Reigniting CF Role-plays

~Killer Instinct ~

-Rising Heroes -

<Mutants: Stand or Fall >

_Em and Them _

Great RPs of Christward’s golden age. Where majestic stories and developed characters ruled. Where skilled writers came together to display their talent and creativity.

But we’ve fallen. Role plays have died, disappearing into the empty void of ancient topics like stars fading and vanishing from the sky, taking all glory and greatness with them, only leaving a memory with a faint ache of remorse. Remorse over not trying harder to keep them on fire.

So how do we get our stars back?

I’m glad you asked, because I have a plan that anyone can add on to so it will be the best for everyone.

We plan. I’ve been in a lot of RPs and every one that failed had one thing in common: no one planned. No one went on the discussion topic and said “Hey, lets talk about how the story should go next.”

And so people wrote off the top their heads and everyone wrote themselves into a corner and so no one was bothered to climb out of that corner and so the topic sank.

This has happened in my own personal role-plays.

But I have been in a few successful role-plays. They had people always reading, and planning ahead to make the story fun because we knew what was going on and had a direction to go.

You don’t walk out of your front door and say “Maybe if I just walk that way, I’ll end up at an arcade.”

You have to have a map telling you how to get to the fun.

There are 98 RP topics. How many of those have ever had more than a few posts made on them?

I suggest we clear out really unused topics, don’t overthink stuff, get some plots going, and reignite the RPs of Christward.


Wherever could that incite have come from? :smirk:

It sinks every role play eventually, which was why Skyraiders was such a phenomenal success on ALF. It had writers dedicated to telling a great story with their characters.

It’s called “Google Maps”, and is a useful tool for life.

That’s something I find annoying. When most people create a role play, they don’t go into it thinking “let’s tell a great story”. The typical thought process is, “Oh wouldn’t it be cool if we were zombie ninjas?”.

Now really and truly, there’s no harm in starting a role play on those grounds. After all, Skyraiders was born off of a, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had wings?” notion. What really makes or breaks a role play is how the writers carry it onward. What story are they trying to tell? How dedicated are they to telling it? Speaking of dedication, it’s your turn to write for UU :wink:

A lot could be said about why our current role play is as great as it is, but I think it wheedles down to this: The lot of us have a great story to tell, and we’re having a great time telling it.

Taking that into consideration, what was so great about the role plays you mentioned above? What did they focus on? What drew people to write in them? Most importantly, why didn’t it last?

I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers. However, here’s a boil down of my theories for why each of them flopped:

I wrote for Killer Instinct for a while. The characters we had were fantastic and the world was captivating. However, the major flaws of the role play were that it had no concrete story and our characters, great as they were, just didn’t blend together.

Now that’s a rant for another time, but it’s worth briefly mentioning that if a group of people want to write a successful role play, the characters they write with have to have some logical connection to each other. Most role play characters tend to be YA protagonist demigods competing for the spotlight, which is cool for about a month before everyone grows bored of it.

Now I’d be in favor of seeing Killer Instinct make a revival. However, really and truly my time for forum fun will be all but gone come the school year, so whatever new life breathed into the story would be better done without me.

Rising Heroes was a story I was never a part of. Therefore, I have no comments on how it died.

Mutants: Stand or Fall, on the other hand, was one I did participate in. Why that one fell (:smirk:) was probably for the same reasons as Killer Instinct: We had cool character but no connection, and the story had no plan. I will say that I left that one before it inevitably perished, because my character had nothing to do and I felt pretty worthless contributing to the story.

Em and Them I was no part of, but I thought it was a cute story and was sad to see it go. Chances are it died for similar reasons though.

You’re dream of reigniting old Christward glory days role plays isn’t bad. However, it’s going to take the dedication of several people to pull of, and a lot of us are getting busier by the hour. Whether or not I can help you out is still in question, but I’ll do what I can when I can.


That one, alas, is dead. This is mainly due to the departure of some of the main characters. There was a great deal of messaging about it that formed a pretty good plot, but Vytanni left and I couldn’t implement the plot on my own.

However, I would be willing to join some others. The Star Trek role play had a good thing going, but the Warriors Three have not been around for a while. Mr. @Kitty sir in particular was crucial to our plans, but he is rarely on.

There was also a pretty intensive plot in London Calls, but that can’t go anywhere until a certain somebody can get away from the real world. We also toyed with the idea of reimagining Rising Heroes, but that never became a reality.


Well that, and there was the issue of the other certain somebody who made an illogical character and blew up at the idea that it wouldn’t work. I think the ship sank sometime after that argument.

Xonos had a really good role play that we could pump a great story out of. The characters weren’t terrifically memorable, but the world was very interesting.


It’s a nice thought, but something I feel the need to point out is that role-plays, like anything, come and go.

It’s definitely disappointing when one does wither out, but honestly very few are going to last for even a full year. The important thing is that they were fun while they lasted. I think the pressure to commit to a story can sometimes be overwhelming, when it doesn’t have to be.

You can set a story up for success, but it’s not the end of the world if it eventually meets an end. And nowadays with the current user traffic, the success of a multiple POV story would be especially uncertain.

(And yes, role-play requirements and the disposal of dead topics have been discussed in length for those of us in leadership roles here on Christward.)


What do you classify as failing? I have seen well thought out stories die within a week of starting and I have seen long-running, several month-long role plays with little more content or creativity than random role play or a forgettable dream.

Statistically yes, more unplanned role-plays fail than those few which are planned out. However, planning does little more than make your role play more enjoyable and fulfilling than just running around doing… stuff. While planning should be a staple of developing role plays I am well aware from personal experience that all the planning in the world cannot keep a role play breathing for any longer than people consistently write.

The secret? There isn’t one. It’s just the simple fact of dedication. For a role-play to survive, no matter how “good” or “bad” it is, it must be cared for and fed often by new posts and constant updates.

One thing I believe many who participate in role-plays (including myself) should understand is that they aren’t writing a book. The wonderous thing about role-plays is that it doesn’t need to be perfect or a paragraph long. Role-plays are meant to be short, inclusive, and straight to the point. They aren’t meant to be a burden but a fun activity. No need to write long descriptive paragraphs with more adjectives than a perfume commercial and a four-sentence explanation of how your character walks across the room.

Oh, Be nice.

Perhaps not… I have a plan. Sort of.

Too bad I know nothing of Star Trek besides the exact amount of lens flares in the series.

Ah yes, London’s Call. A perfect example of my earlier statements. I don’t believe more planning could have been put into a role play and well… just count the posts.

I do have to sleep some time.

Indeed though the list was more to limit the amount of constant 1 to 2 person role plays that were constantly springing up around the beginning of Christward.

I have been toying with an idea, however, that could potentially make role plays more interesting.

Things such as a limited inventory or statistics that could potentially make role play more immersive and unique. These ideas are merely prototypes at this present time.


The hope of dimsdale… That Role play is very dead. though I wish it was not so.


Preach it, brother.

I agree with your point of dedication above all, although I admit I like my role plays long enough to be books, but to each his own.

You’re right, it is very dead. However, it died for more reasons than “people didn’t write enough”. Really and truly, I’d rather that one stayed dead.


I think I know why it died.

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We did a lot of planning on that one. However, there was little execution.

It actually didn’t. We could have continued quite well without her. We just didn’t put in the writing time.

Sleep is for the weak.


However, I think the drama did tank our motivation to a degree.

I may as well mention that I had no clue how to execute the story and didn’t know what was going on half the time.

Then afternoon naps are for cowards :smirk:


You’re right, we should have included you in our discussions.

I am very weak.


I do as well. My point is that role play does not have to be so. The expectation of paragraph long grammatic masterpieces is rather daunting and is not what role play is intended for.

Which was primarily my fault.

Indeed, I am most unfortunately still human. For now.

That’s fair. We should have laid out our plans clearly and fully.


Looks like something else needs to be revived…




It is not lost on me.


If we’re still serious about this, then we should all work together on reviving one role play to start with.


I’d go for the Star Trek role play. We had a good thing going there.

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I vote Random Role-Play.

We could, but Kitty isn’t on the forums often enough. Is there another one that you would want, or just Star Trek?