For Truth, Justice, and lots more Truuuuuuth!

It’s Captain Absolutely!

Most of you have heard of this hero but for those who haven’t, here’s the summery:

Captain Absolutely is an Adventures in Odyssey hero, who fights for God’s Truth and brings Justice throughout Metropolitanville! He and his side kick Hanna have both been given powers by reading the Bible. Now they fight lots of villains and spread God’s Word in the process!

In this Role Play you can make your own superhero who’s been given superpowers by reading God’s Word. We all love Cap and Hanna, so we join together to make our own superhero band.

The Truth Pursuers!

We all live in Metropolitanville and we help the people in need by spreading God’s Word. So get out there and fight for:

Truth, Justice, and lots more Truuuuuuuuth!


The great bell of lunchtime rings as they all rush past the door in a frenzied flurry, each student vying for first place in the great race to the cafeteria. Well, all except me.

I just walk casually, enjoying the empty hallways of Metropolitanville High School all to myself. I’m not necessarily hungry.

The sound of chatter in the cafeteria is drowned out by my thoughts.

What kind of thoughts?

The thoughts of my… Gift. When can I not think about it? It consumes every waking thought, and even some of my asleep ones, too. Dreams, I mean.

Mama calls it a gift, a special ability that God gave me, for some meaningful, purposeful reason. I did receive it once I finished reading the Bible… Still, I think it’s merely a coincidence.

Papa, however, refuses to talk about it. I to this day do not know why. Is he worried about me? Or is he hiding something that I would not yet understand?

In a normal situation, I’d shake the thoughts off, but while I’m here, alone with my thoughts, I’d might as well give my mind some liberty.

I look down at the ground. I usually tell most people it is a disorder. I call it SDD. It sounds like any other crazy acronym for a disorder, and most people I talk to usually don’t care to know what it stands for. All they know is I’m some disabled kid, and that’s all I’d care to tell them anyway.

SDD, however, is not some acronym for some incredibly long words like schistosomiasis dapocaginous dactylomegaly. Yes, those are real words. What they mean, I have no clue.

But SDD really stands for Souffle du Dragon. It’s French for “dragon’s breath”, or “breath of the dragon”.

And that’s because that is my ability. Call it a gift, call it a disability - call it what you like. But when I breathe a certain way, almost in a hissing manner… Fire dances its way out of my mouth, and consumes whatever’s in front of me. Mama calls it a blessing.

I call it a curse.

A voice snaps me out of my thoughts. “Come on, pick a meal. Don’t back up the line behind you.”

I glance up and meet the woman’s gaze. She is a part of the staff at the school. I look behind me and notice a line behind me. I’m in the cafeteria? Oh. Okay, then. Might as well pick a meal… Wait, how did I get here?

“Oh. Sorry,” I mutter quietly, still trying to understand what my body did while my mind took a coffee break. I pick up a plate and scoop some dry Macaroni & Cheese and a croissant onto my plate. As mediocre as most of the food is here, I do love the croissants - they remind me of home.

I maneuver my way over to an empty table and sit down, about to take a bite of the dry Macaroni & Cheese, when I hear a sneering male voice next to me. “Look who it is! Dragon-Girl!”

I don’t even have to look at him to know who that is. Daniel Arrowe, one of my former friends and now new nemesis at school - sort of a bully, in a way. Bullies seem to be overestimated in literature and film - all Arrowe is, is just an annoying boy who found out about my powers and has been rude to me ever since. Publicly rude.

“Allez-vous en,” I mutter.

“Sorry, what was that?” Arrowe asks.

“I said go away,” I reply sharply.

“Ohhh, okay,” Arrowe says. “Couldn’t understand your French.”

I turn to get a good look at him, and the two boys standing alongside him, arms folded and in a stance like a team of supervillains. And Daniel Arrowe is their supervillain leader.

Arrowe’s normally brown hair is dyed a fluorescent - and sickly - blond, and his dull brown eyes meet my gaze. His grin is of a sadistic nature - morbid, in a way.

“What do you want, Arrowe?” I ask, raising my voice more.

“Ooh, last name basis, huh?” Arrowe says with a laugh. “Well, Devereaux, why don’t you prove to everyone that you’re a freak?”

I raise an eyebrow. “Bonne chance avec ça.” I smirk coldly at Arrowe’s now confused face. “What’s wrong, Arrowe? Haven’t been taking your French lessons as much as you should?”

One of Arrowe’s sidekicks speaks up. “It means ‘good luck with that,’” he explains, looking at Daniel.

Arrowe nods, and returns to his usual grin. “Would you mind speaking English for our lovely little conversation?”

Oh, please. It isn’t lovely.

I sigh. “Daniel, what do you want?”

“I just want the world to see who you are, sweetheart,” he says coldly and sarcastically. “Or at least this school, for starters.”

I nearly hiss at him, but I know what damage that could cause. “Call me sweetheart again, and I’ll–”

“Do what? Breathe at me with your fire?” he interrupts. He makes a shrugging gesture. “By all means! Go ahead, sweetheart.”

I fight the urge to breathe fire at him with all my might. Be nice to him, Nolana. Just be nice. Isn’t that how we Christians do it? Be… Nice… To other… People…? Even if they’re not… Nice… To us…? Ay, that makes no logical sense at all.

But that is what the Bible says, oui?

Fine, morals win this match.

After many an urge to breathe him to smithereens, I just grit my teeth and stare at him coldly.

“Aww, look,” he says to his friends. “She’s trying to be nice. What an epic fail.” The other two laugh, each sharp giggle piercing my heart like a pointy stick.

I find myself opening my mouth. No, no, NO! No fire, Devereaux, NO FIRE!!! PAS DE FEU!

Arrowe whispers something to his friends, and they step away. Arrowe opens his arms wide. “Come and get me! Breathe fire, Dracaena! DO IT!”

I know it’s his plan. I know he just wants to see me reveal my ability to everyone in the school, and quite possibly everyone watching TV at this hour, once the news anchors come in. I know this is his plot. And so… I…

Open my mouth wider.

Wait, WHAT?! Stop it, Devereaux! No, no, no, no!

Dragon breath - activated. My cover is blown. I am no longer in hiding. No one is going to miss this.

I am so sorry, Mama and Papa.

Thunderous fire crackles and roars as flames release from my mouth. With a frantic but somehow knowing expression, Daniel Arrowe ducks quickly, and I end up setting fire to the window. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

After I suck in several more breaths and fire is no longer coming out from my mouth, Arrowe climbs up onto a chair, and then a table. He has regained his confidence, and speaks to all that are watching intently with a wide grin. “This is Nolana Devereaux. And this is what she can do to people.” He gestures at the crackling, burning window. “She is dangerous. What she has told you that is just some disorder… It’s a lie. The real truth is this.” He gestures back at the window again. “This is Dracaena.”

My emotions are a scientist’s concoction of anger, embarrassment, sadness and confidence all at once. My anger rages at this boy. Who does he think he is to play me - to use me for his little game, and to show it to the whole school? My embarrassment forces me to duck my head low and close my eyes, so as not to see all the people now staring at me. My sadness guarantees that I will most certainly have no friends after this event. I might just get arrested.

But my confidence states to all, even if only in my thoughts, Let the burning ashes remind you of who I am. I am dangerous. I am deadly. I am Dracaena.


I shivered violently at the scene in front of me. Today had been so normal, at least normal for me. I had been prepared to go about my day as the school social ghost.


This happened…

A girl…

Breathed fire…

I had not expected this, but my inner mad scientist was overflowing with questions and theories. I had to talk to her, but she looked so angry. She stood there amidst the ashes like a Fury of Greek mythology. I stroked the device that encircled my neck like a necklace. “What would Captain Absolutely do?”

I took a deep breath and approached the girl called Nolana. Without saying a word, a put my arm around her shoulders and led her through the astonished crowd out of the room. I didn’t stop until we were outside the building and well away from people. Once we were safe, I turned to her. “It’s okay,” I said with a calm I did not feel. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


(OOC: Don’t take Nolana’s word for it. She does need help. XD :wink:)

The little spurt of the “I am Dracaena” confidence fizzes away as embarrassment and sadness washes over me. Now everyone knows who I truly am… What I can truly do… Nothing will ever be the same again… No one would dare touch me aga–

As if in a flash, an arm abruptly wraps around my shoulders and leads me through the crowd of students. I take a glance at them and time slows down for a moment. I see many different expressions plastered on the crowd’s faces. Some of the more confident and reckless students wear a small smirk, some who have just been waiting for something interesting to happen clap their hands quietly with an interested grin, and others reel away from me, frightened. As if my very glance would somehow hurt these innocent people.

And then I’m whisked away from their staring faces, under the arm of this stranger, whose face I have not even seen yet, and may not want to see.

We finally arrive outside of the school, away from where all the others are. The stranger removes their arm from my shoulder, and I finally get the chance to see their face. She’s a girl, with blonde, wavy hair, wearing a blue hoodie and dark blue jeans.

“It’s okay,” the girl says calmly, although her expression doesn’t reflect the tone. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then what do you want?” I say quietly but sharply, looking down at the ground.

“I just want to help you,” the girl replies, “and get you well away from other people.”

“You pity me. That’s what you want. You just want to help me ‘feel better’, is that it? Je n’ai pas besoin de ton aide.” That meant, “I don’t need your help.

@ScienceSiren/Evangeline Whitman/Blue Angel


Oh, no I’m late for school! I run through the woods separating my house from Metropolitanville’s High School. I was late for my first day of school in America!

In Munich, school started later then America school! I need to get to class before my teacher does the role call!

I see the edge of the wood and run harder. I barrel out of the woods and almost crash into a bush just outside the entrance of the school. I stop to catch my breath and suddenly hear people talking!

“I don’t need your help.” A female voice says coldly. I freeze, my eyes grow wide,

Oh meine wort! I shouldn’t be eavsdropping, but it sounds like someone could use a freund! They really do need help, and I’m going to try to help them!

I started stepping out from behind the bush when suddenly I realize that doing so would make the person think I’d been spying on them and was there to tease them! So I hid behind the bush again and ran back to the woods.

I will run out of the woods and, oh, how to American’s say it? Bump into them!

I run out of the woods and stop, panting and smiling, in front of two girls. One had red hair and a red face, anger seethed from her nostrils and her blue eyes were as cold as ice. The other had wavy, blond hair and her blue eyes looked friendly.

“Hallo zhere! I am Delila Meyer, and I am late for my first day of class! I have just moved here from Deutschland! Or, as American’s say, Germany. I can see you are not American either! Wie heiben sie? Oh, uh, what is your name? I meant. Heheh!”

Nice going, Delila! You just started a conversation! That was awkward I never want to do that again…

@Bellflowerp @ScienceSiren


“Hallo zere!” a young girl says in a German accent, rushing up to the other girl and me. “I am Delila Meyer, and I am late for my first day in class! I have just moved here from Deutschland! Or, as Americans say, Germany. I can see you are not American either! Wie heiban sie? Oh, uh, what is your name? Heheh!”

I glance up and down at Delila. She seems nice. A little too nice. I show the world my power, and this is what I get in return? Not any friends leaving my side, not any major effects of loneliness - I have met two people already who are trying to be nice. Is it because they pity me? Or is it because they just notice something different?

I decide to answer Delila’s question. “I am Nolana. Nolana Devereaux. I’m French, hence the accent.” I try to plaster a fake smile. “Welcome to Metropolitanville High.”

“Thank you!” she exclaims. “It is very nice to meet you!” She extends her hand.

“Oui, you too…” I shake it. As I retract my hand, I add, “I don’t believe they’re continuing any classes right now until they… Erm… Clean up the mess.”

“Mess?” Delila repeats, confused.

“Oui, there was a… Fire… And they’re most likely making sure everyone is safe.”

“Oh no! Vas anyvone hurt?”

I look downward. “I most certainly hope not…”

@LilaKitty/Delila Meyer, @ScienceSiren/Evangeline Whitman/Blue Angel


I patted Nolana’s arm. “Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will suffer any permanent damage.” I turn to the German girl and smile. “It’s nice to meet you Delila. You have a nice accent.”

Suddenly, a male voice shouted, “There she is, get her!” I looked up to see a gang of punks running towards us. I grabbed Nolana’s hand and called over my shoulder to Delila. “If I were you, I would hide. You do not want to get mixed up in this.”

Pulling Nolana behind me, I ducked behind the building and ran as I had never run before. “We can go to my Grandmother’s.” I say between breaths. “You can lay low there until we figure something else out.”

@Bellflowerp @LilaKitty


“But!” I look after the two girls with pleading eyes. “Don’t leave me here!”

Oh well. I guess I should protect myself. I turn around as the gang of boys round the corner and flash a bright light right in their faces. They shriek and cover their eyes running back the way they came.

“Guten Tag!” I call after them. Then, realizing they didn’t speak German I again call, “Zhat means ‘Good Day!’”

I look around and see the two girls rounding a building corner and start running after them.

“Wait! I took care of zee punks!” I call and follow them around the corner into an ally where the blond girl was just saying,

“-until we figure something out.”

I squint into the darkness but I couldn’t make out the two girls. Instead of waiting for my eyes to adjust I made my hand glow softly and held it out, right into the faces of the girls. I jerk my hand back, making it flicker like a candle flame and grow brighter.

“Oh! Tut mir Leid! Uh, I mean, sorry! I did not know you were zhat close!”

I smile but the girls just stare at me with wide eyes and open mouths.

“Uh, vhat’s wrong?” I ask nervously.

@ScienceSiren @Bellflowerp


“We can go to my grandmother’s,” says the blonde girl breathily, after we had just rounded a building and hid in an alley. “You can lay low there until we figure something else out.”

Abruptly, a bright light fills my vision. What is that?

The light retracts, and it flickers like a candle. “Oh! Tut mir leid! Uh, I mean, sorry! I did not know you vere zat close!” She smiles awkwardly.

Finally, my eyes adjust to the blinding light in the dark alley, and I see a face. Delila’s face. And the light… It is coming from…

Her hand.

I gawk at her, my jaw dropping wide open.

She’s… Like me?

“Uh, vat’s wrong?”

I can’t even speak, and if I could, it would all come out in French. I… This girl… She… She has powers! She’s like me!

A small happy giggle escapes my mouth - it is most likely the first laugh of the day. All this time… I thought I was alone! I’m… Not?

Delila shifts awkwardly. “Um…”

I burst into an excited laugh, letting the first words that enter my mind come flowing like a river out of my mouth. “Vous avez des pouvoirs comme moi! J’ai toujours pensé que j’étais le seul, mais je ne le suis pas! Ç’est… Ç’est… Incroyable! Comment as-tu reçu tes pouvoirs? Quand?” A few seconds of awkward silence passes before I realize no one understood any of that. “Erm, I meant… I never knew someone else who has… Powers.”

@ScienceSiren/Evangeline Whitman/Blue Angel, @LilaKitty/Delila Meyer


I stood in stunned silence while the other girl babbled in French. My mind is reeling from what my eyes are seeing.











I snapped back into reality. God works in mysterious ways. I should probably take both girls home. We needed to figure this out before we did anything else.

Perhaps God brought us together for a reason.

I looked up at Delila, her hand still emitting that extraordinary glow. “Would you like to come with us? We could probably use all the help we could get.”


The red haired girl that looked furious a minute before had a big smile on her face and was talking a language I’d never heard.

She said she is French…is that French? It sounds amazing!

She stops, looks around, and blushes slightly.

“Erm, I meant…I never know someone else who has…powers.”

I grin, “So does zhat mean we can be freunds? Er, friends? Sorry, I am still getting used to talking American! I only moved here a few months ago.”

Then the blond girl said, “Would you like to come with us? We could probably use all the help we could get.”

I frown, “Vhat about school? I’m already late for my first day of class, I do not want to make my teacher angry and tell my eltern!”

“Eltern?” The blond girl asks, and I virtually slap myself.

I must stop speaking words that other people can’t understand!

“Zhat means parents.” I say with an awkward grin.

@ScienceSiren @Bellflowerp


At that moment, my phone buzzed. I pulled up my sleeve to see what it was. It was a school-wide text sent from the principle.
“They’ve cancelled classes for the rest of the day until they can locate Nolana.” From a little way’s off, police sirens wailed. “We’d better get going while we can. My Grandmother will look after us until all this is over.” I turned to the other two girls. “Will you please trust me?”


My eyes grew wide with fright.

“Polizei?? Vhat are zhey here for? And who is Nolana?”

The red haired girl looks down and mutters, “Me.”

“You? But vhy are zhe polizei looking for you? And vhy-” The blond girl cuts me off by grabbing my arm.

“No time to explain but please, will you trust me?”

I look at her, then at Nolana, then out of the alley where police sirens were wailing, then back at the blond girl and nod.

“Ich werde. Zhat means ‘I will’.” I smile and look around at my new friends. “Now, vhere is your Grobmutter?”

@ScienceSiren @Bellflowerp


I took both girls by the wrists and led them through the school grounds to the woods that surrounded the property. After a brisk hike through the underbrush we emerged in the yard of an old, stone house. I led them around to the front and knocked on the door. It was answered by an short, elderly woman with gray hair and bright eyes.
“Well, Evangeline. I just got the email, so I suppose that’s why you’re here.” She looked up at the other girls and smiled. “Oh, are these friends of yours?”
*Yes," I answered. “They need a place to stay for a while.”
“Well, they can certainly stay here. It’s good to see you finally making friends.” She turned to Nolana and Delila. “Now who might you be?”
“I’m Nolana,” said one. “I’m Delila,” said the other.
“Nolana and Delila, such beautiful, beautiful names. Come on in and help yourselves to whatever’s in the kitchen.”
The three of us entered the house and Grandmary shut the door behind us. “You all look exhausted. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll make us some tea.?”


“Nolana and Delila - such beautiful, beautiful names,” compliments Evangeline’s grandmother. “Come on in and help yourselves to whatever’s in the kitchen.”

We walk inside and she adds, “You all look exhausted. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll make us some tea?”

I smile, plopping onto a couch. The others sit as well. “Yes, tea would be lovely,” I reply. “Merci.”

She just smiles back at me as she starts making the tea.

I lower my head. “Delila…”

“Yes?” she asks, perking up and looking at me.

“I, um…” Bonne gracieux, how do I phrase this? “The police were coming after me because I…” I had seldom told a soul about my power. I want so badly to tell Delila. I want to be able to finally trust someone with the secret that is now no longer a secret. I want to tell her what I can do, and that she is not alone - I have a power too!

But I cannot.

“Never mind.” I shake my head.

“Go on,” Evangeline prods, even though she already knows why. “Why were they chasing you?”

I shoot a glare at her and then look back at Delila. I suddenly feel cornered, and there is no way out of the situation this time. “I just have a disorder, that’s all. I shouldn’t have said anything–”

“Vait - ze fire,” Delila says. She just has to ask, doesn’t she? “Vas that…” Her expression changes to one of worry. “You?” Drawing in a shaky breath, she added, “Did you… Cause zat fire…? Is… Is zat vy ze polizei were looking for you?”

I look downward again. “It was an accident.”

“Vy…?” Delila says sadly.

I feel my cheeks turning hot as my eyes snap back upward, meeting her gaze. “Why what? I was intimidated. I was bullied. I was cornered. I was forced! I–”

“She has powers,” Evangeline cuts in. “Quite like yours, Delila, except… Fiery.”

I nod and let my frustration cool, silently thanking Evangeline for breaking the news instead of me. “And now I’m not only a threat to the school,” I add quietly, “but quite possibly to the world.”

“Here’s your tea,” Evangeline’s grandmother’s voice suddenly coos as she brings one cup of steaming tea to each of us.

“Merci,” I say in gratitude.

Delila and Evangeline thank her as well, and then she walks away.

“So, now you know. And Delila, that’s why I was so happy to know I wasn’t alone.” I smile at her. “I hope you both can forgive me for my mess. I intend the school no harm.”

@Evangelines_Grandma, @ScienceSiren/Evangeline Whitman/Blue Angel, @LilaKitty/Delila Meyer


I smiled fondly at Nolana, “It’s alright. I know you didn’t mean any harm. You only did what anybody would do when cornered; and if you don’t mind my saying so,” I gave a delighted you were magnificent." I settled back in my seat to explain it to Delila.

“Metropolitanville High School is infested with a gang of sleazy, imbecilic punks. Until this morning, their leader was obsessed with showing off Nolana’s powers to the whole school. What he hoped to gain from such a move is not entirely apparent to me. However, I suspect that he wished to gain notoriety from exposing something out of the ordinary.”


“Danke.” I murmur as I take the tea. Then I listen intently to Evangeline as she explains about Nolana’s troubles. I nod and sip my tea,

“Interessant.” I say after she’s finished. Then I turn to Nolana and pat her arm, “Do not worry, if zhese punks try to bully you again, I vill drive zhem off!”

Then I turn back to Evangline, “So, now you have two freunds who have befugnisse, er, powers, but we do not know if you are just zhe same! Tell us, do you have befugni- er, powers, as well?”

@ScienceSiren @Bellflowerp


I cocked me head to one side, unsure how to answer the question. “Yes and no.” My new friends only look confused. I set down my teacup. “Perhaps, I should show you instead.” I rose from my place and set down my teacup. This was probably a bad idea, but they seemed to be the kind of people who could keep secrets.

I walked to a panel on the living room wall and opened it. Behind it was a dark stairway. Beckoning for the girls to follow, I led them in. Delila lit her hands once the panel was shut behind us. The three of us walked down the stairs which soon came out into what was once a cellar. The room was lit with a soft, blue light. evidence boards stood next to file cabinets and tables covered in miscellaneous mess. One desk held a blue laptop while the one next to it held a drawing board. A tool box sat on a workbench and a pile of junk filled one corner. The only apparent seat was a high backed swivel chair. On the wall was a black decal of a pair of spread, feathered, wings. I pulled down my hood to let my “necklace” gleam in the blue light. I turned it on and the light in the center glowed blue. My voice echoed throughout the room. “Welcome, my friends, to the Angel’s Haven.”


I dimmed my hands and looked around. “So…you’re stimme- uh, voice, can echo? Is zhat your power? Or…” I look around once more.

“Are you a Detektiv? Because it looks like zhat to me.” I turn to Nolana, “Don’t you zhink zhis looks like a Detektiv’s hideout or zomething?”

@ScienceSiren @Bellflowerp


I thudded to the ground, and groaned in exasperation. Great. I still can’t walk on my hands like Buster Keaton. I noticed several people my age staring at me in amusement. Alright, good to know. Don’t try that in front of human witnesses. First day of school and I already embarrassed myself. Wait… this might be normal for me.

I stood up, nodded to the amused civilians, and walk towards the school. A fireman stopped me.

“Whoa, you can’t go in there.”

“Uh… why?”

“School is cancelled for the rest of the day.” He said no more, just waved me on.

A boy with very bright and ugly blond hair, with several other creepy looking dudes behind him, grinned sardonically. “I can tell you why everything was cancelled,” he said. “I’m Daniel Arrowe.”

“Renee Askew.” I replied. “What happened?”

“There are dangerous people with powers here.” he said.

I sighed inwardly. Heeeere we go again. Heh. Good thing he can’t see my gauntlet.

“Some girl tried to burn me to a crisp!” he continued.

I raised my eyebrow. “Did you antagonize her?”

He looked shocked. “What?! Did I do that, guys?” he asked his cronies.

They all shook their heads vehemently.

I snorted. “Yeah, I believe that as much as I believe a unicorn is going to come into this schoolyard. I know these people with powers only activate when needed or when antagonized.”

His eyes narrowed. “How do you know that?”

I smiled. “I’ll see you around, Master Arrowe.”

“Wait… this conversation is over yet! How do you know about the people with powers?!”

I tipped my hat. “Bye. I’m sur we shall meet again. Perhaps under more pleasant circumstances.”

He took the hint, and walked away.

I started running towards home. I have got to meet these people!!!