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I’ve got all the Kingdom Series and three of the Knights of Arrethatrea and all the Wars of the Realms!
I haven’t read all of them yet, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, i’m still reading some of them, Chuck Black is an awesome writer. :rabbit2::smirk:


I no this was like a month ago, but i think this is an awesome idea!


Thanks. I’ve been working on blanket projects recently, but hopefully when I’m done with those I’ll get back into drawing. :sweat_smile:


My brother has all the Kingdoms, and all of the Arrethatrea ones.


Okay, guys, I need a final say on whether or not the Short Story Compendium needs a discussion topic or not. The outcome of the votes for it was indecisive. I’m starting to lean towards not making a discussion topic since no one is using the Compendium yet, and then maybe make one if it becomes more popular. What do you guys think? (If you want a poll, follow the link above.)


MIB role-Play

  • Yes
  • NO
  • I can’t decide

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MIB standing for. . . what? Men In Black?




I would not rp (per normal) but I will read it!


If you do this, I will (try to) RP in it. We could even be partners. Just look at my profile pic, I mean.


Writing prompt topic. It would be a topic where we share writing prompts from Pinterest, or even one’s that we made up. Would this just fit into the All Things Writing topic? What do you think?

  • Yes, make the topic!
  • No, don’t.
  • Eh, not a writer so idc.

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Would you not be able to use the writing topic already in existence?


So, i’ve been making an RP of sorts when i was a lot younger…and i found it…

Some of it is laughable…but…i basically fixed spelling errors, and now i want to know if anyone likes it, and thinks it would be a good role play. If anyone likes it than i will probably add more to it.

Priming Systems…Data Computer Activated, Accessing information

This is a Data Computer, a Data Computer holds most of the information that is known throughout The Kavaca Empire. The Kavaca Empire rules our planet of Sanoe (Sa-no-ah) and occupies most of the land.

Sanoe is mostly a grassy planet, it snows occasionally, there are two known forests, and one desert. (The desert is The Outlands, next page.)

The Outlands

The Outlands is a large desert where people usually get lost in, the sand there looks like gold. There is also a sand beast in a cave there, people call it Calamity. No one knows what it looks like, and no one enters the cave and leaves it alive.

The Treacherous Wilds

This is one of the forests known to Sanoe, but there is a defender there too, it is called Ondurth, The Dark by the ones who escaped. It has four legs, and spines all around its body, and it is pale yellow.

  • Sweet, i think that is good for a role play. (Please answer why)
  • Um…that shouldn’t be a role play. (Please answer why not.)

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Okay, Ultra-commando and i finished updating it. How do you like it.

“Data computer, give me information on the planet Sanoe…”

Priming Systems…Data Computer Activated, Accessing Files on Sanoe…

The History of Sanoe

Sanoe was a peaceful planet, with many clans, the main city of Kanoe was a bustling trade depot with the wealth going all around the world. Near the city of Kanoe there was a large mine, that’s where most of the money and gems came from. It was a great peaceful society… well, mostly… some clans were not so peaceful… there was a warlike side of things… many of the people where in a war against the Thesolonon people, a warlike race. The war continued for many years, finally there was peace. Not many people liked it, but there was peace… But that was not to stay…

The Kavaca empire came… they took over the capital city of Kanoe and killed everyone that was still in the city. They put up a blockade around the planet so no one could get out. Many great people died that day. So many people went into hiding. Old rivalries stayed.

Data Computer

This is a Data Computer, a Data Computer has a large database that holds information about the Kavaca Empire. It holds information about the various groups that live on Sanoe. It is a voice Controlled computer.


Sanoe is a mostly grassy planet with the occasional desert, mountain, or stream.

Kavaca Empire

The Kavaca Empire rules the planet of Sanoe, it has a large military force that keeps order. They have taken complete control of many planets, and whoever doesn’t submit will be punished. Those who could get away from the Kavaca Empire broke away into different clans. And be warned, if you don’t submit, you may be the next one to disappear.

Kavaca Empire Army

KE Air Transport

Foot Soldier

Air Soldier


Kyllan is the leader of the Kavaca Empire. He is known by most because of his tremendous skill in fighting. He has unmatched skill.

The Phantom

The Phantom is a notorious assassin used by Kyllan to eliminate enemies of the Empire.

The Outlands

The Outlands is a large desert area, temperature going as high as 120° Fahrenheit … The sandstorms there are so thick you can’t see two feet in front of you, (not just because of the storm entirely but there is also the dust in your eyes) there are not many landforms so people usually get lost, this means it is a great place for the sand clan to live, they have found to like the desert and set up camp next to rare water supplies, they need to move often due to the fact that the water can evaporate very quickly, they are called the Senonions. No one knows of them. The members of the Kavaca empire don’t venture far into the desert because of the lack of water and the fact that they might get lost, also, there is a sand beast in a cave somewhere in the desert, people call it Calamity. No one knows what it looks like, because it only comes out at night and no one enters the cave and leaves it alive. Though some have heard a loud screeching noise while they where in the desert during the night and some saw a terrible beast roaming toward them. So they ran for their lives, and those that found their way out after they have seen or heard the beast started the stories. In the Outlands there is a small crab, (The Calstus) (eaten by the Senonions). And also there are medium animals that look quite like deer. (The Siltons) But have grown to eat the rare cactus plant milk. ) (yes, milk) (the name of the plant is actually cactus plant, not cactus)

No one knows what it looks like but the stories go like this…

“It is a large ferocious sand beast with spines along the back and tail and three rows of teeth. It is a carnivore and has a hard time seeing in the light of the day so it became nocturnal, attacking while the prey sleeps.”

It is also quite intelligent…

The Senonions are a desert clan, they make their entire life based on the Outlands. They move often to avoid “The Calamity” and to keep up with the water. They have become carnivores because of the lack of plants.

They usually are wearing large hats (or helmets) to keep out the sun. and the sand.

They remain undiscovered by the Kavaca Empire.

The Wilds

This is the only major forest on Sanoe. The shadows are intense so almost no light can get in. It is home to many varieties of insects. The Siculuth Clan are the only people that are let into the forest without being swarmed by insects. There is a beast there nicknamed Ondurth, The Dark, or just Ondurth. It has four legs and spines all down the back of its body. It has a pale yellow skin color. Scales are needless because of the lack of enemies it fights.

It is unlivable because the insects swarm all that enter except for Ondurth and the Siculuth Clan.

Ondurth can be seen only when it nears the edge of the forest…

The Siculuth Clan is undiscovered by the Kavaca Empire.

The Golden peaks

The golden peaks are a mountain range near the Capital city of Kanoe. It is home to the Taehertarr, a mountain clan.

They have a protector there called Beothorn.

Beothorn is a worm like creature that has a hobby of tunneling underground, it protects the Taehertarr Clan from invaders, tunneling through mountains to make a home for them. When its children are old enough it sends them to mine for valuable resources to help build up the economy and the buildings. Because of the lack of greens the Taehertarr have become carnivores.

There are rumors about the Taehertarr among the Kavaca Empire.

New Kanoe

New Kanoe is a small village on a grassland, with a mine. These are the few inhabitants that lived in Kanoe and escaped from the Kavaca Empire.

They are vegetarians because of all of the fruits where they live.

The village is protected by Timindour. Timindour is dragon-like in appearance but is quite friendly. His relations with the Kanoeans village makes him a great guardian…

There are rumors about the Kanoeans village among the Kavaca Empire.


Evoacnewa is an underwater settlement, the homes are made in large Clearsteal bubbles.

The protector of Evoacnewa is Ceayrano a large stingray like creature. It can electrify itself and is larger than all sharks and some whales. It has a power that it can fly out of the water, and when it takes off it creates large waves.

It has made good friends with the Ajtrmna clan. The Ajtrmna are a water dwelling clan that have made Great friends with Ceayrano.

They have a main diet of fish… they live underwater.

This body of water is never calm.

They remain undiscovered by the Kavaca Empire.


Sanoe (Sa-no-ah)

Kavaca (Ka-va-ka)

Kanoe (Ka-no-ah)

Senonions (Sen-on-eon-s)

Ondurth (on-durth)

Timindour (Tim-in-dour)

Taehertarr (tay-het-arr)

Beothorn (Beo-thorn)

Evoacnewa (Evo-ce-newa)

Ceayrano (cea-ray-ano)

Ajtrmna (Aj-er-trim-na)





Name: Rex Codix

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes

Age: Unknown

Personality: Keeps to himself mostly, serious

Occupation: None

Weapons: Katana

Armor: Gold and black armor, the helmet has night vision and heat vision.

Friends: None anymore

Enemies: Kavaca Empire

Sanoe now

Sanoe is a planet with many clans spread out about the land. The capital city and the surrounding areas are controlled by the Kavaca empire, and they are still expanding.

Data computer powering down…

  • Awesome! I want to be in that role play.
  • I’ll pass.

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Hi, I was just laying on my floor (bored,) and I thought of a topic idea we could use during these confusing and difficult times.
In the state where I live schools have been closed for a minimum of 3 weeks (although it’s expected that they’ll close for the rest of the year), dine-in restaurants are closed, no groups of more than 10 are allowed, and now clothing stores and malls are closed, all in an effort to stop COVID-19 from spreading farther and causing more damage.
Although it’s kind of stupid, I made a quarantine bucket list the other day, since dance is closed I’m home all day, and there are a lot of things that I usually don’t have time to do.

Anyways, to get to the point, I wanted to make a topic where we upload pictures or talk about interesting things we did that day, like paint, or clean our room, or anything special. Kind of like an Instagram-type-thing…

Should I make it?

  • yes
  • no

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What does everybody think about a Green Ember role play? It would start around the beginning of the first book, and I think it would be cool going throughout the land, and fighting the major battles, and doing other cool things!

  • YEAH!!!
  • Sure.
  • Nah.

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@Ultra-commando @Kitty @ladynewheart


Um I have never read the book’s but can I still be in it even if I may not know a lot of what is going on? I mean I will start reading the book’s but I would be behind everyone else.


Have you started reading the book?


Not yet But I will start as soon as possible