Star Wars The Clone Wars (Bio Topic)

Here you can post you’re bios for the new role play, Star Wars The Clone Wars.

You’re bio should consist of:

Name: (For example: CC-2224, or RC-1140. Those ones are taken)
Nickname: (Nicknames can be pretty much anything, they range from Scorch to Jyrk…Weird huh)

I think that’s it…

If you think of something else, you can add that into you’re bio.

Oh yeah, i almost forgot.

CT means Clone Trooper, RC means Republic Commando, CC Means Clone Captain, ARC means Advanced Reconnaissance Commando.


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Fi is a name already taken, if you didn’t already know. A clone in Omega squad.

There are many clones with the name Fi but if you would like I can change it

My name can be Arch.

Sure, that’s good.

Ok here is my Revised Bio.

Name: RC-0107
Nickname: Arch
Rank: Sargeant/Squad leader
Personality: Witty, Upbeat, Has a mouth that tends to get him in trouble, Can be serious if he must.
Weapons: Dc-17m, Dc-15s side arm, Vibroblade, And a fixed beskar blade.
Strengths: Is a pretty good shot, Is super lucky, Is good at keeping the morale of his troops up, And is a great tactician.
Weaknesses: Loss of squad members, His mouth tends to get him in trouble with superiors, Is very protective of his squad, And is wary of Jedi.

Jackknife Squad:
Arch: Leader/Pilot
Scrapper: Slicer/Medic
Blaze: Demo/Mechanic
Deadeye: Sniper/Intelligence


Name: Rowan Besh

Age: Unknown but appears to be in his early twenties

Race: Mando-DAWN

Description: He is tall, lean, and well built through many hardships and much training. He is built for agility and his movements are fluid and controlled. He has a tanned, sharp, handsome face with steady crystal blue eyes that carry a certain wisdom beyond his years. His ash-brown hair is a bit shaggy with locks positioned across his forehead to somewhat mask the large mark covering his left eye.

Distinguishing Features: A force mark covering his left eye. This is a physical mark through which the force can flow freely, imbuing him with the ability to present the Force in its truest and balanced form.


  1. Mando Helmet

  2. Mandalorian Chest Plate

  3. Crimson long-sleeved hooded cloak

  4. Beskar lined gauntlet on his right hand capable of withstanding lightsaber blades for a short time.

  5. Black Combat Britches

  6. Wrapped Black Cloth Boots

Personality: INFJ

Saber: Single white bladed saber

Other Weapons:

  1. DE-10 Reaper (Carried in a tied down thigh holster)
  2. Beskar Blade

Alignment: Grey


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Name: Fionala

Age: Unknown, but seems a young woman in the flower of her youth

Species: Also unknown, but speculated to be some kind of inter-dimensional imp.

Description: Long, blonde hair like the tail of a comet. Tall and graceful, but unpredictable. Her oval-shaped face can be quite expressive. Her eyes are a sort of medium blue that seem greenish and grayish at different times. They are deep eyes, liquid eyes, that seem to shine with their own light in the dark.

Attire: Is subject to change depending on her mood and the situation.


Two of them, rather delicate in size allowing for them to be twirled as well as clutched. They have four blades, one yellow, one white, one blue, and one pink.

Notes: Has honed and developed a wide variety of Force-based abilities that she uses as a part of her rather whimsical fighting style.



Name: CT-7341
Nickname: Chill
Reason for nickname: Loved using Cryo Grenades against training droids at Kamino
Rank: Captain
Personality: Serious when has to be, fun sometimes, Loyal



Weapons: Dual DC-17 blaster pistols
Strengths: Shooting guns, Leading
Weaknesses: Losing squad members, Venator food

Squad: Three squad members


Name: CT-3919
Nickname: Panther
Reason for nickname: He uses his sniper rifle to destroy his targets before they know what hit em
Rank: Sergeant
Personality: Cold, loyal, opens up to almost no one
Weapons: DC-15x, Single DC-17 blaster pistol
Strengths: Shooting guns
Weaknesses: Losing squad members


Name: CT-7878
Nickname: Overhaul
Reason for nickname: Loves fixing and slicing
Rank: Sergeant
Personality: Lighthearted

Weapons: DC-15a
Strengths: Slicing and fixing
Weaknesses: Losing squad members


Name: CT-2345
Nickname: Singe
Reason for nickname: Loves blowing things up
Rank: Sergeant
Personality: Lighthearted

Weapons: DC-15a
Strengths: Blowing things up
Weaknesses: Losing squad members

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Name: CT-9748 call me 48 or CT-9748 because i don’t have a nickname yet.
Nickname: Patch
Rank: Medic/shiny
Personality: Willing to help and follows orders, is very by the book.
Weapons: DC-15S blaster rifle with spare ammo.
Tools: 2 Vibroscalpels,1 laser scalpel, 2 laser cauterizers, and a backpack containing bandages and bacta products as well as an FX-3 medical assistant droid to assist in diagnosing and treating injuries.
Strengths: Using bacta, healing, following orders. hand to hand combat.
Weaknesses: Loosing patients.




Name: Triste Gennari
Age: Unknown
Rank: Commander/Jedi Padawan
Personality: Impulsive, enjoys battles, doesn’t follow orders very well unless she feels like it.
Weapons: Two Lightsabers
Hilts: Microsoft Edge 4_3_2020 7_31_05 PM (2)

Blade Colors: Purple and Lime Green



okay, finished my character:

name: bren
rank: captain
squadron number: 702
weapon: double bladed green lightsaber, blaster pistol
ID: CT 70000
comrades: ki113r, 3w0k5, 1c0p31, a12b34, 54ta65, 73t1m3, 4Tr8g4, y0g1d6, m3d1c
background info: all my troopers and me are ARC trooper, m3d1c is the medic, also known as “HELP”. y0g1d6 is a heavy trooper, Tr8g, or trag is a sniper. and the rest are just troopers. I am a clone with 45% jango fett genes, and 55% quigon-jin genes

picture of me (I used a colouring page, then free handed the lightsaber):

post your comments and questions please

My character is named Master Lightman. He is going to be a rogue Jedi with a dark past that left the order two years before the clone wars.
Things to know about him: He is lightsaber expert, a good pilot, but is horrible around people.
Enemies: Everybody
Friends: No one!

Age: 30 years
Appearance: Light hair, white skin, and has green eyes. He is about 6 feet tall and wears a tattered Jedi robe with Old Republic Trooper Armor underneath the robe.
Location: Rhen Var
In a location near the Jedi Temple.


name: Chandra
last name: gales
nick name: char
age: 9
race: human
hobbies: training, reading, astronomy
description: a small boy with green eyes and brown hair. he grew up on Alderaan with his mother and father until the jedi tested he mediclorian levels and found that they were very high, so he was taken to coruscant to begin his training to become a jedi. he has grown very strong in the force for his age. he has not yet gotten his lightsabre, but will soon be the padawan of Najaa Horada

this is for clone wars RP BTW