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This topic is for posting links to YouTube videos, talking about favorite artists, and referring people to good musicians, such as the Piano Guys! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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Okay, gotta say, I love Toby Mac!
I also really like the Piano Guys, Benjamin Everson, and really all kinds of artists and music.

In the spirit of the season, here


Dude. I nearly had a heart attack.


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Who wouldn’t!

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Wow. I’ve mentioned him several times on the other forums, posted a couple of his songs and his videos, and nobody ever said that they knew who he was…is.

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When you suddenly realize. . . That there’s no law saying you can’t post YouTube links. . .

rubs hands gleefully

Anyway, I LOVE MUSIC!! My favorite genre is New Age. I’m not a fan of all the alchemy/therapy stuff that might go with it, but the music in general is wonderful to listen to because it tends to carry emotion and feeling. Magnatune has some really great New Age and Jazz songs that I listen to all the time. They’re fantastic. My favorite is “The Tale of Room 620” by Ehren Starks.

I am also a fan of Christian pop and rock. My favorite singer is Andrew Peterson, with TobyMac and Hollyn close behind. And my favorite band is Switchfoot. My favorite songs include “Details” by Sarah Reeves, “The Voice of Jesus” by Andrew Peterson, "Well Done Good and Faithful" by Andrew Peterson, “Rain Keeps Falling” by Andrew Peterson (did I mention he’s my favorite singer), and probably several others.

Here’s another awesome Andrew Peterson song: “Last Words.”

I could go on and on about my favorite music, but I don’t want to bore you guys, so I’ll let you take a break from my ranting. :wink: I WILL BE BACK.


Get ready for a long post! -cracks knuckles-
I love pretty much every genre of music except hard rock or stuff like that. My favorite music artists are Owl City, Built by Titan, TobyMac, Enya, and Mandisa! My favorite bands are MercyMe, Twenty-One Pilots, The Afters, Pentatonix, Imagine Dragons, and probably more on both artists and bands that I forgot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I listen to a huge accumulation of music, and some of my favorite songs from those collections of playlists are Dragon by Built by Titan–

Like A Match by TobyMac

Volcano by Rapture Ruckus and Jonathan Thulin

Leap by Approaching Nirvana

Elysion by Antti Martikainen

:laughing: And my all-time favorite Christmas song:

Since this topic is all for music, anyone play any instruments? I can play piano, guitar, recorder, and… I think that’s everything? I also took some time playing the autoharp, along with fiddling (heheh) around with a lot of other instruments. Not terribly good at any of them, though. :stuck_out_tongue: I just tend to sing a lot instead.


When getting the mind of Christ upon our music selections…let us all consider what is Christ honoring and what is flesh uplifting. Placing “Christian” or “Religious” words within the frame of music does not make music Christ Honoring.
I Samuel 16:23, “And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him.”
There is music that will dispel evil spirits
There is music that will summon, or call evil spirits


Amen, sah!

mutters: Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm.


Are you ever in need of some music while you write that essay or do your math or maybe even pay the bills? Here’s a little guide to my favorite music to listen to while I work! It’s all instrumental, by the way, so if you prefer lyrical music while you work, don’t come to me for advice. :laughing:

Windham Hill

Windham Hill Records is technically a record label, but I have encountered some of the best ambient/new age/classical music from it. It’s a great way to relax and maybe even daydream a little. As 'tis the season, I’ll show you an album from the winter series, Winter’s Solstice!

Minecraft Soundtrack

The composer of this ambient/game music obviously designed it so you can listen to it while you do something (probably build things with blocks or something). It’s a beautiful must-hear, and currently the music that I’m into.

Machinarium Soundtrack

I know absolutely nothing about the game Machinarium, but the music is awesome. If you like electronic/gaming music, then this is the album for you! I’m not a huge fan of all of the songs on this album, but overall, it’s a great compilation.

Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Series

Obviously if you like Studio Ghibli you can appreciate this amazing piano music a bit better, but even if you aren’t a Studio Ghibli fan, this music is wondrously soothing and so well-performed.

Two Steps from Hell

Don’t let the title of this music company scare you off. It is SOOOO much better than it sounds. Packed with emotion and drama, this fantasy/adventure/soundtrack-esque music will make you want to climb a mountain and jump onto the back of a dragon and maybe fight a few toothy cows on the way. Well, since all of that is pretty unlikely, you will have to settle for fighting the horrendous monster of HOMEWORK instead.

And finally. . . the BEST homework music, and possibly the best instrumental album I’ve ever heard. . .

You, Me & Gravity – Planet Coaster soundtrack

This fantastic modern music was designed to go hand in hand with work, be it building roller coasters (like in the game it was made for) or doing homework. This music is packed with optimism, and will make you want to be productive until the job is done! Listen to it. Please. Even if you don’t listen to all the other song I’ve shown you.

This has been another music-ranting session by Perithebeast. . .

EDIT 2/1/19: A more complete and refined version of this list can be found on my blog. Nerd’s Guide to Top 10 Best Work Music


@Millennium, @Any_Star_Wars_Fans


Heh heh, love it!

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Oh my goodness. That bit at the end…

“You will not leave a lame Chuck Norris joke in the comments.”


“You will learn to play the cello”


“You will annoy all your friends with the constant showing of this video.”


Not that kind of Mac lol. Pretty sure the “Mac” in TobyMac’s name stands for Musical Audio Composer. It’s referenced somewhere in the Tonight album if I recall correctly. Funky Jesus Music:

Funky people on the highs and lows,
MCs like me, they call us pros
So sure-shot rockers take stock of this
We’ll play the post in the B-boy bliss

(Incidentally, my taste finds Eye On It to be the worst Tmac album. I dig Eye On It and Unstoppable, but the rest of the album is not my thing.)


Eh, could be.

O.O What!?

I love TobyMac!

The funny thing about his music for me is that each album he’s published seems to get better and better. His first album, “Momentum” is not my thing at all, but his most recent, “This is Not a Test” is his best yet.

high fives @TheDraven for awesome Macdaddy reference


It’s all good if other people like the album, or if you do. We can still be friends. It’s just not my cup of tea, proverbially speaking.

It’s not like I’m anti-family (absolutely NOT, I really like guys and worked in kids ministry for years, and agree that God’s plan for it is a thing of beauty), but Eye On It (the album, not the song) really struck me as a Dr. James Dobson rap, and Dr. Dobson makes the family into an idol in my opinion. (I may be wrong about this, if you want to take it to the Friendly Argument topic I’m all alpaca ears, but that’s my impression.)

I really think he has corrected some of the Dobson stuff since then and his latest piece the Elements really reflects that. So no need for knocking on Tmac.

It also struck me as weak musically in general, especially compared to This is Not A Test. But again, these differences are matters of preference, not truth.

whispers TobyMac has a new album out this year. It’s called the Elements. It’s really good.


I haven’t listened to the Elements album yet! But one of my favorite TobyMac albums (probably cause my family’s owned it for years) is Portable Sounds. There’re a lot of good songs on there, IMO! :smile: