Men in black role play bio topic

This is where you can put in your bio for my role play

These websites should help

The naming works like this

I would be Agent U because i am U-ltra-commando now, i wont be using ultra-commando in the RP.
also i think if your first name and last name is the same it is double like Josh john yea not the most creative> . so your name would be agent JJ

The things you should add to your bio is,
Weapon, weapons.
Agent name
whether you are an agent at the start of the RP or not,
Alien or not, if so what type
if you want to add anything else

if you want a neuralyzer than you can get it by,
if your trainer quits, asks you to neuralyze him,
or so people can have a bunch of neuralyzers than you can get it eventualy


Name: Michael Jones
Alias: Agent M
weapons: Agent pistol, series 4 De-Atomizer, neuralyzer.
I am an agent
I am a human
Fav weapon: Tri Barrel Plasma gun