Babylon Invaders (Discussion Topic)

crosses fingers behind back hoping that this RP doesn’t cause a bunch of confusion or debate

WARNING: This RPG is based off a theory in theology book about the future, but creative liberties have been taken to make this a fun RP for everyone. I’m not sure that the theory is true. Please consider this to be fiction and not real life. Also: this RPG is not intended to provoke theological debate – personally I find this theory somewhat ridiculous.

With that being said, here’s the background on this for your amusement:

He then goes into several pages of theological brilliance about why he thinks a group of Christians will be invading Babylon in the future. But that’s not too much fun. What is fun is the amount of cool options that are available for destroying stuff and taking loot for yourselves to take back to Israel to stop the anti-Christ from killing all of your Jewish friends. And hopefully survive until Jesus comes back. Or…stopping the Christians from taking your stuff and ruining your evil underhanded business plans. Because, seriously, you have a really good thing going on. Or…getting out of the city alive. And intact. Because that is also a thing.


  1. You cannot role-play as yourself, because we will all be raptured and gone. At least, I hope we will. But that’s what the theology book that came up with the theory says, so we are going to go with it.

  2. No bloody, graphic descriptions of death. No purposely going around offing characters for fun. People put hard work into those.

  3. No Godmodding to avoid defeat. No making your character impossible to beat in battle. I have some things in here to avoid too much death. But we will see some fighting in here. Note that if the villains “win” we may end up proving Dr. Fructenbaum’s theory wrong in terms of RPG, but all in good fun.

With that being said, all questions are welcome - sometimes things are more clear in my head than what I’ve actually written. :smiley: Thank you for reading and considering yonder RP, and have an excellent day.