Chronicle of Characters: Bios

Welcome ye fellow writers and otherwise! Here you may post the bios of your beloved charries that you wish to put through the trials of CoC! Enjoy!

Role Play


I might as well go first…

Name: Jayce (known locally as the Boy Thief)
Age: 17

Personality: Confident, reckless, charming, a little cocky, ENFP
Skills/ Abilities: A master thief, agile, a master at stealth, excellent archer and with edged weapons, keeper of the Key of Emberlin.
Weapons: Bow and arrows,

a brace of kunai knives, the Ember Key, custom made gauntlet sword, his silver tongue.
Other: Has Scottish-British accent
World: Archia


Name: Gwendoline of Myre (often called Gwen)

Age: She doesn’t know anymore


Personality: Struggles with trust, loner, thinker, introvert who secretly cares about others, and watches them closely.

Abilities: Can easily slip away unnoticed, very silent, quick thinker.

Weapons: The knife of the Warrior of Myre.


Other: Has periodical spells of blindness due to an ancient accident. Will often leave the group to seek out a safe place before losing sight of the world for a short time.

World: Myre, or what’s left of it after the Conquering.


Hmm. This character needs the most work, so…

Name: Kelsey Kagan
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Powers: Telepathy (subject to change)
Abilities/Skills: Math, ship navigation, sailing, boat piloting, cartography (that is, map-making), and language learning skills - speaks multiple human and fantastic languages
Bio: Kelsey was taught how to pilot a boat by her dad, whom she loves dearly - it was him and his sailboat that introduced her to her love of sailing and all things related to boats. In school, Kelsey quickly converted her major interest into both mathematical skill for navigation purposes and her love of drawing into the making of maps. But if one were to look into Kelsey’s map collection aboard the Starcruiser, the ship Kelsey and her dad share, they would find that not all of the maps refer to places that are actually real…or at least, not places we think are real, anyway…

Not only this, but Kelsey’s telepathy makes school very difficult for her since she is constantly bombarded with the noise of everyone else’s thoughts, which means that she much prefers being out on the water, away from people. However, her mother (who is a lawyer) insists that Kelsey needs to attend “real school” to meet people her own age and not get stuck out on the boat all of the time. This causes lots of tension in Kelsey’s life. Her telepathy creates a lot of social anxiety.

Appearance: Short brown hair, grows her bangs out to match the rest of her hair, with a traditional part on the right side. Has been known to pull her bangs down to hide. Brown eyes; skin is ruddy from hours spent sailing. She frequently wears khaki cargo pants and jackets with no shame - her personal favorite is a black nylon jacket she picked up from a thrift store.

That’s good for now, and I’ll get to posting a bio about David, Kelsey’s dad, later.


Okey Doke… Let’s give 'er a go huh?

Name: Ryoto/ Doragon Senshi
Gender: Male
Age: 20’s

Personality: Reserved and stoic, is cool and hard to read, but has a helping heart. Has no memories of his past before becoming Doragon Senshi.
Skills/Abilities: Ninja and Samurai training, can be undetectable if he wants. Being Doragon Senshi, he can harness dragon-like agility and skill in combat, or entirely become a green/blue Chinese Dragon if needed.
Weapon: Talon-Staff, dual Wakizashi
Other: Almost never speaks, observes rather than interacts.
World: Speculative-Fictional Japan


Name: Panther


Personality: Quick to learn, nice (when she wants to be), adventurous, protective, doesn’t understand big words or anything over-the-top.

Skills/Abilities: Has advanced knowledge of all weapons and how to use them, quick, agile, always lands on her feet, night vision, anything she can put her head through, she can put her whole body though, can climb almost anything.

Favorite Weapons: Bow and arrow, darts. (She keeps these two weapons on her at all times)

Location: Zambia, Africa, in the village of Wayama, filled with mutant animals like herself.


Name: Princess Callista of Lenoria
Gender: Female
Age: Early twenties
Appearance: Long reddish-brown hair, tall-ish, wears a red kirtle that opens in the front to reveal a pair of tall leather boots with holding sleeves along the top for vials, wears a pair of gloves that go up to her shoulders that has more holding sleeves for vials, wears two satchels that hang down on either side of her torso. She wears a leather corset that holds more vials. the vials are all full of varying substances of various colors.
Personality: Inquisitive, serene, has a calm demeanor but is highly intelligent.
Skills/Abilities: Is an extremely skilled alchemist, being a princess has also given her a level of diplomatic finesse
Weapon: Her most used means of defense is the vials on her person. She also carries a hidden short sword with a twisted blade and can use it when the need arises.
Note: Lived out the classic story of a princess being kidnapped by an evil wizard. She used her skills with alchemy to defeat him, but remained trapped inside his castle for several years waiting for a warrior to pass the wizard’s challenges and set her free. Meanwhile, she occupied herself with her experiments.
World: Lenoria is a classic fantasy kingdom where science is often taken for magic.


Name: Zephyr Jinx
Age: 15

Personality: A tad cocky, charismatic, bold, perceptive, direct, impatient, risk-prone, stubborn, defiant, ESTP.
Skills/Abilities: Stealth, unflinching killer instinct, master of unarmed combat, proficient with blades of all sorts, particularly swords, excellent memory
Weaknesses: Not a team player, severe PTSD, poor self esteem (though he doesn’t let it show), has a difficult time with honesty, secretive, closed, emotionally apathetic, reluctant to build any sort of relationship, self-destructive


And a mahogany colored recurve bow that I couldn’t get a good image of
World: Aurii


Name: Jackson Maloch

Gender: Male

Age: 19-21


Personality: ISFJ, fierce defender of what he loves, concerning, there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Not all that fast thinking and bright but not a complete idiot

Skills/ Abilities: Has a very cheery way of talking people into doing the craziest things

Weapons: Energy pistol:

Other: Asian, speaks with a slight English accent

World: 3018

Update on Erin:

Name: Erin Shadows

Age: 23


(Clothing varies)

Personality: ESTJ, pretty emotionless, save some sarcasm, dignified, if it’s an emergency, she drops the emotionless act and becomes the leader, she has a hidden love for poetry

Skills/Abilities: Incredible hand/eye coordination. She treads silently, even when she doesn’t mean to, very good pilot of almost any vessel

Weapons: Her pistol:

Her reputation and her bodyguards

Other: Her mother was British and her father Asian making her split between the two. She speaks with a thick British accent

World: 3018


(Another character of mine to interact with Gwen, and possibly more)

Name: Sarine Smithhammer

Age: sixteen

Appearance: Light-brown hair falling six inches past her shoulders, heart-shaped face with well-defined cheeks and a pointed chin, silver-grey eyes and exceptionally pale skin. She wears a loose white blouse tucked into her grey caprese. She also wears simple brown sandals.

Personality: Broken inwardly, pleasant outwardly. Sarine often chooses not to feel anything rather then be crushed by her antagonizing foster family and difficult life. She has a stony emotional self-defense, yet inwardly longs for companionship. She’s appears very happy around others, and has excellent acting skills.

Abilities: Can mutate into a grey fox.

Weapons: none.

World: the one we know and struggle with.

House location: Willow Springs, Oakwood Cove, Maple Street.


Since I’ve developed Gwen more since I first created her, here’s her new bio:

Name: Gwendoline of Myre.

Nickname: Gwen

Age: She doesn’t know anymore



Personality: Love-starved Extrovert. Loves to be around people who can stand her outward ugliness. Tends to be selfish, but not as selfish as she was before the Warrior came. She used to struggle with trust, and was once very insecure, all before the Warrior came into her life.

Hobbies: Book reading; book hording; spending all day in the library; sleepless nights reading books, books, books; pacing about her library when blind; touching her books and memorizing the feeling of each binding when blind; She once cried when blind because she could no longer read, until the Warrior came and read books aloud to her; Caring for her cat, Quill; Petting Quill; tapping coded messages back and forth with the Warrior’s mute little sister; often uses book quotes.

Weapons: The blade of the Warrior of Myre. Also known as Fin’s knife.

Other: She was Princess of Myre, before Myre fell. Has random spells of blindness due to an accident when she was born.

World: The ruins of Myre.


Yes, I’m adding another character. I’d like to be sorry, but let’s be honest. . . I’m not.

Arre Fawn

Nickname: Don’t even try it.

Age: 17



Personality: Quiet, cold, calculating, violent, intelligent, direct, patient, stubborn, extremely perceptive, sardonic, ISTJ

Skills and Abilities: Strength, stealth, killer instinct, unarmed combat, excellent aim, wilderness survival, parkour

Weaknesses: PTSD, night terrors, aggressive, secretive, loner, introverted to an extreme, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, generally seems hostile and unapproachable


double%20edged%20throwing%20spikes%20_%20double%20pointed%20throwing%20spikes I've%20seen%20one%20of%20those%20as%20a%20batarang%20model%20and%20i%20will%20never%20get%20over%20it life%20teaches%2C%20love%20reveals_


She drives one of these

She grew up almost entirely isolated, and was trained as an assassin, and was treated as an animal or machine. She attempted to escape her ‘handlers’, but was caught and tortured. A second attempt at escape gained her her freedom at the age of fourteen, and since then, she’s been trying to blend into the world. She now acts as a spy and mercenary. Approach with caution.

Additional quotes and aesthetics



Name: Peter
Age: 20
(Drawing credit goes to @SheOfManyNames)

Personality: Caring, brave, adventurous, gentle, lighthearted, but can be very serious.
Skills/Abilities: Can fight with the Staff of Peace like a pro, can talk telepathically with any animal.
Weapons: The Staff of Peace
Other: Sounds older then he looks
World: Ashlom

Name: Maiden
Age: 28 cat years

Personality: Very judgy at first, but if she likes you she’s as sweet as can be, loyal only to Peter but she might trust another human just a little, always suspects the worst from other humans, can be friendly if she wants to but usually very grouchy.
Skills/Abilities: All the skills and abilities a normal cat has,but enhanced.
Weapons: Claws, teeth, Prince.
World: Ashlom

Name: Prince
Age: 32 dog years

Personality: Even though he’s a wolf he acts like a puppy most of the time, very playful and energetic, loves to play with anyone who will play, but when there’s a battle or someone’s trying to hurt Maiden he will be the most vicious wolf in all of Ashlom.
Skills/Abilities: All the skills and abilities a wolf and dog has but enhanced.
Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Howl.
World: Ashlom


Name: Princess Rosalina (Rosy)

Age: 17


Eyes: Bright green


Personality: Sweet, hardworking, kind, very curious about anything and everything because all her knowledge comes from books.

Likes: farmers, reading, working around her castle, singing out her window like the princesses in the books, dancing with the broom, getting lost in her imagination.

Dislikes: People who don’t follow Yahweh (God), bad food, dirty houses, people who only love her for her looks or because she’s a princess (her book is a romance story :smirk:)

Origin: She used to live with her family until an evil fairy came and put a spell on her, making her invisible to everyone. The evil fairy also drove the king and queen and everyone else out of the castle by starting a war and made Rosy work to survive. Rosy learned to enjoy work around the castle though, and as she grew older made her own meals by taking care of the gardens and her own clothes by sewing together pieces of her old clothes (when everyone left they left behind all Rosy’s stuff). Rosy wanted to find her parents but the fairy had put up a magical barrier around the castle so Rosy could barely go anywhere.

World: Would anyone like to help me come up with a name? I’m bad at it…