Mutants: Stand or Fall

MUTANTS: Stand or Fall.

It is a hard time for mutants.

All around the world, there are some among us that are being hunted down. Some among us that are being experimented on. Some among us that are being taken captive. Some among us that are different.

Some among us…

…that are


Take your stand… And fight. Either stand, or fall. We need you.

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I, Delila Loststar was, well…lost.

I wander around here every day! How could I be lost? I thought to myself. My keen cat eyes searched everywhere for a familiar sign, tree, anything!

“Hey, there, baby.”

I rolled my eyes, not him again! This cat kept bothering me whenever I put one paw into this forest. I thought I knew this forest like the back of my paw, turns out, I didn’t.

“Go away.” I say irritatingly lowering my head and walking away. “I don’t want to talk to you. Ever.”

“You don’t want to even see me?” He meowed sweetly.

“No.” I said flatly and turned away coldy, flicking my tail in his face, like slamming a door on him. He rubbed his nose with his paw like I’d actually done it.

“Ouch.” But this kitty was very, stupidly, determined. He pranced along side me, touching his tail with mine. Then he started rubbing on me! Ugh what a nuisance. I hissed at him and lashed out a paw.

“I said GO AWAY! I like being by myself, thank you very much and I’m trying to get back home.”

“I could take you home.” The cat said, very sugary like.

“No. In fact, I’m not lost at all! I know exactly where I am, so GO AWAY.”

“No! I wanna stay!” The cat replied, this time it sounded whiny.

How do I get rid of him?! Oh! I could turn into a bird! I haven’t done that in a while…oh well if it’ll keep this pest away from me. Maybe I should turn into myself So that he won’t bother me ever again! Yah…

I stop walking and the cat stops to.

“So, you wanna come with me? I could show you all the great places…” he said, I think he’d been talking, but I hadn’t been listening.

“No I don’t want to!” At that moment I morphed into Delila Loststar, the full human form. No longer understanding cat language as a human I don’t know what the male cat said when he screeched like a bird and took off running as fast as his paws would carry him.

“Good riddance to you, cat.” I said softly, before turning back into my own Russian Blue cat body. I felt most comfortable in this body. I rarely morphed into any animal but a cat.

As I continued walking along in the forest I came around a bend and suddenly stopped. Eyes wide I stared at what was in front of me. A girl, I suspected around my age, was floating stuff around her head in circles! I kept staring, fear taking over me. I never spoke to anyone, well I did speak to my mom, all the time, before she disappeared.

The girl suddenly stops floating stuff and notices me. She smiles, and dread takes over me. Now, when I’m really scared, I can’t hold on my mutation very well. So as the girl with blonde hair and a kind face walked toward me, I struggled to keep my cat body on.

“Well, hello there!” The girl said, her voice was kind to, but that didn’t comfort me any. “Are you lost, kitty?” She continued, reaching down to pick me up.

“N-n-no.” I stammered but then realized she couldn’t understand animals when she replied.

“You are? Well, I was just on my way out of these woods, maybe I could take you with me.” She scratched me under my chin, and I tried to purr, but it was very hard.

“I-I c-can f-ind my o-own way!” I protested but it did little. She just cooed and rubbed my ears, saying how cute I was.

She started walking down the path and I’m not sure why but at that moment I started panicking. I thought about the last time I let someone take me home, and how they tried to cover me with bows and choke me to death with a jeweled collar that was for a kitten.

I panicked so much I did the one thing I was trying the hardest not to do: I turned into Delila the human. And me and the girl both crashed to the ground on the path in the forest.

@Bellflowerp (Yes, that girl was you!)


4 Minutes Earlier

Come on, girl. Keep it steady. Keep it steady… That’s it! That’s it! YES!

The girl screeches, laughs and squeals in excitement as palm-sized, circular rocks finally float to her every gesture of hands.

Meet Ariel Parker: A teenager with blonde hair and blue eyes, an introverted personality with others but an extroverted personality with herself, and a mutant power that only she knows about. Yes, she does indeed have it. The X-Gene.

Ariel moves her hands close to the sides of her head. Her left hand is open, fingers spread out, and her right hand’s index finger whirls around in a circular, tornado-like motion.

The rocks float, encircling her head. “Ahaha!” Ariel laughs, exhilarated.

Ruffle, ruffle.

Ariel’s pulse picks up as she quickly inhales once through her nose. What was that sound?

Around a bend crawls a dark figure, small, but mysterious in the shadows. Ariel moves her hands in front of her as the rocks follow her command, forming a small shield in front of her chest.

She almost begins to ask “Hello?” but knows better. Anything could be out there in that forest, and beckoning to it probably isn’t the best option.

Suddenly, the figure stops, and the moonlight shines on the figure. It’s… A cat!

Ariel gasps and drops her hands down to her sides as the rocks drop also. She maneuvers around the rocks on the ground as she slowly walks toward the cat and stops about five feet in front of it.

“Well, hello there!” Ariel greets slowly but kindly. She looks at the cat’s eyes, black with fear. “Are you lost, kitty?” She takes a deep breath, advances closer to the cat and slowly reaches down to pick it up. She knows it could be rabid, but it looks too pitiful, too sad, too lost… Just like she herself once was.

The cat meows, and Ariel smiles at it. “You are? Well… I was just on my way out of these woods. Maybe I could take you with me!” Ariel scratches the cat under its chin and smiles.

The cat meows, but Ariel doesn’t understand what it’s saying. She doesn’t need to. She knows that the cat will be safe now. What she’s worried about is her own safety.

Please don’t bite me. Please don’t bite me.

Ariel takes another deep breath as she begins to walk down a path with the cat in her arms.

Suddenly, the weight becomes unbearable. And then-- Is that a FACE?


Ariel crashes to the stone ground of the path, the weight on her stomach unbearable. “Mmmh…” she groans. Abruptly, she feels the weight leave her. She rubs her stomach and looks to her left, where there is a girl about her age, trying to scurry away.

Ariel stands up quickly, her right hand spread out to the ground, summoning a rock from the ground. “Who… Are you?” she says, sounding more of a statement than a question.

“I… Um… I-I’m s-sorry, I…” the girl stuttered.

Ariel lowered her hand as the rock followed, but she still kept it close. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just… Just tell me who you are.”

“D-Delila,” the girl answered.

Ariel lowered the rock a little more. “I’m Ariel.” After a long moment of silence, she took a deep breath and dropped the rock. “Now please explain to me why you were a cat.”

@LilaKitty/Delila Loststar


“I…I…um…” I didn’t want to tell her why I was a cat, but maybe I should…

She has powers to, what if she’s a mutant just like me?

“I…I can turn into animals.” I barely whisper, slurring the words together. Ariel leaned forward a bit, looking confused.

“What did you say? I can’t hear you.” She said.

“I…I…” I couldn’t handle it anymore, I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran away from the girl, from having to talk, something I was terrible at.

“Hey, wait!” I heard behind me but I kept running. Finally I ran into a clearing and searched around for a hiding place. There! A hollow tree just my size. I squeezed into it and waited for the girl to come, and then go away again. I tried morphing into a squirrel, but I was too scared.

The girl came, looked around the clearing, and sighed. She started walking back and I let out a long breath I didn’t know I was holding, I relaxed a bit, and stepped out of the hollow once I couldn’t see the girl, Ariel, anymore. I watched the path where she had gone and took a step, a very wrong step, out.

My foot landed on top of a rock and I tripped, trying to get my balance I skid down the hill where the tree was on.

“WoAAAH!” I shrieked as I stumbled forward unable to stop myself. I took a big step forward and planted my foot right into a hole covered with roots and leaves.

“OOF!” I face planted onto the path, narrowly missing a very sharp rock. Blinking back tears I sat up, and touched my face, my hand came away with blood. I had scraped my face against the sharp rock when I fell. I failed to notice the sound of footsteps coming down the path as I stared at my own blood, tears streaming down my face.

What would mother think of you now, Delila? What would she say? I sighed, knowing exactly what she would say. She would wipe away the blood and tears and tell me that it’s ok, it’s only a scrape. Then she would nestle me against her chest and stroke my hair, telling me a story about her and dad, on a camping trip, going on an adventure. I would calm down in a second if she were here, but she wasn’t. And thinking about her made me cry even more.

“Are you ok?” I heard a voice say. I looked up sharply and saw Ariel looking at me with kind eyes that reminded me so much of mother’s eyes. A deep sea blue, full of laughter and kindness. I couldn’t help myself. I burst into a sob and clung onto the girl’s legs, pouring out the whole story. Starting with how I was born with my powers, going into how mother disappeared when I was 4 years old. And ending with first meeting her.

It felt good to tell someone else my story. I hoped the girl didn’t mind…



Just run, their on your tail.

I stumbled over rocks in my attempt to escape.

I need to stop them.

In my nervous and frighted state, I didn’t know that the ground was rippling behind me until I stopped, out of breath, and looked behind me.

They were gone. I had finally escaped. I was free.

What now? I walked and in frustration, kicked a rock. It flew out of the ground as my mutation sent vibrations through the earth and to the rock.

I walked over a small slope and stopped. Other people. Control it Depth. Don’t get nervous.

I drew a deep breath and walked towards them. It was two girls. One was clinging to the other girl’s legs…

“Hello?” I forced a smile. But my nervousness made the ground shift.

@Bellflowerp @LilaKitty


I stop bawling my head off on Ariel’s lap and look up with surprise.

Another girl?? Oh no!

I had calmed down enough to morph into an animal so I quickly morphed into a cat and jumped onto Ariel’s lap, ignoring her cry of surprise I peer at the new girl over her shoulder.

Wait, I need something smaller then this. Hmm…

I morphed into a black squirrel instead. Trying to hide in Ariel’s arms as she walks toward the girl.

@Bellflowerp @Millennium


I frowned in confusion. Did she just morph into a into a cat? Now a squirrel? Wait what?

The other girl walked towards me. I took a step back. The ground quivered. “Hello,” She said.

I made the ground shake. She finally noticed and then she took a step back. “I’m Aura.”

“I’m…well…Depth.” We looked at each other for an awkward moment. “And I have a mutation. I just escaped from scientists and labs and now I’m looking for…something.”
@Bellflowerp @LilaKitty


My squirrel ears perked up in interest.

another muntant? Maybe she’ll be as nice as Ariel! She seems shy to…like me!

I was eager at this point and hopped out of Ariel’s arms, morphing into a human as I did so. I smiled and put out my hand eagerly. The girl jumps back and the ground in front of her cracks. I shrink back behind Ariel knowing I did something wrong.


“Uh…I…I’m Delila!” I say, looking out around Ariel’s shoulder. “And…and you’re…Depth?”

The girl nods, talking another step back, and causing the earth to rumble again.

“I…I’m a…a muntant to!” I try,

“So am I!” Ariel adds. “This is cool! We all have powers, maybe we could form a group of some kind, we could all be friends!”

My head tilts like it does when I’m a confused cat. “Friends?” I repeat quietly. I didn’t have any friends, I’d never had any friends, my mother had been my only friend, and she was gone.

“What do friends…do?” I asked Ariel quietly. She smiles gently.

“Friends hang out together, do stuff together. They go on adventures together and stuff like that!”

“They…go on adventures?” I ask, mostly to myself. My mother and I had gone on adventures together, they were the best. But the best ones we had were with dad, when he was home. Now dad was off doing who knows what with his gang that he had made after mother disappeared.

“I…I like adventures…”

@Bellflowerp @Millennium


“Uh…I…I’m Delila!” The morphing girl stuttered. “And…and you’re…Depth?”

I nodded. I’m still nervous and the ground rumbled. I mentally kicked myself. Cut that out!

“I…I’m a…a muntant to!” Delila continued.

“So am I!” Added Ariel. “This is cool! We all have powers, maybe we could form a group of some kind, we could all be friends!”

I perk up and my nervousness dies away.

“What do friends do?” Delila asked.

That’s sad. I thought as Ariel explained the concept of friends to her.

“I…I like adventure.” Delila stuttered.

“Anyway, Depth is just my alias.” I cut it. “Finding other mutants sounds great! I wonder if there are others. If their trying to find others as well.”

@Bellflowerp @LilaKitty


(After conversation of @Bellflowerp @Millennium @LilaKitty)

The air was thick with confusion.
I can feel the humidity rapidly accelerate its intensity from 30% to over 90%. You could feel it in the air. It was just - just, thick. And moist. And… there it was again. Tingling in my hands. It seemed to come from within my arms, but I only really felt it tingle as it came towards the surface where the palms of my hands were. Then it intensified. And, if I just watched, and thought about it - well, it really could start to hurt.

I turned quickly, sweat dripping off the side of my head, a drop flicked from the edge of my eyebrow. My hair literally stood up on my arms and my head began to tingle. Echos of - of, it sounded like Tommy. My mind raced back as I saw ghostly trails in the air and, and I must be dreaming. I’m in a dream - or, or a vision maybe.

“Tye! Tye! What are you doing, dude! Stop!!” I turned to the left and saw… me. This was, oh - why did I have to see this again. I never wanted to see this ever—
“Tommy! I’m… I’m sorry. I don’t know how—“ I heard myself panic and reach out with my hand, but that only made it worse! The glowing blue electricity only increased as it gathered in strength and particles, and I watched in horror it it increased in its charge and static particles - and raced from my hand to Tommy’s body.

“Nooo!!” I cried! “No!!!” Then it was so weird but I saw me, well, the me in the dream or vision turned and look directly at me, the real me, well, me in the right now as echoes of me shouting faded in the distance and then a white hot flash brought be back to present with a loud bang, heart in my chest racing 100 mph, and clothes dripping in sweat, siting up in a worn out, cot in an abandoned building - no one around. Just me. I breathed so heavy I could hear my heart pounding still and looked around - only to find smoke still rising and misting off of a few walls - walls where dark, black, charred pieces of wood still burned from — well, it must have been me when I was sleeping. “Oh, great.” I muttered to myself. “Well at least no one got hurt. At least… Tommy didn’t get…”

I heard right then some banging of metal cans and rustling of leaves. Who could it be? I thought. This was a ghost town, an abandoned town save some rats, cats, and bats. Oh, and a few scavenger dogs, too. But hey, when you have Mutant powers like me, you sort of aren’t welcomed around the popular dudes and chicks. So, you sort of Vagabond it. The “travelin’ man” so to speak. The wannndeererrrr. The — There it was again. More banging. Ok… someone is definitely here.

My hands began to tingle as sparks were heard loudly flaring from my hands. I at least knew how to control it now. How to turn it off and on - for the most part. I new that if an enemy or someone who actually still worked for, or even believed in Sentinel Services or Trask Industries was so bold as to come for me, and was standing 20 feet away, and that light travels at 750 miles per hour, and that 20 feet is approximately .004th of a mile (because in only 3 seconds my lighting hands would strike an object a mile away) that the dude — well, he would be toast. Yeah, not the greatest at match, but I can guest pretty well.

I went outside, hands glowing with blue sparks and particles, putting on my fiercest “don’t-mess-with-me” face (I just thought about the stories of Wolverine and Magneto’s great fights) and yelled in my deepest scary voice, “Show yourself!” (I hate when I try my deep voice and it cracks like a little teen boy in adolescence. Man, it’s embarrassing!)

Just then, a fluffy little kitty cat nudged its nose at an empty tuna can.

My hands softened it’s tension and I let my arms down as the electricity began to subside. A cat. Cute, fluffy, grey cat. Of course. Man, I was on edge today! What’s going to shake me up next, a caterpillar? As I turned and walked away, I heard a deep poof, like a little blast of smoke or something. I quickly turned back to the cat and it was gone! There was a little puff of dust dissipating but the cat - the cat was, gone. Okaaayyy. This freaky little ghost town was getting to me now. I’m going insane. Period. I’m — my hair stood up on my arms and a quickly spun in my shoes a 180 and saw standing there a — a girl. Rich, black hair, probably younger than me and sort of a smile. Um…

“Meow?” I say in a cheesy, insecure voice thinking it was some sort of Alien cat that can transform into a human form. Maybe a Mutant? Naw. I haven’t seen a Mutant in like, forever.

“Meow.” She responds. I knew it! She speaks - speaks, Cat. Cat….in-nese. Catenise. There. I’m officially crazy. Seeing shapeshifting cats, naming feline languages. Must be the solitude out here. Maybe I should just go a few miles to the forest where —

She covers her mouth with her hands as she bursts out with laughter and giggles. “MEOW? Really?” Oh, my word!” She continues to literally “laugh out loud.” I just stare at her, barely containing her laughing and breathing of funny sounds and giggles.

“You’re not real.” I saw in a monotone, robotic voice, not even blinking.

“Neither are you!” She exhales half snorting of chuckles and half-mocking laughing-filled words.

Neither am I, I thought. “Yeah,” I somberly retorted. “This is all a nightmare and I —“ I take a deep sigh, “I wish, I wish it wasn’t real.”

I begin to walk away, but only moments later I feel a hand grasp my shoulder and yank me back the other direction. There she, uh it, was. The Cat-Girl. Staring at me.

“Sorry, I, I didn’t mean to make fun. I just thought that was so funny. I mean, ‘meow’. I totally had to play off of that, you know. Just sort of… Well…” She reached out her hand as if to shake mine in a formal meet and greet.

“I’m Delila. Delila Loststar.”

I look down at her hand open hand. Seems real. And, she seems friendly enough. I slowly lift my arm and open my hand to shake hers. And - I did. “Hello. I”m… I”m Tyre. Uh… well, you can just call me Tye.”

“Good to meet you Tyre. I mean, Tye.”

She had that smile again. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all.

She looked down and took a breath. “Actually, I’m not usually this outgoing,” she breathed in deep thought looking down at the ground. “I’m — I’m sort of more introverted than this. But — when I saw you and you looked, well….” She chuckled. “Looked sort of like a lost puppy. I sort of went out on a limb to see if you were a Mutant runaway or something.”

There was a long silence. I realized that she pushed out of some shell to take courage even just to say hi and meet me. Trust level… up 35%. Ding.

I slowly looked at her clothes and then her and asked as politely as I could. “Are — are you a…… “
“—Yes!” She quickly filled in the blanks. “Yes, I’m a shapeshifter. A Mutant. That’s what you were going to ask me, right?” I could see that I for some reason quickly gained her trust. And she knew what I was going to say.

“Uh— yeah,” I responded sort of insecure as to if that was appropriate to ask nowadays. “I mean, how, um, who - I mean where did you come from?”

“She turned her body and head and pointed up towards the mountain area. “The forest! I just came down from the forest! Thought I’d see if I can find anything useful in this old ghost town.” She smiled again.

Friendly sort of Cat-girl. “The forest?” I asked in confusion. “I— I thought no one was able to live in there. I mean — I heard stories of, well, you know. A dark, dangerous Mutant eating monster.” I put my head down and scratched my head in a way that gave my doubt in ghost and goblin stories away, yet still believed them anyway. Sort of like Santa Clause - I guess.

“And you believe every story someone tells you?” She asked in a professor sort of way.

“I believe the stores of the X-Men.” I retorted in defense. “I — I believe that the Underground and remnants of Mutants still exist… somewhere.” I took a deep breath of disappointment as I looked into the distance. “Just not here. I guess.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling, Tyre, Oh! I mean, Tye!”

“That’s okay,” I said softly. “Call me whatever you want.”

“Well, you’re not alone if that’s what you’re feeling.”

I looked back into her eyes. “Whaddya mean?” I asked in a hopeful sort of way.

“Yeah, well, I was just talking with a few other Mutants, I don’t have many friends, hard to trust people nowadays - I’m sure you get that. But yeah - we were talking and then I thought about coming down and seeing what I could find. And then, well, I saw you walk around and talk to yourself and then you went back into that little building for a while.

“Yeah, I was really tired. I — I fell asleep and then I…”

She looked at me inquisitively. “Do you — have a title? An X-name?”

Saved from telling her I had a nightmare by her question, my heart raced with both excitement and fear when she asked me that. Excitement because, well, I could shoot and well up electricity throughout my body, especially directing the ion particles with the a ton of extra negative electrons from the base of my palms and somehow form the plasma charge and just let it build up, and then spa-BANG! I force the charged particles to separate from the build up by sparking in the direction I want and viva la ka-chow and all that! The lighting bolt from nada is created and even force directed. And the more I build up tension and charge, the more powerful the bolt or bolts are released. It’s the coolest thing ever! But the fear — the fear because Iv’e seen what it can do. To things - to… to people.

“Lightning. They call me Lighting. I — I produce electricity.”

“Coooooool!” Cat-girl says. “Well, I don’t have many friends and I’ve watched you sort of, wander around here talking to yourself. Figured you could use a friend - a Mutant friend too.” She smiled again.

This time I smiled back. Maybe the days of darkness and Mutant extinct and extermination is behind us. For the first time - in a long time, I felt there was hope for Mutants again.

@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Gworg


I keep smiling at the man I front of me, but I’m shocked at myself from the inside.

wow, I’ve gotten use do or talking to people! I didn’t even stutter one bit! Good job Delila!

“So…um…do you go here often?” I try, hoping to make another conversation.

“No. Do you?” Tye replies.

“Um…yah, actually.” I look down, not really wanting him to ask why. But he did.

“Oh, you do? What for? This place looks very deserted to me, not anything interesting for a girl like you.”

I blush slightly, then sigh.

“Well, this is the last place anyone saw my mother, before she…disappeared.”

Tye looks confused for a moment, then nods slightly.

“Ah, I see. Well, I best be going now, see you later?”

I smile “I hope, bye.” I turn away and morph into a cat again, pawing off behind a building. I sigh and sit down to wash myself.

The whole reason I’d come here is that last time I was here, I’d found a lead, a clue that my mother had been there! But it had been to dark then to see clearly. After I finished licking myself al over, I ran over to where I’d found the clue. A thread of my mother’s scarf half buried in the sand. I knew it was hers because it had that familiar perfume scent that I remembered as a youngling still clinging to it.

I sniffed all over but got nothing, the scent was long gone. I found the thread again and followed it again underneath a barn out a few yards. I squeezed under the half broken down wall and followed the thread deeper in. Just when almost all the light was gone, deep in the shadows I saw it, a trap door with the thread stuck to it!

I morphed into human me and crept slowly to the trap door, eager to look inside. I tried pulling it open but it was stuck, I looked around and saw a thin piece of sturdy wood. I took it over to the door and started prying it open. Just when I thought it was almost open I heard a gruff voice behind me.

“Put that down, little lady.” Then I felt a bag go over my head. I screamed with all my might until I heard a thud and felt a dull pain in my head.

Everything went black.

@Neo @Bellflowerp @Millennium


The chilly night air cut through my hoodie like a knife. I pull my overcoat closer as the thugs slowly take their positions around me. I glance around, there were five of them. This would be easy. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask the leader, a large, gangster looking older teen. He chuckles at my comment. “No one talks to the Shadows like you did!”
I grin. “Gentlemen you haven’t begun to see the meaning of shadows.”
The leader snarls and steps forward, pulling a wicked looking switchblade from his back pocket. “Any last words?”
I nod. “Hurry up, it’s freezing out here.”
He lashes out, his weight and force throwing him forward, he stumbles as his knife meets nothing but air. He regains balance, a confused look on his face.
“Looking for me?” He turns at the voice behind him, but is shocked to find that he is no longer fighting the blond haired teen he was before. This being was completely and totally black, his purple eyes glowing with an angry heat. The thug is terrified to find that he can make out the graffiti on the wall behind the dark figure. He could see right through it!
I step or rather float towards the shaking thugs. “What’s the matter?” I smile. “Never seen a shadow before?”
The leader’s knife clatters to the ground. “What are you?” He nearly chokes on the words.
“I am Vendetta!” With that I extend my hand. The thug is absolutely petrified to find that my arm is extended right through his chest. I concentrate as my molecules begin to become solid.
Suddenly, with a gasp, the man’s eyes bulge. I withdraw my hand and he slumps to the ground.
I raise my head to face the others. “Anyone else?” With blood curling screams they take off. I grin and solidify, my feet once again touching the ground. I pull my coat tighter as I exit the alley way.
No one would believe their story. A human shadow? How ridiculous! I pull my coat even tighter. Ridiculous or not, this human shadow needed somewhere to get warm.


Ariel Parker sits on a log in the midst of the forest, looking down at her brown boots. For so long, she had thought she was naturally introverted and isolation was more rewarding than socializing. But after meeting Delila… And Depth… She’s not so sure anymore.

She shifts her feet, sighing. A lingering feeling of sadness had swept over her ever since the conversation ended back at the forest and the three girls split ways. However, the conversation gave her lasting hope that maybe, just maybe, she’s not alone.

Ruffle, ruffle.

Ariel quickly looks up and studies the bushes in front of her. A few seconds pass, and then a minute passes. Ariel exhales quietly. It’s just the wind. Or a cat. Or a shapeshifting cat-mutant. Or a Sentinel? Okay, calm down, Ariel. It’s probably just the wind. And it’s gone now, that’s for sure.

Still, however, the insecure feeling lingers even after the ruffling of the bushes.

Ariel stands up from the log, summoning a rock from the ground as it floats to her side. “Hello?” she says, anticipating some vile creature to leap out of the shadows, pounce on her and attack her.

Instead, a female figure emerges from the darkness, walking slowly and carefully.

Talking slowly to avoid stuttering, Ariel asked, “Who… Are you?”

@LilaKitty/Delila Loststar, @Millennium/Destiny Veedee/Depth, @SheOfManyNames/Naria Haynes/Whichever_Ego_You_Happen_To_Choose :smirk:


Naria didn’t know how far she needed to go when she ran to the forest…

All she knew was that she had to get away. As far and as fast as she possibly could. Everything was a whirlwind of emotions, s-so much was pulling at her, so much was at stake! Trista couldn’t take much more…

Naria shook her head, forcing the Ego back into the safety her mind. She couldn’t switch… Not to Tris. The poor emotion incarnate would be eaten alive. The light brown haired girl halted, taking several slow breaths to clam her thoughts and emotions. Today was bad, yes… It’s not every day your average teenage girl becomes an angry dark-colored she-demon trying to protect a innocent bully victim.

Try explaining that one to the principle. “Hey, I’m Naria Haynes. I’m a Mutant and basically Jekyll and Hyde plus three!”…

Hence the running.

Naria sighed. She had no idea what she was doing, and no way to navigate the dense wood, but yet here she was. The mutant began pushing her way further into the bushes. Living with her particular Mutation was difficult, and whoever had thought sending her to a public school was terrible at perception.

Naria straightened her aqua sweater, making a slight detour around a fallen log. Her navy eyes glued to the forest floor. It could be worse… she could forget every time she swapped. At least she remembered what she did as, and could control (To a point) her Egos. The mutant girl flexed her hands. It would be best she DID switch… that way she would be harder to find.

Ciara was obviously out. If not for the simple fact it was HER FAULT they were even here… then because she was far too easy to anger, and wouldn’t think straight. Tris was too emotional, and would likely have a panic attack due to the day’s events. As she continued to think, she felt a soft stir of her Mutant energy, cool and calm. She sighed…

Sara then.

The energy engulfed her in a quick vortex of violet and the sound of rustling pages, her form altering into the shape of her Intelligent Ego. Narissara adjusted her glasses with a sigh, giving the area a quick scan to determine which direction to follow. If the shadows were anything to go by, she only had a small amount of time before sunset, and thus would need a plan. She carefully picked her way around the most noisy of the groundcover, keeping a sharp eye out for any type of problem that could halt her progress…

“Hello?” A voice challenged.

Sara ducked into a small clearing, her light indigo eyes scanning for the source of the voice. A young girl stood, her blue eyes shimmering as a fist-sized rock floated in the air beside her. Sara’s eyebrow raised in festination.

Incredible! I wonder how she is doing that… A Mutant perhaps? Or a super of some sort…

“Who… Are you?” The girl asked, her blonde hair ruffling lightly in the breeze.

The Intelligent girl straightened, pushing her glasses to a more secure position on her nose as she studied the powered being.

“My name is Narissara. And who, if I may ask, are you?”


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“My name is Narissara,” replies the girl, doing something with her face that Ariel can’t see due to the darkness. “And who, if I may ask, are you?”

Ariel fidgets, but doesn’t lose her telepathic grip of the rock. I can’t just tell random strangers my name! I need to come up with something. But I don’t want to lie! I can’t. My name is… My name… It’s…

“Aura. My name is Aura.” Ariel nods in satisfaction, inhales, and then holds her breath, trying her best not to exhale shakily. “I must say, it’s a lonely forest. W-what-” STOP with the stuttering, she scolded herself inwardly, “-Erm, what, if I might ask, are you doing out here?”

If things go south- She glances at the rock still floating by her side, -I have protection this time.



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Narissara felt a hot stir in the center of her chest, but she pressed it down, stifling the Hotheaded Ego. She walked closer to Aura (Obviously a code name… but she respected her privacy) eyeing the rock with a glimmer in her eyes.

“How fascinating… If you wouldn’t mind me asking, how do you keep the stone afloat?”


“How fascinating…” says Narissara. “If you wouldn’t mind me asking, how do you keep the stone afloat?”

Ariel grits her teeth. I do mind you asking. She wants to say that out loud, but she doesn’t have the guts to say it - and although she wants to appear confident, she also wants to appear friendly.

Ariel takes a deep breath and then gathers all the courage she can muster. “If you wouldn’t mind me asking, why are you so curious?”



Narissara adjusted her glasses, tilting her head up a degree.

“I am a naturally inquisitive being. Seeking knowledge is my hobby, you could even say it what I was created to pursue.”

She tapped her chin, examining the scene with attentive eyes.

“My most intelligent hypothesis is that you are one of the notorious Mutants, which would be fortunate.”


“My most intelligent hypothesis is that you are one of the notorious mutants, which would be fortunate.”

Fortunate? A shudder runs down Ariel’s spine. Fortunate how? Why would that be-- Wait. Is she…? Ariel’s thoughts trail off as she looks into Narissara’s curious eyes.

She works for Sentinel Services. She’s going to experiment on me. She’s going to enslave me, keep me captive.

She is an enemy.

Ariel’s fear leaves her and anger takes its place as she lifts her other hand, summoning more rocks to enter her telekinetic grip. “Do you know what you people have done to us? Do you know how much pain and suffering you’ve caused us?”

Ariel pushes her hands forward as all the rocks fly steadily, at a fast pace, toward Narissara.

And then she runs.

She runs as fast as she can run, constantly looking behind her to see–


Ariel trips over a small log and falls, flat on her face. This is so not a good day.