Chronicle of Characters

The Executive stood at the large glass wall that looked out over the field where his sphere currently sat. He stood with perfect posture, his hands in his pockets, his eyes closed. The room was silent, absolutely and completely silent. The kind of silence that most had never experienced, the kind that would drive a human insane, this was true silence.

He liked this kind of silence, or rather he basked in it. A clock hung on the wall behind him, only it did not tick for it had no hands. It served as a reminder to him that man’s worst enemy was time and he had conquered it.

A flutter of wings from outside caused his crimson eyes to open as a loud screech pierced the air. The young man smiled at the pitch black vulture that circled above in the bleak, angry sky. It had happened. The wondering soul had managed to once again escape Riken.

He shifted his weight a little, the rays of the early morning sun glinting off of the silver infinity symbol pinned to his lapel. This was not the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. It was a process, a cycle that could not be broken. It was… a calling.

It was time. He held up his hand, watching as a faint scarlet mist weaved around his fingertips.

~Welcome to Smear~

The Executive:

“For the last time, stop moving around and hold the blasted tongs still!” Aldric’s sighed in frustration as he brushed his hair behind his ears and readjusted the quickly cooling metal. Jayce smirked at the flustered man, obviously, patience was not one of his strong suits. “What’s got you in such a huff?” The boy’s ember eyes twinkled, “did you burn your oatmeal this morning or something?”

The elder mentor sighed pulling his sleeves further up onto his large biceps. " You do realize this is for you, right?" He wiped the sweat from his brow as Jayce grinned, “Yep and I am truly thankful.”

“Mhm,” Aldric muttered, holding up the patched saber pauldron, “next time learn not to pick a fight with a Klaue. Had it not been for the pauldron he would probably have ripped your arm off.”

Jayce rolled his eyes, mocking the stern-faced blacksmith. Aldric’s steely eyes bored into the thief turned hero, his jaw muscles tense, “or worst case scenario… you could have been killed.”

His smile faded a little, but he quickly grinned wider, “admit it, you would miss me wouldn’t you?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Aldric rolled his eyes and tossed the saber pauldron to Jayce who caught it easily and began strapping it into place.

The weapon/armor fitted perfectly, custom made by Aldric himself. Smelted from Kylomite, one of the strongest and lightest metals in Archia, it was a beast of a weapon and quite unique. Jayce spun the blade a few times, snapping it back in place with a skilled movement of his arm. “Thanks!”

Aldric mumbled his response, tossing his hammer onto the large rack of tools. “Admit it,” Jayce pressed, strapping on his bow and quiver, “you would miss me!” “Don’t count on it, Goldie,” he called over his shoulder.

Stepping towards the door the boy sighed, “what if one day I simply vanished?” He pulled his hood over his golden hair, “you would miss me, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you!?” Aldric’s steps receded down the stone pathway leaving Jayce to stare after him.

“Fine,” Jayce mumbled and stepped through the door. In an instant, he found himself in what seemed to be a cloud of unnaturally thick fog. He blinked, trying to make heads or tails of where he was. Before he knew it, he was falling as a phrase seemed to echo in his mind, swirling in the very mist itself…

~Welcome to Smear~




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It had been centuries since the Conquering.

That was all Gwendoline knew. The war had long been over, the Warrior was dead, and all of Myre was left in ruin. The enemy came and left, killing all the inhabitants of Myre. If it hadn’t been for the Warrior, she would have died with them.

It had been a month since her full thawing. By some miracle, she was freed of the frozen sea, only to discover what fate her land had fallen to during her years under the ice. It was strange to return to a land she once knew, only to discover how different it now was.

Myre has fallen, the Warrior is dead, all is lost . . .

Gwen walked along the ancient, grown-over path to the lower castle chambers. The castle was one of the few remaining structures still standing after the Conquering, and it’s basement was the safest place in it from the bandits and vagabonds.

Gwen slipped through the small opening into the lower chambers, which were well-lit by torchlight. Most of the basement entryways had collapsed after the conquering, but a enough of them remained to access the upper castle, and to escape easily.

Gwen dug through a burlap sack and withdrew an apple to eat, before she bit into it, however, she felt the first pangs of the blindness.

Quickly, she dropped the apple back inside the sack and scrambled under her cot as the world faded away before her eyes. Then, within ten minutes, all was black.

As she waited for the blindness to pass, Gwen fingered the sliver chain on the Warrior’s dagger sheath. She breathed in the smoky scent of the torches, she could feel the cold wetness of the stones beneath her, and the wooden frame of the cot above her.

She knew where she was, she was safe . . . until all of a sudden, the smoke scent disappeared, the stones beneath her grew dryer and warmer, and the bed frame seemed to vanish.

A thick fog entered her mind, along with the haunting, foreign words:

~Welcome to Smear~


Callista focused intently on crushing the obsidian in the mortar in front of her. Once it was ground to a sparkling, black powder, she poured it gingerly into a vial. Sliding the vial into one of the many holding sleeves on her outfit, she adjusted her satchels before stepping out into the courtyard. The device was ready, she only needed to add a spark. Callista took a last look at the stone castle that had been her home for many years. It had been fairly comfortable as prisons go, after she had disposed of its rather unsavory master. She shook her head, she had waited long enough. If a handsome warrior wasn’t going to rescue her, she would just have to escape.

The alchemist knelt down, took a flint and steel from one of her satchels, and began to ignite the device. Once the fuse was lit, she stood up and began to run for cover. However, before she could reach a safe distance, there was an explosion. “Too soon,” thought Callista as she was thrown to the ground by the blast. Colors swirled in front of her eyes, the whole world went hazy, a voice she did not know echoed in her head.
~Welcome to Smear~


Erin looked down the end of her energy gun and squinted. “There another troublemaker put out of business.” She stood expressionless and slide her gun back to it’s holster.
“Now for a drink and a game of Roulette.” Erin pulled off the badge of a Collector and slipped it casually into her pocket as she ducked into The Dealer’s Pocket, a rowdy pub that hosted many a criminal and lots of people up for a game of Roulette.
Two mercenaries barred her way, both extraterrestrial, their arms crossed.
“Good evening gentlemen.” Erin said coolly, one eyebrow slightly raised.
“I know you.” One said in a raspy voice.
“Me too.” The other said in an equally raspy voice.
“Your the gal who beat seven all time Roulette champs. And still no one knows your name,” The first said. “There’s a guy over there begging for a game, but no one’ll give ‘im one. He’s too good. You should try him.”
“I will. Thank you gentlemen.”

Erin sat down and the man behind the counter handed her a glass filled with a blue-gray liquid.
“Where’s this card player I keep hearing about?” She asked and the bar tender picked up on the challenge. He nodded at someone across the room.
A moment later she was join by a figure with a mask pulled over his mouth and nose.
“So you’re the unbeatable Roulette champ?” He asked, his voice deep and is blue was were filled with a dangerous look.
She nodded, still expressionless.
Suddenly smoked seemed to fill her vision. “Looks like you dropped something Jackson.” She said sarcastically, assuming her second mate had followed her from the Comet and was now pulling a prank on her.
Then she heard an unidentifiable voice.
~Welcome to Smear~


“Ah, the sweet, clear air of Africa.” Panther sighed with contentment stretched her legs on the sun soaked rock of the mountain.

“I should come here more often.” She murmured to herself as she closed her soft black eyes and settled her head in between her outstretched paws.

All too soon Panther heard the voice of her best friend, Fennec, call up the mountain. “Panther, come down from there, Hawk has another mission for us.”

Panther groaned and rolled off the warm slab of rock she’d been napping on.

“Coming!” she called down to Fennec and started climbing the steep path down the mountain.

“I’ll be in the hut, waiting for you.” Fennec called up and Panther turned to see her friend walk back to Wayama village and disappear into the biggest hut in the village that belonged to their leader, Hawk.

Panther started humming a little tune to herself and started back down the steep path again. A few yards from the bottom she stopped and looked over the beautiful view of Victoria falls. The mountain jutted out over the breathtaking waterfall that was near Panther’s home.

As she turned to go the rest of the way down Panther suddenly felt a rough shove to her back and she jerked forward, right off the path and started falling the hundreds of feet between the mountain and the angry waterfall below.

Panther was too surprised to cry out at first, then when she tried to reach for hr grapple she found it wasn’t there.

Ok, keep calm, Panther. You know how to swim…kind of. But you could if you had to. Oh but the current! It’ll pull me down the waterfall and then I’ll die! No no, keep calm. Keep calm.

Panther breathed in and out to try and keep herself from panicking. She closed her eyes and blacked out.

When she woke up everything was dark, but she wasn’t in water, she was on dry ground.

“What? What happened?” Panther asked herself. “Where am I?”

She was answered by a cold voice that sent shivers up her spine.

~Welcome to Smear~


Wind blew in soft tides over the snowy rocks of Fiji… sending calm through The Doragon Senshi. He let his eyes flicker closed behind his visor as the breeze carded through his scarf, making soft snapping sounds. These times were few, and it was one of the rare times he was at peace, here, alone on his mountain. Here there was no villagers or Samurai to summon him, none to hunt down himself and his mentor Aito, and no worries of the Shadofiata.

Here he was free.

He let out a soft breath, his pointed ears twitching as he heard the echoing roar of his master Aito. He had returned early from the Barren Lands it would seem. He stood from his cliffside perch, stretching his lithe limbs in an effort to ease their cramped muscles from his long reverie. He gazed out at the small town below, his mouth fixed in a emotionless frown as he watched the people beginning their days. Farmers taking to their fields, silk-weavers chatting happily on their porches, and farthest away… the Dojo of Ryu. There the hopeful would train to become Samurai, learning honor and respect, combat and protection… And also how to summon Howaito Ryu, and in turn The Doragon Senshi.

He sighed, his eyes not leaving the town. He had chosen this life, that much was clear. No living being can become Hogo-sha unless willing, and therefore forfeiting their past life even in memory, and accepting the gift of becoming the Doragon Senshi. He didn’t feel anything, no remorse, no yearning to know who he was… It was a tranquil calm, like the wind.

But deep down there was unrest, and he didn’t know why.

The wind pulled at his form again, this time more insistent than the first. The Doragon Senshi frowned, tearing his gaze from the peaceful little village to the sky. He could sense no storms on the horizon, and the day was fairly bright. The wind pushed at him again, this time with enough force to make him stumble. He steadied his feet and looked around, his keen senses trained on his surroundings, searching for a source of the gusts. With a whirling howl the wind slammed into his armored frame, strong enough to carry him off the edge of the cliffs and plummeting to the ground below.

He didn’t even have time to call upon his Ryu Energy, or even comprehend what was happening before he hit the stone with a solid crack. He let out a soft gasp, his vision darkening as a whispery, but sinister voice echoed in his mind.

~Welcome to Smear~


His heavy footsteps boomed through the dark, silent halls, and through the Sanctuary windows, moonlight carved out a sinister profile of his face. His dark, glassy wings trailed behind him, and his black eyes glinted of a sickly green glaze before returning back to blackness as he bellowed, “Where—is—LAZULI.”

Hiding behind the corner of a distant hall, Cosmo’s lean frame shuttered as Vortex’s bellow trailed down his spine. Beside him, his sister Cosima felt the monster’s bellow travel down her spine too. With each resounding step of Vortex, the thud of her heart pounded louder and louder, harder and harder, faster and faster. Beat by beat, she knew he would eventually find them. She knew Cosmo was scared too, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

Blood rushed to her cheeks and sweat beaded upon her face as she decided to brave the fear, brave the danger, and step out into the open. “Stay here,” Cosima said. “Wait—Cosima!” but before Cosmo could stop her, she had already stepped out into the moonlight which streamed through the gloomy Sanctuary halls.

When Cosima finally stepped out and stood her ground a few yards from him, Vortex stopped in his tracks, his glaring eyes suddenly smiling and his straight lips twisting into a smirk.

“Cosimaaa,” he smiled. “Where is she—Lazuli?”

Cosima’s visage and red hair were as fiery and bold as a lion.

“Where she should be.”

Vortex tilted his head, still smiling at Cosima in an uncanny manner.

“Mind telling me?” He said gently, then paused. “Or must I force it out of you?”

Sunddely, Cosima’s fierce eyes glinted golden yellow, and she leaped in full spring at him. “ANYWHERE”—she clenched her fist—“BUT NEAR”— she splayed her fingers—“YOU!”

Cosima landed on one knee with a thud and pounded the ground beneath her. Suddenly, a circular ring adorned with gears at its edges, lit upon the floor and encircled Vortex. And within a heartbeat, he was brought to his knees by a strong gravitational pull.

Vortex raised his head and cocked it to one side again.

“Interestinggg. A gravity manipulator? Is that all?”

Cosima scrunched her eyebrows at him, both irked and confused.

At her muddled expression, Vortex breathed out a chuckle.

“Oh, well. Too bad that’s the only thing you’ve got.”

His mouth suddenly contorted into a wicked smirk again, and in the blink of an eye, Vortex opened a black hole in front of him that jostled Cosima out of balance. She immediately pounded a gravity circle below her and tried to anchor herself in place.

Rocking back and forth and trembling like an earthquake, Cosmo watched from behind the corner of the hallway with his head in his hands.

Should I go help her? Wait, no. If I go out, I might cause more trouble for her. Should I step out anyway and create a distraction for Vortex? Should I use my ability? What if I get too scared and freeze? Agh!! I don’t know! Great Engineer, PLEASE HELP.

Suddenly yet softly, a gentle grasp on his shoulder sent waves of peace down his trembling frame. Cosmo raised his head out of his hands and peeked over his shoulder. A white-gloved hand rested upon it, and like an angel in time of need, Evangeline stood before him, staunch, unwavering, and fearless.

Evangeline peeked beyond the corner of the hallway and assessed the situation. Slowly, her gloved hand began to morph into hard, spiky diamond. She turned to Cosmo.

“Cosmo, I need you to close in the walls around him and try to box him in. Once he’s distracted, I’ll try to extract Cosima from where she is and bring her here. Once I do that, RUN. Ready?”

Cosmo gave a shaky nod and then began to focus his mind to bend the Sanctuary walls around Vortex. He quickly engulfed Vortex in walls of stone, and when Vortex’s black hole had closed from distraction, Evangeline immediately dashed toward Cosima, pulled her up to her feet, and dragged her away from danger as quickly as possible.

But no sooner had she done that than Vortex sucked up the walls of stone into a new black hole, and now both Cosima and Evangeline were slipping and sliding on the floor. Evangeline jammed her diamond-spiked hand through the floor and grabbed onto Cosima’s arm again, and Cosima tried to ground a new gravitational field around them, but this time, to no avail. Evangeline lost grip of Cosima, and Cosima flew toward the black hole, thrashing and flinging about.

“COSIMA!!” her little brother cried. Scramming out of his hiding place, he finally emerged, and he thoughtlessly jumped into the pull of the black hole, reaching out toward Cosima.

“COSMO, NO!” Evangeline commanded. But it was too late. Intent on going after them, she unanchored her hand out of the floor, and just before Cosima entered the vortex, she grabbed onto Vortex’s collar and dragged him through the vortex with her. Cosmo followed close behind her, and just before the vortex closed, Evangeline slipped into the hole of darkness.

Black enveloped them everywhere. The pull drew them further in. Silence reigned supreme.

. . . Or did it?

~Welcome to—

“Get your FOOT out of my FACE, you gargoyle!”

“A-HEM, exCUSE YOU, carrot hair!?”

~Welcome t—


“U-Uh, Miss Evangeline, what’s going on? Are we safe now? Where are w—?”

~Welcome to— Smear~


Kelsey Kagan left school at approximately 3 P.M., and began an angry walk down to the docks, her head buzzing with the tremor of everyone else’s thoughts. Actually, she was monitoring the thoughts of the three bullies who had tried to steal her lunch earlier. Fortunately, Kelsey had heard their thoughts before they could get away with their plan, and punched the ringleader in the face.

Unfortunately, that had landed Kelsey in a trip to the principal’s office where she looked like the aggressor in the situation. Detention for a week, and Kelsey wasn’t going. Spending a week surrounded by thoughts any more than necessary was nightmarish enough. Fortunately, the bullies weren’t following her now.

A half hour later, Kelsey arrived at her dad’s boat, and she curled up on the deck, hiding inside a coil of rope, her knees to her chest, looking for comfort. Instead, she felt a strange hollowness as she found herself falling sideways. Cold seeped into her jeans and she pulled her hoodie over her head.

~Welcome to Smear~


Crisp, green sunlight filters through frost tipped leaves, reflecting off of hundreds of frozen crystals in a picturesque scene. The songbirds whistle their clear melodies, each adding its own story to the collective song. In the cover of the trees stands a lone figure, his green leather cloak and hood hiding his face from recognition.

Behind the shadow of the hood is hidden the hint of a smirk, which seems to constantly play on Zephyr’s mouth. But despite the beautiful scene about him and the serene birdsong, his muscles are tense and his fist clenches a recurve bow.

The forest seems to still as the snap of a twig shatters the silence with a sharp crack.

Zephyr’s pointed ears twitch as his eyes scan the area around him. He didn’t make the sound.

But someone did.

His grip on his bow loosens slightly. Breathe in, breathe out.

Suddenly, an arrow slams into the tree beside his head. The twang of a bowstring splits the air. The second arrow slams into the bark of the tree where Zephyr stood not a second before. The only thing to tell of his escape is the slight rustle of leaves as he makes his way through the treetops.

His enemy is yet unseen. He’s running for his life. The game is afoot.

Behind him, on the ground, a figure clothed in black and silver slides easily through the trees, like a snake after a mouse. The form-fitting cloak and hood that his pursuer wears are similar to his own, but the person beneath it could not be more different.

She is the huntress, he is the prey. She fights for the evil-borne law, he is a vigilante of hope. She is gaining power and speed, and his flame is burning low.

For years, they’ve been locked in this tandem race, with her ever after him. For years, he’s kept glancing over his shoulder, almost wishing she’d take him by surprise and they could be done. For years, he’s held on to the seemingly false hope of the Scarlet Prince.

Her arrows follow him, getting closer and closer in their deadly accuracy.

A blinding flare of pain tears through his leg before he realizes the bitter truth; He’s been shot. Adrenaline drives him onward, though he can sense her gaining speed. She’s going to catch up.

As he runs deeper into the forest, his vision blurs, the dizzying pain slowing his systems. His foot slips on a branch, and his heart lurches in his chest as he falls,



Down to death.

Years of experience causes his muscles to tense just enough to break his fall. . . but the ground never seems to come.

Then, a deep, grinding voice reverberated in his mind.

~Welcome to Smear~


Jayce’s head spun as he slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times as he found himself staring into a thick gray nothingness. The heavily clouded sky hung low, giving Jayce a cold and clammy feeling as three words seemed to echo with a dull pounding in his mind, "Welcome to Smear."

A sharp sigh escaped through him as he managed to pull himself to a sitting position. Apparently, the wound in his side was not completely healed. He lifted his shirt, gritting his teeth at the dark spiderweb of lines twisting and turning away from the wound.

With a great deal of grunting, he lifted himself enough to get to his feet. Aldric was nowhere to be found. He was alone… entirely… utterly… alone. And he knew it.

He scanned his surroundings, the deep gray mist that surrounded him and matched the sky casting a strange sense of allusion over him. The world seemed to rotate around him… or maybe he was rotating. He could no longer tell.

The boy pulled his hood closer and shivered as the distant sound of a foghorn wafted through the mist. Jayce turned this way and that, trying to determine the direction of the sound. The lonesome call repeated, this time from a different direction… or was it the same?

A soft smooth rippling sound caused him to turn. A cold chill gripped him as he spotted a large shape move through the fog above him. Jayce stumbled backward as another moved on his right. Shapes of all sizes weaved back and forth through the mist all around him.

A bellow came from his left as he spun around to see a very large shape moving right towards him. His mouth dropped open as it came into view. Swimming just out of reach from him was what appeared to be a large shadowy form of a… whale… a gigantic blue whale drifting through the fog.

He stumbled backward, falling onto the hard gravel, his gaze traveling from distant form of the whale to the sky. That’s when he saw… His heart leaped into his throat, his eyes seeing but not believing. Straight above him, as if he was laying at the bottom of a lake, was the rippling glassy surface of pure clear water.


Kelsey stood up, looking at the seemingly glassy surface of water above. Is this some sort of undersea realm? she thought. But how did I get here?

It was odd to hear the voice of her own thoughts, unimpeded by the voices of others. That was when she noticed the forms all around her and the gravel underneath. How long until the water decends and I drown?

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Panther sat up quickly and hissed at the scary voice. Suddenly she realized she could hear the sound of water, and she looked up.

Her eyes almost blew out of their sockets. I really did fall into Victoria falls, I’m at the bottom of the lake! But…how am I still alive? Am I breathing underwater? Is this a skill the mad scientist gave me? That’s kind of weird for a panther but…there’s no other possible answer!

Panther got up slowly and was amazed that there wasn’t a current or anything pulling at her. She could see straight ahead into a black path lined with fog. Then Panther noticed that gigantic whales were moving around her, without a sound.

I never knew the bottom of this lake was so weird…oh well I guess I should get out of here.

With that, Panther kicked her hind legs and pushed upward with her fore paws, but didn’t move anywhere.

What?? I can’t swim?? But then…where am I?


This is no Jackson prank. Erin’s eye snapped open. She was laying on sand.
A relaxing, blue, dappled light filtered onto her olive skin through what looked like water, high above her head.
Erin cautiously stood and brushed the sand from her hair and clothes.
“Hello and greetings!” She called and her voice echoed out over the sandy scape. Mist hung in the air and huge aquatic creatures swam in the watery roof above.
Erin looked frantically around and spotted what appeared to be a black cat, standing on its hind legs, and looking around.
“I know I’m usually a very serious and cold person in normal situations,” she said quietly to herself. “But this, is not a normal situation.” And she took off running for the cat.
When she was about 20 yards from the creature, she glanced to her right and saw someone else, his back turned. He had a black hood pulled up and a bow slung on his back.
Erin yelled again and this time, both people took noticed of her and turned.

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Panther took in a breath sharply, a human! Last time she’d trusted a human he’d almost killed her! But… Panther looked closely at the human, That doesn’t look like a male human…could it be a female? I’ve never seen a female human before…I wonder if you have to act a certain way in order to not offend them, that’s what it seemed like last time…

Panther approached the human slowly, and then noticed another human out of the corner of her eye. This one was a male. Panther stood stalk still, hoping the hunter human wouldn’t notice her.

All males want to kill muntant animals! That’s what Chief said, I better hide in the fog…but… She looked closely at the new human, This male looks younger then the other males I’ve met…could he not know how to hunt yet? I certainly hope he doesn’t know how to hunt!

Panther decided to approach the female again and walked up to her, bowing low, hoping it would please the female so she would be nice and not beat her.

“Greetings, my name tis Panther, art thou lost, as I am?” Panther cringed a little, Maybe I shouldn’t have asked if she was lost, I hope it doesn’t offend her!

@Millennium @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor


Kelsey whirled. There was a panther in here…and it was thinking. Then she paused as other beings moved in toward the creature. The panther would be an obvious spectacle that other people would be attracted to. It was as boring as the typical school-worshipper deal like a sports game, student government election, or dumb prank.

At least, in terms of the strange world she was in. The confusion around her suggested a mass abduction. And whenever that happens, whoever is in charge of this place will eventually show up to give orders or rules or conditions to go home, Kelsey thought. It will take time for me to figure out this place…if I ever figure it out.

It would not do to get sucked into the mass confusion, especially since her powers meant that she didn’t have to. Kelsey started wandering, looking for a rock or a cave or somewhere to hide, out of view.


After a while, the mental fog cleared out of Gwen’s mind. However, the blindness hadn’t lifted with it. It could be hours, days, or weeks before she would see her new surroundings for the first time.

Focus, Gwen told herself, Being blind is handicap enough. Fear will only crush you now. . .

Gwen felt for the Warrior’s blade and squeezed the hilt tightly. At least one thing felt familiar here.

Feel, what do I feel here?

Gwen stroked the ground beneath her fingertips. It was sand, that was for certain.

Ah, I’m on a beach . . . then why do I feel so cold?

Gwen listened for the sound of the waves, but there were no waves to be heard. There was water, yes, but nowhere to the left or right of her. It wasn’t behind her, before her, or below her. Yet she heard the mighty sounds. . . coming from above.

What in Myre . . . how can this be?

She smelled the ocean above her, she smelled the sand below, yet something else was off about this place.

The air. There’s no salt in the air. There are no other sounds besides water and . . . things unknown.

No mental images came to mind for Gwen. All the facts were so confusing, all the sounds, smells, and feelings. None of it lined up with reality. No where in Myre could ever be like this.

I must not Myre then . . . she thought, This must not be any real world, not a true dimension, not a world for those who live. . . Yet I’m here, with a spell of blindness, navigation is impossible.

Gwen let out a heavy sigh, fearful tears fell from her unseeing eyes. This isn’t a world of rhyme and reason . . . this is Smear.


Callista’s head throbbed as her eyes fluttered open. She sat up, looked around her, and gaped in awe. She was lying underwater, at least it seemed under water, for she could breath as well here as she could in the air. A school of brightly colored fish swam by as voices called in the distance.

The alchemist picked herself off the ground. She was not alone in this strange world, thankfully her vials had survived the explosion.

Callista glanced around at her unfamiliar surroundings. There was one character who had not awoken. He lay on his back, his face stony. The princess gasped as she took in his size, armor, and weapons. He was a warrior, that much was for certain. Whether he would awake was another matter.

The lady knelt beside the unconscious warrior and carefully removed a vial that contained pieces of a certain dried herb from its place on her boot. Uncorking the vial, she held it under his nose and waited for the herb’s pungency to wake him.




Burning aches in his spine.

And… what was that HORRIBLE smell?

The Doragon Senshi let out a soft hiss, his eyes fluttering open from behind the blue of his visor. His blurred vision gave him no clues as to his location, but one thing was very clear.

There was someone standing over him.

With a quick flip he threw himself away from the being, his body protesting angrily as he landed hard on his left leg. He let out a sharp growl as the pain shot through his limbs and back, his unusually sharp teeth clenching in pain as he grabbed his bladed staff. His vision was beginning to clear, and he could barely make out the form of a young lady, holding a small vial of some sort.



It took a while for Callista to register what just transpired.

The young man in fantastical armor had fangs.

She had imagined many scenarios of meeting a bold warrior who would rescue her from her imprisonment. None of them involved the warrior having fangs.

She sighed, put the cork back in the vial, and replaced it. She put her hood down and smoothed her brown hair in an effort to remotely resemble a princess.

“Good sir, are you well?”