The Ancient Order -A Free For All Roleplay- Bio Topic

Here is where you can place you characters for the Ancient Order Roleplay.


Name: Triste Kenobi

Alias: Secret Jedi Foundation Member Kenobi

Race: Human

Allegiance: The Old Republic


Weapons: Green-bladed lightsaber

The Glass-saber:

Favorite Line: “You are beaten!”

Least favorite line: “I surrender.”

Personality: Snarky, Stubborn, Insolent

Likes: The Jedi, having power

Dislikes: The Sith, being powerless

Allies: Herself, Secret Jedi Foundation Member Costa, The Jedi

Enemies: All Sith, Grand Master Darkfate

Friends: Secret Jedi Foundation Member Costa

Frenemies: Master Buffy

Things To Know: Is The Wielder of The Glass-Saber, Never Gives Her Enemies Quarter, Hates Anyone Who Stands In Her Way, Never Parts With The Glass-Saber, Really Hates Grand Master Darkfate, She Will Hunt Anyone Down Who Messes With Her Or Her Friend.

Name: Drina Vague

Alias: The Dark One

Race: Twi’Lek

Allegiance: The Sith


Weapons: Double-bladed Red Lightsaber

Favorite Line: “Get out of my way.”

Least Favorite Line: “I have failed.”

Personality: Vicious, Merciless

Favorite Force Power: Force-choke

Likes: Being the most powerful person in the room (Or on the ship)

Dislikes: Being told what to do

Allies: None

Friends: None

Enemies: Anyone and everyone

Things to know: She will eliminate anyone in her way when she is on a mission, she despises Triste Kenobi.

Name: Chance Darkwalker

Race: Togruta

Allegiance: The Spice Guild

Occupation: Spice Smuggler



Personality: Trusting, Silly, Foolish

Favorite Line: “I did it!”

Least Favorite Line: “I lost the spice.”

Likes: Joking around, making new friends, running spice

Dislikes: Being shot at, being hit on the head with a cane

Allies: None currently

Friends: Anyone who is kind to her

Enemies: None

Things to know: She is a terrible spice smuggler, she only got her job because she is related to her bosses second-in-command, she has a soft spot for anything cute and fluffy, and fails almost every mission she is sent on.


Name: Thasurian (Thra-Sur-ian)
Alias: Lord Thasurian, Milord.
Things he likes to be called but nobody calls him: The ruler of the known universe
Race: Zabrak
Allegiance: The Sith… For now.
Current home: Coruscant
Eye color: Yellow
Weapons: The Force, A red staff lightsaber
Personality: Loves power and control, but will temper it until the right moment.
Favorite force power: Force lightning
Favorite Line: “You cannot beat a Sith”
Least favorite line: “I am beaten.”
Dislikes: Being called an alien. (this usually ends in lightning)
Likes: Power, underlings and his plan to take over the Sith.
Strengths: Using the force, Giving orders.
Weaknesses: Taking orders, Giving Mercy.
Enemies: The Jedi and Sith that get in his way.
Friends: Jarnought
Allies: The Sith for now

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Name: Jarnought.
Alias: My Lord, Milord, Lord Jarnought.
Race: Zabrak.
Allegiance: The Sith.

Weapons: The Force, Red Bladed Lightsaber.

Personality: Cunning, he likes power and control, just like his brother, Thasurian, and will do almost anything to get it. Unlike his brother, he will not temper his wrath. If you are his enemy, he will attack you mercilessly.
Favorite force power: Force-Choke.
Favorite Line: “Now you will feel my Wrath”
Least favorite line: “I give up.”
Dislikes: Being called an alien, Jedi, Most smugglers and Bounty Hunters, some Sith.
Likes: Power/strength, control of the situation, Force-Choking people.
Strengths: Using the force, lightsaber combat.
Weaknesses: If he gets angry enough, he will attack blindly, not using much skill.
Enemies: Jedi.
Friends/Allies: The Sith, The Empire.

Name: Arcken Kestar.
Race: Human.
Allegiance: Jedi.

Weapons: The Force, Green Bladed Lightsaber.
Green bladed lightsaber
Personality: Kind, smart. On the outside, Arcken Kestar seems completely loyal to the Jedi, but on the inside, he believes that having no emotions was a mistake.
Favorite Line: “Surrender!”
Least favorite line: “I give up.”
Dislikes: Sith, Bounty Hunters, enemies of the Jedi.
Likes: Control of the situation, a non-lethal solution to a fight.
Strengths: Using the force, lightsaber combat.
Weaknesses: Sometimes he shows his emotions, and they get the better of him.
Enemies: Sith.
Friends/Allies: The Jedi, The Republic.

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Name: Slade
Nickname: Slimy Slade
Allegiance: Himself
Race Rhodian
Appearance: Greenish-yellow complexion with vague eyes.
Occupation: Leader of the Spice Guild, a smuggling corporation that competes with the Hutts.
Weapons: His sharp intellect, his smugglers, and his electropole.

Personality: He is shady, cunning, and devious. He does not take kindly to those who fail.
Likes: Money, power, and anything that makes the Hutts mad.
Dislikes: Losing spice, losing to the Hutts, and making mistakes.
Favorite Line: “I have won.”
Least favorite line: “I hate those Hutts”
Friends: Just Credits
Enemies: The Hutts
Things to know about him: He hates losing spice, and he has a dianoga that he feeds anybody that fails him to.

Name: Unknown
Alias: The Silent One
Allegiance: The Sith
Appearance: No one knows his appearance. He uses holographic messages to communicate with the other Sith.
Race: Unknown
Weapon: The power of deception, and his lightsaber.

Personality: He loves power and craves more it. He is surprisingly smart and will end anyone who figures out his identity.
Favorite line: “Nothing I can’t handle.”
Least Favorite Line: “I submit.”
Likes: Being in a powerful position.
Dislikes: Those that undermine him.
Strengths: Deception.
Weaknesses: His pride.
Friends: Anyone that is loyal to his cause.
Enemies: Anyone that threatens his position.

Name: Gabriel Lightfist
Allegiance: No one at this point. (You see he was a Sith, but turned to the Light Side. Because of his crimes and what he did to both sides, everyone wants to hunt him down.)
Appearance: Green eyes, blonde hair with a light complexion. About six-and-a-half feet tall.
Race: Human
Weapons: The Force; a blue crossguard lightsaber.

Friends: No one.
Enemies: Basically everyone.
Favorite force power: Mind-trick.
Favorite line: Hello there.
Least favorite line: Here we go again.
Likes: Helping others, staying out of the spotlight, and not having to deal with Jedi or Sith.
Dislikes: Being caught, anyone he doesn’t know, and being drawn into the war.
Strengths: Using the force and sneaking around.
Weaknesses: Lightsaber combat, and that anger gets to him.
Enemies: The Jedi and the Sith.
Friends: No one at this point.


Known Name: Faye

Race: Unknown

Age: Unidentified

Eyes: Seafoam Green

Hair: Rich Brown

Appearance: Despite his misplaced age, he appears rather young with a 6 foot slim, lithe figure and a well-shaped youthful face. His deep shimmering green eyes bear a confident look with a spark of mischief that merely accentuates his chaotic grin.

Allegiance: No, thanks.

Sabers: (Both of which appear self-built)

An ember orange saber also known as Sunrider's Destiny (top)

A rare turquoise saber (bottom)


Strengths: While his age is unknown, his diverse and uncanny use of the Force is practically unheard of. He specializes in agility and a trickster’s form of saber combat which aids him well against the passion of Sith and the expertise of Jedi alike.

Trade: Collects and sells Kyber crystals to the highest bidder. A fairly well-known figure within the black-market and a very disliked figure to most who hold particularly rare sabers.


Name: Ortili
Race: Corellian
Allegiance: Himself, anyone who pays him money


Personality: Smart, quick-thinking, witty, doesn’t trust anyone except for himself
Favorite Line/least used: “I did it!”
Least favorite line/most used: “Not again/Oh no/give me a break!”
Dislikes: People who cheat him
Likes: Credits, his ship, not you
Strengths: Staying alive no matter what
Weaknesses: He’ll do almost anything for credits
Enemies: Pretty much everyone
Friends/Allies: Himself

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