Em and Them: Adventures (Or Mishaps) of a Crazy Family

The students at Venture Falls University called them crazy. The neighbors used to leave their doors unlocked. But ever since that family moved in… things have changed.

Meet the Evenshires. Em and her eight kids: Draven, Ava, Midge, Skunidoo, Crouton, Dacammel, Thomas, and Lila. Of course they aren’t a usual family. Their dad died and 5 are adopted.

So welcome to a crazy adventure (or mishap) With Em and Them.



“I am helping unpack, mom!”


After just moving to Venture Falls, things have been a little crazy. The kids never wanted to move, but I couldn’t stand it. Ethan and I had lived in that house our entire marriage, and everything reminded me of him… Plus, the neighbors were getting a tad bit annoyed… Hopefully the kids will adjust well.


And not destroy everything.

I sigh and search out the cause of the chaos. I walk into the dining room to find Draven and Midge pointing at each other.


On the floor is something that used to be glass but is now sparkly bits in the carpet. I sigh again and point to the closet.

“Vacuum’s in there.” I say then walk away.

Aaron yells from across the house… “MOM! WE HAVE A SCREEN DOOR!!!” There is a ripping sound. “OoPs… NEveR MiNd!”

Screaming internally, I say… “I need a coffee. No one die in the next FIVE minutes.”

“Awww…” Thomas kicks the floor. Ripping out bits of carpet.

This day could not get worse.


sees Mom walking away

“Sorry Mom, there was silverfish and ants going into the carpet.”

vacuums up all the ants and silverfishes in the house

“My woik hea’ is done!”


I’m listening to WayFM on the couch Draven and Skunindoo are moving when I see Mom sigh heavily and walk like a zombie toward the coffee machine.

She looks really tired, I should go talk to her.

I hop off the couch, turn down WayFM, and creep up on Mom surprising her with a hug from behind, lifting her off the floor.

I take off my headphones, hanging them around my neck, and hug Mom again from the front, stopping her right in front of the coffee machine.

“Don’t be stressed, Mom! We can fix mostly everything that broke! And remember, ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me’! OH! And ‘But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.’ Don’t worry! We’ll take care of unpacking, and we’ll be CAREFUL. RIGHT BOYS??”


Why does Midge have to be so good at rock, paper, scissors?? I thought as I finished vacuuming up the glass and jammed the vacuum into the already crowded closet.

Popping in my earbuds, I took a slight detour to grab my backpack from my lair. That’s when I spotted the potion of deliciousness that had just been freshly brewed in the cauldron of Keurig.

While Lila was distracting The M, I crept to the coffee pot; filling my thermos with the rich black liquid gold. I made a quick stop at the refrigerator, topping my coffee off with just the right amount of creamer. Tossing the carton with a perfect behind the back toss into the refrigerator door, I spun around and dashed out the door.

I slipped on my backpack as I walked down the sidewalk. It really was a beautiful day. The sky was painted with the most perfect shade of blue I had ever seen. A slight breeze rustled my hair as I took a deep breath of clean fresh air. I choked as I suddenly realized that my feet were no longer on the sidewalk. I was floating!

After only a few seconds, the mysterious force dissipated as gravity pulled me back to earth… literally. I hit the sidewalk, sprawling onto my back. I rolled over with a groan. You know it really wouldn’t hurt for them to put carpet down sidewalks.

Shaking off the fall, I slowly got to my knees. What was that? How…? Suddenly it hit me. “Molecular Kinesis!” I whispered. I had been trying to crack MK for years! I quickly stood up, peering at the board fence that closed off the neighbor’s house.

It had to have come from there! But how? I was the only one within approximately a 36-mile radius that had the intelligence and means to ever crack MK… So how…? Only one way to find out.

In a split second, I had vaulted over the fence and landed in the perfectly landscaped grass on the other side. I paused to take a sip from my steaming thermos. Maybe Venture Falls wasn’t so bad after all.


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I grabbed my backpack and headphones as I dashed out of my room. On the way to my destination I stopped by the kitchen to brew some coffee. I quickly filled my thermos and then dashed over to Draven’s slide. Of course it led to his lair but it doubled as an entrance for mine as well. All I had to do was slide down and unlock the trapdoor. Now I was in my lair complete with a science lab, engineering station, and many other things that proved handy. Today, though, I was not here to create anything new. Instead, I was here to pick up my invisibility cloak. Five minutes earlier I had seen Draven run outside. Naturally I wanted to follow him and see what he was gonna do. I slipped the cloak on and instantly I was invisible. I put my empty thermos down next to my backpack and exited the lair.

Once I had made my way outside, I quickly located my half a year older brother. He vaulted over the neighbor’s fence and paused. I cautiously vaulted over the fence carefull not to tear the cloak. Smilingly, I followed him across the neighbor’s lawn.


It’s amazing how much coffee these kids drink…

After making an Ice coffee-ish drink, I walk through the mostly empty living room to the packed entry room. Sighing, I start shoving/carrying boxes into the living room, which would have been an easy task IF I hadn’t tripped over a a spray can… Once done (I moved 5 boxes… I’m feeling lazy at the moment) I start unpacking. The first box was full of kitchen things, plates, cup, forks, and even the occasional spork. Putting them away was EASY! But, I had decided to be an over achiever and make labels!!! And soon is was 7:36. OH MY GOSH! SCHOOL IS A THING!

I quickly whip out my phone, and text my kids:


goes and said goodbye

“Bye Mom!”

gives hug and leaves


I run to my room while texting Mom: “I’ll be ready in a minute, Mom!” I turned up WayFM and got ready for school as quickly as I could.

I grab my lunch money, stuff stuff in my backpack, and zoom over to quickly hug Mom before zooming out the door, past Thomas, and jumping right onto the school bus shaking everyone in their seats.

“Lila! I told you not to do that!” I faintly heard Mr. Busdriver shout over the music.

“Sorry!” I yelled back and walked down the aisle to find an empty pair of seats for me and my brother.

I found some and as Thomas stepped onto the bus called out, “Hey, bro! Over here!” waving my hands in the air to get his attention.



sees Lila and sits down next to her

“Thanks sissy!”

gives Lila and high-five and a fistbump


“No! No! No! No! Nooooo! Wait!! “ I yelled as the bus pulled off.
This was the not so perfect way to start my not so perfect day.

My phone binged for the third time, irritated I checked it. 3 new messages…great!

“Well, at least I know where my sketch book is now.” I said to no one imparticular. “May as well go tell mom I’ll need a ride…she is not gonna be happy!”



Well at least they are good at landscaping, I thought as I scooted around a perfectly sculpted shrub.
I was just creeping around the corner when my phone buzzed.

I grimaced, I was a little busy at the moment…
Typing out a quick reply:

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and rounded the corner just as something launched itself onto my face.
I let out a muffled yell as I fell back onto the grass. I gasped for breath as I stared up at the two very indignant emerald green eyes only inches from my face. Sniffing me once, my attacker let out a bored meow as it clambered off of my face.
I leaped to my feet, taking a few steps back from the calico cat who gazed up at me with an utterly annoyed expression. “Don’t look at me like that,” I muttered, “you attacked me, bud.” Meowing what I’m sure was an insult, he turned and pranced around the corner.
“Oh go eat some catnip,” I called after it as I swiped up my Captain America beanie (yes I am wearing a beanie today) and turned back to operation find out what made me float… or something (Idk, I’ll shorten it later).
After a few seconds of searching, I came across a small wooden door that seemed to lead to the basement. I studied what looked like… a fingerprint scanner?? What the muffin was a fingerprint scanner doing on an old door like this?
I pulled my phone from my pocket, plugging in a small device into the charging port as I ran around the house to the front door. Turning my camera on, I slowly ran it over the handle. “Bingo,” I breathed as the image of a fingerprint appeared on my screen.
I darted back around the house and slid to a stop at the door. Now to find something… ah, this piece of plastic bag will work! Snatching it from the garbage can and cleaning it off, I pressed it against the small screen located on the device plugged into my phone and allowing it to scan the newly acquired fingerprint onto the plastic.
Holding it up, I moved to the scanner and pressed it against the screen. “Yesh,” the turned green and the door creaked open…
That’s when someone grabbed my hood. Spinning around, I grabbed the unknown person’s hand which I guess they weren’t prepared for seeing as how they lost their balance. With a very unceremonious squawk, we both tumbled down the stairs.



“DraVEn!” I whispered as we tumbled down the stairs. My cloak caught on the corner of a stair. RIIIIIIP. “Oh snap! My invisibility cloak just ripped!” I slipped the cloak off and folded it so no more damage would occur.

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the bus arrives at school, and Lila and I are in the school building

“Lila, do you know where the others are?”


“Hmm?” I turn down WayFM, and look around, we’re in the main school building, and Thomas is trying to tell me something.

“Sorry, What did you say?”

“I said, do you know where the others are?” Thomas repeats.

“Um…” I stand on tiptoe and search the crowd for any of our brothers or sisters. “Nope, but I’m sure we’ll see them at lunch. We all sit at the same table then, don’t worry!”

The bell rings and everyone starts going off to their classes. I hug Thomas goodbye and start going toward my group of 9th graders.


goes toward the 8th grade group


“Turn green. Turn green. TURN. GREEN,” I mumble, staring at the stoplight still obstinately staying red.

Prism gives me a look. “Mom . . . are you . . . talking to a traffic light?”

“Yep.” I continue staring.

“Should I be . . . concerned?”

“Should I be concerned about you missing the bus? What were you doing anyway?”

She looks at the dashboard and says nothing.

“You have to be responsible, kiddo. You’re in high school. I’ve got stuff to do too, you know. I can’t be taking you to school every day when I already paid for the bus.”

“I know . . .”

The light turns green (FiNaLLy) and I step on the gas. “There’s eight of you. You’re all old enough to take care of yourselves and your own stuff.”

“I know.”

I look at her, and put my hand on her shoulder. “I’m not mad at you. We’ll do better tomorrow, right?”

Prism nods.

We pull into the school parking lot. I grab my purse.

“Mom?” Prism suddenly looks terrified. “What are you doing?”

“Coming in, duh.”


I blink and try not to laugh. “What? Am I not cool enough to be seen with you?”

“NO! Uh… I just… I have to go! BYE!!!” , she says as she shuts the door and begins to run towards the school.

Shaking my head, I click my seatbelt back on. Before I pull out, I do a mental head count.

Draven. I didn’t see him get on the bus.

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I groaned as I untangled myself from Avy and her… invisibility cloak? “Oh snap!” She muttered, "my invisibility cloak just ripped!”

That’s what you get for following me!" I replied, getting to my feet and brushing myself off. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“Following you, what do you think? Besides, what are you doing here?”

“Actually what are you both doing here?” Ava and I jumped at the sudden voice, turning to see the tall figure framed by the dusty light streaming into the dark basement.
We held our breaths as he reached for the light switch, revealing our startled faces. My mouth dropped open as the lamps lining the wall flooded what I now realized was not simply a basement at all. inventions, blueprints, and racks of tools lined the wall in somehow a cluttered yet organized way.

A loud clearing of the throat pulled my attention back to the tall figure at the stairs. A tall lithe figure polished and neat from his meticulously shined leather shoes to his pressed yet stylish jeans to his spotless and well-fitting white collared shirt that casually displayed his athletic build, open at the neck. His sleeves were perfectly rolled up in a nice folded pattern, pulling the fabric tightly over his impressive biceps. He was awesome.

His sharp face was centered by a firm mouth and intelligent hazel eyes read us within seconds as he stared at the two random kids in his basement/awesome lab thing. “So, precisely who are you two and what are you doing in my basement again?” His tone was steady, his words sharp and clipped as he took a step towards us.


I nearly went through the roof when I saw all the gadgets and inventions and tools and plans. I slowly turned around, a grin spreading across my face. This place is awesome!

“I’m Ava Evenshire and this is my brother Draven. We live across the street from here. As for why I’m in your basement… Draven pulled me in.”
I glanced over at Dravy with a smirk and shrugged.

“You’d have to ask him why he’s here.” I nodded at Dray and walked to the tool rack This screwdriver’ll work…
I unscrewed the boxes that kept the wires intact and began to repair what had been broken.

“Hey, do you have any micro-particle-” I shook my head once I saw what was wrong.

“Never mind, I don’t need those.” I slipped my gold goggles over my dark green eyes and began welding the cloth.