Star Wars Role Play HQ (Discussion Thread)

Hey guys, Welcome to the Star Wars RP!

Here you can ask any questions you may have, discuss the story line, or what ever else you may need to say.

When you are ready you can post your bio here and Role Play over here.

May the Force be with you!


Wait… I thought Role Play HQ was the center discussion topic for all role plays?


No, I think that would get really hectic. That topic is for questions that would effect all RPs in general


I am so glad to have a Star Wars RP on the “Christward” Forums. It makes it even more amazing!:grin:


@PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor, Are we starting all new stories on this SW RP, or are we continuing with the Aetherlight one?
I’m assuming that we’re starting over again because that seems logical… :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes, we are starting over, since it’s in the actual Star Wars universe this time.:grinning:


Okay everyone…
This RP is set in 0 ABY

So this is when A New Hope took place.

We’re starting at the beginning of A New Hope and we will have Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, the Empire, the Resistance, ect. and everyone in that time period.

As I said above, the RP with start at the beginning of A New Hope and will progress from there.

Is all that clear? Any questions?

@Bellflowerp, @Covert-OpsLeia, @PlͥⱥgͣuͫeDoctor, @everyone_in_this_RP.


Sure. Is my piece acceptable? :joy: Is there anything that doesn’t match up to the time period?


I believe your piece is fine since you hadn’t put in any names or dates.


'Kay, sweet. Thanks! :+1:

*gazes awestruck at @DragonWisper *


In the Spiral.


AAAAAA!!! I love that so much!!! Amazing job!


So you’re heading to Jakku are you?
I believe I know someone there…


Just pointing it out really quickly, some of the links around here (including the one here) don’t work because they were made while we were still on trial. At least, it doesn’t work for me. Anyone want to take care of that haha? It’s irking me.

Also, question: What era is this RP set in?


Here is the post for that.

Oof, that’s a shaky sort of ground for a Star Wars RP . . . I mean, it’s not impossible, but just a little ambitious if you get what I mean. Could start getting really weird once episode nine actually comes out–and since none of us are exactly “professional” story tellers.

If I might ask, would it be okay for me to make another Star Wars role-play (connected to this one, possibly) but set in the Imperial era? (Episode IV-VI)

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I think that might get a little confusing having two Rps that are so similar.
I will discuss it with @Millennium and see what she has to say about the time era problem.

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It’s not exactly similar haha. The two eras are pretty different, and I think the idea allows for some really interesting things to happen. Such as backstory that would otherwise be confusing and distracting to explain. After all, many people enjoy the individual trilogy’s of the Star Wars franchise separately. Some, such as I, simply prefer one or two in particular over the other(s).

So in the end, it wouldn’t really be a “similar” at all. It’s literally 30+ years in the past, and if wanted, could have absolutely no bearing on this role-play at all. It’s relation by name.


Different? Really?
Both have an evil scarred emperor, a young savior who never knew their parents, a helmet clad dark lord, storm trooper armies, a sarcastic young pilot, an adorable droid, shall I go on?

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Aside from the obvious time gap I pointed out. I will save you the trouble and go on myself haha!!


  • Imperial regime. It was a totalitarian Empire with nearly complete control over everything. It fits within that particular trope and story idea.
    . The First Order, instead, is a less-powerful organization built from the Empire’s remains. It has almost no official jurisdiction, and serves more as a looming threat rather than an evil, authorative first. Those are two different tones.

  • Darth Vader was the brazen face of the Empire. He was all-feared and portrayed as essentially all-powerful. The iron fist of the Empire, in other words.
    . Kylo Ren is (shall I say it?) a more immature junction of circumstance and the love of both Han and Leia. His role is slightly less solidified and tends to take on a different role of villainy than the easy-fitting one of Darth Vader. He is more prone to emotion and is unpredictable; because of all this, the action of the “bad guys” is more erratic.

  • Darth Sidious/Palpatine was truly the evil genius. Arguably even more powerful than Vader in terms of the First, he managed to manipulate the known galaxy into his own control. Further more, he maintained this control through his power-child Vader and the arm of the Empire. In fact, his plan to eliminate Luke–the last hope of the galaxy–was extremely close to succeeding before Vader himself foiled it.
    .Snoke is . . . dead. And hey, that’s about as much as we know about him at this point.

  • The main characters. While similar tropes exist in both trilogies, it would be hardly accurate to assume all characters are the same. On top of that, the role-play wouldn’t exist to recount every little action of the three films–nor would the characters be canon. It’s a role-play; it leaves room for creativity just like this one. What’s the difference, you ask? If you think about it–essentially anything possible without changing the canon story.

  • Bounty hunters, as I would like to point out, tend to have more prominence in the original trilogy and the clone wars. Not the new one–for what I could guess is more regulation after the New Republic formed and the Empire could not hire any because it was destroyed.

  • Jedi. This is something that I would like to just say as my own opinion. Jedi in this particular RP, because it is set during the new trilogy, make almost no sense. Force sensitive individuals I can understand. But people with Lightsabers? Jedi, Sith, etc. For the new trilogy, it’s almost mocking. But that’s just my nerdy opinion. Either way, Jedi (although still persecuted) had a MUCH HIGHER chance of being active, much less existing, in the Imperial Era. It’s a lot more canonically accurate.

  • Storywise, the two RPs would be very different. Of course, that would depend on either of them individually. But I’m willing to do my own part if possible. A very important part of any RP is to keep it away from people posting “I exist” posts. I think we can all agree those are horrible. Hypothetically, that won’t be the case with mine.




I agree they are not exact, but I think the two eras are too similar to make two different RPs off of the same universe. I think if you were going to make any other Star Wars RP it would be more in the era of the Old Republic and the Sith.

Well, assuming I did make it anyways–regardless of success–you’d remove it anyways?
That reminds me; have you seen thisproposition I made earlier? I think it’s especially relevant now.