Passages: A new adventure (Free for all Role play)

I slid between the two subway cars. I look at the plain white car, it was waiting for me to give it some color. I smile then set my grey backpack down on the tracks. This will do. though, what will dad and mom think. Dad is a pastor and mom is head of the ladies bible study. I want to believe in God, but. I don’t know. I need some space to figure things out for myself. No Wande! You’re being a crazy girl! I do believe, I think. I said in my mind. I was just starting to pull out one of the sprays when I heard “Wande? What are you doing here?” My heart pounded. I recognized that voice. It was @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor one of my friends from church. I was to ashamed to face him. So I ran. I could hear him behind me.


I stopped stock still, my face turning a bright shade of red. Wande? What the cheese was she doing here??
I slipped my black and red paint cans back into my backpack hurridly before she noticed. I opened my mouth to say something… anything… I couldn’t let her see me like this. I pulled my hood further over my blond hair and clenched my fists deep in the pockets of my hoodie, something I did when I was extremely nervous.
“Wande?” My voice shook as I cleared my throat, trying my best to steady it, “what are you doing here?” As if she couldn’t ask the same question.
Instead of answering, she turned and bolted down the tunnel. What?? Why was she running?? What did she have to run from?
Before I knew it, I was running after her and calling her name. I was pretty fast, jogging occasionally and all, but she was usually the one person who could always beat me in a race at youth events.
She rounded a corner and I put on an extra burst of speed, rounding the corner and nearly getting blinded by a bright light. The tunnel shook as the train thundered down the tracks, the horn blaring in my ears.
“Wande!” I yelled, but she stood frozen, watching the train race towards her. I leaped towards her and grabbed her arm.
The wind whipped at us as we pressed against the wall of the tunnel. The cars were dizzying as they raced by us, but we were safe.

(In this RP my name can just be Draven.)


I stare at Draven, my heart racing like a cheetah. “You, you just saved my life.” I try not to cry but my feeling broke like a flower pot, “I almost died!” I weakly get up. We find our way out of the tunnel, and look around. The colors seemed more vivid. the shapes more real, the smells stronger. We turn around, and the tunnel isn’t there anymore. I tug Draven’s sleeve, “Where are we? Where did the tunnel go? I’m scared.” @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor (OORP: thank you for writing)