Star Trek The final frontier (RP Discussion topic)

This is a role-play about the final frontier.

What team

  • The Federation
  • The Romulans

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What job.

  • Captain (only 1 per ship please)
  • Number 1 (only 1 per ship please)
  • Helm officer (only 1 per ship please)
  • Security chief (only 1 per ship please)
  • Security
  • Engineering chief (only 1 per ship please)
  • Engineering
  • Counselor
  • Chief Science officer (only 1 per ship please)
  • Chief med officer (only 1 per ship please)
  • med officer
  • Tactical officer

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  • and Transporter chief
  • I need 2 don’t answer this one

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What ship

  • U.S.S Starfire (Federation Constellation class)
  • U.S.S Guardian (Federation Intrepid class)
  • U.S.S Excalibur (federation Galaxy class)
  • D’deridex (romulan Warbird)

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Important info!!:

  • If you want to captain a ship but all of the ships are full you can make your own ship.

  • If you wish you can be a romulan converted to the federation or a human converted to the romulans

  • You can be any race Including Hologram, Q, Borg :grinning:


Also all Intrepid classes come with the EMH Mark 1.


What about Borg?


Oh my gosh. I want to be the Chief Medical Officer. Like the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager. Holographic.


Yes, you can be them to, Forgot about them.

And the Q


And an away team must inlude chief med, Chief Eng, Nbr 1, and Security. unless told otherwise by the captain. :vulcan_salute:


OOOOH, a Star Trek roleplay!! :grinning: :grinning:
I don’t want to join right now, but I’ll read it for sure. If you want to Easter egg me, you can though. :woman_shrugging: You don’t have to.



I’ve had a great idea for a borg character for quite some time.


This looks super fun! Buuuuuut one question. What the difference between The Federation and The Romulans? (Sorry, I haven’t watched Star Trek) I only voted Federation because everyone did and I didn’t want to be alone.

And I’ll be a normal Medical Officer! Woo hoo!

Also, can someone explain what types of people are in Star Trek? Sorry if this annoys anyone. :zipper_mouth_face:


Oof, I really would but it’s late and it would take some internet digging. Maybe tomorrow. But this is the medical assistant in Voyager:
She adorable. :smile: You could be that species if you wanted: Ocampa.


It doesn’t annoy me, I’ll do the best I can to explain some of it.

The United Federation of Planets is basically the group of humans and all of the aliens they are friends with. Their mission is to explore the galaxy and meet new alien life. They follow the Prime Directive, which is not to interfere with any planet that wanted to be left alone. The main force of the Federation is humans, and the headquarters of the Federation is San Francisco, Earth. The main force of the Federation is Starfleet.

The Romulan Star Empire is one of the bigger enemies of the Federation (from what I know, I’ve only watched most of The Next Generation and a few movies). They use subterfuge, underhanded tactics, and threats to expand their Empire. They don’t much like other races.

For species, some of the major ones.
-Humans. Humans in the 24th century have finally moved beyond war and infighting and began working towards peace and the pursuit of knowledge.
-Vulcans: The first aliens humans ever met, Vulcans helped start the Federation with humans and two other races. Vulcans deny their emotions in favor of the pursuit of knowledge and peace. This makes them excellent science officers and diplomats. They have pointy ears, typically black hair, and several moves such as the Vulcan Neck Pinch, the Mind Meld, and the Vulcan Salute :vulcan_salute:.
-Romulans are the same species as Vulcans, but they had a split some time ago. Romulans are xenophobic, not liking other races. They live in their emotions and try to conquer as much territory as they can.
-Klingons: A race of warriors, Klingons often appear tough and violent. Klingons are members of the Federation as of the Federation-Klingon treaty. Klingons live for honor and only honor (for the most part) and live for a glorious death in battle. They are taller and stronger than the average human, and have dark skin and protruding bones.
-Betazoid: Betazoids are a race of empaths, which means they can sense others’ feelings. They can also communicate with each other telepathically. They look identical to humans except their irises are black.
-Borg: If the Borg capture you and put their implants in you, you become part of the Borg Collective. A race of cyborgs with a hive mind that have only one mission, to assimilate the entire galaxy.
-The Q: The Q are a race of omnipotent beings that sometimes travel to the physical realm and interfere with events. They are usually very cocky and lack human qualities such as humility.
-Cardassians: Another enemy race that is almost as cunning as the Romulans.
-The Dominion, the Son’a, and the Breen are other important races that I have heard of, but I don’t know what they are because I haven’t seen those movies yet.

Races can interbreed, creating crossbreeds (half-human, half-vulcan, etc.)

Technologies that you need to know about:
-Warp Drive: Powered by a matter-antimatter drive, allows ships to enter into a warp bubble and travel hundreds of times the speed of light.
-Phasers: Sustained laser beams that can be handheld or used as ship weapons. Handheld, they have multiple power settings that can stun and knock out targets to completely incinerate them.
-Torpedoes: High explosives that can be fired from ships.
-Shields: A shield generator can create a shield bubble around the ship that blocks most damage until they lose their power.
-Transporter: A technology that allows fast transportation by turning people or objects into particles and sending them through space and matter. Basically a teleportation device. Cannot beam through shields.
-Holodeck: Some rooms on ships are hologram rooms. You can program programs into the holodeck and the ship’s computer will create a realistic representation of the program.
-Replicator: A small wall device that can create any food or similar known compound.
-Cloaking Device: Mostly used by Romulans, can make the ship completely invisible to the eye and to ship’s sensors.
-Starbase: A Space Station.
-Neutral Zone: The No Man’s Land between Federation and Romulan space.

…I think that’s a good basic introduction. I hope this helps, @LilaKitty.


Can I be a Romulan who is part of the Borg?

Or do I be one or the other?


That is entirely possible.

However, there are a few things to consider. One of which is that there is a constant buzzing in your head of the thoughts of every other Borg in the collective.


@ScienceSiren, for some reason, I could totally see you as a Vulcan. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also if you wish you could have been disconnected with the Borg and are now working with a different team.


I could see myself as a Vulcan as well, but I probably wouldn’t be like any other Vulcan. Hans Oddcraft would probably hold better to the Vulcan philosophy.



So, as a part of the Borg, I have bionic limbs?

And as a part of the Romulans, I am captain of a ship?


If you are part of the Borg you share a mind link with them, you also are under their control unless you escaped the collective.


Huh, okay…

I guess I could be a Borg who escaped the collective and joined the Romulans.


Or perhaps a Romulan who was assimilated into the Borg but escaped to rejoin her own people.