Star Trek The Final Fronter (Role Play)

My role-Play


Chief engineers log, Stardate 49782.6: (2372 at 9:00 on September 21. DS5)

I have arrived on the ship via transporter… Today is the maiden voyage of the U.S.S guardian.

I stand up from my desk and walk outside the room. walking around the unfamiliar hallways, after a while i arrive at a Turbollift, as i near the door opens. and i walk inside.

“main engineering” I say. It replies with a noise and i begin my descent, abut a half minute it stops and a crew member walks inside.

“deck 1” he says, it begins its descent again.

It stops again and lets the man off. the doors close and it brings me down to main engineering.


Commander John Elern’s Personal Log, stardate 49782.6: It’s been a while since I’ve made a log entry. The last few weeks have been a turbulent time for me, with the reassignment and all. I had to say goodbye to all of my friends I had made before I took the trip back to sector 001. Hm…sector 001. Earth. Home. I haven’t been here since…sigh…anyways, I’m here now and I decided to visit some places from my childhood. My old neighborhood, that park we always went to, it brings back memories. Happy memories. Right now I’m at the starbase orbiting Earth watching as the ship I am assigned to gets the final kinks ironed out of it. The USS Guardian, one of the new Intrepid-class vessels. They’re small, but very advanced and fast. I’m honored to serve aboard it. But, I guess I’d say that for anything…I wonder what the Captain and the other crew will be like. I hope I can make friends with them like I had on my last vessel.

A starfleet officer approached John.

He looked up, “Yes?”

“The Guardian is ready for duty sir, you may board at your leisure.”

“Thank you Ensign.”

He nodded and walked away. John stood and walked towards the transporter room, ready for his new assignment.


“Bridge.” I say to the computer, the turbolift brings me up. I wonder what the bridge is like, the crew, the- My thoughts were interrupted when the door opens. I step onto the bridge, looking at the beauty of it all.

“Captain on the bridge.” A crew member remarks. I look at him and nod as i walk into my ready room. I sit down on a chair, looking at the crew log.

William I, Delila, Jonathan Kitty Elern, we even have a new holographic doctor, Charlotte. The crew is coming together nicely. I wonder what they’ll be like.

I get up and walk out to the turbolift again.
“Main Engineering.”

Time to see the rest of this ship.


The blue haze disappears as John exit the transporter beam.

So this is it, the USS Guardian. It’s going to be my home for a while, it looks pretty nice on the inside.

“Welcome on board, commander,” the transporter operator told him.

“Thank you Ensign.”

John left the transporter and went to the nearest turbolift.

He entered and turned around, “Bridge.”

The turbolift began to hum as it moved me to the bridge. The first thing to do is introduce myself to the Captain, and figure out what his expectations are for me. Disembarking from the turbolift, John had his first look at the Guardian’s bridge. A few crew members had already arrived and were at their posts, getting used to the ship. He nodded to one of them, and then walked to the captain’s ready room and pressed the door chime button. After a few seconds of waiting, he began to wonder.


The ship’s computer beeped.

“Is Captain Ryder on the Guardian?”

“Captain Ryder is on board.”

“What is his location?”

“Captain Ryder is in main engineering.”

“Thank you.”

“Please restate command.”

John sighed and reentered the turbolift, “Main Engineering,” the doors slide shut.



Charlotte looked around the sick bay with distaste. She had been activated when the crew began boarding.

This was the newest version of sick bay? Very well. It would have to do.

The doctor glanced around at the examination tables, medical equipment, and her office. She settled down in it and turned on the computer. If anyone had half a mind, they’d programmed the crew’s medical logs into the computer.

Charlotte sighed. She’d be fine here, she was sure. She’d like to meet the rest of the crew despite the fact she had all their names and profiles in her program. They we’re always more interesting in reality.

But first, she needed her assistant to arrive. Delila.



The turbolift stops at Main Engineering, the door opens and i look around.

This ship is a sight to behold.

I spot someone and immediately recognize him as William. I walk over to him thinking of what to say.

“You must be William, right?”

He turns around, surprised.

“Yes sir, i’m William.” He replies.

“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to startle you, i was just exploring the new ship, I’m just so exited to be here.” I hold out my hand to shake. “I’m Ryder.” He shakes my hand.

“Nice to meet you, sir.”

I smile. “Could you give me a tour of main Engineering, if you have time of course.”

“Sure, i would love to.”

“And that’s the Warp Core for the Guardian.” William finishes.

I turn to the turbolift when i hear the door open.
@Ultra-commando @Kitty


I took an excited breath, looking around my new home on the U.S.S. Gaurdian.

I wonder where my cabin is? Oh wait, do I have a private cabin? Is it even called a cabin? Maybe it’s called a bunker or something. No, wait, silly me, they’re called quarters. How could I forget that?!

I tucked a wisp of my curly black hair behind my pointed ear and started forward, toward the sick bay.

I can’t wait to learn all about this place! I’ve never been on a ship this big before!

I entered the sick bay and looked around for the Chief Med Officer, I saw a Holograpic woman in a office off to the side, so I gathered up my courage and knocked on the door.

She has pretty hair. I thought with a smile.



John leaves the turbolift and walks onto Main Engineering, noticing the warp core humming in the background and shining blue light all around. He saw the captain standing next to the Engineering Chief.

John walked up to the captain and saluted, “Captain, I’m Lt. Commander Johnathan Elern, the Guardian’s chief of security.”

@CaptainRex, @Ultra-commando.


Johnathan Elern walks out of the turbolift.

I smile slightly. “Hello Lt. Commander, what can i do for you?”
@Ultra-commando @Kitty


“I was wondering if there was anything you wanted me to be as a Security Chief, captain, so that I knew what your expectations of me are,” John explained, glancing once at the Engineering Chief.

@CaptainRex, @Ultra-commando.


“My expectations for you to follow right now, is to familiarize yourself with this ship, get your quarters set up to you’re liking, and enjoy the time you have here right now, because it’s hard to get sane days like this one when you’re out exploring.”
@Kitty @Ultra-commando


“Yes sir,” John replied, thinking it not necessary to captain that he had already familiarized himself with the ship’s layout. He intended to take the captain’s advice and enjoy these few days.

John turned around and began walking towards the turbolift, intending to head to his quarters and arrange them to his liking. He also planned to familiarize himself with all of the members of the crew (his job as a security chief was already beginning).

@CaptainRex, @Ultra-commando.


John, i say nodding.
he walks to the turbolift and i catch up just in time to make it into the turbolift. as we enter i say
“deck 3”


John looked at William as the turbolift doors closed.

Deck three, he thought, The same place I was going: Officer’s quarters.

“Yes?” John answered.



I was about to come in with them but the door closes before i could.

“Eh, i’ll wait.”

I stand outside sickbay looking in.

So this is the sickbay, nice.

I see Delila waiting in Sickbay, so i walk in and smile at her, while looking at all of the details of the room.
@LilaKitty @Ultra-commando @Kitty @Millennium


“yes” John said

“Oh, i was just saying hi.”

We exit the turbolift and i go to my room.


“Ah, come in,” Charlotte welcomed the young woman into sick bay. “You must be Delila?”

Delila nodded. “Good to meet you. I am, as you must know, Charlotte. I have a quick question. How much medical training have you had exactly?”

Charlotte turned as someone new walked into the Sick Bay. “Ah, Captain. How nice of you to drop by.”

The doctor quickly filed through the captain’s Federation profile. “You enjoy holonovels and such, don’t you? I happen to design them myself. Obviously I haven’t had chance to yet on this ship.”

@CaptainRex @LilaKitty


“I…um, the holonovels are fine. I was just stopping by, this ship is so fascinating. I’m off to the holodeck next.”

I turn to leave, but stop.

“It was nice meeting both of you, for a brief moment at least.”

I walk out of the room. To the holodeck.


Security Chief’s Log, stardate 49782.8: This is my first entry as Chief of Security aboard the USS Guardian. I have just finished reviewing the crew of the Guardian. Most have already registered that they are on board. I was just skimming their personnel profiles, looking for anything that a chief of security might need to know. There was one crew member in particular that surprised me. A medical assistant named Delila. According to her starfleet record, she was only three years old. I thought it was an error, but I cross-checked and apparently it was not. Delila was an Ocampa, a race that I had never heard of. I searched the computer database and apparently, Ocampans were a species that was discovered very recently on a remote planet in the Alpha Quadrant. Apparently, they have a variety of interesting abilities including rapid learning speed (which is probably why Delila was able to graduate from the Academy at such a young age), near-perfect memory, telepathy, a danger sense, telekinesis, rapid tissue regeneration, a colder body temperature, and, apparently, they are also able to manipulate the subatomic state of matter’. That’s a lot of powers, and since she is also part Vulcan, she has the added abilities of enhanced senses, heightened endurance, heightened strength and reflexes, a strong mind, and more telepathy. With all of these powers, there would have to be a weakness, and apparently there is. Ocampans’ rapid aging gives them a life span of nine years. Still, she’s an incredibly powerful humanoid, one I should probably keep my eye on. But, I’m getting ahead of myself and making this log entry far too long. Right now, I’m going to meet with the rest of my security team and organize them to be more efficient.