'Moreover' Bios

This is what is required, although you can add to it:
Age: (must be within the ages of Fourteen too 18 unless a genius or whatever)
Mark Abilities/Placement:
Year: (This is required if your a hero)
Short Backstory:

Well create your characters, make sure they have some power flaws, maybe if you shoot a lazer from your bellybutton you have a stomach ache (weird example; I know) Anyways, have fun making your characters, but make sure they’re powers have sideaffects… we don’t need a bunch of Power houses!


Name: Jayla Atlanta Jackson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Mark abilities/placement: Ability to shape shift, and shoot plasma from hands; placement is on the back of her left hand

Ain’t she beautiful?! I wish I looked like that… (Ignore the lettering on her face)

Role: Villain/spy (that an option??)
Year: Do I HAVE to??
Short backstory: She got lost from her parents at the age of 3, and was housed by a bad guy, and next thing she knows, she’s here at the academy for villains.
Flaw: Shooting plasma makes her weak and she needs 29 minutes to recharge her powers.


NAME: Gwen Morris
AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
MARK ABILITIES/PLACEMENT: Explosion, it’s comes from her sweat. People used to think her Markless, since the mark is hidden behind her ear, until she used her explosion powers.
APPEARANCE: (This will be uptaded with my drawing)
ROLE: Hero, Genius,
YEAR: First Year
SHORT BACKSTORY: She has no history of heroes. Just like most people, she comes from a pretty normal family. Some question how on earth she got such a powerful ability from her markless parents. She looks down on almost everyone. Her passion is to rise up and be the Number One hero. (May be extended)
FLAW: Not too many, only in the cold it’s hard for her to get sweaty.


Name: Logan Avery/ Hero name the Tick Tock
Age: 16
Gender: M
Mark Abilities/Placement: Mark placement is on his right arm he wears long sleeves to cover it up.

Mark abilities: He can control time but his weakness is controlling time so he can only move time for a few Minutes at the most and enhanced strength (because why not).
Appearance: PNG
Role: hero/spy
Year: Junior year
Short Backstory: I’ll write the backstory later (because I don’t know what to say)


@Redwall22 I actually recognize that girl in the photo as a character from an older TV show. A quick Google search led me to find the same photo but without the name “Nichelle” in the middle of it. Not sure if that was really necessary, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:





Here we go. This seems like a cool RP so I shall try to continue it.
Name: Ocean Marie Gabriel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Mark Abilities/Placement: Metamorphosis, can change to look like someone else the downsides to this are the feeling of a sledgehammer in the back to the head while changed. Placed as a V at the hairline on the back of head.
Appearance: Brown ombre with hazel eyes.

Role: Hero
Year: 4th year
Short Backstory: Her family has always been heroes, she is told to continue the tradition. Along the way she discovers secrets her family kept from her about being a hero.