-*doodling intensifies*-

G’day, ladies and gents!

So basically… This topic is where I post things of the creative sort. I mainly specialize in graphite drawings and messy pen sketches, but I’m also into stuff like markers, colored pencils, painting with acrylics, and occasionally I like doing random little crafty activities like making greeting cards, or decorating notebooks. Sometimes, I even like drawing digitally… Sometimes…

A Few Notes About This Topic And My Art In General~

I don’t take drawing requests unless I’m out of inspiration and ask people like ‘yo, I’m out of ideas/motivation/creative juice. Have any drawing ideas for me?’ and then, yeah, I’ll take your requests. It’s cool to see how other peeps come up with things you never would’ve thought of before! :smiley: Sometimes you might see me doing drawing requests for close friends, but that’s kinda a different pot of stew.

I like to talk about art. A lot. This is just a disclaimer for anyone who comes on this topic for the doodlez, and leaves feeling like the Wii theme is on constant loop in their heads.
Art is something that I’m very passionate about, so I can get stuck for hours talking about it :sweat_smile: That doesn’t mean I’ll only be talking about my art, though. If you want to talk tips, tricks, supplies and Twix, I’m up for that too! The general vibe here is just having fun with forms of creativity, and exploring the art world as we go!

Anyway, that’s all! Hope you enjoy :blush:


If the drawings are as clever as the topic name, I shall be visiting here quite often.


I cant promise cleverness, but here’s some fanart for The Mad Wolf’s Daughter

DSC01288 (2)
From left to right there’s Emerick (love that guy), Drest (love that girl), and Tig (best boi.) Above them is Tig’s crow, whose name I sort of forgot. I wanna say it’s Mordag? Someone let me know if I’m right or wrong.

Now that I’m looking at this I see a lot of mistakes I didn’t notice earlier, but. . . oh well. I liked it at the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: More stuff to come soon…


It’s Redraw Time! :DD

cyborg elf 2019
DSC01315 (2) 2020

I’m kinda surprised I still like this design idea as much as I do. Some things changed just cos I draw them differently nowadays (like the hair) and other things I changed because of new personal preference, or what I think looks better from a design perspective. -dons spectacles-
For instance, I changed the earring from a… um… circular(?) shape to another diamond, as well as adding more diamonds to make the design more cohesive as a whole. And I changed the ear cuffs from the top of her ear to the bottom because. . . um. . . I liked it better that way. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s the personal preference.
Also, I just love how her jacket line thingys turned out this time around. They look so much more flowy and three dimensional in the sense they show the shape of the jacket, yet also. . . yeah.
It’s definitely the result I was going for in the 2019 version, but didn’t achieve until now. So there’s a cyborg elf for ya. . .




One of my best and favorite drawings of 2020. I didn’t try anything particularly new or at the limits of my skill with this one, but rather I think it’s an accumulation of things learned and gathered over the months. I quite enjoyed making this one. ^.^


Another fun piece from this past year. It’s some She-Ra fanart that’s mostly just her hair, haha. So fun to do; hair is my absolute favorite thing to draw.


A heckin’ intense doodle. And a close-up of my favorite part of the face.


I was feeling super nostalgic for the Aetherlight today, so I decided to do a warm-up sketch inspired by the some of the clothing options in the game. I haven’t worked with just graphite in a fully shaded portrait in a while so it’s not great, but ehh…oh well.


Looks great! The crystals and feathering on the neck thing are :ok_hand:


Thank you! The neck ruff thing was interesting…I have a hard time getting a grasp on fluffy objects


Whoaaaa!!! It looks so good!!


Ladies and gentlemen,



Ah, yes, Lila’s latest crush.


Come again??

Honestly though, same…


I don’t blame her, though I admit it gets a little ridiculous at times.