Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a girl who did not know who she was or what she was. This is her story, about the decisions she will make. Her decisions, big and small, will determine the story.

Let’s see what she does.


A young girl opened her eyes to gaze up at the moon. It was round, full, and pure white. The stars gazed down on her as well, bright as jewels on a velvet cloth. She was lying on something soft and slightly moist. The trickling of water met her ears.

She was confused for a short time, but got up. A terrible ache spread throughout her body. A seeming non sequitur of thoughts drifted through her mind.

"How did I get here? Wow… I love the night here, it’s so beautiful. I love the moon…"

"I don’t have a name do I…"

"I should fix that…"

"Luna… that’s nice… it matches my beautiful companion in the sky. Luna… it suits for now."

"Now… to find that water…"

As she set out, she couldn’t help but notice that the moon was not alone in the sky. Other spheres, not nearly as bright, shared the night sky with the moon’s light. The ground beneath her feet was also fascinating. It seemed to be a sort of moss that glowed with it’s own soft light.

The water was not far away. A spring bubbled up out of the ground reflecting the light of the moon and stars.


As the girl bent over the water for a drink, she happened to catch a glimpse of herself in the water. Her reflection revealed chestnut brown hair that fell past her shoulders; pale, smooth skin, and different-colored eyes. One eye was turquoise, the other was silver.

She found her interesting, especially her eyes. She examined her face, seeing how she would look with different expressions. She turned her head back and forth, musing on how each side looked like a different person.


As the girl who called herself Luna gazed at her reflection in the water, she heard a strange voice call. It was soft, sweet, and clear. As it spoke, the spring rippled.

“My Lady,”

“My Lady,”

“Where are you?”

“Where are you?”


The girl called Luna was startled, but curious.

“Who are they calling for? Who is that?.. Are they in trouble? I should go see if they need help… but be stealthy… they could be trouble or something… I still don’t know where I am after all.”

The moonlight continued to dance on the water. It was then that the girl noticed something very odd. The moon was not alone in the night sky. Other spheres crowded on the horizon. They twinkled with the light of distant cities in the sky. Even in the reflection of the water, she could see that they all had massive towers spiking from their surfaces piercing black against the stars.