Christward Announcements

Greetings from Christward in 2021!

Thank you to each and every Christwarder who has stuck around to see a new year. We appreciate your dedication and we look forward to whatever the future has in store.

With the new year comes new features and Christward themed goodness. We will keep you up to date on new developments here.

With that said, we have a couple of announcements already like our

Christward Discord Server

It isn’t exactly new but our sparkling Christward server is a wonderful way to connect, chat, and play with other Christwarders. Join via the link below.

Another fantastic development is that of our

Christward Minecraft Realm

Unfortunately, we are still putting together a server for Java but for now please enjoy our Bedrock realm.

Looking forward to seeing you around!


Just out of curiosity, who’s visited the realm?

  • I have
  • I haven’t
  • I haven’t, but I will
  • I haven’t, and I can’t

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So! I’ve heard in passing plans to build a community of businesses and such in the realm. As of now, we have the makings of a cafe as well as a stable and Zombie farm.

(path leads to the farm. located deep in the woods).

Most everyone lives somewhat near to each other, but we’re far from establishing a full-fledged town.


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