Killer Instinct

They call us monsters,
Some call us aliens.
Others, down right freaks.
More learned men call us the product of an overactive imagination.
We are the fuzzy photograph.
We are the something in the shadows.
We are the unexplained sound in the woods.

Among our own kind we call ourselves hybrids, half- bloods, crossbreeds.

We are blessed with abilities beyond imagination, abilities that can only be described as fantastic.

But we are also cursed, cursed with a blood lust, a deep settled ferocity… a killer instinct.

I will post more about this later. This is not a super hero role play, btw.


There is nothing like the feeling of flying through the air… that is if you have wings. I land in the grass with a thud. I groan and slowly prop my self up on my elbows. A guttural roar meets my ears reminding me of my mission, to stop the huge, glowing eyed, growling brute who would not hesitate to rip me apart with his razor sharp claws.
“Well that was cute.” I mutter as I get to my feet and dust myself off. I crack my neck as I walk towards the bear hybrid, the natural feeling of my over-sized canines feeling my mouth, my vision taking on a bluish tint. I smile a fang-filled smile as my claws extend past my fingertips.
It was dangerous, yes. The bear hybrids were some of the worst to tangle with and, since this one in particular hadn’t learned how to control his shifts yet, he was full bear mode. I growl back at him as I look around, looking for something to even the score. I suddenly spot it, a large broom that was used to sweep the sidewalks. I grab it, breaking the broom part with my foot. I step towards him, twirling my weapon. With a roar he lumbers forward, I roar back and sprint at him, quickly covering the distance between us. I duck his swing and lash out, striking him across the knees. He roars with pain as I whip around, dodging his swipes and executing a number of strikes to his shins and knees.
I pull the stick back and swing as hard as I can. My arms jolt as the stick suddenly stops. I look up, my heart skipping a beat as I see two glowing eyes staring angrily back at me. No more than two inches from his head his large hand grasps the end of my staff. I swallow hard. I have a bad feeling about this. With a growl his huge fist swings out, breaking my hold on the broom stick and once again landing me on my back. I groan and painfully roll over.
I glance about as I get to my feet. This was a public park and someone could happen along at any minute. I wonder how I could explain this. “Oh don’t worry, miss. It’s just two fanged, glowing eyed, clawed creatures battling it out in a field. You go on and have your picnic.”
I turn to face him once again. “Okay, big guy.” I spread my fingers wide, ejecting my claws. “Time to wrap this up.” I take off on a run, my feet churning the ground as I race towards him. He roars and tenses, waiting for me to reach him. A few feet from him, I suddenly drop to the ground and slide towards him. I crash into his leg and immediately wrap my legs around it. “This better work!” I yell as I sink my claws into his leg and hold on for dear life. He howls in pain and frantically grasps at my head. I duck his hand, allowing him to slice himself with his own claws. I let go with on hand to slash at the back of his leg. With one final scream, he stumbles, falling to his knees in the grass. I watch as his claws slowly disengage. I let out a sigh and let go, falling backwards into the grass. We lay there for a minute panting. Him thinking about whatever and me wondering if my jaw will ever be the same.
Finally he speaks. “I shifted again, didn’t I?”
“Yeah,” I pant. “Ya did.”
“Did I hurt anyone?”
Did a cracked rib cage count? “No, I was able to subdue you before anyone saw you.”
He shook his head, relieved. I remember when I used to shift without meaning to. My mind goes back to the terrible feeling of waking up, wondering if you hurt or even killed someone.
I get to my feet and help Nathan up. His wounds on his legs had healed and as for my ribs? Nothing a good nights sleep wouldn’t cure.


“Will that be all?” asked the cashier.

I processed the question, translating it to Espanol.

“Si,” I replied, nodding from beneath mi hood.

The cashier nodded and surrendered the groceries, mi treasured resources. “Gracias, senorita,” Yo hablo, grinning from beneath mi hood.

The cashier froze at mi smile, her ojos widening in an oh so familiar way. I clapped mi hand over mi mouth, feeling my fangs retract.

“!Lo siento! !Don’t be frightened por favor!”

However, la senorita had already panicked. “Get out!” she yelled, “Get out of here!”

I ran away as fast as I could, wishing mi fangs would stay hidden. Mi hood keeps mi morado ojos out of sight, but the fangs have their way of showing up at just the wrong time.

I was passing la parque on mi way to mi casa, when I spotted Marcus and Nathan, mis amigos de hybrids. El Instinto Asesino was over Nathan. I crept closer, staying hidden as their fight took place. Finally, el Instinto Asesino had passed, and Nathan was back to his bueno self again.

I slid out of the tree I was watching from and called to mis amigos.

“!Aloha mis amigos! I’m off to mi casa. !Enjoy la parque and fight el Instinto Asesino!”

Nosotros no understand I thought as I ran off, Try hablar more Ingles

I turned around and returned to mis amigos, “Do you want to go to my house?” I said slowly, hoping I used the right words.


“Lexie! Stop!”

The voice echoed in my head. It sounded far away and muffled.

I had the prey in sigh. It was right there. With my claws extended, I swiped. My vision was filtered with purple as I let out a low growl, my fangs fully visible.

Now the prey was above me. I lunged upward but it dodged me and scrambled down the wall.

I swiped again, and met my mark. But it didn’t cause enough damage. I needed it in my jaws.

“Stop!” The prey yelled and jumped at the wall again. It skittered along the wall and suddenly darkness enveloped everything.

I roared low and threatening, then peered through the darkness. He had made big mistake. He obviously forgot I had night vision and he didn’t.

Something fell behind me and I did a one-eighty to leap at it. I had my teeth into it…and…

“Lex!” Felix shook at me.

“I shifted again, didn’t I?” I asked, blinking. It was a dumb question. Of course I had.

Felix nodded. I turned to see claw marks on the wall and something that once looked like a book, but was now a pile of shredded paper.

I groaned. “Are you okay? No injuries…this…time?” Last time I had shifted, Felix had gained a large gash to his chest and I had come out of my shift afraid I had killed him.

“No, just a small scratch.”

Felix lived in the same foster home as I. He was one of my only friend and I kept shifting on him.

A lizard hybrid had no chance against the sharp fangs, razor like claws, and instant reactions of a panther hybrid like me.

“Look, we can’t be in the same foster home anymore,” I said. “As I get older, my hybrid just seems to get stronger. I’m going to kill someone one day…”

“Don’t say that! You just need to learn how to keep your temper down and keep your shifts under control.” Felix assured me.

“I’m going outside.” I mumbled and trudged out the door.

Outside I wandered through the park and heard a roar.

Hybrids. I crept closer and saw a bear hybrid and wolf hybrid in a vicious fight. The wolf hybrid was Marcus, I knew him vaguely. The other, I didn’t recognise.

After the fight, they got up, exchanged a few words, and walked away. I slid out from where I was standing and scampered up to them.

“Hello!” I said as cheerful as I could and hoped that Marcus remembered me.

@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Exploding_Kitten


I finished putting the sentence on the wall of my cramped home.


I smirked and stretched. Man, George Orwell, you have no idea how true that is.

I then sighed. This could be worse, Trey. You’re in a house, you aren’t a wolf mutant, you don’t have a desire for raw meat… or bugs…

“Gah, I’m horrible at cheering myself up.” I yelled.

“Hello?” I suddenly heard.

I… cough shrieked, and then noticed my neighbor at the door with a couple policemen behind her.
Oh no. Oh no ohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohno. They found out I’m a Bat mutant. I’m going to go to prison…or whatever they put us in… Wait, wait, no. Open the door, and see what’s the what.

I took a deep breath and started singing inwardly, “It’s gonna be okay, It’s gonna be okay. No matter what you’ve been through, here you are, No matter if it seems you’re falling apart. It’s gonna be okay.”

“Hello, Ms. Lamont! How are you?” I said, opening the door.

She burst right in, the policemen following. “Oh, I’m fine, Trey girl. A little nervous now. These nice young men told me that witnesses have seen one of those awful mutants near by.”

I’m sure my eyes widened. “O-oh?” I said, trying to keep my nerves under control. “W-what type?”

“Eh, well, witnesses say it looked a bit like a wolf,” he said. “We’re warning everyone nearby that there may be danger. Have you seen any?”

I closed my eyes and was giving thanks. I then realized what he said. “I-I’m sorry?”

“Have you seen any wolf mutants?”


“Ah. Well, we’ll be going. Thank you for your time, ma’am.”

Ms. Lamont followed them out. “Be careful!”

“Yeah, bye.”

I glanced around my house. And now I have to leave. Man oh man.

Later that night

I called the relator, packed what little I had, and prepared to leave. I’m sure I won’t find another home. Not for a while. I ran through the woods, and jumped off a tall hill. Adieu.


I stare at the girl in front of me. Oh, her house. I shake my head. “I would love to, but I have to report this to Damian.”
Nathan had already gone home to sleep and to heal. I touch my injured ribs. I should probably do the same, but was I? No. I look up at the girl. “Wanna come along?”
She nods and we walk towards town. We pass a bush, just as a figure leaps out of it. My eyes flash blue and I extend my hand, my claws no more than an inch from their throat.
“Argh, don’t surprise me like that.” I chide the girl I recognize as Lexi.
She swallows hard. “S-sorry, I forgot.” She was a panther hybrid, probably the only hybrids other than the lizards that could sneak up on a wolf. I retract my claws, allowing my heart rate to return to normal. It wasn’t healthy to shift twice on the same day.
I turn to the other girl. “Hey, Lexi meet…” “Sombrita.” The girl finishes.
“We are on our way to Damian’s want to come?”
Lexi nods and we continue walking.
Soon we reach Blood Moon Martial Arts studio, a fitting name for an outfit run by Damian. I wonder if the other two had ever met Damian. I smile inwardly at what they were going to say. We push through the door and enter the old, but tidy studio. A large mat covered most of the floor and several punching bags hung in the corner. Should anyone look closely they might wonder at the small claw marks covering the bags. “Damian?” I call out, the labored breathing coming from the back room telling me exactly where he was.
I round the corner to see Damian, sweat running down his rippling muscles, preforming chin ups. I watch him, a little envious and a little awed. “Uh, Damian?” He finally lets go of the bar and drops to the ground. “What?” He pants before dropping into one handed push ups.
“Um, well, Nathan shifted today.”
He finishes and gets to his feet. “Did anyone see?”
I shake my head. “Nope, I was able to subdue him in time.”
Damian nods. “Good. Now who are the two you have with you?”
I turn to the two girls who look a little flushed.

@Exploding_Kitten @Millennium


Who are nosotros? A question I’m asked often, though it’s usually ‘who are tu’.

The other chica with me, Lexi es her nombre. Habla Englies better then I. She, on the other hand, says nothing.

“No hablo mucho Engles,” I murmur, hoping la chica will speak.



“Argh, don’t surprise me like that.” Marcus scolded.

“Opps, sorry…” I gulped slightly. I didn’t want to get into a scrape with a wolf hybrid. Wolf and Panther hybrids were perfectly equal in a battle. Only I had an advantage because I could climb. Almost anything.

“Hey Lexi meet…” Marcus paused.

“Sombrita.” Answered the other girl who I determined was a panther hybrid.

“Anyway,” Marcus continued, “We are on our way to Damian’s, want to come?”

I nodded slightly and we started walking. I had only been in Blood Moon Martial Arts studio once, and that was just to look around.

We shortly reach the building and all scampered through the door.

I looked around. Mats covered the floor, punching bags hung from the ceiling, and with a little more observation, I noticed claw marks scarred some of the equipment.

“Damian?” Marcus called.

Heavy breathing coming from the back of the room indicated the location of the man.

We walked around a corner and saw him doing chin-ups in a corner of the room.

“Um, Damian?” Marcus seemed to have a glint jealousy in his eyes.

Damian dropped of the bars he was hanging on and got on the ground. He started preforming push-ups as he panted, “What?”

“Um, well, Nathan shifted today.” Marcus explained.

Damian stood. “Did anyone see?”

Marcus shook his head. “Nope, I was able to subdue him in time.”

“Good,” Damian nodded. “Now who are the two you have with you?”

Marcus turned to Sombrita and I.

“No hablo mucho Engles.” She murmured. I understood a few of the words and started to talk.

“Okay. Um, I’m Lexie, and this is Sombrita,” I said, gesturing to the girl. “I’m a Panther hybrid. And so is Sombrita?” I looked at her for confirmation. She nodded.

“Yes. So what exactly do you do here, Mr. Damian?” I asked.

@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Exploding_Kitten


It was dusk, my favorite time of day. I sighed, letting the cool air flow over me. I removed my white hoodie and let my wings unfold. I loved that feeling. When I took off my jacket and my wings slowly un-creased.

I stretched my wings. I looked up to enjoy the setting sun, but instead, I saw a shape free-falling from a hill. Oh my goodness, I thought, ready to help if need be. But then, I saw wings spread out, catching their owner in mid-air. My heart lifted at the sight, and I sprinted after them. When I had enough momentum, I flapped forcefully and lifted into the air. When I was beside her, I smiled. “Hi! Who are you?”


I quietly hummed the Laurel and Hardy theme as I flew through the air. I noticed a small figure walking in a field. I squinted and saw that she looked like a hybrid. Eh, why not.

I suddenly dive-bombed down to where she was. Making a slight bow, I grinned at her.

“Hello! Who are you?”



I look up at the strange person who appeared right in front of me. Her lips move but I can’t hear her over my music.

“I don’t wanna be no backseat, no backseat driver!”

I stare at her for a moment, then try to walk past. She catches my shoulder, and I hear a muffle. It sounded like she was asking me a question, or saying she asked me a question. I keep my head down and push past.

“I don’t wanna naviga-ate, would You take it over?”

I look at the ground as I walk past the girl. I didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I just listened to my music and avoided people. And people avoided me, I liked it that way.

“I don’t wanna ever doubt You, I’m lost without You, Loooord!”

I feel a hand on my shoulder, and start to lose it. But right at the moment when my eyes would turn red and my tail, which was hidden under my skirt, would lash out, I caught myself and exhaled slowly. I raised my eyes to meet the girl’s, and I suddenly realized she looked like a hybrid.

“I don’t wanna be no backseat, no backseat driver!”

My song ended, and instead of instantly playing the next song on my playlist, I stopped it and turned my phone off. I took out my earplugs and stared at the girl.Then I did something I thought I wouldn’t do in a long time.

“H-h-hi?” My voice sounded strange and loud coming out. I rarely spoke, and when I did speak, it was to my family. Even then I only spoke in a very soft voice, my family had good ears, they could hear me. But I never spoke to a person my age before. The girl smiles and I cringe. Nobody, not even my family, looked straight at me.



I grin. “Ah! She can speak! I was having my doubts!”

She flinched slightly. Oh. Tone it down, Trey. No point in scarin’ her.

I coughed slightly. “I’m Trey Myrkur. I am a Bat hybrid.” Wait… why am I telling her?

The girl seemed surprised that I was willingly telling her that. “I’m… Delila.”


Oh! She’s talking to me!

Since I didn’t want to say anymore I just grin at Trey and swing my tail out from under my skirt. I gesture to it hoping she’ll get that I’m a Scorpion hybrid.



I smiled at her. “Scorpion?” Yeah. State the obvious, Trey.

She nodded and didn’t say anything.

O-kaaay… "Um… where are you going to?



I stare at the ground and murmur, “Home.” I didn’t think about whether the girl could hear me or not.

“To do homework.” I added quietly, still looking at the ground. “Because I just got out of to school.” I say before Trey could say anything.



I raised an eyebrow. Either she was really shy, or hiding something.

“What grade are you in?”


“Seventh.” I replied, barely moving my lips. I let my hair fall over my face and I took a step backward.

“I’d really like to go now, please.” I kept staring at the ground and took another step backward. I didn’t like being talked to and I didn’t like talking. I needed to get out of there.

“Um, bye.” With that I turned around and ran as fast as I could toward home. I hugged my book bag close and kept looking at the ground while I ran. I wanted to get away, to somewhere quiet where I could think and listen to my music. I put my earplugs back in and pushed play on my ipod.

“Here in this worn and weary land, where many a dream has died”

I slowed to a walk closing my eyes and nodding my head to the beat.

“Like a tree planted by the water, we never will run dry.”

Oh please let that girl, Trey, leave me alone! I just want to be alone, with my music.

“So Living water, flowing through, God we thirst, for more of You. Fill our hearts, and flood our souls, with one deeesire.”

I hum along to the tune as the chorus plays. A slight smile lifts my mouth as I walk along the dirt road in the woods.

I guess she decided to leave me alone!