Minecraft: Survival World

The first thing Peri did when she emerged out of the tunnel was look at the enderman’s eyes. She didn’t want to, but what’s the first thing you would do if you found an enderman with a green eye?

Any doubt in her mind that Sophie and the enderman were friends disappeared as Sophie calmed him down and coaxed him into not attacking Peri. The fact that she can stop an enderman, who are relentless in nature. . . She shook her head in dull astonishment.

The enderman stared at her. She stared at his chest. Take your hand off the sword, Chasm, her thoughts nagged her, and her hand slipped to her side.

“C’mon, Peri, we need to get Kevin’s arm fixed up,” said Sophie once she had helped Kevin to his feet. The duo started for the exit; Peri trailed behind them in silence.

How does one take care of a wounded enderman? she huffed to herself in silent laughter; who knew that thought would ever crossed her mind? This is too strange. A girl who’s friends with an enderman with a green eye. . .

As Sophie lead him up the tunnel, Kevin turned his head and looked at Peri. She could hear a growl playing at his throat. Peri bit her lips and focused on a spot on his elbow swinging back and forth, not letting her eyes betray her once more. “H’lo there,” she said softly. The growling got louder.

Sophie looked back at her and flashed a smile. Peri saw her squeeze his arm tighter.

Peri tried again. “H’lo. I’m Peri. Sorry I looked at you. I know you don’t like that. I hope you can forgive me. . . . I’ve just never seen an enderman with green eyes before. . .” She had to remind herself again to not look up.

Kevin let out a steady growl as she talked to him, but otherwise made no move. Peri averted her eyes to her feet in a sort of respectful gesture.

“Why does he have a green eye, Sophie?”



Sophie glanced at Kevin, frowning at his growls toward Peri.
I know he’s angry that she took me away, but it was all for good.
She leaned her head against his thin, black arm and rubbed his hand with her thumb.
“It’s ok, Kevin.” she said softly, even though his growls were louder she knew he could hear her. “It’s ok, she’s a friend, please don’t be angry at her, she’s a friend, she saved me. Nothing bad happened, I’m ok, everything’s ok, please don’t be mad.”

Kevin’s growls lessened as Peri asked, “Why does he have a green eye, Sophie?”
Kevin stopped in his tracks, Peri almost running into him. His growls got louder and louder, until, when they came almost to an endermen war cry, Sophie clamped her hand over Kevin’s mouth. He looked down at her, pleading with his eyes. Sophie turned toward Peri and said quietly.

“I’ve never told anyone that, not even my closest friends. It’s Kevin’s secret and he doesn’t want anyone else but me and him to know it.” She looked away, “He always said someone had to prove themselves worthy of his trust before he ever consider telling them. Right now,” Sophie giggled, even though it was a serious matter, “you’re not very close to gaining his trust.”



Are endermen more dangerous when they make friends, or is it just me?

Peri didn’t say anything and looked back down at her feet as they left the cave. An unwelcome wave of red-hot guilt washed over her.

First I left him in the cave to die, then I looked him in the eyes when I clearly shouldn’t have, then I asked a sensitive question. This is all wrong. I have no right to be around him or Sophie. This is why I try to stay away from people. . .

Peri gritted her teeth and her face reddened. She wanted to apologize. She wanted to say something. But she knew if she started talking, tears would follow. And she wouldn’t let a stranger see her cry.

“Hey, um. . . you two go ahead to the village. I’m going for a quick walk. . . to get some supplies and um. . . to clear up my head a little. There’s extra supplies in the chest if you need anything.”

“Okay!” Sophie flashed her a warm smile and continued up the path. Peri watched them go with a sort of fascination and pity, and then headed into the woods.

A little ways away from the village, she fell back on a tree and slid to the ground. She gazed up at the tree’s deep-green needles and breathed a long sigh. It’s not my fault, she told herself, I didn’t know the enderman was her friend. There was no way of knowing.

The guilt didn’t subside.

She swallowed as a single tear rolled down her cheek and under her chin.

This is why, she said again, I stay away from everyone. Things always go wrong. . .

A fern rustled a few feet away from her. Peri gazed at it and spotted a pair of big, triangular ears, which were attached to a fuzzy head, which had curious dark blue eyes.

Peri smiled weakly at the wolf, which cocked its head at her. The wolf tentatively took a step out of the fern, towards her. Her smile grew ever so slightly, and she slowly extended her hand. “You can come here. As long as you don’t eat me of course.”

The wolf padded to her and sniffed her hand. “Want some bones? I have a few.”

It cocked its head again as Peri took out three bones. The wolf came closer and grab one of them in its jaws. It turned a circle and wagged its tail.

Peri chuckled and ran her fingers over the wolf’s grey-white fur. “I’ll call you Nelly.”

Peri and Nelly sat under the tree for a long time.



Sophie sighed as she bandaged Kevin’s arm. “You really shouldn’t be so mean to people, Kevin, not everyone is determined to kill me.”
Kevin humphed and averted his gaze.
“I have a feeling you made our new friend feel bad. I know you’re not good at being nice but you can always try your best to at least not show you hate them.”
Kevin muttered grumpily under his breath.
“I know that’s why you stay in the background, but this is a survival world, not a server full of people, we need to stay together.”
Kevin made what sounded a little bit like a whine.
“We can’t be alone the whole time! If we really want to survive, the best way is to team up and build strong bases! And plus we get to make new friends!”
Kevin put his hand to his head and moaned slightly.
“Here, why don’t you get some rest and I’m gonna go do something. I’ll be fine! I can take care of myself for a few minutes, I won’t be gone long.” And before Kevin could protest Sophie zipped out the door and shut it behind her.

She wandered around the village some until she saw a figure leaning against a tree in the distance. Sophie walked over to Peri and sat down on the grass beside her. A wolf panted happily at Peri’s feet while she stroked it, smiling.
“Hello,” Sophie began, startling Peri a bit. Sophie smiled and continued, “Hey, I’m sorry for what happened, I know you must feel terrible and I wanted to make sure you were ok.”
The smile slipped from Peri’s face and she looked away. Sophie frowned in pity,
“Kevin’s really overprotected, but I have gotten into some pretty bad scrapes that he pulled me out of. I’m not that good at strategy, you see, and I just plunge ahead not knowing the danger. Even though Kevin can be a big, grumpy, no fun guy he just has a soft spot for me underneath…”
Sophie trailed off and her face clouded over with memory, “I think he got it when he rescued me that night zombies attacked and killed my family…” She blinked back to reality and blushed a little,
“I know I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, Kevin wouldn’t want me to but…” Sophie locked eye contact with Peri, “I feel like I can trust you.”



Peri looked up at Sophie with sympathy in her expression. “I’m glad you trust me. I’m still trying to decide if I should trust you back.” Or importantly, trust myself. She took a deep breath and slowly stood up. “Hey, I’m sorry for everything. I know we didn’t exactly start off on the right foot, Kevin and I. I didn’t treat him the way I ought to have. I just didn’t know. . .”

“It’s okay, Peri!” Sophie put a hand on her shoulder, “I’ve forgiven you. Now you know. Let’s go back to the village. What’s your dog’s name?”

Peri smiled weakly as they started walking. “Nelly.”

“Nelly is really sweet!”

“Yeah, I think I saw her yesterday too. . . near spawn. Looks like she’s warmed up to me.”

Sophie grinned.

“Will you let me come near Kevin, or does he need space?” Peri asked.

“He probably needs space, but he should also get aquainted with you soon. Later this afternoon, probably.”

“I need to grab supplies anyway. I still only have stone tools, and no armor.” Peri chuckled. “How about you take care of Kevin, and I’ll go back in the cave and get us some iron and coal and things?”

“Sounds great!!” Sophie twirled in place. “See you later today, then?”

“Yeah! I’ll be back with things for both of us. Would you mind finding some food as well?”

“Of course! We’re going to make a great team.” exclaimed Sophie, grinning ear to ear.

Peri smiled back respectfully. Doubt danced in her eyes.

Sophie softened her smile. “I know we will.” Then she continued to the village.

As Peri got out her pickaxe and started down the cave for the third time, with Nelly right behind her, she thought to herself, I think I can learn to trust her, at least.



~~Generating world~~

Emily instantly surveyed her surroundings. Tundra. That meant mountains and spruce trees. She was certain a snowy plain wasn’t far.

After taking a few steps, she saw a mountain. That was her target. She would build a 4000 block cobblestone fort there, dominating anyone around. All the diamonds and iron should would mine would be safe and secure.

Just like her brother taught her. Emily put her hands on her hips and grinned.

After collecting some logs from a smaller spruce tree, she started up the mountain, quickly analyzing the fastest route to the top.

Huffing slightly and a little hungry, Emily finally reached the top. This would be perfect. She could mine plenty of minerals here, connecting her mines to caves which would give her routes all over the mountain and making the ultimate maze that would render any intruder completely lost.

She quickly put together a crafting table and placed it on the ground. After fashioning a wooden sword and pickaxe, she dumped her remaining scraps of wood in a chest and set off back down the mountain to explore.

A village was to the west and signs of another building close by. Emily was suspicious of most other people, afraid they would rob her, hurt her.

She veered towards the village. There was a chance these people wouldn’t be brutal. But she kept a tight grip on her sword as she approached.

She would just grab a bed and leave. If she bumped into anyone…well, let’s just say she knew how to handle a sword, how to add an extra jab that could change the tide of the battle.

Emily was determined to be dominant. She’d be the king on the mountain.

Well, queen on the mountain.


Well, I’m glad that’s fixed up. Sophie thought as she skipped back to the village to grab a sword and get some food.

An hour later Sophie trotted back into the village with plenty of mutton, pork, beef, and chicken. As she sat by the furnace waiting for it to cook she glanced out the window and saw a girl about her age with long, brown hair tiptoeing toward a house, looking around with narrowed eyes. She looked nervous, determined, and hungry.

Well, I can help with that! Sophie grabbed some cooked pork from the furnace and burst through the door yelling “HI!”
The brown haired girl nearly jumped out of her shoes and immediately whipped out a sword. Sophie stopped a few feet away from her and giggled.
“Sorry, I guess I was a bit too loud there. Anyway hi! You look hungry and I have plenty of food so here!” She thrust out the cooked pork and gave the girl her biggest smile.
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Emily ducked into a house and started to look around. Villagers never seemed to care if someone took anything so why not grab a few things?

She reached to unlatch a chest when she was suddenly assaulted with a happy, bubbly, enthusiastic, pork-smelling ‘HI!’

Emily groped for her sword, waving it in front of herself in warning. She realized that no one was attacking her and that giggles were coming from the doorway.

A brown haired girl stood looking at her through big, grey eyes. Hardly a threat. Emily put her sword away, feeling a little silly.

The girl laughed. “Sorry, I guess I was a bit too loud there. Anyway hi! You look hungry and I have plenty of food so here.” She handed Emily some pork.

“Ah, thanks.” Emily took it gingerly and nibbles on it. Yummy. Anyways, time to establish dominance.

“I’m Emily,” she waved a hand toward her mountain. “I’m your new mountain queen.”

That sounded really dumb.

“I mean, I live on that mountain. Well, I don’t really live there yet, I’m still building.”

She mentally slapped herself. Why couldn’t she speak today? “Forget everything I just said.” She muttered and then cleared her throat.

“I’m Emily and I’m going to build a big fort over there. So, um, don’t try and rob me. I won’t rob you.”

How did that sound dominating? Okay new strategy, let action speak louder than words and just get the fort built, demonstrating her dominance-y…-ness.

The girl looked at her expectancy. Emily wasn’t sure what to do next. She wanted to be friends. That was okay. She opened her mouth to invite the girl to her fort when it was completed when a black, tall figure appeared at the door.




Sophie glanced behind her, “Oh! Hi Kevin!” She gave him a quick hug as the girl, Emily, stared in utter confusion. “Did you have a good rest?”
Kevin yawned and made a contented endermen noise.
“Good. Anyway,” Sophie turned back to Emily, who’s expression had changed to suspicion. “Nice to meet you Emily! And my friend here is Kevin, he’s a good endermen unless you hurt me but I think you’re nice so hopefully that won’t happen.” she laughed nervously.
“You’re fort sounds cool! There’s another girl I met named Peri, she’s probably coming back soon.”

Sophie looked around and down the village street but she didn’t see any signs of Peri coming back. Kevin made an grumpy endermen noise which made Emily stiffen. Sophie tried to break the tenseness, “Hey! It’s almost evening and Peri should be back any minute now, why don’t we find you a bed for the night, Emily? Uh, assuming you don’t have one, of course if you already have one we, um, don’t need to…”
Man that was awkward. Sophie scratched her head nervously, looking at the ground and shifting from side to side in embarrassment. Usually she was great at small talk, but Kevin added a tenseness in the air she just couldn’t get rid of.
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Emily smiled weakly, still eyeballing the Enderman. “It’s fine, I’ve never seen a pet Enderman before.”

Her gaze drifted. “Thank you for the food. I shall now go and build by…house.”

As she made a move to step out of the house, a grey and white cat darted into the room.

Emily grinned and grabbed some raw cod from the chest next to her, and fed it to the cat.

The cat purred and I scooped it up. “I think I’ll take this kitty with me.”



Sophie’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Pet?! No no no! Kevin’s my friend.” She looked up and smiled apologetically as Kevin growled a little.
“Um, so yeah I guess I’ll leave to building…as a matter a face I need to build a house for myself too…hey! Why don’t we build houses together? Mine can be next to your fort and we could be neighbors!!”

Sophie smiled big at the idea. “We can help each other out and when Peri comes back maybe she’ll help us to! We could start a whole neighborhood!! We could-” she stopped suddenly as she realized Emily wasn’t there anymore. She’d picked up her cat and ran off. Sophie felt disappointed and sighed, “Oh well, I guess she wants to build alone…”
Kevin put a hand on her shoulder and made an apologetic endermen noise.
“Yeah, you’re right Kevin, I guess I think too fast and people can’t keep up. Well, I guess we should build a house, shouldn’t we?”

And soon Sophie’s optimism returned as she and Kevin collected wood to build a house a little outside the village. By the time they’d finished it was sunset and Sophie went to bed while Kevin teleported out to collect supplies from caves and such.



Peri had a lot to think about as she scanned the tunnels for coal and iron. For one thing, due to all that had happened, she hadn’t even begun to consider what she was going to do next. She was still basically homeless, lodging in a village. She started thinking about house designs and locations. I liked that forest I met Nelly in. . . Right next door to the village for easy trading. I’ve never done a forest base before. . .

Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar vWOOP. Peri jumped a little, then smiled. An enderman. Any chance at getting an enderpearl or two was always welcome. She turned to the enderman. . .

It had a green eye.

Peri panicked for just a second, and then calmed down and looked away. “Oh. . . Hey, Kevin. Feeling better?”

Peri couldn’t understand enderman speech, but if the noise Kevin just made wasn’t a “HUMPH,” she’d eat her pickaxe.

Kevin turned away and dug his slender claws into the stone, pulling out an iron ore. Strong thing, Peri thought.

Peri finished mining out a vein of coal and then looked back in Kevin’s direction. “I’m sorry,” she breathed, “. . .For everything.”

Kevin glanced at me and then looked back at his iron vein. Peri could barely hear a low growl.

Just then Nelly turned the corner, saw Kevin and immediately started barking.

“Oh, for Notch’s sakes, quiet down. He’s all right.”

Nelly ceased, although her hackles didn’t go down.

Peri rolled her eyes and turned back to her work. “Sorry 'bout that, too.”

Kevin responded with a sort of dismissive noise.

A minute later, Peri finally managed to light up all the caves and began her trip back home. As she made her way back up the cave, a dark spot on the ceiling caught her eye. A piece of coal ore that she had missed. After contemplating it for a second, she squatted, jumped, and swang her pickaxe into the air. Missed. She tried again. . . nothing but air. Oh well. . . She started to walk away when she heard movement behind her. She turned around, and nearly gasped.

There was Kevin, standing at his full height, pulling the ore down from the ceiling. She could hear the coal scraping against the stone as it came loose.

He really is strong!

Kevin set the coal on the ground, avoiding eye contact. Tentatively, Peri, reached down and picked it up. “. . .Thanks.”

He said nothing.

“I guess that means you forgive me?”

He grunted.

Peri smirked, and continued up the cave. Kevin followed a few meters behind.

It was night by the time she surfaced. When she came into the house Sophie was already in bed. She quietly opened the chest and emptied her pockets. She smiled. 22 iron ore and 30 coal. Not bad!

After throwing some coal and iron into the furnace, she washed her face in the village fountain and finally collapsed into bed.


The first thing Peri noticed when she woke up was that Sophie was already out of bed. In fact, her whole bed was missing. She wondered what she was up to. Oh well, she had her own plans anyway. She sprung out of bed and made two pairs of shears, her mind spinning with ideas. A treehouse. It had to be a treehouse. Towering above all the other treetops, with a view of the village and the surrounding forest and mountains, maybe even with bridges connected to other trees.

On her way back into the forest to find a suitable spot, she couldn’t help but notice a new house several yards from the edge of the village. It wasn’t huge, but it was still four times as big as a village house. Sophie was on the roof, delicately placing stair blocks. Peri smiled; she looked forward to visiting her soon.

She decided on the tree she sat under yesterday. She expanded the trunk so that it was three logs across instead of two, and made the whole tree taller and broader using logs from other trees. She also added more leaves. The treehouse itself was a large, wide platform with a hollow inside where she decided to put her storage and furnaces and such. The way up was a spiral staircase around the trunk. She had one bed on the ground in the form of a hammock, hanging from the underside of the staircase by chains, and another bed at the top of the house, inside the platform. On top of the platform was some carpet for Nelly and any future pets to rest on.

The treehouse was mostly finished by dusk. Peri slept in the hammock, lulled by the sound of the wind rustling the leaves above, and by the steady rocking of the bed.

The next day, she decided to visit Sophie, and she was delighted to find that her house was coming together very nicely. She felt warm and welcome just looking at it from the outside. She approached the door and knocked, and waited for an answer. @LilaKitty

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Sophie looked back at her creation, a house entirely made of diorite, her favorite stone. Kevin has harvested stacks and stacks of it from caves the night before and she had been delighted (“You know me so well, Kevin!”). Sophie had started on her house right away, picking a pretty little clearing among the trees with a river nearby. She’d made it as homey and comfortable as possible, adding wooden blocks inside the diorite walls.

As she looked satisfactorily around her little two story house she heard a knock on the door behind her. Startled a bit, Sophie opened the door to find Peri, grinning widely. Sophie smiled back,

“Hi Peri! Welcome to my house! It’s not exactly finished yet, I’m not done with the second floor, but if you’d like I could show you around!”



“I’d enjoy that,” she replied, “I like the color scheme so far.” She closed the door behind her. The air on the inside smelled of freshly-cut stone and wood. @LilaKitty


Sophie beamed, “Thanks! Well, there isn’t much so far…”

She showed Peri her bedroom, crafting room, and kitchen. There were still chests everywhere around the house filled with random junk Sophie had unloaded and failed to organize.

Sophie laughed nervously as Peri opened several chests to find more or less the same stuff in each one

“I’m, uh, not a very good organizer…heheh!”

She invited Peri to sit down and ran to get some cookies she had made for fun.

“Cookie? So how has your house been coming along? Oh and would you mind helping me gather some animals for a farm? I normally could do it by myself but with two people it would be fun and twice as fast!”

“What about Kevin? Couldn’t he help you?” Peri asked.

“Oh! Yeah…but whenever he tries, he gets mad at the animals and ends up killing them…” Sophie avoided eye contact, “he doesn’t have a lot of patience, and I think he’s somewhere in a cave still collecting supplies. So it would be perfect for us to do it while he’s away!”



Peri laughed at the thought of Kevin losing his temper over some animals as she munched on a cookie. “I’m down! I’ll clear out a space for some pens. Also I get the whole organizing thing. If you want I can help you; you’d just have to show me where you want to put your storage. My house is coming along fine! I’m almost done; I just need to add a few details. You can visit me if you’d like; just go into the forest and find the tallest tree.” @LilaKitty


Sophie grinned, secretly she was very relieved that someone was accompanying her. Sophie never liked doing things alone, it made it boring and it left her alone to fantasize monster noises and scare herself to death until Kevin came back.

“Great! Let’s go!” Sophie pocketed some cookies in case she got hungry.

A few minutes later Peri and Sophie had gathered a couple of each farm animal, and were leading them back to Sophie’s house. They were walking through the forest in which Peri’s home was in when suddenly Sophie heard an Enderman vwoop near them. Sophie stopped, eyes widening in fear as she glanced around nervously. Peri turned back, confusion written on her face.

“What’s wrong, Sophie?”

“Did you…hear that?”

“Yeah, it was just an Enderman vwooping, might even have been Kevin, what’s so bad about that?”

Sophie shook her head firmly, “That wasn’t Kevin’s vwoop…”

Peri stared, “Is Kevin’s vwooping noise drastically different from the rest?"

Sophie shrugged. “No, it’s just a different pitch from the other Endermen vwoop sounds. It’s really easy to tell the difference.”

The Enderman vwooped again, closer this time. Sophie tensed up and pulled the animals closer to her.

“Hey Peri, is your house very near?”

“It’s on the other side of the forest actually, why?”

The vwoop noise was suddenly several feet away from them, Sophie cowered and tried to look for the Enderman but the trees were too thick and all she could see was the purple particles, which started to circle them. Peri was on her guard and, sword in hand, she edged closer to Sophie, squinting in the shadows.

“Maybe he’s just passing through, I don’t think you need to worry this much, Sophie.”

“No, no, you don’t understand!” Fear crept into Sophie’s voice. “All the Endermen know that Kevin is my friend and it goes against their code of secrecy. They already treat Kevin like an outcast but the worst thing is, they don’t want him to forget it. They want to make his life miserable and to do so they go after me! Usually if I’m in a big group of people this doesn’t happen but this Enderman seems to think we’re easy targets- EEK!”

A black hand suddenly came out of nowhere and sucker punched Sophie in the cheek. Groaning, she fell to her knees and curled into a ball as the Enderman danced around, jabbing at her and Peri. Peri swung her sword and lunged at the Enderman, but he proved to quick for her.

Sophie squeezed her eyes shut and let the tears flow. “Kevin…” she whispered, “Anyone…help us.”

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The day had started ok. I accidentally slept threw my alarm but that’s fine. When I woke up I changed and then fed Luka. I grabbed my pickax and my bow and arrows just in case I run into anything. I headed to my secret stair case and head down from my island. When I get down I head out to my mine.

After some time mining I head out with my loot and go back to my house. Once I head up I put my iron ore in the furnace and wait for it’s to melt. While I wait for that I go to a nearby forest while on my daily walk with Luka. Luka insists to come wherever I go and if he wasn’t scared of the mine he would join me but he is a scaredy sheep.

As we walk threw the forest, I hear some voices and wonder what people were doing over in this part of the woods. I start to head towards the voices when I hear an enderman. oh no this is not good

I bend down and look at Luka “Alright I need you to go back to the house. I can’t protect you very well right now and I don’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

As if he understood me he started to head back home. I pull out my bow and go to figure out what’s happening. I draw it back once I see the enderman attacking two girls. I let one fly where I predicted his next move would be. Once the arrow hits him there’s no going back.

I close my eyes and hope the arrow will find its home. I hear the scream of the enderman and then very angry noises.

“If you want to get out of here now is the time! I can’t take care of this but I would suggest you guys to get going.” I pull my bow back and I see the enderman appear again and shoot.