Into The Matrix (A Matrix RP)

"....Testing, one, two, three, is anyone there?....What is this?....Why am I here?"


The rain beats down on the streets as I slip out of the small door and head down an alley way.
I take a breath, think for the one hundredth time that I wasn’t even breathing real air. It’s funny how much the Matrix can mess with your mind.
I jog down the alley and quickly duck into an over hang. I scan the streets, not a soul in sight, which here meant absolutely nothing.
I pull my gun and eject the cartridge. Just wanted to make sure.
I pick the lock quickly and slip into the building. I am standing in some sort of lobby. I look around. The lobby is as dead as the street. Something was off.
I jog up a flight of stairs, my shoes making no sound, a little trick I learned. I step through the door way and pause at the end of a long hall. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. They were here, I could feel them.
I look down at the small scrap of paper in my gloved hand. Room 277 was the room I was looking for. I glance back up and my blood runs cold. There standing, his scowl as dark as his black suit and glasses, stands an agent. No, not just an agent, it is Agent Jay, the agent that has hounded me from the first time I stepped foot inside the matrix free.
I step forward, stopping about 50 feet from him. H smiles a smile that looks more like a grimace. “Program 2357182, you have avoided us for too long.”
I chuckle. “Well first, my name is Ty.” In a flash I whip my gun out and point it levelly at him.
His smile disappears. “I have been looking forward to deleting you for a long time.”
I clench my jaw. “Easier said then done.”
His hand blurs as he reaches for his gun. I flip backwards as the barrel comes up and he squeezes of five shots. I dodge them, popping in three of my own.
I land on my feet, trying not to be surprised that he stood there untouched. I twirl my pistol and slip it back into my holster. This was going to be hand to hand.
He cracks his neck as he moves forwards. “Time for deletion, program 2357182.”
“How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Ty!” We both charge, colliding in a blur of punches. We battle for several seconds until suddenly his fist slams into my chest.
I flip away, standing once more to face my adversary. This was not going to end well.


~ From the Perspective of Ariadne Myers, also known as Sparrow ~

I relax in my chair, my legs resting on the table that’s across from me. The Nebuchadnezzar is eerily quiet today. Only the sound of buttons, heart monitors, and big screens connected to IV strips are heard. Aside from that, it’s completely quiet. No banging, no noises, nothing.

I wonder why…

Well, it is 5:00 in the morning, anyway. Most of 'em are asleep. I would be, too, if I wasn’t the first one who volunteered to hack Tyler into the Matrix. He had a mission, and I was the first one who suggested I could hack him in.

I yawn and then sit upright. I look at the screen of what he’s doing in the Matrix (that’s one of the cool things about those glasses we all wear in the Matrix), and my eyes widen.

How did I miss this?

“Tyler’s fighting… Is that… Is that Agent Jay?” I say out loud to myself.

I look away for a moment, trying to figure out why Jay would be there. Did it have to be this mission? I shake my head. No matter. What matters is if Tyler’s going to be safe.

I look back at the screen. He’s got this… He’s got this… JAY FIST SLAM! AH! No! He doesn’t got this!

I can’t form the thoughts into complete sentences, and I frankly don’t need to. I quickly hook myself up to the IV cords that are fortunately near enough to the computer that I can punch myself in. I’ve never done this before…

Again, no matter! Tyler’s in danger. I have to save him.

I close my eyes, anticipating and then feeling the familiar tingling before entering…

…the Matrix.

~~In the Matrix~~

My eyes quickly open. I have no time to take in the surroundings - the hard rain, the realistic effects, the people who just don’t understand they’re not in the real world. I have a mission.

I start walking, my leather boots clacking on the wet, slippery asphalt. I continue walking at a fast but steady pace, wondering what he’s doing right now while I don’t have a screen to watch him.

Onto a sidewalk. I’m getting there.

I keep walking.

Taking a left. Almost there!

I keep walking.

Toward a building. COME ON, Ariadne, can’t you go any faster without appearing suspicious to passersby?

Finally, I arrive.

Inside the Building

I’m soaking wet, but that doesn’t stop me. I instantly run up the stairs - almost trip, to be honest - and see two figures fighting, wrestling. Neither one is winning, which I’m both glad about and nervous about.

I suppose neither of them heard me coming. Makes sense, I guess, with all the sounds of battle.

I pull out my signature shurikens from my jacket pocket - my outfit is much different in the Matrix than it is in real life - and close my worse eye to get a better view of the scuffling men.

Tyler on the left hand side… Jay on the right.

They’re both shifting positions constantly, and it’s hard to get a good angle. What if… No. I can’t think that thought. Nope, no way. I have to get a good shot.

I close my eyes, taken a deep breath and then open both my eyes. I’ve decided it’s too hard to see with only one eye. There’s a reason why people have two eyes, and that’s to judge better angles and distance.

So I’m going to throw my shurikens… And I’m going to hit Jay.

And so I do.

But barely.


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