90% of the world’s population has grown to have marks. 7% of those are markless; while 3% remain unidentified. The 90% who have marks have an odd birthmark in odd places, these grant them queer powers. Markless are useably mistreated by marked who use their powers to mess with them. These often give many a different role in society; the three main are, heroes, villains, and civilians. There are more minor ones, one of the most important of the minors are policemen. There are academies for heroes, normal academies for civilians, and Academies for high tech and thinking. Although recently villains have been lurking in the shadows and have become numerous. Which will you choose? Villain or Hero?


You are attending EO, the self-proclaimed Best Hero High school. You can choose others to be a first year, second year, third year, or fourth year. The age range is from 15 to 18; unless you are a genius who got into the school early. (Toren wink wink)


You’ve just graduated from junior high, you’re most likely a delinquent. You secretly join the Villian Alliance, who is currently trying to ruin everything that the EO students try to do. Their mission will evolve though.

Year: 2056

Place: America

School: EO

What’s your role?


  • Hero
  • Villian
  • Civilian
  • Police
  • Spy
  • Genius
  • Other (Please inform me what this is on the discussion topic)

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Free RP.

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(I’m just going to skip entrance exam stuff)

I splashed the water into my face. I quickly woke after that, yet I still slugged around my room as usual. I ripped open the package I had gotten a few weeks ago, but I didn’t open it until now, the first day. I pulled out my uniform and sighed at the skirt, “It’ll have to do until I get some shorts.”

I slipped the white shirt on and tied my tie and I angrily slipped on the skirt. I put on the longish socks and slipped on the shoes. It fit me loosely, it was like a sack clinging for dear life so it wouldn’t fall off a cliff. I tried to tighten them so they wouldn’t be sooo sloppy. Although I did not succeed. I grabbed my bag and briskly stormed out of my room.

I didn’t even realize I hadn’t tied my shoelaces and I almost fell over, I quickly brought myself back up, then tucked my shoelaces in my shoe. Then, I sprinted towards the school. Nothing like a morning jog. When I reached the school, I was slightly out of breath. I waltzed into the very large building and met the woman at the front desk. “I’m Gwen Morris, Class 1-A, I’m here to find my way to class.” She quickly told me the way and I made my way to the classroom.

I looked around the room, there were many seats to choose from, I uncomfortably sat at a desk at the front and hauled my feet on my table. I was the first one in my class, just like middle school/junior high. My eyes wandered around the medium-sized classroom, hopefully, this was the homeroom like the woman at the front desk said. Or else I was probably completely lost.

But I wouldn’t show that. I would blame the woman at the front desk, then storm off without knowing where I was going. Yep, that’s definitely what I’d do. I looked up at the door was and wondered how slow people could be. I was an hour early though.

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I siting in my math class when Gwen walked in, I had seen her around town a few times but never talked to her. “You look a little young to be in high school. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” “14” She responded. Oh, so your one of those super smart girls that’s super sassy speaks her mind, or are you just touring the school?
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“You look a little young to be in high school, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”
“14,” I scoffed, giving the guy a glare, I didn’t look that much younger than him. I would have looked much younger if it were last year when I should have come but my parents held me back. For some reason they didn’t think I was mature enough to go. "I could beat you easily, so don’t underestimate me. " I had a habit of being straight forward and cocky. “What’s it to you? How old are you?” I paused, and mumbled under my breath, just enough so he wouldn’t hear, “wondered how you got here in this school.” I was talking a lot. “Actually never mind. When are the other extras getting here. I’m not gonna wait all day for class.”

By the way @Skunindoo, we’re in our Homeroom/First class.

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I groaned as I sat through the mandatory first hour of homeroom. “This is so boring, no one ever does anything here so what’s the point of even having it?”
Oh hi, my name is Ocean. Ocean Gabriel. I’ve been coming to this school for four years now in hopes of becoming a hero. I don’t really want to but my entire family has been heroes, so I have to live up to the name in a way. All my life I have wanted to be an actor, it’s a big dream I know but it’s my true passion, Not becoming a hero. I just see the actors on the stage and imagine joining them up there, before being reminded that Gabriel’s don’t lower themselves to menial labor like that.
This school is full of people like my family, people who think themselves above others just because they have a history of being heroes. It’s ridiculous. I don’t understand why people think that just because someone doesn’t have the same job or ancestry as them, that those people don’t have value as a human being. We’re all on this earth for a purpose and that is to live life to it’s fullest, whether you are a hero or not.
The bell finally rang, marking homeroom over and the beginning of the first class period. It’s time to face the music.

OOC: Just to be clear I do not believe we were put on this earth to live life to it’s fullest, I believe we were put on this earth to worship God. But for the sake of character that is what I wrote.