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“Now come the days of the king. May they be blessed.”


I wish we could start an Inklings group of all us crazyawesome writers.:smirk:
Fave LOTR moment: (British accent) What about second breakfast?


Cat: -is chomping on my earbuds-

Me: They are not for eating.

Only LOTR fans will understand


Hello!!! I am a HUGEEEEEE LIKE SO HUGE fan of LOTR and The Hobbit movies. I love Legolas especially :heart: who are you guys faves?


We can tell.

I think one of my favorites is Galadriel.


I have a lot of favorites! Aragorn, Èowyn, Èomer, Merry, and Pippin among them. Gandalf is good too. Oh, and Treebeard.


Yes, Aragorn is one of my favorites as well! He’s great, and my whole family (even my dad, who doesn’t really get invested in any movie since he sleeps through them lol) loves him. Merry and Pippin are SO ADORABLE! I personally dont like Èowyn just because I was really shipping Aragorn and Arwen at that point, and she kind of just butted in lol.

Also, I don’t like Èomer so much simply because I can’t get past the fact that he has a “squid lip” (his mustache in my humble opinion makes his mouth look like the beak of a squid) and my sister also really likes him lol. Also his personality just…meh. I usually like quiet stoic types but as I said looks are very (like very and people call me shallow for this lol) important and his squid lip…

Gandalf is GREATTT!!! I found him a little (just a little tiny bit) rude-ish in the first Hobbit and LOTR movies what with calling everyone fools and all, but all in all I love him!

As for Treebeard, I personally do not like him. He’s my dad’s favorite, but he’s just a little too slow and ent-ish for me. I like warriors who can hold their own. Not that Treebeard can’t hold his own, as he showed us he could indeed when he and his ent friends attacked Isengard, but like I said before ents are too big and slow in battle for me to really like the way they fight, and while Treebeard was great, because of his slow-ness and reluctance to fight when Merry asked him to led me to pull him away from my list of favorites.

Lol, sorry for the long post :grin:


Yah! Galadriel is great. I love her as well :blush:


I see, haha. Èowyn has a lot more to her story than just her crush on Aragorn, tho.

I suppose I like Treebeard because while he may be slow and thoughtful, he’s also a very unique character and what his presence represents is very special to the general essence of the Lord of The Rings universe (in my opinion.) And although his reluctance to fight is unsatisfactory, it’s also understandable and perhaps even predictable when you take into account what his kind has seen and endured. You have to appreciate a character like that to some extent, with that kind of depth and the fact that Merry was able to convince him that fighting was still worth it.

I can see what you mean about Gandalf being rude, especially in the Hobbit movies. Mostly because of him inviting so many dwarves into Bilbo’s home without asking his permission, which is a detail that has always irked me. :joy: I suppose it’s a pet peeve of mine. Although I’m afraid Gandalf has rubbed off me a bit, because I call people fools quite fondly nowadays.

Have you watched the extended edition of the LOTR films? Have you ever read the books? (They’re hefty tomes, so I don’t blame you if you haven’t, lol)


Perhaps this will open your mind a little.

In the original book, the decision of the Ent Moot was to go to war to protect their forest. Thus began the last march of the ents.

Never arouse the wrath of an ancient and ponderous race. Your destruction will be very deliberate and intentional.

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Faramir Is the best, in my opinion.


I would need to say legolas.


Tauriel, Merry & Pipin, Kili, and Legolas is always the coolest.


Probably Eowyn, Eomer, Frodo, Aragorn, and Faramir, though I love them all.
From the Hobbit: Bilbo, Balin, Smaug, and Bard. Tbh I’m going off my idea of book Bard more than movie Bard, but he’s still alright.




Lol sorry. I appreciate Faramir on so many levels. He is (to me) such a brave and noble man and warrior, and the fact that his father hates him and yet he still serves Denethor and Gondor so nobly is such a clue to his real character. I loved his relationship with Boromir as well.

@WildBlueshine I understand how much character Èowyn has, as @MulanLightFury is very skilled at arguing her points and is always saying how much better she is than Arwen (although I’ll forever disagree with her), and I think she’s a great character, she just wouldn’t make it to my favorites list. :slight_smile:

Yes, Treebeard is very unique. It is understandable, indeed, and I suppose I should’ve seen it coming lol. I appreciate him and it was very interesting to hear about the ent community, although I found him a bit too much of a comic relief and without too much depth. But it’s just my opinion :wink:

I have not read LOTR yet, as I’m currently in the middle of The Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth, and I want to finish The Children of Hurin and The Silmarillion before I start reading Lord of the Rings. I am going to watch the extended editions of Lord of the Rings soon, but right now I’m in the middle of watching Lord of the Rings with some friends who have never seen it before, but once we finish that we’ll be watching the extended editions with my brother :slight_smile: .

This conversation is very interesting, thank you for providing such good and well-argued opinions!

(Lol I’ve been writing too many essays)

@Rapunzel cue meme hold up

I respect your opinion very much and know it’s totally okay for people to have different opinions, but I find Frodo to be THE WORST hobbit I’ve ever encountered. He is (to me lol) whiny and can’t really do anything, but I’ve seen a lot of good arguments for why people love him so much.

Aragorn and Faramir are both amazing!

AND BILBO IS SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!! His little ticks…AaAgahGAga explodes in a pile of glitter he’s precious.

I love Balin, too! He’s so underrated, but he’s such a great character! My sisters and I have this thing where we call people “cute old men” lol, and he’s one of the ones on the top of our list!

Smaug is a cool villain, I just don’t find him that likeable if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Bard is excellent as well! He’s so cool!

@Millennium Yeah! I love Tauriel, although the first time I watched the Hobbit I didn’t appreciate her quite as much. Merry and Pippin are great, and Kili is also amazing. He can get on my nerves (disclaimer: just a leetle bit; it’s mostly just his mannerisms and flirting) but I love him as well.

I don’t think I need to say anything about Legolas

@Ultra-commando Lol I can tell we’re going to be friends :grinning:


Hey @Star_Beloved please take note of how I’ve merged your posts! :grin: It’s a lot more efficient to @ the different people you’re talking to instead of replying to each of them one at a time. Thank you!


I agree.


Haha! I totally get where you’re coming from—in fact I used to feel the same way. He can certainly come across that way in the movies, but in the books I think you’ll discover a lot more about his character to love. Not to mention, he is under immense pressure both externally and internally—fighting with the same force that quickly drove Boromir mad for days, weeks, months, and yet not giving in. That in my eyes makes him an amazing character.
Again tho, just from watching the movies, he can come across as whiny so I get what you’re saying.


@Gworg ah, yes. Thank you! :blush:

@Rapunzel anywho, yes, I’m sure there is more to Frodo’s character in the books, since there’s usually a lot more of everything in books, and I hope to be reading them soon! (However, as I explained to @Gworg I have a long way to go before I start on those) I see what you’re saying about his fight with the Ring, and I certainly can respect him for that. :blush:


Hello! I have new (good) news!

I just finished The Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle Earth and am now beginning The Fellowship of the Ring (I bought a BOOTIFUL new edition)