Please Don't Spam

Please don’t spam, I struggle with not trying to spam. I just don’t want the Christward forums to be like the Aetherlight forums. Their is a lot of spamming on the Aetherlight forums, so now I am being more on this forum! Not trying to be mean about the Aetherlight forums… Just their is WAY to much spamming.

Instead of spamming just edit one of your older post!

I know that a few people have spam liked
at some point of being on some forum. But spam liking is not aloud here. I know, it is fun though! But please dont spam.

Thanks everyone!


Preach it Aaron! Good job :wink: :+1:


Yep, agreed! :+1:

For anyone else that wonders what the definition of spamming is for any forums, it’s basically when you post multiple posts, like this:

Spamming can also mean a few other things, but that’s probably the biggest and best example of spamming there is - multiple posts in a row. :smile:

Good point, Mr. Darknight! :+1: Since Members can actually edit their posts (thank goodness), it’s so much easier to edit your own post if you have something to add. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this friendly little reminder, Aaron! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this topic is necessary, but I guess since we’ve brought up the subject, might as well ask. . .

What do you all consider as spam?

For me, posts that mostly consist of

  • “Thank you / Thanks”
  • “You’re welcome”
  • “So cool!”
  • “Haha,”
  • insert emoji(s) here,”
  • Any other low-content posts, etc.

or posts that can just be expressed through the like button are considered spam to me. But if there is more meaningful / important information in the post other than “Thanks” / “You’re welcome,” etc., then I probably wouldn’t consider a post as spam.

Also, topics that can be moved into a preexisting topic (or even the Chit-Chat topic) or that is too small / not broad enough of a subject to last as a topic is also considered spam to me. For example, a fandom topic that isn’t supported by enough people on here or isn’t broad enough to encompass other discussions to keep it alive might be spam. Or even if the topic doesn’t kick off right away, maybe it just doesn’t have prospect of being used by others in the future.

These are just my thoughts. How about everyone else?

Btw, @moderators, can we have this topic pinned? I’d like to keep this at the top of my list for reference. xD


Are you ready kids?
Aye-aye Aaron!
I can’t heeeeeeeeeeear youuuuuuuuuuu!
Aye-aye Aaron!
Posting topics like this is against a rule (Please do not spam)
Doing things like this does not make you cool (Please do not spam)
If you want to spam and be a big bum (Please do not spam)
Please go do it on another forum (Please do not spam)

Please do not spam. Please do not spam. Please do not spam. PLEASE DO… NOT SPAM!!! (Doo doo da loo da doo dee doo)

salutes smartly

(That is to the tune of the spongebob squarepants theme song)
(Also this is not something I completely originally made up, just for disclosure purposes. The original is here [] and I modified a couple lines to fit. Anywho.)


I was going to pin that topic before, actually, but we already have so many topics pinned. :grimacing:


I have a question.

I do not consider multiple roleplays a spam. Correct me if I am wrong, but I only see it as being creative (As a writer myself, I can vouch for this). Limiting the amount of RP or story topics seems like it would be limiting creativity. Perhaps a compromise, such as an RP poll topic to test the necessity or likability of RP’s could be put into play?


Yeah, you are right . I just can’t keep track of all the RP’s out there. Maybe someone could even just make a topic where after posting something on an RP they could just post stuff about it on a topic that covers all RP topic instead of an RP having its own topic.



That’s not a terrible idea.

Of course, you would have to tell the Founder of the RP’s which one you mean with a hashtag or emphasis.


Hey, you could even just put a link to it :wink:


@SheOfManyNames @Crouton Doesn’t the Role Play HQ topic cover this? Or am I confused as to what you are talking about?

It might be nice to have a post that links to all of the Role Plays and explains what they are, but that post would likely belong in Role-Play HQ instead of a separate topic.

(What I find most irritating is when I’m writing a RP post and then I need to refer to a bio or I think of something for the discussion topic, and I can’t find the discussion or bio topic because it’s not linked to the topic I’m in. But that would be another thing…)


Heh, I did not know there was one, I thought there was one just about Star Wars.


I know that’s spamming but that is HILARIOUS!!!

Sorry @Crouton


Oh, haha! Just was a little confused! :rofl:


She’s apologizing for thinking Nola’s spam example was funny. I think it’s funny to :joy: