My Scribble Studio!

Hello all my peoples! I have an (unofficial) studio called Scribble Studio. I am creating an Aetherlight/HTTYD mashup comic. If you would like to be a part of it, please vote on this poll! Thanks! :smile:

  • I’d like to be a character! (Please post a bio below)
  • Probably not, but I’ll follow this
  • Other (Please specify)

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Thanks again!


AAAAAAAA!!! That sounds so coooooool!

Um, what kind of bio do ya need? :grinning:

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This is a HTTYD/Aetherlight thing, so maybe include your type of dragon, what you do, etc. For example, this is mine:

Name: Lyra Starcraft
Career: Nothing stable
Race: VanaGuard (You need to know more about Vanaheim in RTTE to get it)
Dragon: Speed Stinger
Dragon Name: Ziggy
Distinguishing marks: A locket made of stone, a birthmark like a purple star
Weapon: Two swords, one with a blue stone on the hilt and the other is made of crystal

If you think of more, you can add it, but that’s the basics.


Huh? o . o




Oops! I TOTALLY did not mean to write Star Wars! It’s HTTYD/Aetherlight. :laughing:

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Oh, haha! No problem. :smile: I probably won’t be in this, then, since I don’t know much about HTTYD, but I will definitely follow along with this! :grin:


That’s fine! Thanks!

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PL, I’m posting the first three panels I have drawn. They haven’t been inked in yet, because I want you to tell me what I could fix before I make anything permanent.