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Post your Marvel based superhero bios over here! I’ll be posting one for Sky Streak soon. :grin:

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Name: Shadow Gypsy
Age: Teenager
Personality: Mysterious, secretive, loner. She’s a lot smarter than most people give her credit for.
Abilities: She makes her own weapons, can hide in shadows, and is very good at fighting, running, and climbing things.
Weapons: She carries an electrified whip and electric pistols.
Suit: Black hoodie with a sword on each sleeve (hood always up, covering face), metal eye, shorts and leggings, fingerless gloves, and black military boots.
Hair as Shadow Gypsy: White, wears black bandanna
Eyes: Navy blue
Helper: Ombre

Real Name: Amber Tolstoy
Personality: Basically, pretends to be friendly to figure out who she can trust. She has very few friends, but everyone likes Amber.
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Emerald
Pets: A tortie named Shadow

Role Model: Iron Man

Only her parents know that she is the Shadow Gypsy. And Ombre. She knows too.


Name: Sky Streak

Other Suit Details: Her superhero symbol on the back of her jacket, and the blue lightup rocket boots, which she made herself.
Personality: Pretty much the same as the one I have now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Abilities: Does MMA and intelligence count?
Weapons: Throwing stars and a taser

Identity: Caddie Finch

Origin: Caddie has had a dream to become a super hero for as long as she can remember. Everything she has as Sky Streak she worked hard for, and the adventure has only just begun! :boom:
Role Model: Captain America (-fistbumps Tyler-)


Real Name: Felicity Nightingale.
Superhero Name/Alias: Freeze.
Personality: Extroverted; Helpful; Lighthearted; Confident. Sometimes a little too confident. :wink:
Ability: As her alias suggests, she can freeze time (although she doesn’t freeze herself :wink:), causing her to appear like she’s teleporting.
Weapons: Other than her own abilities, she does have a knife. A… Butter knife. :neutral_face:
Role Model(s): Black Widow, Scarlet Witch… Hawkeye, oddly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Name: Kova Sno
Age: late teens
Nickname: Starr
Height: 5’2"
Hair: White
Eyes: Electric blue
Ethnicity: Rhysian (even those don’t technically exist)
Outfit of Choice: Her shirt is a faux leather, high-neck tank-top. Her leggings are made of the same material, with several pockets for kniiives. She wears tall combat boots, which also have secret
pockets in them. She wears fingerless biker gloves, which have hard(ish) knuckles for punching.
Allies: Her brothers, Creed and Caspian
Role model: Natasha Romanoff
Enemies: [unknown]
Friends: Her brothers
Job: Spy, and she’s posed as many things
Residence: apartment
Personality: INTX
Abilities: Trained spy, hand to hand combat, mental agility, katana, and a few others (gotta leave a little mystery)
Origin: You’ll have to find out!

Name: Creed Sno
Nickname: don’t even think about it. >.>
Age: Very late teens
Height: 5’8"
Hair: white
Eyes: Electric blue, bionic.
Ethnicity: Rhysian
Outfit of choice: Similar to Kova’s, but with a longsleeved shirt. He wears motorcycle gear, along with a helmet.
Allies: His brother, Caspian, and his sister, Kova
Role model: Tony Stark, Shuri of Wakanda
Enemies: [N/A]
Friends: [see ‘Allies’]
Job: Spy, scientist, tech-whiz
Residence: All over, though he lives in a small apartment with his siblings
Personality: ISTJ
Abilities: Stronger than the average Rhysian, trained in H2H, intellect, archery skills, unseen movement, climbing
Origin: Same as his sis

And his. . . suit.


Name: Caspian Sno
Height: 5’ 1/4"
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Greenish-blue
Ethnicity: Seer (yes, I know that’s not an IRL race, either)
Outfit of Choice: Green and blue hoodie. He insists that ice cream completes his ‘look’
Role model: Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and all of the other Avengers
Enemies: Meanies
Friends: If you so much as exist, you’re his friend
Job: Being a kid
Residence: With his siblings
Origin: Kova found him wandering the streets a few years ago, and took him in. He then adopted her and Creed as his siblings
Personality: ENFP
Abilities: He can enhance the durability and powers of anyone he chooses.

What do you guys think? Who do you want to see in future stories?

  • Kova
  • Creed
  • Caspian

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Name: Wolf Spider
Identity: Tyler Mathus
Age: 16
Personality: My personality.:smirk:
Abilities: All of Spiderman’s abilities, plus retractable claws and retractable tentacles on his back(like the ones in Infinity War). Web and tentacles are organic.

Appearance: 6’, thin with a fairly lean build, dirty blond hair cut fairly short with no part and slightly waved/spiked in the front, grayish blue eyes that lighten or darken according to the color of his clothes.
Origin: His best friend was secretly performing experiments in the high school’s lab with a sample of Peter Parker’s blood,(don’t ask) trying to make a serum that would make him Wolf Spider. Surprisingly it worked, but before he could inject himself with it, someone or somebodies (no one knows who) broke into the lab trying to get it! There was a scuffle and he was fatally injured. But before the intruders could get the serum, Tyler, who had heard the scuffle and rushed to the lab, scared them off. Tyler entered to find the lab ransacked and his friend lying on the floor. He went to him, but as he leaned down to help his friend, his friend suddenly grabbed his arm and injected Tyler with the serum! Within a few days, Tyler began to develop strange abilities. (at least they were strange to him.) He had heard about Spiderman and began realizing his powers were similar!
He eventually took on the identity of Wolf Spider and set out to fight for truth, justice, and looots more truuuuu- oh wait wrong super hero!:grinning:
Role Model: Captain America


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Name: Adam Clark
Alias: Aether
Age: 14
Personalty: Nice… at times
Abilities: Control of the four main elements wind, fire,water,earth (can’t Form fire or water Can just control it)
Appearance: Thick black hair, Always wears Metal alloy suit
Role model: himself…



Real Name: Joy Parker (No, not like Peter Parker)
Age: Teen
Normal Appearance:

Personality: Laid back yet mildly nervous. She is rather chatty and is mildly extroverted. She has a lot bottled up inside of her and prefers not to talk about her feelings.

~ ~Superhero Self~ ~
Name: Midnight Spark, or simply M.S.

Ability: Fire. She can envelop any part of her body with it, including her whole body. She can also manipulate natural fire.
Weapons/accessories: Rocket boots she can power with her fire. May collect more as the RP progresses.
Enemies: None yet.
Allies: Wolf Spider/Tyler Mathus, Sky Streak/Caddie Finch.


Name: Rex Blurr
Alias: Transmute
Age: 16
Personality: Nice when you get to know him, not nice when you don’t know him.
Occupation: Mercenary for hire
Abilities: He can make himself look like anyone he touches, also if the person he touches has powers, he copies the powers until he changes into someone else. When he touches someone he can turn into that person whenever he wants
Weapons: The powers or weapons he copies
Appearance: In his original form he has brown hair and green eyes, he wears a black biker outfit.
Friends: None important right now.
Enemies: None important right now.


Name: Darren Cross

Alias: Crossfire

Age: 17

Hair: Chestnut Brown

Eyes: Honey Brown

Race: Triskele


Attire: Wears a great deal of dark red almost burgandy both on the prowl and off. Usually wears faded jeans and sweat pants along with converse or Adidas.


Personality: ENXP

Abilities: Enhanced Cell Reproduction which allows him to heal himself indefinitely. Because of this, he is in peak condition physically and mentally, even more so than most adult males. (ATTENTION: THERE ARE NO ENHANCED QUALITIES. EVERYTHING HE CAN DO IS COMPLETELY NATURAL ONLY AT THE PRIME OF THE HUMAN CONDITION)

Talents: Is extremely agile and excellent in armed and unarmed close-quarter combat. He is an expert with Katanas as well as an exceptional marksman. He is extremely intelligent and a faster learner, teaching himself many advanced subjects such as Geometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, etc. He puts all of this knowledge to good use in the field.

Hobbies: Photography
Tools: (Twin Katanas carried in dual back sheathes. The hilts of both swords are bound with leather.)

(Dual pistols with built-in silencers, only the right pistol is a bit bigger and carries more power and accuracy. Equipped with infrared 4x scopes, extended clips, and mounted blades. Carried in tactical thigh holsters)

Role Models: The Punisher, Captain America
Other: Often draws crosses both basic and advanced pretty much anywhere he can reach, this includes his arms, hands, face, etc.