological excuse. But before you start throwing all the NARP at all the things, please no blatantly fictional characters from other franchises (Chewbacca was not here, sorry). And it needs to fit reasonably with the RP premise (no confetti guns, this isn’t RRP).

Christian profile suggestion (expand or contract as desired):
Name: [insert name here]
Allegiance: Christian
Gender: [male or female]
Occupation/Skills: (recommended)
Weapons: [THIS IS REQUIRED] What are you doing here with no weapons? Get some! :stuck_out_tongue:
Weaknesses/Things they might want in town: [ALSO REQUIRED] Come on, you’ve been out surviving off the land with no internet for months…
Bio: How did this person come to faith in Christ? Any other backstory you want to add?

2. The Guards (Villains)

These are the people who want to make sure the evil Christians don’t sneak their way into town – or bust their way in through the city wall using things like cannons and things like that. They also want to ensure that the Jewish people stay trapped inside. They also are very overconfident in general (though your character might be an exception…).

These people do have powers because of access to the demonic hoards that hang out in town. Yikies.

Guard Profile suggestion:


Allegiance: Guard
Gender: [male or female]
Powers: [MAX OF 2]
Weapons: [MAX OF 2] No big weapons. Think pistols and knives, rather than rifles and swords. They are guards, not soldiers.
Bio: Any backstory you would like to add.

3. The Merchants (Villains) and Transporters (Villains)

These are the ordinary folk who live in Babylon, and while they don’t have any powers or weapons, they do have access to…other things…that foolish Christians might want that might distract them from their goal in burning down the city. Like pancakes. Or a trip through VR. Or some new clothes. Would they like their hair done? We have the Burn-down-the-city special!

Transporters help the merchants sell their wares to the world. They might be dealing with the merchants and get caught up in the action. Also, however, you are technically not allowed to buy or sell if the customer doesn’t have the Mark (so the Guards might come after you) but if it’s a choice between distracting a Christian and living another day and total business destruction…well…nobody likes Prince Hafu anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: Both Guards and Merchants/Transporters have taken the Mark of the Beast and are totally eternally in trouble. But for the purposes of this RP, you can be the one donut shop on the top of the tippity top scorched rock spire with the entire city ruined around you, and still be selling donuts – if you’re good. Evil doesn’t have to be dumb.

4. The Jewish People in the Scum Quarter

These people weren’t exactly game with the whole Gospel thing – we crucified the Messiah? Ouch. However, they aren’t a fan of the Anti-Christ’s take the mark or die thing, because they also read their Bibles and they know he’s bad news. Unfortunately, there were jobs in Babylon and it seemed like a good deal before the Mark became a thing. So they are stuck. And cultivating gardens on their roofs and stealing stuff to try and stay alive. Not a pretty scene. Also they can’t leave town, thanks to the guards. However, you have insider knowledge of town thanks to…being trapped inside of town. I know. It’s horrible.

Your goal is to fight the Guards and get out of town by any means possible, as per your theology manual (written by a very smart Jewish guy, I might add):

NOTE: This RPG is NOT intended to insult Jewish people in ANY way. If you come from a Jewish background, you’re more than welcome to play any character from any faction that you wish to play. Not all Jewish people will be trapped in Babylon in this scenario and not all Jewish people believe what these paragraphs say.

5. Other characters

These may exist. Ask in the discussion topic if you’re unsure if the character you have in mind fits. You can’t play as the demonic hordes, however, because that’s too OP. And…there is only one dragon. You also cannot play as God, Jesus, or the Antichrist.

Once you’ve posted your characters, you can start playing here. If you have questions, this topic is for you to ask them. Thanks. :slight_smile: