The Ancient Order -A Free For All Roleplay-

Has anyone ever wondered what it was like in the days during the Old Republic. When Jedi guided the galaxy as its guardians, when the force’s powers were not lost, and when war was everywhere. This roleplay is of that time…

Twenty years ago rumors began circulating of a planet called Exegol. A planet that was foretold to begin the collapse of the Jedi. So the Jedi council sent out there greatest leader, Master Ki lo Kenobi to this planet. After two years of travelling through space Master Ki lo finally reached the planet, but when reached the atmosphere all contact with him was lost and he and his supporting ships were never found…
Today, Jedi Grand Master Darkfate is calling together the Jedi Council to brief them on a new threat he has perceived.


The Silent One stood on a balcony watching the workers set up the temporary council chambers in the large banquet room on the luxury cruiser now being used to evacuate the remaining Jedi from Coruscant. He smiled to himself, he had done everything right and soon with this new Jedi Council meeting he could continue influencing the galaxy against the Jedi, while all the time looking like a Jedi trying to help the galaxy. Yes today was a good day. Soon he would reign supreme over the whole galaxy only one thing remained, his blasted padawan! He had learned that the Jedi were the real good in the galaxy not the Sith. Now he had to do the one thing he hated, ask for help. He reached into his robe pocket and pulled out his commlink and called the best person to fulfill the job, Darth Thasurian.


As i was meditating in my anger my Commlink Buzzed. I ignored it.
It Buzzed again. I Sighed and picked it up.
“Lord Thasurian here, What do you need”


“Lord Thasurian, I need your assistance. My name is The Silent One, and I want you to end someone immediately. If you do this you will be given great rewards…”

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“Who is person you need killed”
I didn’t much like being ordered to do something but if it will bring me power I will do it.


“He is my old padawan. He turned to the light side a few days ago, and I believe he will try to blow my cover. I want this done quietly not even the other Sith must know. And when this done, I will give you all the power you want, when I come to power.”

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I smile at the idea of all that power
“Were must I go?”

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“At this point I believe he may still be on Coruscant, in one of the lower levels. This is all I know, but for one as talented as you are that should not be problem.”

Lord Jarnought expertly deflected a barrage of blaster fire from a Republic soldier back at him. The soldier fell, and Jarnought moved on to the next room, which was an engine room.

He was ordered to sabotage The Observer, a Republic Hammerhead cruiser modified for transporting food, water, troops, and other essential goods for planets that needed it. Jarnought was going to put a stop to these extra resources. He already destroyed one of the engines, so the hammerhead was sending all of it’s resources to stop Jarnought from destroying another. So far, their attempts were futile. For an operative, or maybe even another sith, this mission would be suicide, but Jarnought was more than capable to pull this off.

The sith pulled out his lightsaber and sliced the engine console. It exploded, sending a shock wave through the ship.

“Engine two is down.” A Republic officer says from the comm system. “Hull integrity is low. If we can’t stop our saboteur, then I want everyone in the escape pods!”

Jarnought scowled. They were trying to retreat. Cowards.

A group of Republic troopers run into the engine room. “Turn around slowly, we have you outmatched!” The one who must have been the leader said. Jarnought smiled, and turned around. The troopers advanced slowly. The sith extended his hands quickly, blasting a wave of force into the troopers. It knocked them off of their feet and into a nearby wall. Jarnought advanced towards them with his lightsaber ready.

The commander of the hammerhead cruiser pressed a button on his comm. “I just lost contact with another squad of troops. I have no choice now but to order all of you to the escape pods. The ship is lost.”

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“I am on my way”
I turn off the communicator, Stand up and leave my chamber.
I walk into an elevator and press the ‘Hanger’ button.

Once in the Hanger I walk onto my Fury Class Starship and liftoff.
Space… Dark and empty. I punch in the location of Coruscant.
A Robotic voice said “Are you sure that you want to go to the Republic capital”
“Yes!” I say much annoyed and push the hyperspace lever toward the window.
I sped up and the stars around me turned into long silvery blue lines.


~Triste Kenobi~

Triste Kenobi scowled and shut the door to the balcony on which Grand Master Darkfate stood. She had overheard Master Darkfate’s entire conversation with someone called Lord Thasurian. Apparently the Grand Master wanted someone, his Padawan, eliminated. However, Triste doesn’t recall Darkfate having a Padawan…

Triste shook her head. It doesn’t matter that the Grand Master supposedly has a Padawan. Not when she had heard things such as ‘the other Sith’, and ‘when I come to power’. Oh yeah, not to mention he called himself The Silent One!

The Silent One is one of the most powerful Sith alive, and if he’s been leading the Jedi for months… She shuddered. Triste hated to think what he might’ve helped orchestrate.

If Triste was smart she would go report Master Darkfate to the Jedi council, but what good would it do? Darkfate controls the council, and so far he has proved that he is a good trustworthy leader. Why would there be any reason to question him with his flawless past?

Triste shook her head again. No, she won’t go to the council. She will do this on her own. She will confront him and expose him for who he really is. The Silent One.


With the meeting beginning in twenty minutes, The Silent One had one more thing to do… end Master Ooroo. But before he could think another thought he had a horrible feeling as if…
He spun around instantaneously and locked onto his target, Triste Kenobi!!!

~Triste Kenobi~

I smile. “Hello, Grand Master. What’re you up to?” I ask innocently.


“Well, well, well, the great Kenobi, I guess you have decided to come and stop me. That is not going to happen.”

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~Triste Kenobi~

I raise an eyebrow.

Well, that’s a confession if I’ve ever seen one.

“Stop you? Why in the world would I do that, Silent One?”


“Who is this Silent One?”

~Triste Kenobi~

I scowl. Apparently this guy thinks he can play the ‘I-totally-just-admitted-to-who-I-am-but-now-I’m-going-to-act-dumb’ game and get away with it. Fortunately I can handle people playing that game.

I was about to open my mouth when I hear my commlink start to go off. I activate it and hear a voice say ,“Kenobi, we need you immediately. There is a Sith attacking The Observer.”

Oh, this is great.

“I’ll be right there,” I say into my comm.

I turn back to Master ‘Silent One’.

“I have some important business to attend to. Please excuse me, Master.”


“Alright have fun, and please come back to my office when you return…”

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I exit hyperspace well away from the republic capital, apparently the nav-computer was worried. I grab the controls and press a button. The engines activate and I fly toward the planet. I land at a docking port, lower my boarding ramp, and walk out. I was wearing a Dark cloak over my armor. There were the landing guards, they had apparently recognized this ship as sith.

“this Is a stolen sith vessel” I say with a wave
The leader spoke up “you must think your a sith waving your hand like that”
“You are more right then you realize” I reply, he must have a strong mind.

I force my lightsaber to my hand, activate it, and throw it at the leader, it slices him then continues around to the next guard, then the next one, then the next one. my lightsaber returned to me and I returned it under my cloak. After cleaning up, (The silent one did say nobody could know) I walked onward.

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Jarnought was disappointed with the Republic. He hadn’t spent an hour on the Hammerhead cruiser, and they were already running. He had hoped they would have put up more of a fight. More Republic soldiers would have made it interesting, but a Jedi would have made it a challenge. This transport’s low defenses wasn’t worth his time.

Jarnought had to leave The Observer now. It had one active engine left, but that wouldn’t keep the starship up for long. He had to get to the hanger, which was where he left his starfighter, Wrath.

Wrath was an S-12 Blackbolt scout fighter. It was created by the Imperial Tandankin shipyards, and it looked similar to the well-used sith fighter. It could hold a pilot and a passenger, and it was equipped with two laser cannons, as well as duel missile launchers. The S-12 Blackbolt also had advanced sensor and communications abilities. Because of these advanced systems, however, the Blackbolt fighter had inferior armor and shielding. Whoever piloted these ships had to be very good at dodging. The fighter was a perfect match for Jarnought.

When Jarnought made it to the hanger, he saw something that both troubled him, and exited him.

A Jedi’s ship was landing inside of the hammerhead’s hanger.

Jarnought smiled, and then reached for his lightsaber.