Current Projects!

Hey y’all! This is where you can talk about projects you’re working on!

I’m currently working on, counts on fingers, five books. Head-desk but it’s awesome! I can’t wait to start the plot phase of my newest idea!


What a great topic! This is also good if we want to encourage each other and give suggestions on our projects!

(-squiks over your profile picture, then goes back to normal-)

My current projects are:
Writing 4 books (I feel ya, Mirth m’dear)
Drawing comissions, whoo!
Re-decorating my room! Which is something I enjoy immensely! :blush:

  • Aetherlight roleplay
  • Aetherlight drawing commissions
  • An unofficial percussion music album
  • And probably quite a bit of other projects that I forgot and will facepalm over later.

Interesting…I’m seriously going to regret saying this, but I tried to do a percussion music album myself with me and my glockenspiel (and xylophone, drum) a couple years back, and kinda abandoned it when I found that I couldn’t sing like I wanted. What instruments do you play?

(I still remember enough percussion stuff to be a real nerd.)

Projects for me:

  • 1 Aetherlight role-play
  • 2 Role-play ideas that I’m thinking on (one is the racing RPG for Aetherlight, and this new forum gave me another idea)
  • Character for the Mountain Peak RP (I actually finished that, I just need to finish reading the RP to see if/how she fits, and revisions, etc)
  • Sewing projects, namely: Scarlet Man plushie (I actually want to do this), Rainbow Alpaca Plushie (yes please), and a purple-robe-like cloak-style warm thing for myself.
  • A book I need to read to finish writing a letter to my aunt
  • 4 other books that I haven’t gotten to reading

I don’t actually have a lot of projects, I just have a really hard time getting them done. I’ve been struggling a lot with anxiety and occasionally panic attacks, lately. But it’s getting better now that most of the college application stuff is finished. On the bright side I don’t really struggle with depression anymore, so yay!

  • memorize a monologue
  • fill out an application
  • finish two drawing commissions
  • continue learning programming
  • I also have a million things to write and I feel bad for not getting to them, but most writing recently has felt like pulling teeth. So…

@SierepicaFuzzywalker wouldn’t it be fantabulous if we could collaborate on a music album?! I’ve never been too great at mixing tracks, but I love to sing! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be happy to mix up some tracks for you (like I did for @Jane_Gogglerubble on Aetherlight), but if it’s your voice I feel that it should stay true to your musical vision instead of mine. What lyrics do you like singing? Would you be willing to write lyrics for the album? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Obviously Christian lyrics would probably be a part of it, but you’re also into theatre, so…) I’m not going to force you to sing my pain-riddled philosophical lyric set that I wrote for my failed album writing attempt! Oy! (I mean, we could do hymn covers, but that has probably been done to death…)

Also, I’m not even sure that should be percussion - I haven’t actually tried doing a percussion/vocalist track mix. That was going to be my musical innovation thing. :stuck_out_tongue: And if we were going to sell the album (okay, now I’m being just a biiit ridiculous) I would have to do much better than Garageband lol.

And then we would have to decide what to call the Mustardtop-Fuzzywalker Awesome Band Collaboration of Awesomeness, upload the album to iTunes, distribution channels, and YouTube, and worry that everyone else will decide to rip us off and take all of the moolag. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun. :laughing:

(I think this is all different from @Perithebeast’s vision BTW - it seemed like she just wanted to do an instrumental thing without trying to sell it, which is totally cool. Ignore me - I’m always the overly practical detail-minded creative wangdoodle who is always trying to squeeze money out of everything that I think I can squeeze money out of.)


I play cajon, a bit of piano and a teeny tiny bit of guitar.

EDIT: The percussion album is all on the computer though. You can hear some of my work on The Aetherlight topic “Band Together” if you’d like.

*She. :wink:


My apologies. I will fix that right away.


I…tend to sing just about anything that catches my fancy, be it musicals, pop, hymns, carols, Christian music, alternative music…lol!

As far as song-writing—people tell me I would be great at it but I feel very inadequate. :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a couple things I wrote one time, but who knows. (Side note: Josh Garrels is one of my favorite inspirations for the pure uniqueness of his song-writing!)
But I was going to say, I think it would be really cool to sing from your

Lol, but if you wanted to do something different for a collaboration, that’d be cool too. My sis and I have actually talked a couple times about recording our own album—she plays violin and we talked about her writing lyrics and singing together. I guess we could potentially possibly combine forces or something, lol.
Idk, this would take a lot of work, especially if we did all the technical stuff like uploading and copyrighting and what-not. But it would be insanely fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey, I need money for college, I’m not opposed to a little money-making music-mixing on the side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m working on: Oh my goodness…!

A book.
A short story.
Art. All the time.
Role Plays.
Trying to paint my room.
Saving money for China trip.
And other stuff I can’t remember…


A Christmas present for me da.
(Singing. :scream:)

Drawing Glow.


China?? Is it a mission trip?


Yes, I’m not aloud to talk about it…


I’m working on:
Writing me book
A new TV series or podcast idea
Deciding whether my new idea should be podcast or TV series :upside_down_face:
Re-drawing Gloria Oldenpinner
Gonna get glasses soon!


Oh, also working on sewing a new blouse and trying to arrange an Aetherlight convention!
(Any ideas? Should we set up a topic here? I mean, there’s no rule against discussing times, dates, etc…?)


Hmm. I need to think about this a biiit more, but I will make use of our hip-and-trendy private messaging system to send you the lyrics and the melody pieces. I don’t know too much about singing, heh, but I think you kinda need the tune to follow.

I know what I said in the college topic, but you probably shouldn’t rely on an album designed between you and a…somewhat stranger person…on the internet to get college money. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s got to be a better way than that.

(Frankly, if I had the money and the means to just give it you, I would lol. Unfortunately, I don’t have either - and I don’t want to like take advantage of you or something.)

Also, I think if I start sending you my voice recordings and stuff, and you start sending voice recordings back to me, I think your parents should know about this. No devious music recordings in the basement lol. I don’t want to be getting anyone in trouble.

Finally, (I feel silly saying this, but) college tends to require your full attention, so that would come first over any silly music recording we might do. Especially if you’re going to university: the first two semesters will be probably brutal because you’ll be scrambling to adjust and avoid flunking out. (I was. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyway, I will add that to my project list, :stuck_out_tongue: and see about getting that for you. Hopefully it will not take another 227 days to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this is the project topic, so I’ll add that trying to get me to do anything creatively fast is…hard. Unless I’m already doing it or it isn’t creative, in which case I’m ironically extremely punctual. So if you need me to speed up, bug me and throw ideas at me and complain about how slow I am. This usually works, especially if the ideas are good ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I do give you a schedule, I keep it. If I don’t give you a schedule…well…


Ooh, nice! Lol I’m mostly joking about relying on this for college money :stuck_out_tongue: —I’m gonna have to rely on scholarships if I hope to make it thru drama school, hehe!

Ooh, absolutely! I’m at that interesting stage anyway where I’m still discussing my projects with the parental units, but most of my decisions are my own, lol.

Definitely, but I plan on starting college next fall (drama programs usually don’t start in the spring), so there’s some time in there I would be able to give to it.


—stop describing my creative life! :laughing: No but seriously, we can take it slow and test it out and see if we work well together, lol! This could be really neat! (I’ll emphasize again though, if you’re getting any pressure, it won’t be from me. glances guiltily at my unfinished drawing projects)


I thought I was the only one like this. :sweat_smile:


Oooo, fun topic! My projects. . . are many:

  • Draw more playing cards
  • Draw characters
  • Christmas presents!
  • Music stuffage
  • Writing a bloggo

Soooo, yeah. I hope that I can get it all done, but y’know, whatever God decides is good for me to do is what I’ll do, eh? I think it’s Proverbs 19:21 that says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Or something.