'Dragons of the Archipelago' Bios


Here we are at the Bio topic, most of you know what this means, for a basic thing to how to do this, just try this maybe:

Normal Profile:

    1. Full Name:
    1. Name Meaning:
    1. Do they like their name?:
    1. Nickname:
    1. (This one isn’t authorized I don’t think. It’s age so…)

    1. How old do they appear?:
    1. Eye color:
    1. Glasses?:
    1. Weight/body frame:
    1. Height:
    1. Skin type:
    1. Hair color/length:
    1. Taste in clothes:
    1. Health:
    1. Taste of Music:
    1. Dare Devil/Cautious:
    1. Are they the same alone?:
    1. Good Habits:
    1. Bad Habits:
    1. Hobbies:
    1. Family Situation:
    1. Friend Situation:
    1. Deepest Fear:
    1. Worst that could happen to them:
    1. Favorite thing:
    1. Role Model:
    1. What would break them?:
    1. Best/worst thing in their life:
    1. What are they reluctant to tell people:
    1. Friends:
    1. Major flaws:
    1. How do they about themselves:
    1. Selfless or Selfish:
    1. How does the character try to be differ from the way they actually are:

Here’re some topics related to this one




Name: Eydis Destindottir
Race: Defender of Vanaheim (Kinda like Defenders of the Wing, only they guard Vanaheim)
Eye color: One brown, one blue
Hair color: Pure white
Good habits: Helpful
Bad habits: Defensive, easily aggravated


Name: Sigfrid Ymir
Alias: Lost Rider, Ymir
Race: Uknown
Eye color: my right is red while my left is ice blue
Hair color: Dark brown, honey redness at tips
Hair length: short level of ears.
Skin color: tan skin
Height: 5’ 8" 1/2
Personality: Arrogant, sarcastic, funny, Nerd, a loner at times, rude, blunt, not easy to get her trust or respect, leader and tomboyish.
Favorite Activity: Reading about dragons, fighting, writing about things to know about Changewings.
Habits: She has a habit of calling herself a genius
Hobbies: Riding her Changewing, reading about dragons, practicing her weapons, she fights every style but her favorites are knives and archery.
Occupation: Spy for the dragon riders, in the Dragon hunters place.
Dragon: Changewing, it’s name is Rageflight, girl
Backstory: She’s never known where she came from, she grew up in a small village on an island near Vanaheim, there just outside the fog. She lives near the town and works sometimes to pay for some food. The island she lives on is infested with Changewings, that’s how she met Rageflight when she was a young girl. On a storm, her dragon dragged her away from home. She ended up in a deserted island where she isolates herself and reads everything she can about dragons. Even though she could leave, she finds it peaceful there and only leaves when something important happens.

To be continued


Name: Ayvanna Czarina

Alias: Of The Sky (Unusual, I know)

Race: Unknown


Personality: Good natured, smooth tempered, and a master of deceit. Fast thinking but not all that super intelligent. Light on her feet and fast. She has a thing for making deals with a catch.

Deepest Fear: That someone will try to make her settle and live a peaceful life.

Favourite Activity: Being a spy for anyone willing to hire her (for a descent pay), she enjoys filling her time with the art of silent flying and attacking with her dragon.

Habit: Leaving her alias carved in cliffs of places she’s been.

Hobbies: Whatever catches her fancy, but mainly her job.

Occupation: Spy for anyone who will pay her lots of money.

Dragon: A type she engineered herself: A cross between a pureblooded night fury and pureblooded Deadly Nadder. Her dragon has the body of a Night Fury (minus retractable teeth), but the tail of a Deadly Nadder so it can shoot the poisonous spins from it. The dragons is a female, is about 16 years old, and her name is Cloudburst. She can alter her color from black to sky blue. So if she wishes, she can make herself virtually invisible in the sky.

Backstory: Ayvanna‘s father was a dragon hunter along with her mother. Ayvanna didn’t really care until she went with her parents. They had given her a knife so she could kill her first dragon. She got separated from them and encountered a Night Furry. But she considered him so beautiful she didn’t make any attempt to hurt him and he flew away. The same happened with a Deadly Nadder.
Her parents gave up on her being a dragon hunter because she was more interested in not so goring things. She would also disappear for days at a time. This was because both the Deadly Nadder and the Night Fury who’s life she had spared, had returned.
After reading every book on dragons the village, Ayvanna craftily bred the two.
The Deadly Nadder gave birth to a dragon who was a cross between her and the Nigh Fury. Ayvanna instantly made interaction with it and the parents trusted her with it. So they flew away, never to return. Not long after that, Ayvanna own parents died and all she had was Cloudburst. She learned to ride her they ran away from that island to pursue adventure.


Full Name: Rex FuryClaw
Nickname: Rex, or FuryClaw
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Taste in clothes: He wears Changewing armor, when he wears Changewing armor and is riding a Changewing, if the Changewing camouflages Rex does also
Are they the same alone?: No
Hobbies: Flying around on Phantom, spending time with Phantom
Freinds: Phantom, Cody
Family: Phantom
Deepest Fear: Losing Phantom
Worst that could happen to them: Losing Phantom
What would break them?: Losing Phantom
Best thing in their life: Phantom
What are they reluctant to tell people: Everything, he never tells anyone anything except for Phantom
Selfless or Selfish: Selfless to Phantom





Full Name: Phantom
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Eye color: White with black Pupils
Skin type: Camouflage
Are they the same alone?: No
Hobbies: Spending time with Rex, Flying
Family: Rex
Friends: Rex
Deepest Fear: Losing Rex
Worst that could happen to them: Losing Rex
Favorite thing: Fish


Name: Cody
Age: 14
Hair color: Black
wears Nader armor (flame resistant.)
Dragon: a female Edge Nadder named stormy
Hobbies: sleeping, practicing with stormy and training her.
Friends: stormy, Rex
Family: Stormy.

Fav food Chicken!!!
Hobbies: Eating, training with Cody.


Full Name: Gaelin Kittonson.
Pronunciation: (GAE-linn KITT-un-sun).
Nicknames: None so far.
Gender: Male
Background: Unknown.
Allegiance: Dragon Hunters.
Age: 19
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair: A very dark brown, moderately short and kept close to the head.
Body Frame: Not extremely muscular, but strong.
Height: 6’2".
Skin Color: Tan
Clothing: Dark blue armor with orange highlights. Armor has short sleeves, like a T-shirt.
Intellect: Very smart, with a strategic mind. Knows a lot about dragons.
Inventiveness: Good at making up ideas, not so good at inventing things.
Combat Skills: A skilled combatant. Uses twin longswords. Good at hand-to-hand fighting. Strength helps in battle.
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Friends: The Dragon Hunters.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Dragons and Dragon Riders.

Dragon: N/A.


Then I shall begin to make a gang. :smile: (Rubs hands together evilly, cackling)

Full Name: Mira Gatton.
Pronunciation: (MEE-ra GATT-un).
Nicknames: None so far.
Gender: Female.
Background: Unknown.
Allegiance: Unknown.
Age: 18.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair: Blonde hair that is moderately short.
Body Frame: Lithe and strong.
Height: 5’7".
Skin Color: Tan-orange.
Clothing: Wears typical viking clothing, and it is brown and orange.
Intellect: Average intelligence, quick thinking and strategic.
Inventiveness: Average inventiveness.
Combat Skills: Is acrobatic in battle, fighting with dual long knives.
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Friends: Tiger.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Unknown.

Dragon: Tiger
Dragon Type: Triple Stryke.
Nicknames: None.
Gender: Male.
Age: 18.
Eye Color: Green.
Body Color: Base color orange, with black stripes.
Intellect: High intelligence (for a dragon).
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Friends: Mira.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Unknown.


Here are two more bios for characters.

Full Name: Smitelout Jorgenson.
Pronunciation: (SMITE-lout YOUR-gen-son).
Nicknames: None so far.
Gender: Male.
Background: Snotlout’s cousin. Lived on Berk all his life, until recently. Has been traveling the Archipelago to prove himself a worthy dragon rider.
Allegiance: Dragon riders.
Age: 17.
Eye Color: Green.
Hair: Dark brown hair of moderate length.
Body Frame: Thickly built.
Height: 5’8".
Skin Color: Tan.
Clothing: Wears typical viking clothing, and it is faded-red and brown.
Intellect: Low.
Inventiveness: Low.
Combat Skills: Is a good combatant and fights with an axe.
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Snotlout (cousin), Spitelout (uncle).
Friends: Flamelord.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Feeling better than everyone else.
Dislikes: Feeling inadequate, Snotlout, Spitelout.

Dragon: Flamelord
Dragon Type: Singetail.
Nicknames: None.
Gender: Male.
Age: 17.
Eye Color: Red-orange.
Body Color: Red-orange.
Intellect: Average.
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Friends: Smitelout.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Unknown.

Full Name: Arnora Kyndeson
Pronunciation: (arr-NOR-ah KINND-eh-son).
Nicknames: None so far.
Gender: Female.
Background: She grew up on Berserker Island, but couldn’t stand living there after they allied themselves with the Dragon Hunters. She finally determined to steal a ship and try to escape to Berk.
Allegiance: Dragon Riders.
Age: 18.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Brown hair of moderate length.
Body Frame: Thin to average.
Height: 5’7".
Skin Color: Tan-orange.
Clothing: Wears typical viking clothing.
Intellect: Average.
Inventiveness: Average.
Combat Skills: None.
Habits: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.
Friends: None.
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: People or dragons getting hurt.


Name: Eira Kalrin
Nicknames: None so far
Gender: Female
Allegiance: None, but she lives on Berk
Age: 18
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Long dark brown hair
Body Frame: Thin to average
Height: 5’7"
Skin Color: Tan
Clothing: Silver and green armor that goes across her entire body, finishing with a dark green helmet
Intellect: Average.
Inventiveness: Average.
Combat Skills: She is good at fighting and trains every moment she can spare
Hobbies: Training
Family: Aqua
Friends: Aqua
Fears: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Most people she meets

Dragon: Aqua
Dragon type: Scauldron
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Eye Color: Green
Body Color: Green
Intellect: Above Average
Habits: Drinking
Hobbies: Staying around Eira
Family: Eira
Friends: Eira
Fears: Unknown.
Likes: Drinking
Dislikes: Unknown.


Name: Aiden O’Ruairc (Aiden appropriately means “Fiery”)
Aliases: Patches, The Wandering Irishman, Aiden the Raider, Trader O’Ruairc
Affiliation: Mercenary–will help both riders and hunters for money.
Nationality: Irish, with a little Norwegian
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red enough to scare a dragon
Age: Appears to be in his early 20s, but never discloses his true age.
Height: 5’10"
Personality: sarcastic, selfish, outgoing, audacious, unscrupulous, and more clever than he might let on
Strengths: decisive, sneaky, resourceful, persuasive
Weaknesses: overconfident, limps when he walks because one leg is shorter than the other due to a past injury, likes to work alone and consequently has few allies
Occupation/Hobbies: Sailing around the Archipelago selling exotic wares, singing Gaelic songs, spreading outrageous rumors, and catching pickpockets literally red-handed with the crimson berries he keeps in his fake money pouch (they also double as a snack).
Dragon: An irritable green Terrible Terror named Shriek the Toothful Terror that enjoys singing…badly. Good thing his master enjoys singing, too.
Clothing: A conglomeration of various pieces including armor from fallen Vikings, a patched-up tunic and breeches (don’t ask), fur-lined boots that are tough enough to stop a Terrible Terror’s teeth, and a tattered cape just for show.
Weapons: dagger on the right side of his belt since he’s left-handed
Backstory: none to speak of