The Boy with a slingshot

I walk over to the well outside of town. I lower my bucket into it, push my brown hair out of my eye’s, and wipe my sweaty forehead. I try to pull the bucket back out of the well, but lose my grip. Before it reached the bottom a young man no older than me grabs it. “Is this yours?” he asks. I nod, “Yes sir thank you very much!” He smiles at me, “I’m sorry, but I really must be going. I need to get these supply’s to my brothers down at the Israel camp.” I look at him, “No one has tried to fight the Philistines champion yet?” he shakes his head. “No, too fearful.” “wait!” I call after him. he turns around his red hair shining in the sunlight. “Yes?” he asks. “What is your name?” he waves goodbye, then as he is walking away he says, “David, my name is David.” I look back at him one last time, then take my water back home.


I come into the house. The smell of fresh bread fills my nose. “Abba? are you home?” my father came in with a smile on his face. “How are you daughter!” he asked in a jolly voice. “Nothing much Abba. I met a boy at the well. His brothers are fighting against the Philistines.” my father raised his eyebrow, “And the boy, what does he do?” I shrug, “I don’t know. He said that he was delivering supply to them. Can I go see?” my father hesitated, then replied, “I suppose, but have Peter go with you.” “Okay Abba.” my father hugs me and I go out the door. I walk over to our neighbor’s house to see their son Peter. I had known Peter since we were 5.


When I came around the back of their house. I saw Peter, hanging upside down from the olive tree in their backyard. “Hey Sarah! What are you doing here?” I pull myself up on one of the branches, “Do you want to do me a big favor?” he pretended to be serious, “Well, that really depends.” I giggle, “Stop it silly! Do you want to help me find someone his name is David. He said that his brothers are fighting against…” Peter cuts me off. “Oh you mean David son of Jesse. I know him! come on lets go!” he gets down and pulls me along the dirt road.


After a while of walking. and lots of sand in our sandals. We reach the Israel camp in the valley of Elah. “Okay this way!” Peter exclaims. “Slow down! we’ve been walking for miles!” I reach down to get a rather sharp rock out of my sandals when… “Why have you come out to line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and you servants of Saul…” a thundering voice said. “Who is that!?” I shout. Then someone comes from behind and roughly puts their hands over my mouth.


The person whirled me around, “What are you doing here girl!” I looked fearfully at the man, “I’m sorry sir! I didn’t mean to! I was just looking for David!” the man looked at me and spat on the ground, “You dare raise your voice at me!” I was ready for him to smite me. Then we heard, “Leave the girl alone Eliab. She meant no harm.” we both turn around. It was David. The man named Eliab made a rather disgusted face, “Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know you have pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle.” David looked at Eliab, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?” Then he turned from Eliab toward me and said the same thing. The others among us answered similarly. David grinned at me, “Why hello there. Nice to see you again.” I smiled back at him, “Thank you for saving me from that terrible man.” David looked at me, “That ‘terrible man’ is my oldest brother.” I became silent. The long grass brushed against my arms. “I’m sorry.” David gave me a warm look, “It’s okay. Eliab, can be a bit rough. I never got your name did I?” I giggled, “No you haven’t. It’s Sarah.” “That is a pretty name Sarah.” David said complimenting me. Before I could compliment him a running man came up to us. “Are you David son of Jesse?” David nodded, “Yes I am.” the man gasped for breath, “King Saul has sent for you.” no wonder he’s out of breath! King Saul’s tent is far! This is no small valley! I thought “Okay I will come, can I take my friend here?” David motioned to me. The man still gasping said, “Sure but we must hurry!”