Star Trek The Final Frontier (RP Bio Topic)

My Bro @Ultra-commando said i could help him out with the creation of this Role Play, so i am going to make the bio topic for the upcoming Star Trek The Final Frontier Role Play. Hence the name, put you’re bio here.

Just some bio ideas:

Ship: (The ship you are serving on)
Favorite place on ship:
And you can add other things if you think of them



Name: William i (did a name change on ya)
Job: Engineering
Ship: U.S.S Guardian
Race: Human
Alliance: federation
specialty: Fixing the Computer.
Fav Place on ship: my quarters.
Rank: Lt, Cdr


Name: Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Kitty Elern.
Aliases: Commander Elern, Commander, John.
Current Position: Security Chief on the Federation starship USS Guardian, Intrepid-class.
Race: Human.
Hair color: Dark brown.
Eye color: Hazel.
Date of Birth: Stardate 21884.7.
Place of Birth: Earth.
Alliance: Galactic Federation of Planets.
Personality: Focused, distant, honorable, funny, more to be added later?
Favorite Place on Ship: Holodeck.
Preferred Weapons: Dual Type 2 Phasers.


Name: Steven R Ryder (Steven Roxann Ryder)
Aliases: Captain Ryder
Current position: Captain of The Federation starship USS Guardian, Intrepid-class
Race: Human
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Light brown
Born: Earth
Alliance: Galactic Federation of Planets
Personality: Enjoys a good challenge, Dislikes Romulans, is ready to do his job
Favorite Place on Ship: Holodeck, tied with My Quarters


Name: Doctor Charlotte. Or simply Doctor

Current Position: Chief Medical Officer

Race: Holographic

Hair: Soft brown, long and straight

It is always in this style

Eye color: Green

Personality: Charlotte was programmed to show only very little emotion. She is rather blunt and prefers not to speak unless necessary. Her favorite thing to do is to design adventures in her free time on the holodeck. Then she asks members of the crew, mainly her medical assistant, to test them and offer their views on it.

Holographic Freedoms: She has a mobile emitter that allows her access to anywhere unless programmed otherwise.

More may be added.


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Name: Delila
Job: Medical Assistant
Ship: U.S.S. Guardian
Race: 1/3 Vulcan 2/3 Ocampa
Alliance: Federation
Favorite place on ship: Has no idea because she is new
Hair: Long, with big curls, black
Eyes: Soft dark brown
Personality: Very talkative, gets excited and disappointed easily, Very sweet to people she likes but very cold to people she doesn’t, gets distracted easily but can pay very close attention and has very good memory when she wants to. Seems to have tons of friends when she only has very few she actually trusts.


Designation: Borg Queen

Appearance: Ovular, green, optics. A technological mask set into her face that comes to cover most of her head… Her entire body is composed of borg technology with various weapons and functions. It’s coloring is dark grey and black. No skin shows except for the lower half of her face which is pure white. Some straight, white, hair falls from the back of her head. She also wears a cape of heavy, dark grey, fabric that falls from the back of her shoulders.

Abilities: Can control any technology as well as the Borg collective. Does not need to consume food or rest as she can siphon the energy she needs from her ship. Possesses enhanced strength, speed, and stamina.

Affiliations: None as of yet

Personality: Intelligent and logical, very self-controlled and dignified, wants to help where she can, cares deeply for the Borg. Know she has a difficult path ahead of her, but is determined not to give up. Speaks in third person when referring to herself.


Name: Daniel Robinson
Job: Chief Science Officer
Age: 27
Ship: U.S.S. Guardian
Race: Human
Alliance: Federation

Personality: ISTP
Name: Anna Wesson
Job: Ship Counselor
Age: 35
Ship: U.S.S. Guardian
Race: 1/2 Betazoid and 1/2 human
Alliance: Federation

Personality: Calm and gentle; what a counselor should be.


I wanted a new character so i made a Vulcan. don’t worry, William will still be here.

Name: Sajon (sa-jon)
Job: Tactical
Ship: U.S.S Guardian
Race: Vulcan
Alliance: federation
specialty: Knowing the weak spots on most vessels.
Fav Place on ship: his meditation chamber. aka the holodeck
Rank: Lt, Cmdr
Eye color: blue.
Hair: combed left black hair.


Name: James Kyler Blake
Aliases: Lieutenant Blake, Lieutenant, James
Current Position: Security on the Federation starship USS Guardian, Intrepid-class
Race: Human
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Aqua
Place of Birth: Earth
Alliance: Galactic Federation of Planets
Personality: He tries to help wherever he can, he doesn’t talk very much about his parents
Favorite Place on Ship: His Quarters
Dislikes: Borg