Babylon Invaders!

This is a free role play for everyone to join. You can check out the bio topic here and the discussion topic here . And without further ado, the introduction!


Today is a very good day to conduct business in the great city of Babylon! That is, if you have taken the Mark of the Beast, and you aren’t one of those Jewish people barely making it by in the scum Quarter. I don’t really understand their point of view. But alas, amidst the glass skyscrapers and the shiny cloth factories and the schmancy electronic stores full of amazing VR experiences, life has never been better. We did have a problem with some people getting sick with loathsome sores and the whole place getting covered in darkness, and people cursing God over it, but nothing is perfect, you know?

But the food is good, and we have plenty of flashlights! And also, we have these giant cannonball guns my dear friend Nicolae installed in this cool looking brick wall around the whole city. Plus also we have full biometric and chip recognition to avoid any of those despicable Christians from coming in. So I’m definitely not worried. Life is great!

Not only that, but old Nic has got a brilliant plan. He told me that he was going to Israel to end our God problem once and for all. And since Nic is the best military strategist I’ve ever known – he’s only conquered the entire world, I’m so confident he can pull this off.

Wait, what is that dark blob on the horizon…please tell me that isn’t the locusts again. I hated those things.

Nah, it’s just Christians this time. Whew. The guards will totally take care of this – Nic trained them well.

You…made a mistake. Maybe your friend told you about Jesus before the Rapture happened, and you didn’t believe until the Rapture happened, after which you decided your friend was right. Maybe you got confused by the Rapture and decided that God was real after all when angels started shouting from the sky, and that pushed you back into your Bible to find the gospel. Maybe you just minded your own business until one of the 144,000 Jewish guys showed up and convinced you that the Gospel was true. But regardless, you’re here. And we need you.

I’m Captain Benjamin Frazier. In reading the book of Revelation 475 times and Isaiah 254 times in an effort to survive the Tribulation, I came across this passage:

So God is going to deal with the Anti-Christ personally. However, the Anti-Christ, in an effort to invade Israel, has taken all of his top military minds to do the job, leaving the incompetent and lazy Prince Hafu in charge. So I believe that this is the perfect opportunity to rescue our Jewish friends trapped inside of the city, and frankly, I’m really tired of stale homemade bread and cabbage leaves and could really use some pancakes. Who’s with me?