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I got this. Just keep calm, and don’t mess it up. Just keep calm.

Vivien Silk was crouching, perched on a rooftop high. The sun had just gone down, and that’s when Obsidian would rise.

Obsidian, of course, is just the alias Vivien uses to make herself sound more dangerous, deadly and tactical.

And although Vivien is naturally tactical, she is not to be most feared, and is certainly not the top predator in the food chain.

She bit her lip to keep it from trembling, and put a strand of hair behind her ear to occupy her hands so they wouldn’t join in the quivering also.

This mission… It was more than just a mission for Vivien. Sure, she was a mercenary. Sure, she’s been on missions like this and unlike this before. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to hire her to do this.

But this one had hit close to home. Literally.

Vivien Silk was born in Naboo, but when the Empire attacked, Vivien’s parents Elon (a human) and Zenei (a Twi’lek) quickly relocated to Coruscant.

Vivien frowned. She wished she could remember them. But they were both Jedi, and they died fighting for what was right when Vivien was only three years old.

Ona Cri’Ahlo, a resident of Coruscant, had found Vivien on the streets, alone, and offered to take care of her. Ona had always been referred to as “Auntie Ona”, even though she was not even related in any way to Vivien.

Ona was still alive, but Vivien ran off a long time ago. Ona was one of the most faithful people of Coruscant. By “faithful”, I mean she believed wholeheartedly in the Force and the Jedi. And she kept pressuring Vivien to continue the legacy, and become a Jedi herself. But Vivien was afraid of what could happen to her… Like what happened to her parents.

So Vivien had ran off.

She had been a nomad for a long time, and she still is. A mercenary. And the mission she was hired for just happened to be in Coruscant.

She sighed and stood up carefully, making sure not to fall off the rooftop. Until abruptly, a shadowed figure startled her, face unseen even in the moonlight.


Many years ago, the old republic…
Czerka Headquarters

Query: “Hello master, do you have any Meatbags for me to assassinate today?”

Before he could answer a loud bang sounded at the Plasteel door.

“What was that” he asked.

Answer: It appears to be a knock mas”

(A large explosion blew the door open) and parts of the door where going for my master.

I stepped in the way and the parts where wedged into me.

Master pulled out a blaster and aimed it at the door, as i did the same with my E-11D Rifle.

A man walked out of the door way and started shooting at the master, we shot back but the master was hit and knocked out, i fired again and got the Target in the leg he limped away, i added his face to memory so i could find and get him later.

I stride over to the master and Realize he was dead as i was nearing. As soon as i did…

Master defeated, deactivation protocols initiated.
And with that i shut down.

Present time. Tatooine

Initiating power on. weapon system activated, System assessment, memory damaged, assassination protocol… inoperative. it lists the remaining systems and reports.

My eyes start to glow and i begin to see… sand… lots of sand.
I look up and see someone, human, male. I also notice that there is a restraining bolt on me

statement: and who may you be.

he said nothing

OOC: I am for sale. amount will be announced later once someone want’s to buy me, also if you want to talk as me please put a Bold Thing before each saying as i did.


Accessing memory banks … … … Access successful

My vision clears as i scan the room, my higher functions non-operative because of a restraining bolt i apparently was fitted with. After scanning the room a creepy Ithorian walks into the room.

Surprisement: HK-50 ready to serve Ma-Ahhhhhhh, what is that!” The Ithorian stops, apparently because i had freaked out at his appearance.

Pleading: Please, don’t keep me here, it would be torture, please!”
Sadness: Am i meant to rust here forever, is it my destiny to Rust with this…This thing?”

I move my head so it’s looking at the Ithorian.

Alternative: Could you sell me to a customer as soon as possible, please?”


Seventeen customers have come and gone since i had been re-activated.

Statement: I will never be free of this nightmare.”
Statement I wish someone would come in here and have a sense of taste.”


Journal Entry 14

I have been with the Resistance X-Wing Force for two weeks now. We’ve been on Coruscant for the last five days collecting supplies, weapons, and a few droids. I’ve been assigned to find a new HK droid before tonight.

Evera shut down her computer. “I better hop on that job.” She muttered. She stood and stretched. She had been sitting in her X-Wing for a while now, catching up on journal entries and similarities.

The pilot jumped from the cockpit and nodded to a nearby pilot as she moved towards the hanger’s exit.

Coruscant was huge. One big bustling city. Packed with HK droids. Evera decided to search on foot. Though the best pilot in the Resistance, the air traffic was insane and she wasn’t fully awake. Thus, not up to the challenge.

Crowds crammed the street. Droids, speeders, creatures, aliens of all kinds bummed and moved. All going somewhere.

Evera shouldered through the crowd. She had no problem with pushing people to get where she was going. They we’re hardly going to move if she said please.

Suddenly a speeder shot past at dangerous speeds, knocking Evera backwards into a pile of crates. She blinked several times before springing to her feet and proceeding to shout and yell after the speeder. “You shouldn’t move around so fast!” She yelled at the long-gone speeder, full of rage. “You’ll kill someone one day!”

Then she sunk onto an unturned crate. No one seemed to have taken notice of the screaming pilot and simply carried on their way. After taking a few deep breaths, Evera’s gaze drifted over the crowds to a market.

She stood and proceeded to shoulder her way over to it. She stood in the entrance and surveyed the store. The last thing that caught her eye, was a droid, sitting in the back with a restraining bolt on.

Evera glanced around and then approached the droid.
It jerked its head in her direction as she knelt before it. “You’re a HK-50 droid,” she looked into it’s blue eyes. “I’ve been looking for you.”



Surprisement: You must be here to buy me then!”

I tilt my head towards the Ithorian, who just received some Credits from a customer.

He walks over to us and looks at me. He speaks in Ithorian.

Translation: He told you i was worth 2000 Credits.”
Statement: Am i not worth more, how rude.”


“I don’t know. 2000 sounds fare.” Evera handed the currency to the man and he released HK-50 from the restraining blot.

The droid stood and she surveyed it. It stood, quite a bit taller than Evera. He was a dark grey typical HK droid. She looked the droid over as it stood there. “This arm…” she grabbed one of its arms. “Is a flamethrower?” She looked at him expectantly.



Statement: Yes Master, i have an arm mounted carbonite launcher too, would you like me to tell you all of my functions, i have 7389 primary functions and 34-.”

My master cuts me off.

“Yeah, i think i’ll stop you there.”

Statement: Yes master, but i highly recommend you know all of them, to make us work as a better team.”


Evera sighed at the droid. “I’m not your master,” She huffed. “And you can show the Resistance all your gadgets when we get back.”

She glanced at the droid who walked slightly behind her.
“You are my master.” It stated.


They walked in silence for a moment before Evera took a deep breath. “Well, here we are.” She opened a side door that led to the hanger and ushered HK-50 inside.


Question: What is The Resistance?”
Statement: In my time it was the Republic and the Sith Empire.”
Question: Where are we going anyway?”


Evera ran a hand through her hair, frustration building in her chest. “The Resistance resists and we are going to the Resistance base here on Coruscant. We recently received the Death Star plans and…listen, Commander Akbar will tell you what you need to know!” She said angrily.

“I don’t know when you were turned off, but the Sith Empire has collapsed. All there is left is the Emperor and Darth Vader. They practically run the Empire and that’s who we’re resisting against.” Evera huffed and opened a door.


“Statement: I scan that you are getting angry with me? Have i done something wrong?”

I walk through the door.

“Statement: Tell me what to do and i will do it to the best of my ability.”


Evera sighed once again. Droids…ugh. “You can listen to the General. He’s going to brief you. And I’m not your mast-”

“Yes master.”
Never mind.

General Ackbar turned to face the two. “Good job, Evera.” He said.
“He is a HK-50 droid.” Evera reported and the general nodded in acknowledgement.
“I think we’ll call him K-5.”

Ackbar turned to HK-50 “As I’m sure you know, this is the Resistance. Since HK droids are typically assassin droids…” he went on and on about this and that while Evera respectfully stood, looking like she was listening but was really very bored.

Suddenly something jerked her back to reality. “And Evera Dameron will be your caretaker.”

Evera’s head snapped up. “What! No…I mean…but…”

“I hope you don’t have a problem with that. I just need everyone to work together until we can get General Organa back. Oh, by the way, we have a new pilot. His name is Luke Skywalker. Could you swing by and welcome him?” Ackbar nodded and then turned away.

HK-50 turned to the gaping Evera. “You got all of that, correct?”


Evera didn’t seem to answer my question, so i did not pursue it.

“Wait here.” Evera tells me. She walks up to Luke Skywalker and starts chatting with him. After a while, Evera looks and points me out to Luke, then continues talking.

I wonder if they are talking about me?


Evera turned from Luke and walked back to HK-50. “K-5–” A blue and white astronomical droid drove past and bumped into Evera. “Hey! Looked where you’re going R-2.”
R2-D2 turned and looked at HK-50 before beeping something at him.


“Statement: I suggest that apologize to us.”

R-2 beeps something else then drives away.

I tilt my head towards Evera.

“Question: What were you talking to Luke about?”


Evera looked at the droid. “I was welcoming him and I also found that he is a Jedi.”



“Surprisement: A what! I had expected that they were annihilated with the Sith Empire and the Republic.”

“Question: Do we have an assignment yet?”


“Unless an army of Stormtroopers come in and start massacring us, then no.” Evera paused and looked at the droid. A strange feeling had been growing inside of her ever since they had arrived on Coruscant.

It seemed to want her to follow it. And she wanted to. “Look,” she grabbed HK-50’s metal shoulder and turned him around to look at a small group of droid that had collected in a corner of the hanger. “It’s getting dark, I have something I, er, need to do…why not familiarise yourself with the other droids?” She suggested.

Evera didn’t wait for an answer but started to jog towards the hanger exist. The pulling inside of her guiding her through the crowded streets. She didn’t understand what was happening but still kept going.

The moon had risen and she stopped in front of a tall building. The feeling inside her seemed to beg her to climb up. Evera squinted up the building and prepared for her ascent when a clank from behind caused her to spin, rip her blaster from its holster, and point it in the direction of the noise.

A droid came into the moonlight. “K-5!” Evera gasped. “You followed me? I said to stay in the hanger.”
“No you didn’t,” the droid whirred. Evera frowned in confusion. “You suggested I stay in the hanger. You gave me a choice.”
Evera sighed in frustration and HK-50 looked at her. “What are you doing, master?”

Evera wasn’t sure if she wanted explain why she was here to a droid who probably wouldn’t understand, or care if he did, so Evera simply turned and began her climb up the build, faintly aware of HK-50’s objections to her style of climbing.

Finally, after a few jarring slips and HK-50’s comments on them, Evera reached the top. The beckoning she had felt all through the climb was at its ultimate max. Suddenly she remembered something Luke Skywalker had said before about the Force. Evera gasped silently as she crouched on the edge of the roof. Could this be the Force? No, only Jedi were Force-sensitive.

She was no Jedi. Right? Then why was she here? Suddenly Evera noticed a figure standing further along the rooftop. Evera squinted at the silhouette. It was a woman, a thick rod hung at her hip. Could it be…a lightsaber? Evera stood abruptly. This was a Jedi and she being drawn to her. Through what could only be the Force.

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