Logical Counseling

Do you need help making a decision, dealing with a problem, or just need logical advice? You have come to the right place. Simply ask your questions and myself or some other helpful person will offer logical advice. Please don’t stop bringing your problems to the Prayers topic because prayer is powerful, but for some additional help be sure to turn here.
For those who are helping others on this topic I have a few rules:

  • Keep the emotional advice to a minimum. Emotions are important (to some people), but this is the “Logical” Counseling topic.
  • Don’t spam the topic with useless posts that don’t actually offer advice.
  • Of course, don’t kick people when they are down.

I hope that this topic helps lots of people.


What if a girl wants advice for something about boys and wants to talk to a girl about it? (I’m not saying this is me I’m just wondering.)


That is fine. It won’t only be me answering questions. Others can too.




This is good, yes. However, I believe it would be better over private messaging. Very few wish to present their personal issues to be discussed in public and for the world to read. If needs are seen, I believe the person having them would feel more comfortable being approached privately then publicly.