“It all depends on all of your choices.”

Life is just a fragile thing hanging on a little string. It can so easily be taken away from you if you aren’t careful. When Miles William is threatened for his life by an unknown character. He quickly calls a detective agency for help to discover and restrain the unidentified potential murderer.

And no one knows what incidents are about to unravel.

A Mystery Role Play


Episode: 1
Day: 00

Mr. William was a very rich man. Many people despised how openly he boasted about how wealthy he was. He had regular threats every day. Except never did he have such an animated and horrifying letter like this one. It’s words stung right to his heart, having content that was bitter cold. The words were so personal and angry.

He stared down at the pretty handwriting, which seemed to have more of a pleasant feeling rather than a threatening one. The cursive danced along the page, yet it wasn’t so curly that you couldn’t read it. The paper was a baby blue, with small pink flowers touching the corners.

Sweat glistened on Mr. William’s forehead. His black eyes darted between each line between the paragraphs. His brain had already stopped working. When he’d read the first sentence, he panicked.

It was straight to the point, he would be killed in twenty days. But there was one solution, getting the potential murderer a key for Mr. William’s basement. Which had been lost when his Grandfather had owned the house. Mr. William’s was horrified. He had no idea how he could possibly found the key that had been gone for about sixty years.

Mr. William turned his head to the home phone laying on the side table. He’d call the police, and get an investigation started, trying to figure out the unknown character. He bit his nails anxiously as he dialed the local police station number.

“Hello, this is Raleigh Police Department, how can I help you?”

“Um… Hello. This is uhh, Miles William on xxxx Gale rd., Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve been sent a death threat!”

“Mr. William, calm d-”

“I can’t actually believe someone could send me such horrible words! I’m frightened to death and I don’t feel safe anymore!”

“Mr. Willi-”

“I need to leave right now! I can’t stay here any longer!”

“Please, sir! We’re sending some men your way, we’ll investigate the situation, please stay where you are.”


“You can stay on the phone with me if you like.”


A few policemen arrived, inspected the note, and warned Mr. William to keep all the doors and windows in the house locked. They said they’d contact a local small Detective Agency to get a deeper investigation. He nodded and chewed on his already scrawny nails; eyes darted around his overly large house, walking to the door with the Policemen.

One of the Policemen laid his hand on Mr. William’s shoulder. “You’ll be alright, we’ll have a couple of Policemen check up every day, and they’ll be a deeper investigation tomorrow. Sleep well. Make sure to have a weapon in your room.”

Mr. William nodded, his eyes anxiously gazing into the policemen’s. The Policemen half smiled and sighed worriedly at Mr. William. He turned his head to the other men and they strolled away. Mr. William stood there dazed, practically paralyzed with fear. He was alone now. No one was here to protect him.

He quickly realized that someone could shoot him if he awkwardly stood in the doorway. So he slammed the door shut and fumbled awkwardly with locking the door. After finishing he heaved a sigh and wiped the bead-like sweat off of his forehead.


Staring at the silent tea, she realized that it wouldn’t be any good if she just sat there, she still needed to work. Even if the agency had noo business at all. Glaring now, she took in her reflection, black curly hair, tan skin, large dark puffiness under her eyes, and small black eyes which seemed to stare into your soul. They made her look even more dead than she already was.

Clearly, sleep deprived, she smiled maniacally at the tea right in front of her. Not even realizing that the door had been opened and one of the agency women was pointed to her.


The Policemen stared at the odd girl who was smiling at the cold tea. He asked the woman again, “You sure that’s her?”

The woman nodded, looking at the girl, and then smiling, “She’s always been a queer one. I guess that’s what makes her the best in our Agency. Having queer thoughts that make no sense usually send her the right way. Just go talk to her.”

The Policemen smiled back at the women and nodded. He made his way to the girl, who frightened him just a bit. He tapped her shoulder, her face immediately glanced up at him. Her eyes staring into his soul. It seemed like every fault he had she could see, every problem. His gaze faltered for a second and he glanced away.

He gathered the courage to stare at her again, but this time her gaze was redirected at the tea once again. “Are you Rue Tash?” She met his eyes again, the intensity so immense it made him wish to close his eyes. She nodded silently, a smile growing on her thin line lips.

“Raleigh Police Department was wondering if you’d accept a c-”

“Oh yes!” her eyes were lit with happiness, she was shaking his shoulders. “Anything other than staring at this stupid tea all day!”

He nodded slowly, slightly shocked from the sudden shaking of his body. “Ok, um… sign this. Then you can read over the overview.”

She nods as she stares at the paper, skimming it thoroughly as a hum escaped her lips, “When can I start?”

“Tomorrow at the latest.”

“Ok, thank you. I’ll be getting my stuff ready.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you Mr. Policeman.”


She stood at the door of the famous Mr. William’s house. Enthusiastically, she rung the doorbell, her briefcase in hand. The door was opened, disclosing a middle-aged and slightly chubby man that had beady black eyes, chewing on his nails anxiously.


Episode: 2
Day: 00

She stood at the door of the famous Mr. William’s house. Enthusiastically, she rung the doorbell, her briefcase in hand. The door was opened, disclosing a middle-aged and slightly chubby man that had beady black eyes, chewing on his nails anxiously.

She sat there and stared at him for a while. Was this the rich man that lived in the mansion all alone? He looked like a butler to Rue. His dark vest with a white undershirt made him look a little professional. His slicked-back black hair didn’t do him justice, she could see his hairline receding far back.

His black- well-ironed- pants gave off more of the Butler vibe. He had a clock dangling from his sleeve that seemed quite annoying to Rue. It wouldn’t stop moving, even though she practically begged in her mind for it to stop. He had big black eyebrows that must have been plucked since they seemed as straight as a parallel line.

They simply stared at each other with their black eyes. Neither of them ready to give up the awkward but intense staring contest. Eventually, the man spoke up, “Are you the detective investigating the letter and scene?”

Rue stared at him for another twenty seconds, processing his sentence very thoroughly. She gazed thoughtfully back into his eyes, nodding slightly, “Yes.”


Talon gazed at her computer. One her ferrets; Tron, sat on her shoulder, as she typed effortlessly on the keyboard. Her fingers silently flew across the keyboard, with only the sound of her four ferrets playing in the background.

She leaned forward slightly content with what she found.


Standing awkwardly in the center of the grand living room, Rue stared at the ceiling. The winding and swirling intricate patterns danced along above her. Her mind raced to figure out what it meant. Was it abstract, if so, what was it really supposed to be? Despite working hard to figure it out, Rue didn’t understand. Without given further time to search, Mr. William coughed slightly into his hand.

She figured he wanted her to speak, blinking at the chubby man, Rue thought of what to say. She was here to investigate right? So she should ask him for the letter. She shuffled her feet awkwardly, looking at her toes. “Do you, well um… have the letter right?”

Sweat glistened on Mr. William’s head, “Um… well uh, yes. I do. It’s right here,” he shakily grabbed a small envelope and swiftly handed it to Rue.

She held the envelope in her hands looking at the mailing address and the empty space where the return address would be. Obviously, the Potential Murderer would not like to be known of their whereabouts. Which makes sense. Knotting her eyebrows, Rue opened the envelope and looked at the baby blue paper.

She sat down one of the couches and narrowed her eyes at the letter.