Star Wars The Clone Wars Role-Play

This is the Actual Role-Play, so, For The Republic!!!


I can hardly believe it, this is our first real mission that any of us have done, we were ordered to get on the gunships and go to this planet, Geonosis i guess, weird name huh.

I stand up and look at the rest of my squad, trying to look confident.

“This is it. This is what we were made for.”

My squad cheers in response.

When the we land on the surface, the door opens. We run out of the LAAT together, blasting droids as the gunship takes off. A missile comes at us, but it hits the LAAT behind us, it bursts into pieces. We immediately act, taking cover behind a broken wing stuck in the ground. I see a wounded clone over to the side, then i start to give out orders.

“Aid, you tend to that clone over there, Panther, Singe, stay here and cover Aid, Overhaul, you’re with me.” I point to the nearest Geonosian Catacomb

The squad carries out the commands, as Overhaul sprints with me to the catacombs.


I am on my way to geonosis in a gunship. I can see the planet…
“AA GUNS!!!” Steel yells. we get shot out of the sky and crash on the planet. A small flat area with a smoking heap of flaming metal behind us natural walls all around us and a small cave in front of us.

“we should enter.” storm says.

We do, it was a Geo tunnel.
“Looks unused” I say.
“lets just find a way out” says slice…


Overhaul and i walk slowly and silently through the catacombs. A dead geonosian falls from the sky and lands in front of us. We look up and see Panther on the ledge with Singe backing him up, Aid however was not up there, he runs up behind us blasting another droid. I see some sort of glowing visor up ahead.

“Stay sharp.” I say.

We all aim our guns, but then i motion everyone to stop. I run up to the commando’s.

“It’s a good thing that we met up, we can stay alive longer if we stick together.”

“I think i found a safe way out sirs.” Aid adds.

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“This way!” I yell to my Squad and the Commandos.

We blast droids and Geonosians as we go. I point to the exit, we all run outside only to find more droids and Geo’s.

We blast more and more but they keep coming. Just when all hope seems lost a jedi appears out of nowhere and starts cutting down more droids. We help her finish the rest off, then we follow her as we go into more battle.

We find some more commandos that are trying to find a way out

Then some more droids come and we blast them as a Jedi falls from the sky to help

“where did she come from” i ask
“who cares, she’s here” i heard someone say

After we finished them off we followed the Jedi.

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I knock a Commando down onto the ground when a blaster shot came near to hitting him.

“The droids are in full retreat! We should take down as many ships as we can!” I yell to a gunner on a SPMAT.


Your focus determines your reality. Your reality determines your perspective. Your prospective? Determines your balance.

“Balance huh? And what genius told you that?”

Rowan Besh smirked at the small blue image of Krymson protruding from the small silver disk in his gloved palm. “An old friend.”

Krymson snickered, “Yeah like probably way old.”

Rowan shook his head, “Anyways I have a meeting I have to get to. I’ll try to contact you after.”

“Sure thing, Com. I’ll hold down the fort here.”

The young man smiled, “Alright. Hey, I l-” His voice trailed off as the girl threw a small salute as the hologram leaving him to sigh as he slipped the small metal disk into his pocket. He inhaled slowly as he turned and climbed the steps. It really was a beautiful day on Coruscant, the afternoon sun’s rays reflected off of the towering skyscrapers.

Tall golden statues lined both sides of the walkway, statues of knights long fallen. He paused for a moment, gazing at the large ancient crest above the opening before stepping through it. The large room opened up before him, the giant glass windows allowing the light to pour onto the floor illuminating the many symbols and designs carved into the smooth stone.

His cloth wrap boots made no sound as he strode across the room, doing his best to avoid the many stares that seemed to pierce him from every direction. He ran a gloved hand through his ash-brown hair as a lock fell naturally across his left eye, hiding the discoloration of the mark he had borne from his birth.

He finally reached the elevator and only waited a short time before the doors opened. The tall young man stepped inside, finding himself alongside one other young man clothed in the bland robes of a Jedi. A single braid emerging from behind his right earmarked him as one who had not yet completed the trials Rowan had heard so many stories of.

The Padawan eyed him curiously as did all who noticed the tall rugged figure. He supposed he did look different, not like a Jedi or any who inhabited the Republic.

His slim lean torso was covered by a battle-worn, Beskar lined breastplate, reminiscent of the war that had shaped and molded his people into the nation that he was now representing.
Over the top of the breastplate, he wore a light crimson hooded cloak that fit slimly, the hem ending about halfway down his thigh. A pair of black combat pants were tucked into black wrapped cloth boots that ended just below the knee.
And of course, the mark drew many looks.

A ding sounded as the door slid open and Rowan stepped into another large hallway. He frowned glancing around. Would it really be hard to put signs up? He closed his Crystal blue eyes, concentrating for a moment before opening them as he continued straight ahead.

Besh slowed as the large double doors came into view. He took a deep breath as the strong signatures pulsed at the edge of his senses. With resolution, he stretched his fingers toward the doors that swung wide open before contact. He stepped through them and into the view of the figures that now sat in a semi-circle around the circular room.

Rowan Besh stopped in the center, his clear blue eyes studying the faces and eyes that focused on him. He opened his mouth as he searched his mind as to what to say to the Jedi Council.


I reclined on a ceiling beam as people came and went below me. One leg dangled down, the gemstone-studded cuff glinting in the sunlight. Anyone who had the habit of looking up might have noticed something like a star gleaming near the roof of the tall building.

“How interesting,” thought I, “that people have a tendency to look down as they walk, especially if they have things to do. If they only looked up once in a while, they might notice something splendid they might have otherwise missed.”

I smiled to myself as I let my eyes roam over the people that passed below me.

“Why, hello!”

A certain somebody was passing below me, a quite interesting somebody. For one thing, he was not dressed like a Jedi while everybody who passed him was. For another, he carried weapons quite openly.

“A bold thing to do, sir, in a place like this. Then again, most everybody is carrying a lightsaber, so what could you do with a whopping big gun like that? Intimidate somebody? Is it more like a security blanket? Do you blast all your worries away at the end of each day?”

I laughed softly as the masked Mandalorian approached the area beneath me. a person who stood out from the crowd might need someone to stand with him. I watched him as I strolled along the ceiling beams wondering if he sensed my signature disturbance. we walked together for a while, me on the high road and him on the low road, until he entered with no small agitation into the chamber of the Jedi Council.

“Well, look who’s important today?” I thought as I dropped down. It wasn’t just anyone who could go before the Jedi Council. Then again, I am not just anyone. With a gesture, I opened the doors and sauntered inside, much to the chagrin of some familiar faces. The most delicious part, however, was astonishment radiating from the masked Mandalorian.

“Good Afternoon, my good Masters. Am I interrupting something?”



This was a bad day getting worse. His LAAT/I gunship got shot down ten klicks away from his squads drop zone, they had run through a lot of resistance on the way to the RV so now they were down a lot of much needed ammo, and everyone at the RV was dead and there was no weapons or ammo, and these Jedi couldn’t lead at all they were getting countless clone brethren killed it was awful.

“Sir droids incoming.” Blaze said bring Arch back to reality. “Orders?”

“Blaze get those doors rigged, Deadeye cover him, Scraper get that door open I got your back.” He replyed changing to Republic frequencies. “This is Jackkinfe Squad we are pinned down and need back up does anyone reply over?”

He got a “Yes Sir.” from his squad. Well he thought if we are going down we are taking them all with us every last one.

“They are getting pretty close Sir.” said Blaze “We need the door open and fast.”

“I am working on it.” Scraper growled. “Almost there.”


“This is Jackkinfe Squad we are pinned down and need back up does anyone reply over?”

I quickly respond to the call.

“This is Captain Chill, i’m reading you.”


“Oh good to hear your voice Captain Chill, this is Sargeant Arch of Jackkinfe squad here any chance you could come on down and help a brother out, we are low on ammo and got a whole lot of droids incoming.” Arch said “Sending coordinates now, stand by.”


“We have em, coming to you’re position now.”

After several doors and broken droids later, we finally get to the coordinates.

“Slice the door.” I say to Overhaul. He has the door open in seconds, then we pour into the room.

“Where are the droids coming from Sergeant?”


“They’re coming from behind that door we got it rigged so we will l know if they breach it.” He said showing them his DC-15s sidearm. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you we were down to sidearms.”

“Let me introduce my Squad, that is Blaze he is our demo/mechanic.” he said pointing to the commando crouched at the door. “That is Deadeye he is our sniper/intelligence.” he said pointing to the commando next to Blaze. “That is Scrapper our slicer/medic.” he said pointing to the guy hunched over a blaster pocked console. “And I am our fearless leader and the best looking of the bunch. Now what is the plan captain?”

Then Deadeye snorted “You wish.”

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“When that door goes, blast the droids as they come in. Watch out for those big ones, they’re tough to take down.”

I pull out my blasters.

“Lets take down some clankers.”

“Yeah, oh captain got a blaster to spare, or ammo.” He said “Cause if I run out I will have to use my knife, and that tends to get messy.” Pulling out a pure beskar knife and tossing it up in the air.

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I nod then toss extra ammo his way.

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“Thanks man.” He said slaping in a fresh power cell in his DC-17m. “Now this is more like it.”

Then Blaze yelled “They’re cutting through the door at an alarming rate sir.”

“Acknowledged Blaze. Scrapper, Deadeye get positioned behind that console. Blaze you and I will take the door, move out.” He said then motioned to Cpt. Chill saying. “You can position your men how you want but I suggest you do it fast cause it will get crazy in here when those clankers come through that door.”


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I nod in agreement.

"Panther, Aid, take position behind that box, Singe, get ready to grenade, Overhaul, with me. "

I crouch behind a broken droid and aim my gun at the door, it suddenly falls over and droids start pouring into the room.

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“Well that was faster than I had expected.” He said then he started to spray the droids down with blaster fire “Get some clankers.” Huh he thought this might be possible as long as no commando droids popped in for a visit.

He heard Blaze yell something about a big boom and looked to see what he saw and what he saw turned his blood cold it was commando droids and a lot of them there were to many they had to fall back.

“Captain you and your men fall back they got a bunch of commando droids coming this way.” He yelled “Blaze well blow the entrance making a huge cave in so I advise you and you men fall back.”

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