Emmalee's Tall Tales (Yet Not)

Welcome to Emmalee’s Tall Tales!!! Yet… sorta not… I guess it Should be called “Emmalee’s Short Tales”… Ya know. Since I’m short… Or Small Tales… Short Stories??? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


This is where I shall post my short story-ish things. Hope you Enjoy!!!


“Um… can I ask what’s wrong?”, Aislinn asks.

I stare at her in shock. “Wha… how do you not… nevermind. I’m not going to be cliche.”, I say as I shake my head.

“Well… can you let me go then?”

“No!” I slam my hands on the table. “Can’t you just stop?! Please!”

“I can’t stop if I don’t know what I’m doing!”, she says.

I sit in my chair and put my head in my hands. Looking up at her. “I’ve never been known for just being Emmalee. I’m always Aislinn’s sister, or worse, no one knows I even exist! I’m tired of it.” I stand up.

“Do you remember when we would play fort at the parks in Evercity?”, I start pacing, “We’d split into two groups, you and I being the captains. We would choose our territories, and begin. Do you remember that?” I turn towards her. “We’d all run around capturing people and trying to take over the other team’s base. It was all so fun… until…. There was a traitor.”, I turn away and walk to the window. “One traitor caused everything to fall. After that one thing, all of the kids decided that Aislinn was better than Emmalee. The only one left on my team was the one I caught, and dragged back. And she was Iris!!!”, I close my eyes, and clench my fists.

“But, that wasn’t the only time. No. This is every single time we play anything! Everyone deserts me, for you.” The fog in my mind grows thicker.

“I’ve always been considered the bad guy. So why not play the part?”, I turn my head towards Aislinn, and don’t notice the fog slowly coming in from underneath the door. “If I can’t have your love, I’d rather have your hate.”, The room fills with the green vapor. Tears stream down my face.

(Ace says something snarky)

Something in me snaps. I yell wordlessly, a scream of anger. The voices that have been whispering in my mind grow louder and stronger.

“End it.” “They don’t want you.” “ Surrender.” “Fog heals, fog forgets.”

The thing I’ve been fighting back is the thing I should have been working with.

“Let us help you.” “Give us control.”

I let go of it all. The pain. The loneliness. The anger. Suddenly, the fog in the room circles me, then enters my body. Everything is spinning. A pain fills my chest. I can’t breathe. I can’t think. I scream. Before everything goes black, I see Aislinn’s terrified expression. Good.


I run as fast as I can. The dark trees grow darker. I hear voices calling to one another.

“Where is she?”

“We have to find her!”

“Is that her?” I don’t dare look behind me.

“EMMALEE!!!” It’s Ariella calling me! A memory floods my mind. It was a few years ago. Aislinn and I were playing hide and seek. I hid in my mom’s blanket chest. Aislinn searched for hours, she kept calling my name.

No. Stop. You can’t go back. The anger in my chest grows hotter, like a burning coal in a fireplace. I trip on a rock. Stumbling forward, I hit something hard.

As I began to collect myself, I notice it’s not a something, but a someone with a metal body. Etlo! I quickly stand up, turn, and start to run. Something cold grips my arm. I look at my arm, then at him. Towering above me his face looks dark and dangerous.

“Etlo, you need to let me go! Please! Let me go!”, I beg.

He just watches my face. I try pulling my arm free, but I can’t. The murmur of voices slowly comes closer. Etlo starts walking, dragging me with him. I pull as hard as I can, he stops and turns towards me.

(Etlo says something)

“I can’t! Please Etlo you don’t understand!”, I tell him, as I look at his face.

“No. Come.” he says, as he starts dragging me again. Suddenly an idea enters my brain. I have to fight him. I can’t though! How can I fight Etlo?

“Please! Etlo you need to let me go or you might get hurt.” He only shakes his head. “I’m sorry.”, I whisper as I pull out my hammer. Once it collides, everything gets fuzzy.

Etlo lets go of me and turns. This was a really, really, bad idea. I start backing up.

“You know they want you alive, right?”, Etlo says.

“Yeah… So? That doesn’t mean I’m coming with you.” I answer.

“If it makes it easier for me to take you, I don’t think you need to be conscious…”

No. No. This is bad. This is SO BAD. Etlo pulls out his ice hammer. One false move and a piece of ice could cause some serious pain . I know nothing I do will help, so I run. I hear Etlo’s footsteps pounding after me after me. Ugh! I keep going.

One moment I’m running, and the next I’m being thrown into a tree. My jetpack bangs against it and a piece breaks off. Well, that could make things difficult.

“How are you still awake?!” Etlo asks incredulously.

“Sheer force of will.”, I manage to say as I fight back, the pain crawling up my spine.

“Will you just cooperate?!?”

“Um… no thank you.”, I say while I stand up.

“ You sound like Aislinn.” Aislinn!!! I scream internally. I pull out my blaze cane and attack. The orange light illuminates everything. Etlo parries, and I dodge, back and forth. Sparks fly. The fire burns my eyes, then I feel a sharp pain in my side. Breathing out a painful gasp. I take a few steps back and lean against a tree. Touching my side I see blood. What’s wrong with me? I’m not like this. All of the sudden I feel woozy. I look up. Etlo.

“Let’s end this quickly.” he says, right before he grabs my wrists and lifts me up and then throws me to the ground. I land on something hard and sharp.

“STOP!”, I scream, rolling on my side. “Please”, I breathe, “I’ll come with you.” I lay on the ground with a tearing pain in my side. Tears stream down my cheeks, but I see Etlo standing over me. I need to go. I try to stand up but can’t. He reaches down and takes my hands. When he helps me stand and lets me go, I turn on my jetpack, and fly. It won’t work for long, but should get me somewhere to hide. I steal a quick glance back, and see Etlo run back farther into the trees. Probably to get the others. What am I going to do?


Emmalee sits in a swivel chair, in a dark office, alone. Well, not alone, for in her lap was a tiny robot.


“Oh Kato”, Em said, petting the metal thing. “ You’re the only person I can talk to.”
A red eye looks up at the young child’s face. Emmalee pushes little strands of hair out of her face. One of Kato’s arms (MORE STUFF)

“Have you ever made a mistake K?” The little thing moved just a bit. “Hm… I suppose you haven’t. Will you help me then?”

A small noise, not a beep, but a whistle, came from her metal friend.

“ Thank you”, our needy child said, “I… I don’t know what to do. I broke so many promises, not only with myself, but with everyone else. I destroyed trust and relationships, and… hurt people…” A sob escaped her lips.

“I left the resistance, lied, and spilled secrets. I’ve stolen, and cheated other aethasians. I have no friends.”

At this Kato flew up in Em’s face. “Well, all but you”, explained quickly as a smile spread across her face. The robot calmed, sat on her shoulder, and listened. “ I…” -sighs- “ don’t really know how to fix everything. My world is falling apart. I can’t change anything. If I try to, everything just gets worse.”

She grabs Kato and hugs her. “As long I have you, everything will be okay. Wow. That sounded cheesy… Eh who cares?”, she said smiling. A knock on the door brought their moment to an end. Emmalee let go of the robot, and quickly sat correctly and straight on her chair, while Kato sat on the desk. “Come in.” Em said in a commanding and cool voice.


 (Next part I don’t want to do!)

As the door began to open, Emmalee suddenly realized no one else was there, and nobody knew where she was. I mean, Matt Bonnetfolly’s old base is not commonly visited by, well, anyone. There used to be a very large hole in the ceiling that she may or may not have made . Not to mention all the randomly broken things everywhere. Emmalee had been trying to fix up the place in her free time, which she had a lot of.

She quickly jumped to her feet, and looked towards the heavy metal door. A slight trickle of panic flowed into her, but she tried to keep a calm look about her. Six metal bodies entered slowly, and placed themselves in lines of three, on either side of the door. After the small shuffle into the room, a girl with really short blonde-ish white hair walked in. Emmalee thought she had seen her before. The pale blonde girl quickly stops, and stares at Emmalee from across the room.

“YOU!!” She screamed.

Confused Emmalee quickly tried to remember how she knew her.

Tasha walked closer, her hair slightly swaying.

“Why are you here?”, she asked Em, her eyebrows raising. “How long have you been here?”

-clears throat- “It doesn’t matter. I think… the more important question is, what are you doing here with your autos?”


And Just SO Y’all Know: Most of these are super random WEIRD things… And they are NOT Finished… Most of them anyway :wink:


I LOVE THEM. -nothing else to say- :heart_eyes:


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He said her name as though it tasted like a vile curse on his tongue.


(I had to make a Simile for school)

Like a ninja, she jumped across the roof, dashing into the shadows. The world was dark, like a pit of tar, the air as thick as glue.


…It scared me. Horrified me. Burned my soul. Ripped the air from my throat. Broke my mask. Nailed it back on. Took the only thing I had left. Betrayed me. My own child. My own country. My own self.


(Something happens)

He leads me through the halls and into a room. It’s a library! Once inside, he closes the door slightly.

“ There. Now no one will find you, and you can read while you hide,” (Name) says while motioning towards the many book cases along the walls and smiling his adorable (Smile)

I smile back. “Thank you,” I reply, then turn and walks to the first bookcase.

Running my hand on the books spines, I read each name; The Blue Shadow, Running Wraith, Embers Burning, The History of Jarren’s Post, City of Fire, and the Wood-by-Water Kingdom Saga.

I keep moving along the shelves, reading as I go. I stop a few times, finding books I like and reading the backs. I hear music from down the hall. A slow waltz. A memory pounds into my brain. No. I force myself to keep walking. I reach for another book, but stop, hearing humming from behind me. I turn to see who it was.

(name) is sitting on the desk, watching me read. He stops humming, gets up and walks towards me. Once reaching me, he offers his hand to me and bows at the waist. I giggle a little.

“May I have this dance, Milady?”, he asks in a prim voice. His bright blue eyes look up at me.

“Well, as I have no other people asking me, I suppose,” I say while smiling and trying not to laugh.