Dragons of the Archipelago

This is a How to Train Your Dragon RP. You can make your own type of dragon like I will, so let’s go and RPing!!!

By the way, this is a free RP. Not a single.


Journal Entry 192,

I’ve been living on this island for nearly six months now and I couldn’t be more fascinated by the odd dragons I’ve found, I’ve named a few. Like the one that resides in the cave near the waterfall. In the cave is a cliff that goes down very far, there was a dragon that nearly burnt me alive when I was exploring, it lives deep down inside the hole, and I’m sure there are others like it. I named it a Cliffwing. It has a nice ring, I believe I’ll write some of my information on the rock so that someone can stay from harm.

Morial is a wonderful I island, I’m absolutely excited to further my studies here. But I fear something will come soon that will make me depart from it. That’s why I must get as much information as I can. Hopefully, Rageflight is ok, I’m currently near the waterfall to go down inside the whole to investigate further down the whole. I hope she can accompany me.

I lifted my pencil as I finished my entry for that day. I was eager to learn more about this Cliffwing and it’s friends. Another discovery with Sigfrid Ymir’s name on it. I slid down from the rock I was seated in and stood at the entrance of the cave. I smiled in triumph as I whistled for Rageflight. Although there was no answer. When I whistled a few more times, worry dawned upon me.

What if Ragflight had gotten hurt? I lifted myself over piles of rocks and ran to Rageflights favorite place. I looked down to see her hurt and stuck, I quickly scrambled down from the high place I was and came to aid her. WHere I saw her leg was extremely hurt, I laid some cream on it and sighed. If I had taken any longer she would be deeply hurt. I tore a part of my large pants and rapped it around her leg.

“We have to get help.”

Little did I know that that was what started my adventure


“You’re scales aren’t the most comfortable, Cloudburst.” I remarked as I fixed another one on my suit. Dragon scales weren’t only fireproof, these dragon scales, from this crossbreed, were their own, individual, living things. They didn’t feel anything but they never died. So they could change color when Cloudburst did, always making me the color same as my dragon. Even when they were detached from the dragon.
Cloudburst, a Night Fury/Deadly Nadder crossbreed which I call a Night Nadder, shifted from blue to black and the scales on my suit did the same.
“Well, the sun is setting, let’s go.” I nimbly leaped on the dragons saddled back and she rose into the darkening sky.

“An island! Let’s stop!” I could tell by the beat of Cloudburst’s wings that she was slowing and tiring. The dragon murmured in response.
The sand felt good under my feet as I slid onto it.
Cloudburst suddenly dashed off over the beach and disappeared over a rise in the ground.
“Hey!” I rushed after her and at the top of a hill I saw a girl peering into a pile of rocks. Cloudburst growled and the girl spun. I narrowed my eyes and gripped my knife. “Cloudburst, trap.”
She pounced,


I watched in silence as a human runs up to the wounded dragon, he puts cream on its wound, Brave, but futile. Another dragon pounces at the wounded one.

“Phantom, defend.”

We launch from our hiding place and ram into the offensive dragon. When we touch the ground Phantom runs over to a tree and climbs it, he then camouflages.

The offender runs down to her dragon, apparently stunned by what just happened.

“Phantom,” I whisper. “threaten.”

I slide off of my dragon and hide behind the tree. And phantom un camouflages and slowly walks towards the offender, He shoots acid two feet away from her and growls.

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A violent jerk wrenched me from Cloudburst’s back and knocked me to the ground. I gritted my teeth and struggled to my feet. Cloudburst leapt to her feet in a flash and roared furiously, sniffing the air.
I flicked my blonde hair out my face, ran for my dragon and prepared to vault onto her back when acid splatted the ground two feet in front of me. I stopped and glanced around for my dragon. She had melted into the shadows, her scales a black grey. My armour mimicked the color and I dropped onto the ground. My plan was to use the cover of the growing darkness to sneak around to my dragon, finish off this disruption, and fly away. This attacker had a Changewing. I had to watch my step.



Phantom retreats back to the tree, there i get on, and together, we camouflage.

“What is you’re business with this person?” I ask. “Why did you attack him?”


“What is you’re business with this person?” The attacker asked. “Why did you attack him?”

I crept through the shadows in silence until I felt Cloudburst’s scales on my cheek. After retrieving my bow and quiver from her saddle I stood in the waning light.

“First of all, that is a women.” I hissed and glanced at the rider and her dragon, merely a silhouette about eight meters away. “Second. I’m a spy, raider, loner. Whatever you want to call me. I was just checking her out.” I decided to keep the information I could give to a minimum and shrugged.

I reached into a satchel that hung on Cloudburst’s saddle and produced a lantern. Lighting it, I studied the man before me. “Who are you? Why are you here?”



I dismount and reach for my pack, i grab a fish out and hold it in front of Phantom. He wags his tail and snatches it out of my hand.

“I’m a loner, like you, and i just stopped by for some fish.”


I narrowed my eyes. “Is that so…” I muttered. “In that case, since you have no jobs for us. We will go sleep over there.” I gestured to cleft in a cliff nearby. But curiosity tugged at me. Cloudburst nudged me. Ask him! She seemed to say.
I cleared my throat and ducked my head slightly. “Where are you headed next? We’re heading to Berk.”



“My…My…” I shake my head. “My home.”

I scan her face, to try to read her thoughts.


I frowned slightly. “Loners don’t usually have homes…” I breathed.
“How can you stand it? I mean, being restrained to one place to live?”


I look at Phantom, then back at the other loner.

“My dragon keeps my company, he is all the family i need.”

Phantom rubs against me, and i rub his head.


I glanced at Cloudburst and she gave me a dragon smile.

“I suppose your right.” I sighed. “What is your name?”


“Rex, my name is Rex. What is yours.” Why did i just say that? I met her like, three minutes ago.


I sighed agin. “You can call me Vanna.”
I’m not about to say my whole name. I do have a criminal record…


I mount Phantom.

“See you around, Vanna.”

I take off into the sky, i fly really high, and then i suddenly drop out of the sky and land in the water.

Vanna looks over the edge of the island, but all she can see is ripples.


“That was odd…” I looked over the edge of the bank into the sea but see nothing. “If he want to go, then fine.” I muttered and turned to set up camp, forgetting about Rex, and the woman I almost attacked.


Phantom and i navigate through the water, We find a small underwater crack, we go through it and then up. We reach fresh air, and a decent looking cavern.

“Ahh, home sweet home.”

Phantom looks at me with a Please give me fish look. I take a fish out of my pack and chuck it at him, he jumps up and grabs it, swallowing it whole.

I cook some fish for myself, light a fire, and Phantom wraps himself around me, then i go to sleep.

The next morning.

I wake up early and prepare Phantom’s breakfast. I wonder if Vanna is still up there? When Phantom wakes up he’s hungry, really hungry, like usual.

“Vanna! Vanna? You still up here?”


A call woke me. I glanced around for Cloudburst but the dragon wasn’t there. Probably hunting. I thought.

“Vanna! You still here?” The shout made me leap to my feet and my hand flicked over to my knife. Then I remembered Rex and relaxed slightly.

“I’m here.” I stepped into the grassy clearing.


I look at her with a concerned face. “Oh, Vanna, you’re safe. Have you seen you’re dragon, i heard yelling, and growling far off, is she okay?”