Honeyfeather returns (free for all role play)

I bowed and adjusted my pink and yellow feathery top hat. “This is your chance honeyfeather! prove to them that you are not a loser.” I whisper under my breath. I nervously smiled then began my misery. I tried a few tricks but the crowd was not amused. I wiped my forehead. I attempt to stuff my scarf up my sleeve and the crowd got angry, they started throwing things at me so I rushed off stage. I passed by someone who stopped me.


I carefully inspected my equipment and adjusted me gloves. After gleaming with approval at my things I picked up my pack and headed back stage, Let the show begin. A girl was running off stage hurriedly and looked both a little frightened and disappointed. But there was something familiar about her. Ah, she must be the one. I dipped in my pocket with one hand and caught her by the elbow with the other, “You’ll need this.” I handed her a ventilator and a note, then slipped by her.
“Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed!” I smiled in appreciation for my voice disguiser, “What you’re about to witness you’ve never seen before!” I glanced from the crowd to the stage view clock, just amuse them for two minutes. I pulled a few interesting tricks then checked the clock again, perfect. “And now for my finest spectacle of the evening.” I said in my smooth calming voice. I released some fog for effect. Fifteen, “The grandest fire breather in all of Paris at one time,” I continued my spiel, Ten, “I trained under the great Hugo Dubois.” Five, four, check the gas, good, one. I breathed the flames into the air and wait for iiiit…The building exploded. I twirled in a circle and disappeared in the smoke. After pulling the fire alarms and hopping out a window, I shut the window quickly and used the emergency stairs to climb up to the top. On the roof of the building I waited patiently watching everyone escape. 45,46,47, looks like everyone made it out. Perfect! I slipped away and called my boss. Hm hm hmmm, I hummed while waiting for him to pick up; finally I heard a click, “Done! It worked perfectly. I’m expecting you on the bridge at 12:30 a.m.”
“Very well.”


I stared back at the lady who had rushed by me and handed me something. I walk out of the building to the nearby park and stare at the items in my hand, “A ventilator and a note?” I stare perplexed. I read the note, “Go to the bridge at 12:30 am, I’m expecting you.” I crumple the note and throw it near the stage door i scream, “Stop haunting me!!” a nearby family stares at me. I nervously smile and walk over to the stage door to pick up the paper then i hear the smoke alarm. Oh no i hope everyone is okay i rush inside.


I pulled my thin coat closer as I waited near the bridge in town watching the people pass. I checked my watch and huffed out the cool night air. Finally I spotted my boss walking down the walkway on the bridge. I waited until he came close then stepped out.
“No sign of her?”
“None yet.”
“You gave her the note?”
“Course I did. I’m looking for what you promised. I don’t just stand out in the middle of nowhere for anybody.” I smiled.
“Very well.” My boss pulled out his brief case and popped it open. Inside lay the camera that my sister had used for years before she disappeared.
“What came out on the report?”
“It had been tampered with. Three pictures were erased before we could get our hands on it. Oh, by the way, your demonstration was quite effective. They agreed to our terms.” I studied the camera, “Do we have anyway of knowing or even getting an idea of who or why they took those specific pictures off?”
“She said before she left for the day that she was interviewing Brandy about the new line of instruments. Seemed fairly harmless. Are you sure you want to get wrapped up in this? We hate to lose you.”
“Well if it all works out I might be back. We’ll see.”
“Good luck. Stay safe. Oh here’s a goodbye present.”
He handed me a package then we shook hands firmly. I liked working for Sam. Even though his methods weren’t always conventional he was in the long run a well meaning and a fair guy. He always tried to help the greater good. I turned to leave.