You’ll put in your profiles here. I’ll do my best to portray them well. But I can’t necessarily make them perfect. If you have questions about being bad. I actually have the answer. I’ll determine whether your bad or not. Also whether your the potential murderer, enemy, detective, or allie. It might be a little weird. But I want to make sure you have no idea who’s actually bad or good in this story.

You always have to be cautious in a mystery. Thank you. bows


This might be a perfect place for two brainchildren of mine.

Name: Dr. Lewis Gray
Alias: The Silent Pistol

Appearance: Wears a black mask that completely covers his face leaving only white circles for his eyes. Black sweater, black pants, black combat boots, black gloves, pale gray fedora with black band, pale gray trench coat

Equipment and abilities: Carries four completely soundless pistols in a black gunbelt, is also extremely accomplished in various forms of martial arts, also a talented hacker and engineer

Backstory: A brilliant scientist who discovered a way to completely silence any machine in the world. He wanted to merely cut down on noise pollution, but his patrons had ulterior motives. they wanted him to silence tanks, machine guns, and other weapons of war in order to conduct terrorist attacks. Once he discovered their motives, he took all his research and escaped. Since then, he has been tracking them as they have been tracking him. He became a mercenary to survive.

Personality: strong and silent, says only enough, gets the job done no matter what it takes, sees solutions that others often overlook. polite in his actions, rather enamored with the Phantom Rapier, thinks of her as an elegant ghost from another age when men were gentle and women were angels

Signature: A black pistol with smoke coming out of the barrel and curling into an “S”.

Name: Lillian DeFleur

Alias: The Phantom Rapier

Appearance: Wears a mask identical to that of the Pistol’s, a plain black victorian-style dress, a long black cape with a hood, black button boots, black opera gloves, black petticoat, black stockings

Equipment and abilities: A swordbelt with a black fencing rapier with a basket hilt, advanced fencing abilities

Backstory: Was the daughter of a wealthy, high-class, well-respected family. Discovered her family was being blackmailed and hired the Silent Pistol to find the culprit. Once she knew who it was, she became the Phantom Rapier to confront him and bring him to justice. Now that her family was safe, she continued being the Rapier to fight crime and help her new partner, Silent Pistol, with his mission.

Personality: Has a smooth tongue and a sophisticated demeanor, can often discern what is going on with a person beneath the surface, lady-like in every way, in awe of her partner, acts as a civilizing influence on those around her

Signature: a rapier with a line swirling loosely around it

Take good care of my children.


Name: Talon Ashworth

Alias (es): ?

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown with Partial Heterochromia, left eye is split brown/green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5’ 4"

Appearance: Hair done in a half-bun, with long side-bangs that fall halfway over her left eye. Black jean jacket, with silver buttons. Moss-green button up shirt, long-sleeved with cuffs rolled up to the elbows. Silver wings necklace and a black leather bracelet with her Initials T A A stamped in it. Black skirt at knee-length, with dark boot-cut jeans underneath. Moss green lace-up boots.

Occupation: Renegade Detective, animal training

Abilities/talents: Hacking, technology, underground operations, black-market type product finding, has a contact for most anything.

Information about: Talon is a good-hearted renegade from Boston. She grew up an orphan, in and out of foster homes her entire younger years due to her unusual eyes and feisty attitude. She picked up many tricks and tips from her time with more… interesting families, and discovered her unusual talent for hacking, information processing and sharp mental skill, and detective work. After finding a good family in Atlanta Georgia, she began learning more and more technology knowledge from some of the best underground hackers, as well getting a degree for forensics. When old enough to go on her own, she bought an apartment in Morrisville NC, running a small hacking business on the side, and working as a exotic animal trainer. She has contacts on the police force, and is called on often when the case needs her skills.

Personality: Tough-girl and feisty, snarky and a bit sarcastic, along with a heathy dose of dodgy and troublemaker behavior. Has a knack for getting out of a bad situation with crazy plans, that by some miracle actually work. Kind hearted, but tries to cover it with a tough attitude.

Pets: Four Ferrets. One all black, mahogany eyes (Male, named Rinzler). One silver with mask, (female, Named Yori). One dark brown with mask and a white bib, feet, and tail tip,(Male, named Ram). One black with white paws and two white dots between ears, blue eyes. (Male, named Tron). Talon treats them like people, and is never seen without at least one riding on her shoulder. Rinzler has an orange collar, Yori has a light pink one, Ram has Irish green, and Tron has light blue.

If you need more info let me know. Be good to her, she’s been through a lot.


Name: Rue Tash

Alias: unknown

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Eye Color: Jet black creepy eyes that make you feel slightly repulsed under their gaze.

Hair Color: Black Curly

Height: 179 cm / 5 ft 9 in

Weight: 48 kg / 107 lbs

Handedness: Left

Blood type: O-

Appearance: Hair normally worn in a ponytail, since it is short it spikey when it comes out of the tie. She’s really bony and pale. Looking like a walking skeleton when she walks around.

Personality: quirky, oblivious when someone says something sarcastic, annoying, cheerful, has an odd liking for shiny things, mysterious, touchy, not rational at all, and seems to trust everyone, when it’s the exact opposite.

This is just the basics that you should know.