Rising Heroes (Marvel Role-Play)

Caddie Finch is perched on the top of a several storied apartment building as she glances out at the setting sun, rosy gold setting the shiny skyscrapers on fire.

A smile plays at her lips as she turns back to her task; a piece of gadgetry that at first glance, looks like two spray-painted pieces of scrap metal with reflectors. Caddie frowns slightly, looking at the inner workings of one to assure the new wire is properly in place. With a satisfied smirk, she returns the back panel and screws it on. Gathering up her screwdriver, spare wires, pliers and the lot, she stuffs them into a bag and picks up the pair of boot-shaped gadgets and heads down the stairs into the apartment building.

Opening the door to home, she runs into her room and tosses the bag on the bed. Older brother playing video games in the living room? Check. No one noticing her? Also check.

Time to transform! Caddie grins. “I wish,” she murmurs to herself, digging out a box containing her suit from underneath the bed. It’s mostly made of odds and ends, but still looks pretty cool with the dark grey shirt and pants set, a medium blue, (fake) leather vest, then finished off with a black leather jacket and attached blue hood. On the back of the jacket is her symbol: a blue streak that looks like a check mark falling on its face crossed by a four-pointed throwing star. Sky Streak.

So hey, it’s a bit of fixer upper, but the best part is the jet boots! Caddie built them herself after several failed tries and nearly falling out of the sky, and charges them with a solar panel on the roof.

Looking into the box that held her suit, Caddie finds her weapons and puts them in her jacket. I need to get a utility belt soon. . . The weapons are six small four-pointed throwing stars and a taser. She’s only ever thrown the stars during target practice, and used the taser once. Caddie always sort of dreamed of the big action, the daring escapes. . . but she’s never run into anything that a well aimed blow or zap of a taser couldn’t handle. Sometimes she wonders if she’d even do well in one of the big super fights you hear about on the news…

Sweeping her black hair up into a ponytail, Caddie glances at her bedroom door and walks over to open the window, leaning out. The city lights blink on as the sky darkens with settling clouds. An excited look sparks her green eyes and she flips the hood up, pulling the mask down over her face.

Leaning out and grabbing the drain pipe, she reaches over and pulls the window shut. Pushing away from the wall she falls-- and lines of light run up the length of her boots as they’re activated.

Cold air rushes over the lower half of her face uncovered by the mask as they float her down to earth. Slipping a remote into her vest, her jet boots power down and the night is hers. You got this, Caddie. Remember your MMA classes, don’t be stupid, and just be a friendly, neighborhood. . . Sky Streak.

Gravel crunches underfoot as she moves in. Cars driving. . . cars honking. . . slight breeze. . . alley cat-- wait, alley cat?

A distinct but distant scraping and clanging sound is heard, and Sky Streak whisks off to investigate. She passes underneath a painfully bright neon restaurant sign, and around the corner of the building into a bleak parking lot.

Two figures are hidden in the shadow of a car, but one is crouching over the other, putting handcuffs on him. Judging from the crowbar on the ground, that was what made the clanging sound as the other over powered him and stopped him from. . . robbing the car.

The crouched figure stands, then suddenly whirls around and comes face to face with Sky Streak. She starts, stepping back. Caddie never thought she’d actually get to meet. . . another super??

This is an open-for-all Marvel based role-play, so have fun writing with your superheroes! (Or villains!) And be sure to follow the role-play rules. :wink:

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Tyler knew it was going to be a long day when he smashed his alarm clock for like the hundredth time.
And now, fiddling with his pencil, exactly eight and a half hours later, he knows his prediction was right.
He had dragged through the morning, breaking the occasional objects, he had spent one and a half days at school (at least that’s what it felt like), and now school was finally over.
He grabs his backpack and books. He pauses as he picks up his notebook, a black cover with all sorts of drawings and writings on it. He always wrote or drew on it when he felt the urge. What caught his attention this time was a fairly new drawing that had taken its place among the others. A crimson silhouette of a spider.
He shrugs on his backpack and slides the books under one arm. It had been a month since the incident. The police had nearly given up on his friend’s murder. He sighs. He missed Tony a lot.
He exits the school and walks down the sidewalk, heading for home. A guy with hair that looked like he got caught in a wind storm passes him. “Nice notebook.” He mutters.
Tyler smirks. “Nice face.” The boy starts to snarl a response, but Tyler pops in his wireless earbuds and continues walking.
He presses a small button on the side of his earbuds, activating a special feature he had designed himself. The earbuds doubled as a police scanner, that way he could always listen for emergencies. No that any real emergencies ever happened. He kicks at a rock. If only… no he shouldn’t think that way. He shouldn’t wish that something would happen.
He soon reaches his house and jogs up the steps. He enters and is immediately met by the smell of his Mom’s cooking.
He slips past the kitchen and heads for his room. He quietly sneaks past the door of his Dad’s study and heads up the stairs. He presses himself against the wall and peaks into his sister’s room. She was stretched across her bed reading. He grins. This was too easy.
He enters his room, immediately shutting and locking the door. he pulls out his phone and quickly texts his Mom that he was just going to go to bed.
He quickly pulls of his hoodie and jeans, revealing the cool black and red suit. He turns to face his mirror and smiles at his reflection. he unzips his backpack and pulls out his gloves and mask.
He slides on the gloves and tucks his mask into his belt. He grab his phone and earbuds and climbs out the window. He climbs up the wall onto the roof, chancing a look down. It was a good thing he wasn’t afraid of heights.
He shoves his phone into the special pocket on his pants and, after taking a deep breath, he leaps off the roof.
The beat from the music vibrates his soul as he shoots a strand of web and swings high into the air.
Here comes the Wolf Spider!


I kept glancing across the aisle to the teen with blonde hair as he stared at his black notebook with drawing sketched on it. I craned my neck to see the drawings better when the teacher walked by. I put my head down and pretended to write down another date for history.

After school I ran out the school doors and jerked my sliver bike out of the bike rack.
I stood next to it for moment to connect my earbuds up to my iPhone and started some music.
I got onto my bike and peddled toward the road.
“Bye Joy!” Said a voice.
I glanced over my shoulder and saw Lisa step into her mum’s car. “Bye!” I waved.
I would have talked with her, but tonight was the night.
It had taken 3 years to work up the nerve to do it.

That night I slipped on my red rocket boots. Its time.
I nodded and opened my window, dropping onto the fire escape. As I ran up, I pulled my black hood over my head.
I wasn’t wearing the light blue hoodie, brand sneakers and jean shorts I had worn for school.
Now I wore a black jacket, red rocket boots, red fingerless gloves, a red T-shirt with a flame pattern on it and a red mask.
I let my black hair blow in the wind as I stepped onto the roof of the apartment.
I gazed out over the city as Tonight beat in my ears through my earbuds. It shook my soul and gave me life.
I live for music…
As I felt the music, my hand ignited, fire burning in my palm. Then it spread, soon I was a fiery beacon. I didn’t care. I had never felt so alive.
My feet lifted off the roof as my rocket boots burned.
Then I soared up into the sky. My hair became a fiery yellow.
I screamed with excitement.
LoudNClear stared playing as I shot over the city.
Midnight Spark lives!
Then I saw another, webs shot from his hands. I didn’t know other supers lived…
I stopped burning and slowly flew toward him.

@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Bellflowerp


"Call it a reason to retreat,
I got some dreams that are bigger than me.
I might be outmatched, out-sized, the under dog in the fight of my life,
Is it so crazy to believe."

He shoots another strand, pulling himself higher. He swings down the street, feeling alive.
The music continues playing. He swings high and then lets go, landing on the side of a large office building. He looks approvingly at his reflection in the glass. Suddenly the office light comes on. A security guard stands in the doorway. He is rather old to be a security guard. He wears large glasses and his gray mustache twitches as a grin plays on his lips.
Somehow Tyler realizes that he isn’t actually a security guard. he nods to the old man and he nods back. With a two fingered salute he leaps off the building and swings away.

he swings up and lands on a roof. he turns to see a figure…flying… towards him. He turns slowly. Another supe? How? The figure has apparently spotted him. He tenses as they fly closer.



Since the last (truDog)
It’s been three long years
So we goin’ make it loud
We goin’ make it loud n clear
We goin’ put it on ya
Make it loud n clear
All of God’s soldiers
Whether far or near
Since the last (truDog)
It’s been three long years
So we goin’ make it loud
We goin’ make it loud n clear

The song throbbed in my ears as I dropped to the ground. I deactivated my rocket boots and set my feet on the ground.
I pulled my iPhone X slowly out of my pocket and paused LoudNClear.
“Um…” I mumbled and looked at the WebGuy, my hair still a fire yellow, still waving from the music. I looked down at my boots.
“It’s like I’m powered my music…” I said to myself then turned. “I’m probably just excited and my fire power is flared…” I muttered then looked up with the guy with spider clothes on. Creepy.
“Hi. I’m Midnight Spark. Are you a…super…?” That was probably a bad thing to say.
He looked at me, tensed up. “I have a fire power.” I raised my eyebrows and held my hand out.
He recoiled. That probably looked inappropriate. I sighed and lit my hand. It burned bright.
My hair that had fallen down my back and had returned to its black, flew out behind me like it had been hit my a strong wind and glowed yellow.
I guess I’m not powered by music. Dang! That would have been cool!
Suddenly a fire truck rushed by. Then a police car.
“My first save as a super!” I screamed and activated my rocket boots, soaring into the air. “See ya WebGuy!” I called behind me.
“It’s Wolf Spider!” He corrected. “And I’m coming.”
What a cool name.
“No! I got this.” I retorted and dropped onto the fire truck.

After a moment, we stopped.
How classical. I thought as I viewed the scene. A monorail with a chunk of track missing.
I flew back into the air. I’ll just make sure no train is comi- A horn put that thought out of my head.
I gotta stop it! I flew towards it, fire covering my body.
I dropped onto the track and took a deep breath. “Just like Mr. Incredible.” I smirked.
The train neared and I braced myself, arms out stretched. How is fire going to stop a train?
The thought came to late to jump out of the way. The train and I collided and the jerk was enough to make someone unconscious. But I’m not Mr. Incredible!
I gripped it, my rocket on full blast. The train seemed to be slowing.
It was slowing! I could feel nothing but the movement of the train.
I looked over my shoulder and saw the gab in the track coming closer.
50 feet. Now 45. Now 40…30…20…10…
The train slowed more.
It tipped and slide a few feet over the edge before stopping.
I shuddered, and felt my grip loosen.
Then I fell, a good 25 feet onto the rubble below.

“Midnight Spark?” The voice seemed unsure. A slowly opened my eyes and saw Wolf Spider.
“Yes…” I muttered and coughed, then sat up, “I’m okay, just stunned.”
“You sure you didn’t need help?”
I looked up and saw a few strands of web hand off the train.
“Oh man.” I face palmed.



(It’s… so hard… to write… in third person!)

"That you gave me the stars,
put them out of my reach.
Called me to waters,
just a little too deep."

I shoot the last strand and connect it to a large sturdy looking tree. I look down to see fire girl finish slowing the train, then collapse, falling down towards the rubble below. I leap off and shoot a strand, pulling me towards her faster. I land on top of the train and shoot two strands towards her. They stop her just a few feet from the ground. I breath a sigh of relief and gently pull her up. After a couple of minutes she opens her eyes. Not knowing what else to do, I wave. She sits up, coughing.
“Midnight Spark?” I ask slowly.
“I’m okay,” she mutters, her voice shaky, “just stunned.”
I nod. “You sure you didn’t need help?”
Suddenly my earbuds buzz. I listen to the information. “Finally something good.”
Fire girl looks up. “Huh?”
“Uh… nothing.” I had to handle this. “Well, I hope I’ll see you later.” I felt like I had seen her before… somewhere. I shrug. Right now I had a robbery to stop!
I leap off and swing towards the said address. I land on the roof of the house. Sure enough, a black hooded figure is just coming out the front door.
I whistle. “Hey buddy.”
he whirls around just as I shoot two strands of web. One webbing his hand to the bag, the other webbing the bag to the mail box. “Looks like someone has sticky fingers.” I grin at my own pun as I jump off the roof onto the ground.
“Who are you?” He asks, panic in his voice.
Had I not been wearing a mask I would have bared my teeth at him. “I’m the Wolf Spider.”
His eyes widen. “You’re that Spiderman!”
I cross my arms. “Did you hear what I just said? I’m Wolf Spider, okay? BIG difference.”
His brow wrinkles. “I don’t see any difference.”
“What!?” I exclaim. “Okay, first, his suit is red and blue, mine is black and red.
Second, Spiderman can’t do this.” I eject my four tentacles and then retract them. “Neither can he do this.” I eject and retract my claws.
The man shrugs. “Okay, okay, I believe you, Spidey.”
“Argh! I’m not Spiderman! Okay, whatever. BTW do you have super powers by chance?”
He shakes his head. “Uh no, if I did, I wouldn’t be breaking into houses.”
I snap my fingers. “Shoot.”
He shrugs. “What am I disappointing or something? Am I not enough challenge for you?”
I look up. “Well, in a way, no. I mean I enjoy stopping you common criminals-”
“…but I need someone who can push me to my limits.”
“You mean like an arch enemy?”
I nearly jump. “Yes! An arch villain! I mean all real super heroes have them. Look at Captain America. He has a whole organization after him.”
The man nods. “Well I’m sure that you’ll get a challenge soon enough, but for now can you please get me out of this web?”
I grin. “Nope! The police are coming, they’ll get you out.”
“What!? Does this stuff come out of you?”
I nod. “Yep, I have special glands that manufacture-”
He holds up his hand. “I’d like to wait for the police in silence if you don’t mind?”
“Sure.” I pull myself back up onto the roof. “Welp, catch ya later!”
I swing away. I wonder who fire girl is? Is there more supes in the neighborhood? I had to find out.

@Millennium @Gworg


I frowned as I walked down the back alleys back to my apartment.
I need some way to find an emergency that a fire power can help with.
Then I remember something. I pulled out my iPhone and opened App Store. After a few minutes I clicked the phone shut as I leaned against the wall of my apartment building.
Sighing, I noticed someone. Someone had smashed through a car window and was rummaging in the back of it.
“Hey stop!” I yelled and the robber looked up. I dove at him and pushed him to the ground.
My hand ignited and I held it to his masked face to keep him still. I was wondering how to tie him up when I saw a pair of handcuffs slide out of his sack.
“That’s nice of you.” I smirked as I clicked them onto his hands.
Then I noticed someone watching me.
I spun around and drew myself to full hight as I looked her over. Both my hands were burning as I looked at her outfit. “Another super!” I murmured.


“Another super!”
I lay down my pencil and stare at the words. Wow, wasn’t expecting this, especially in this one web town. I toss my pencil into the holder and shut my notebook.
Hmm, fire. I grab my orange and red pens and soon set to work on a small empty space on the cover.
Perhaps there are more. If there are… I sit back and prop my feet up on my desk.
Now there’s an idea!

@Millennium @Gworg


I watch as the super hero straightens to her full height, studying me critically. Both her hands light up, and suddenly are engulfed in flames. I stare in astonishment. Now, throwing stars and tasers seem like puny weapons.

“Um. . . 'ello!” I step forward with a smile, holding out my hand and then realized that I had just spoken in a British-cockney accent because I was so nervous, and also that I couldn’t really shake hands with her.

“Hi!” The girl snuffs out the flames in her hands and shakes mine. Her skin is hot even through my finger-less gloves. Biting my lip, I bring my hand back.

“I’m Streak Sky,” I say, still talking in the accent. “I mean, no. . . Sky Streak.”

"And you’re. . . British?’’ she asks in a friendly tone.

“Not. . . really. . .” I look down. “Bit more o’ a super disguise, if ya know wot I mean.”

“Oh. Sure! I’m Midnight Spark.”

"Cool name! Or should I say, what a hot name. . . eh heh. I 'ad no idea there were other supers ‘round ‘ere!’’

“Me neither!” Midnight Spark says excitedly, her eyes widening with excitement. “You’re the second one I’ve met.”

“Really?!” I screech. "Where are they now?’’

@Millennium @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor

Edit: Yes, once I responded to someone in a British accent because I was so nervous. :joy:


Ah, there’s nothing like waking up with my phone taped to my face, the alarm blaring.
Mornings. Gotta love 'em. Oh and the tape? That was some of my sister’s handiwork.
I roll out of bed and rip my phone off my face, which probably wasn’t the best idea.
I get dressed and storm downstairs, my irritation levels off the charts.
I am about to begin the hunt for my sis when the TV headlines stop me cold. “Super Humans Stop Run Away Train.” I step closer as the words reach my ears. “… footage of last night’s near climatic incidents were released to the press this morning. The video shows two figures, one seemingly on fire and the other having some sort of rope abilities, stopping the train before it went off the tracks. Police were at the scene, but seemed powerless to stop it. We spoke to the mayor earlier and here is what he had to say.”
The screen fills with the mayor. “I believe the heroes behind the masks should be commended. It was a courageous act they did and they should be given our thanks.”
The image blips out to reveal the broadcaster once more. “But it seems that the police commissioner has other ideas.” The screen now fills with the commissioner. “We can not have vigilantes in masks running around town, attacking whoever they believe to be bad. That is why the police exist, to apprehend law breakers.”
I roll my eyes. Just wait until he needs saving, then he’ll change his tune. I start to walk away until the broadcaster’s voice pulls me back. “This just in. Another super human sighting occurred last night when a by stander took a video of two supers apprehending a car thief and apparently having some sort of conference. One seems to be the girl on fire from the train footage, while the other seems to be new, at least to the camera screen.”
I peer closely at the second figure. She wears mostly gray and blue. I pull out my phone and quickly snap a pic.
I glance at the time. If I don’t hurry I will be late for school. I finish getting ready in a flash and, grabbing my backpack and rip-stick, I jog out the door.
My mind goes back to the second girl. Apparently the fire girl knew her. Now if I can just find the fire girl. I smile at a dark haired girl in a light gray hoodie, Joy was her name.
I sigh on the inside. She could be anywhere…

@Gworg @Millennium


Standing under the trees in central state park, I thought about the mediocre criminals I had seen in the last few days. “These criminals are nothing but children in the art of vilainry. They need someone to teach them what it really means to be a villain.

Making the decision quickly I set out to me house. “I still have my old superhero costume I can use.

Reaching my house I locked the door behind me, closed all the shutters and entered the basement. Taking confident steps toward the far end of my basement, I dusted off an old trunk staring at the inscription on the top. Property of Sylvia Henderson. Feeling the smooth wood underneath my fingers as I ran them over the words. Being a superhero was great while it lasted but those days are behind me now.

Opening the lid of my old trunk, the saw the dark colors of the outfit that allowed my to fly. Running my hands over the top I pulled it out of the trunk and into the light.

It was black as night with silver etchings in the pattern of veins throughout the suit. Even the shoes had the silver in them. I knew when I was in the air wings would come out, but I wished I could see it now. Feel the air move around me as I soared through the sky.

Closing my trunk I brought the suit back upstairs to the privacy of my bedroom before putting it on. Opening the balcony doors in the hallway I climbed onto the roof. I felt a slight jolt of fear rush through me at the height before I ran and jumped off the roof of my house.


“Oh. Sure! I’m Midnight Spark.” I said.
“Cool name! Or should I say, what a hot name. . . eh heh. I 'ad no idea there were other supers ‘round ‘ere!’’ Sky Streak chuckled. Hot name? That wasn’t funny.
“Me neither!” I said, replying to her last comment. “You’re the second one I’ve met.”
“Really!? Where are they now?” She screeched.
I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. Time to leave.
“Hey, let’s talk tomorrow. Where do you go to school?” I said, changing the subject.
“The school closest to here.” Sky Streak answered.
“Great, me too. See you tomorrow at lunch break.”
I hear her start to say something as I scaled the fire escape.

I was going to murder that alarm clock. Absolutely slaughter it. And I did. I actually threw it out the window.
I wanted to sleep in and recover from last night but I had school.
Dad sat watching the TV as I ate my bowl of cereal. I usually didn’t listen to the news, but something caught my ear.
“Super Humans Stop Run Away Train.”
My dad turned up the volume. “I thought supers were just rumors.” He murmured.
I froze, my eyes glued the screen, my mouth hanging open with a spoonful of cereal inches from it.
As the TV flashed pictures of Wolf Spider and I, I stayed motionless, hoping my dad didn’t realise it was me.
He leaned in and looked at the shot of me. “Hey that looks like…Joy?” He turned to me. I was sitting there, my mouth open with a spoon of cereal hanging in front of it.
“Time for school!” I said brightly and grabbing my backpack, dashed out the door, and as I shut it, heard the newsman say: “We can not have vigilantes in masks running around town, attacking whoever they believe to be bad. That is why the police exist, to apprehend law breakers.”

I slumped in my desk, my gray hoodie flopping over my neck. I glanced across the aisle at black-notepad boy. He was the one who had smiled at me on my way through the school doors.
He turned his head and looked at me. I grinned. He looked tried, like me.
“I actually threw my alarm clock out the window.” I whispered as the teacher muttered about something, then she left the room when another teacher stuck his head in.
He grinned back. “Mine was taped to my face.” He hissed back. I giggled and then noticed something familiar about his face.
The teacher walked back in wheeling a cart with a screen on it.
I stared at his face. “Wolf Spider!” I yelled and actually stood up in the aisle.
Everyone’s heads swirled towards us.
Then I looked at the screen the teacher had at the front of the room. It was the news report on it of the save last night.
I gasped as everyone squinted at us and then the screen.
“Run.” Wolf Spider whispered. “Now!”
He grabbed my arm and we dashed out the building as the lunch bell rang.
“Hi Midnight Spark!” Sky Streak called as rushed past.
“Hello!” I said and grabbed her. “Run now, talk later. If they find my superhero costume in my backpack, it curtains!”
@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor @Gworg


I pull my hood up as I run. I grab both of their arms and pull them into an alley.
Letting go, I scale the wall and plant my feet on the wall while hanging upside down.
I cross my arms and face the two girls. "What was that? You yelled my name in front of the entire class!
I release my feet an swing down, landing in front of them. “I can not get found out! My Mom would kill me, my Dad would kill me, my dog would kill me, everyone I know would kill me!”
The second girl I didn’t know the name of stares at me in shock. Finally she speaks. “You’re that Spiderman!” I roll my eyes. “NO I’m NOT Spiderman! The name’s Wolf Spider.” I flip backwards and land on the wall. “Oh, and to top it all off, you two get caught on tape having a conference!” I take a deep breath and touch my canine teeth with my tongue. They were out a little. That was the only draw back. Whenever I get angry or irritated, my canines extend to form to wolf like fangs. It’s pretty unsettling for those who see it.
I take a second breath and hop down from the wall again. “I’m sorry, guys, I’m just a little stressed.” I smile at them. “It’s nice to meet you, name’s Tyler.”

@Gworg @Millennium


I wait for the girl to answer, but she changes the subject with a glance towards the front of the diner. "Hey, let’s talk tomorrow. Where do you go to school?’’

“The school closest to here,” I respond, a little puzzled.

“Great, me too. See you tomorrow at lunch break.” She runs to an opposite building, scaling the fire escape and becoming lost in the shadows. I stare after her, grinning. I just met another superhero! A real, life, SUPER HERO WITH FIRE POWERS!!!

“Whoa…” says a voice behind me. I jump and turn around to see a kid holding up his phone with the camera pointed at me. I swallow slowly.

"‘Eyy, be a good chap and call the police to put this guy in the slammer, roight?’’ I say, pointing a thumb at the robber on the ground.

“Whoa…” The kid lowers his phone.

"Ya got that?’’

“You’re a super hero, right here in my hometown!”

“Ye-e-es. . . And I 'ave ta go now. See ya, mate!” I bolt away before he can record, take any more pictures, or text his friends about seeing me. I blew that, to be sure. BUT I MET ANOTHER—

“. . . Super,” I mumble as I lay in bed, trying to summon energy to rise and put my mind to extra curricular activities. “Uugghhh. . .”

Breakfast is partly a bagel and partly a banter with my brother over who gets to use the last of the peanut butter.

“I’m picking more up today.” Mom interrupts us on her way to the living room, switching on the TV as she does.

Super humans stop runaway train. . . footage of last night’s near climatic incidents were released to the press this morning. . . two supers apprehending a car thief and apparently having some sort of conference. . . The news announcer actually sounds happy about his job today–WAIT WHAT?!

I release all my excess anxiety out by strangling my backpack straps.

“Hey, I didn’t know there were any around here!” My brother says excitedly, his eyes alight with the news.

“So cool!” I grin. “Gotta go okay bye!” I duck out of the house and run to school. I know what the other guy looks like now! But you were also caught on tape!! I HAVE SUPER HERO FRIENDS!!! MOM AND DAD ARE GONNA BE SO UPSET IF THEY FIND OUT!!!

I rush into school, falling into my seat and writing down scrawled answers to every question as I wait for it to turn lunch time.

Walking out of class, I suddenly see a familiar face. There she is! Just add a black mask and the rest of the outfit and you have–

“Hi Midnight Spark!” I blurt.

“Hello!” She grabs my arm as the boy holding onto her arm drags us out of the school in a line of confusion. Confusion for me, anyway, I don’t know how off-duty super heroes say ‘Ello’ to each other. “Run now, talk later. If they find my superhero costume in my backpack, it’s curtains!”

The boy pulls his hood up and says nothing until we’re properly dragged into an alley. I rub my arm, wincing as he climbs onto the wall then plants his feet and hangs upside down, folding his arms.

“What was that? You yelled my name in front of the entire class!” He jumps down in front of Midnight Spark and I. "I can not get found out! My Mom would kill me, my Dad would kill me, my dog would kill me, everyone I know would kill me!”

I stare at him a moment. “You’re that Spiderman!”

He rolls his eyes. “NO I’m NOT Spiderman! The name’s Wolf Spider." He flips backwards onto the wall again, then remembers something else. “Oh, and to top it all off, you two get caught on tape having a conference!” Whoa. . . this dude brings the expression ‘bouncing off the walls’ to life!

There’s a tense silence, then he lands on the ground again. “I’m sorry, guys, I’m just a little stressed.” He smiles, revealing wolfish fangs. “It’s nice to meet you, name’s Tyler.”

“Er. . . uh. . . Caddie.” I keep my hands to myself.

“Joy Parker,” Midnight Spark says. “I didn’t mean to get caught on tape, it was a mistake.”

“The whole school will know our secret identities before the day’s out,” Tyler grumps.

“Not mine, anyway. Although footage of me is all over the place now…” I add with a grimace. “What do we do? Go into hiding? I know my parents will ground me if they find out, that’ll be kind of like going into hiding. . .”

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I breath deeply, thinking about all of the events that had taken place in such a short period of time.
I look up at the two girls. “I don’t know, maybe it isn’t as bad as we thought. I mean they can’t prove it was us unless they find our suits, which I don’t think they will even check since they are looking for people who are much older.”
I pause for a second. “We are definitely going to get in trouble for skipping school, but that can be very easily explained as three teens having fun.”
I look down at my hand and eject my claws, rubbing them together thoughtfully. “I didn’t even realize there were other supes in the neighborhood.”

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Ahhhh. Piano Guys really calm me down. I thought, pulling out my earbuds. That news report last night…Gah. I had my chance…and I blew it, because someone cough cough Ombre forgot to let me know there was a fight.

I tapped my pencil against my History book. I have my suspicions of who Wolf Spider, Midnight Spark, and Sky Streak are. Yeah. I know their names.

I glanced at my watch. 5… 4… 3… 2… Perfect

Suspicion number One walked into the room. She sat down at her desk, and promptly slumped over. She looked over at Suspicion number Two.

“I actually threw my alarm clock out the window.” she whispered.

“Mine was taped to my face.” he said.

Our teacher walked back in, just as Miss Joy Parker/Suspicion One jumped up, and yelled “Wolf Spider!” at Master Tyler Mathus/Suspicion Two. A look of panic crossed his face as he said “Run. Now!”

I allowed a smirk cross my face. Danke, comrades. You have confirmed my suspicions.

Several hours later…

I ran home. Maybe I should see if it is possible to make metal wings… Nah. I was banned from welding

“Hey, Mom! Bye, Mom!”

“Shadow Gypsy stuff?”

“Yep! This was a good day!”

“Good. Take a brownie, and don’t put that electric whip on Shadow’s tail again. It’s bad enough how many times you’ve been electrocuted, let alone the cat.”

“Got it. See you later!”

“Have fun.”

I quickly changed into my costume, and pulled out my contacts. Sh-Ombre had grabbed my black light.

“Danke, Om.” I said, switching the light on and running it over my hair.

"Perfect." I said. Ombre jumped onto my shoulder, her armor on. "Let’s go see if we can hunt down some Supers."

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“I didn’t even realize there were other supes in the neighborhood.” Tyler rubbed his hands together.
“Yeah me too,” I commented. “This is pretty cool!”
Caddie nodded in agreement and grinned.
I was still sorry for blowing Tyler’s cover. But I suppose it wasn’t blown yet. Neither was mine. Police needed our super suits to prove it was us.
“So what now? We can’t go home, our parents would wonder why we’re home early. And if I told my parents, they would integrate me, take away my phone and then lock me up for the rest of my life,” I slumped to the ground. “We can’t go back to school, everyone would be over us and they would probably call the police. I guess all we can do is stick together and come up with a plan.” I gushed and looked at everyone. “Any plans? I haven’t been using my power long, I bet there’s a lot I can do with it that I don’t know about.” I ran my fingertips over my shoes and looked at the others.

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A cold wind blows over the world as Kova Sno balances expertly on the flat rooftop of the warehouse upon which she stands. Her earbuds are in, her music turned up, and her blood pumping with unspent anger. Anger over what the world-- what her world has become.

Words flow into her brain, thrumming to the beat of her song. In her mind pound the words, Blood of iron, heart of ice. Blood of iron. . . heart of ice.

The sharp darkness seems to cut into her, making her feel horribly alone. The weight of her situation crashes down on her; She has no home. She has no safety. The world is as cold as the wind.

Beep, beep, beep! An alarm on her phone goes off, causing her to start slightly. Glancing down at the device, a small groan rises in her chest. Time for work. The phone informs her.

Down the back of the building she scales, then there’s the muffled sound of receding footsteps as she heads the Jackpot Gas station where she works. About twenty minutes later, she skids into the gas station, ties on her apron, and slides behind the counter with only a few minutes to spare.

She leans on the counter, prepared for yet another long night of solitude, because few people come into this run-down shack of a building. Her gaze drifts to the darkened street outside, which is lined with old, decrepit cars. Besides the ever-flickering streetlights, the only light she can see is that of iPhone screens which belong to the owners of the cars. She tries not to think about why they’re out there.

Unfortunately, that’s not an option. A loud shout startles her from the sleepy daze that she’d drifted into, and more shouting follows. For an instant, time slows as her adrenaline begins to kick in, then every sense seems to come alive. She’s assaulted by the feeling of her short hair on her ears, and the sound of her clothes rustling as she heads for the door.

Stepping silently onto the sidewalk in front of the building, she scans the area for the source of the problem. In a matter of seconds, her eyes settle on several teenagers, who appear to be threatening a young girl.

Her thoughts become almost mechanical as she analyzes the situation in lighting-like speed.

Enemies: 3

Weapons: Butterfly knives and a .22 semi-auto handgun

Target: Young (possibly pre-teen girl)

Goal: Attain her. . . The shouting answers the question. Her backpack.

My goal: Defence and protect

With that, Kova advances, ready for whatever comes.

“I told you, there’s nothing in here!” The girl says fiercely, backing away from the sharp weapons.

“And we told you, we’ll believe it when we see it.” The boy snarls.

“Leave me alone, you soggy socks!”

Ten minutes later, there’s a suspicious pile of unconscious bodies in a back alley, Kova owns several new butterfly knives and a handgun, and a little girl is hurrying home, her sheep backpack in tow.

Back behind the counter, Kova is trying to decipher the nagging feeling in the back of her tired brain. There’s something that doesn’t add up. What is it?! She’s run over the details. She’s analyzed everything. She’s dissected every move that was made, and still nothing.

“Augh!” She slams her fist on the counter. “What could it possibly be?!” Silence greets her. “What a lousy way to spend New Year’s eve. . .” In truth, she had also worked on christmas, too, and on christmas eve. . . and every day for the past month. Apparently, trivial things like ‘underage work regulations’ mattered little to her slothful boss. Besides, Kova’s not in school, so why should they matter?

-5:30 a.m.

Kova huddles into her hoodie, shivering slightly as she stares at the sidewalk ahead of her. She’s on her way home, if you can call it that. She arrives at the apartment complex, unlocks the door, and stumbles in, exhausted. Quietly, she makes her way to the couch, where she crashes for a few hours.

7:40 a.m.

“Kova! Kooooova, wake up!” Kova’s eyes blink open, and she looks around to see her little brother, Caspian, standing in front of her, hands folded.

“Cas. . . g’morning.” She mumbles, trying to go back to sleep.

“Morning. I made you some cereal!” He points to the mug of discount cereal, which is sitting on the stained carpet.

“Oh. . . thanksh.” She sits up, dragging a hand over her face. “Where’s Creed?”

“Library. Can I watch cartoons on your laptop? Are you still hacking the neighbor’s wifi?” He asks innocently.

“Shh, Cas! It’s not hacking, and the walls are thin. Its. . . borrowing.” She sighs, then pulls the old laptop from its spot on the floor. “Here, let me set it up. . .” She says through a bite of cereal. As soon as she gets to the website (that’s definitely legal), a familiar face catches her eye.

“Jusht a mernert, Cash.” She slurs, cramming another bite into her mouth. Clicking on the video, she begins live streaming a video from the television.

“And you say the person just. . . attacked the ‘baddies’?” A blonde reporter is asking a little girl who just so happens to be the one that Kova rescued the night before.

“Yep!” She grins, enjoying the recount of the eventful night. “She rushed in there and just kicked one in the head!”

“I see.” The reporter smiles. “And what did you say this person looked like?”

“Well, she had this super cool hoodie, like the kind that makes you think ‘Oh, it’s some sort of forest elf lord thingy!’ and really pale skin and she’s kinda short, with eyes!’’

“W-with eyes?” The reporter laughs. “I see. Can you tell us anything else?”

The girl squints, cocking her head slightly. “I want to be a superhero just like her!” she announces.

“Superhero? Well, there you all have it, we’ve got a new superhero.” She jokes. “Thank you, miss Charleston.”

“You’re welcome!” She says cheerfully.

At that, the news changes to the weather.

“Here, Cas.” Kova hands him the laptop, cereal forgotten. Her mind spins. This kind of publicity could be bad; a minor, living alone, and taking care of her little brother while working and not attending school isn’t exactly what the government wants. She gropes for something-- anything to take her mind off the panic that’s flared up.

“By the way, you’re going to require some type of formal education. . .” She reminds Caspian, who’s watching his favorite superhero show.

“Um. . . yeah.” He sounds reluctant, and almost apprehensive about the whole idea. “Maybe later?”

“Not an option. I just need to figure out. . . I’ll need to see if I can enroll you. . .” She pulls out her cellphone. “If all goes well, you can start either today or tomorrow. Will you be okay here, if I go to the school?”

“If I say no, does that mean I won’t have to attend?” He asks hopefully, using the word ‘attend’ to get on Kova’s good side.

“Not a chance, kid.” With that, she fixes her hair in the small bathroom mirror, puts on a clean outfit (one of the three that she owns. . .) and heads for the school.


“Can I have a brownie for breakfast?”

“No.” my mom said. “Brownies aren’t nutritious for breakfast.”

“Blast it. Gaaaaah, I am so tired.” I said, laying my head against the counter.

“Busy night?”

“Noope. Well, I put change into four parking meters for people.” Mom blinked in amusement. “I know, I know. Not much. There are too many heroes 'round here. Why doesn’t Dad’s job move?!”

“Aw… come on, Amber. Would you really want to lose your friends just because there are too many heroes here?”

I stared at her. “What friends?”

She winced. “Right. I’m sorry.”

Shadow, my cat, walked into the room.

"Is it time to leave, Gypsy?"

“Yes, but I’m going to school. You aren’t a-comin’, girl.”

"Pity. It’d be fun to go too."

“Ha, yeah.” I turned to Mom. “All good?”

“Yep. Here’s your lunch, and enjoy.”

I stuck my guns into the hidden fold of my backpack. Good thing this is a pretty lenient school. Maybe I’ll get to meet some of the heroes today. One can only wish, eh?


I retract my claws and look up at the two. Joy sits on the ground and caddie stands to the side, both in thought and looking a little nervous. They had a right to be. Here we were, three teens with power beyond belief, hiding out from school, our parents, the police… of course for some of us that was the same thing.
I have an idea. I suddenly smile. “I’ll tell you what. We’re already going to be in trouble for skipping school anyways, so why not make the most of it?” I pull my hood back up and motion for them to follow.
I soon lead them into a large abandoned warehouse. I jog to the middle of it. “Welcome to Wolf Spider’s personal training room. I discovered this place a few weeks ago and now I come here to train.” I shoot a strand of web and pull myself onto the ceiling. “Here you can use your powers and no one will here you. Here… you don’t have to be afraid.”

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